Title: Muppet Treasure Island

Author: Ravenclawer

Summary: Based on the movie Muppet Treasure Island! This is my sequel to the movie. As Jim and his friends return to England, they find themselves engaging another adventure. Meanwhile, Long John Silver seeks refuge in Treasure Island until a ship comes by, and he finds himself rescued by soldiers of England. Jim also discovers that his supposedly dead father is alive…

Chapter Summary: We finally meet Long John Silver on Treasure Island. The chapter explores his thoughts, and includes some flashbacks.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in Muppet Treasure Island. They belong to the Jim Henson Company, Disney, and Robert Louis Stevenson (the original author of the book Treasure Island.


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Just a note: The first few paragraphs, with the stone boar head, are based on the end credits of the movie when it is said that the stone is telling Long John Silver a joke. The italics may represent flashbacks, or in some cases, thoughts.


In a land far, far away, on an island called "Treasure Island", a pirate named Long John Silver was sitting on a rock and slowly eating a banana.

"Stop me if you've heard this one already. By the way, you look like a 'John'. Do you mind if I call you Johnny? Johnny?! Okay, here goes, Johnny."

It was the stone boar head telling him ANOTHER joke.

"Why does the ocean roar?"

Long John made no movement to gesture that he had heard, but continued to slowly eat his banana.

"Okay," continued the stone head cheerfully. "Give up? You would too, if you had crabs on your bottom and oysters in your bed! Get it? Oysters in your bed! Oh, I've got a million more just like this one! Wait 'till you hear the others!" It chuckled.

"Johnny" took one more bite of his banana before he found that he would not be able to bear it any longer. Rolling his eyes, he spun around to glare at the talking stone boar head.

"Excuse me!" he exclaimed, clearly quite aggravated.

The stone head snorted. "What are you, a boar? Can't even take a good joke? Why I should… hey, I know a really good one! Why was Cinderella-"

Long John smacked it on the nose with his crutch, earning him a welcoming shout of pain and complaint from the stone head. Then he slowly ambled away, limping just slightly on his crutch and ignoring the bellows of the still-talking stone boar.

Soon after he had made his escape from the ship in the small rowboat with the treasure, the small vessel had proved itself weak and had practically abandoned him by sinking.

By then he was only a few hundred meters from the island, so swimming had naturally been his only option. He had finally come to shore drenched and shivering from the cold of seawater.

And to think that he had escaped the gallows in England, just to be bombarded by a loudmouth, irritating stone boar! It had claimed him as its new friend on sight; of course, Long John Silver would have preferred almost anything to spending time with that thing which couldn't keep his mouth shout.

Right now he was contemplating on whether he would prefer being stuck with the stone head, or the most unique captain and crew he had ever seen.

Oh, the crew was definitely quite a unique one.


Squire Trelawney was the treasurer of the ship, and the one who had financed the voyage for the treasure himself.

Besides being well known as the "rich, half-wit son of Old Squire Trelawney", he also believed that a man named "Mr. Bimbow" lived in his finger, and that "Mr. Binbow" was very smart, had given him lots of good advice, and had sailed to the moon twice.

Oh yes, Squire Trelawney was also a bear.

It was the fight.

Squire Trelawney was standing under a tall palm tree, one hand clutched tightly around a silver sword and the other shielding his eyes from the sight of the battle.

"Ahhhh, help me, save me Mr. Bimbow!!!" he cried, holding up and waving his finger (that was holding the sword) around frantically.

Long John laughed out loud from the memory. He had been observing the fight in its early stages, and the recollection of the Squire pleading his imaginary friend who lived in his finger for help was simply too funny. Then his thoughts swayed to a certain lady pig, who had caused him to laugh many-a-time as well…

Long John had met Benjamina Gunn only after Captain Flint had first introduced her to the crew. It was said that she had took up with the pirate only after her fiancée, a frog, had abandoned her at the altar. Long John didn't doubt it. The lady pig was extremely sophisticated (her mother, a noble, was from France), and her fighting skills were hardly poor.

In the innermost jungle of the island, the lady pig Benjamina Gunn was standing with her love, Captain Smollet the frog. In front of them rested the bold pirate Long John Silver with his crew of scurvy mates.

Long John gripped his pistol tighter as he asked for the second time, "Where is the TREASURE!!!"

"Um…there was no treasure! It was all a clever ruse! Ha!" She hid behind Captain Smollet.

The pirate laughed.

"So where did you get that necklace hanging about your neck, the one made from Spanish Doubloons?"

Benjamina Gunn thought for a while. "Umm…Shopping Channel?" she finally replied.

By then all the crew were roaring with mirth.


Captain Smollet, thought the pirate. The very captain whom the First Mate Errol had described as "a raging volcano, tormented by his own demons, which mere mortals cannot comprehend" was indeed, and quite literally, a frog. Fully equipped with slippery hands, of course.

Benjamina Gunn was trading blows with one of his best pirates. Or rather, she was dodging most of them while her opponent took swing after swing. Finally, it wasn't long before she head-butted him. The dazed pirate fell forward, just enough time for her to give him a kiss before he slumped over again.

"Nobody maroons me and gets away with it!" cried the lady pig.

