It was Beast Boy's twenty-first birthday, and the Titans had decided to go to a bar. Beast Boy being the youngest in the group, the others had already turned twenty-one, but this was the night they could finally all go out together.

Beast Boy, having matured beyond anyone's expectations,(meaning to have the emotional capacity of a 6-year-old) had combed his hair, brushed his teeth, put on a nice, tucked-in, light blue button-up with the sleeves rolled up and khakis, with a brown braided belt and black leather shoes. He had grown much taller over the years, growing to five foot ten inches, and had grown more muscular, as well, not overly muscular, toned, but not scrawny like he had been before, and his jaw line squared a bit, too, becoming more masculine.

Robin had become slightly taller than the grass stain we all know and love. He had traded in his old uniform and name when he turned eighteen, becoming Nightwing. Tonight he wore a dark red button-up (as it still fit him from when he was still Robin) with the sleeves rolled up, with black slacks, and black casual sneakers. His mask ever present and his hair combed down.

Starfire, not growing an inch taller, had filled out a little more, going up from a c-cup to a d-cup, and her hips had widened, as well. If she hadn't turned heads back then, she definitely did now. She decided on a light pink skirt that ended slightly above the knee, and a white, form-fitting t-shirt with pink flats. She chose not to wear makeup, seeing as it wasn't a formal occasion.

Raven hadn't grown any taller, either. She had definitely filled out, however, going up a cup size, with her hips widening, she seemed slightly better proportioned than Starfire, but the boys still favored her. She had decided to wear dark blue skinny jeans, a dark purple halter top, along with her normal boots and cloak.

Cyborg hadn't changed at all and wasn't wearing anything. (Shocker.)

They piled into the T-car and Cyborg was the first to speak.

"Ya ready, BB!?" He practically screamed.

"HELL YEAH!" Beast Boy replied, having waited for this day for so long.

Raven rolled her eyes and stared out the window, a stoic expression on her face as always.

"I wish you a very happy day of birth, friend Beast Boy!" Starfire beamed from the backseat, Robin sitting next to her with his hand around her waist.

"Thanks for the millionth time, Star." Beast Boy replied, sarcasm filling his voice, not an offending sarcasm, but a playful one.

Everyone laughed lightly at his reply, except for raven who simply stared out the window lost in her own thoughts.

"My apologies. I am simply excited for you to do the drinking with us, friend Beast Boy." Starfire said with a small, embarrassed smile.

"