Then she turned on Long John Silver.

"And as for you…" shrieked Benjamina.

Long John immediately held up his pistol and pointed it at her.

She whimpered.

Suddenly, an unexpected disturbance appeared in the opposite end of the battlefield.


Long John turned in time to see Captain Smollet hold up a shiny sword in challenge. He immediately pointed his pistol in the direction of the frog instead, but it had other plans.

And with a confident gesture, the green frog leaped up and away. He bounced up, tumbled in the air, landed, and then amazingly did another three full flips. On the final flip, the Captain knocked the pistol right out of Long John's hand as he twirled his silver sword around and around.

"Ah-ha!" cried the frog. "Not bad for an amphibian, eh?"

His silver sword spun faster and faster as the frog did a full twist of complicated movements, then brought his blade up to attack Long John Silver.

At first Long John blocked the few thrusts of the Captain fairly well, until the frog became excited and started doing another set of complicated and impressive sword tricks.

Finally the frog lunged, and his sword was soon scraping off the gold buttons and sleeves of Long John's dashing pirate outfit. Long John Silver really couldn't care less for his outfit, but his patience finally evaporated when his opponent made a huge leap over his head- and with one quick thrust cut the top part of his hat off.

Disbelief and shock shone in Long John Silver's eyes as he stared hard at the enthusiastic creature in front of him, who was still spinning his sword.

Nearby, a group of mice cheerleaders were unbelievably but actually chanting "Smollet, Smollet, he's our man! If he can't do it no one can! Yay!!!!!"

" Excuse me," said Long John.

The frog immediately replied back. "Pardon? Whoops!"

The first mate Mr. Errol, who was watching the fight, groaned and put his head in his hands. After the Captain had replied with 'Pardon', the sword had immediately slipped out of his hands and hit the side of the ship.

"Uh… I'm a frog," tried Captain Smollet. "You know, slippery hands?"

Long John laughed and pointed his sword at the base of the Captain's neck.

The Captain gulped.

"You know, I never really believed in violence myself."

"Well let me disagree, Cap'n!" said Long John.

The pirate suddenly snapped out from his reverie of flashbacks. He looked up. A swarm of gray crowds were brewing as quickly as a cook could peel onions. Rain, soon, thought Long John. Well! I'd better get ahead towards shelter. And with that thought, he continued to amble onwards. The stone head that he had abandoned had begun snoring.


The waves were coming in faster, thundering noisily against the weak sand of the shoreline. The pirate, with his handicap, had only gone a little more than a few meters when the first roll of thunder sounded. It suited his mood exactly. Then, finally finding a rectangular-shaped stone rock nestled smugly on top of an arc-shaped hill, he proceeded to wobble towards and duck under it.

The place was on high ground, he noted carefully and with pleasure. His newly found shelter wasn't too far from the shoreline, or too far into the jungles of the island. He could have ducked in there anytime and spy on unsuspecting creatures on the beach. Besides, it suited his mood perfectly.

As he was waiting the storm out, Long John's thoughts immediately turned again to his memories.

He smiled grimly when he thought of what he had left off with, and the event that had happened next. Jim Hawkins had won the battle.


Just then, Jim Hawkins appeared out of nowhere and bravely held a sword up pirate.

"Kill Captain Smollet and you'll have to kill me," he said.

This immediately triggered up another set of defiance.

"Kill Jim and you'll have to kill me," followed Gonzo.

"Kill Gonzo and you'll have to kill me," said Squire Trelawney.

Rizzo was next. "Kill Squire Trelawney and Mr. Bimbow… and you'll have to negotiate strenuously!"

Long John turned to his right.

"Going somewhere, John-John?" asked Benjamina Gunn. A tribe of wild boars were backing her up.

"Well Mr. Hawkins," said Long John Silver finally.

"It seems like you and your little family have come together against me."

And he preceded to hand his sword to the boy.

Signaling defeat.


Long John Silver admired Jim Hawkins for his bravery, his honesty, and his loyalty to his friends. In fact, the boy constantly reminded him of himself when he was Jim's age.

He had found out that Jim used to work in a tavern with his friends, and his freedom had only come when he became cabin boy to the ship, which Long John knew was only because of the treasure map. He had lived a similar life when he was a lad on the streets ever since he was eight when his father died at sea. Likewise, Jim had once told him his father died at sea when he was only seven.

Often, though, he would think of the boy as his own son. He was secretly proud of the way Jim had fought and defeated the pirates, and finally standing up to him when and winning the battle for the captain when all should have been lost on their side. He might have had his own son to be proud of if…

But No, thought Long John Silver. He silently chastised himself for dwelling too much on the past.

Then again, either he, or I was fighting on the wrong side.

The storm was finally over. The pirate captain stood up and stretched; later he would have to think building a definitely bigger shelter for himself. After stretching a bit, Long John took his crutch and started to hobble towards shore where he knew he would find more bananas. He was getting hungry again.

"Land ho!"

Long John blinked, not ready to believe that there was actually a ship…

Then he saw the ship.



Author's Note: Next chapter will feature the rescue, but we won't come back to the setting in Bristol, England until the fourth chapter. Also, tell me if you thought this chapter was a little boring =)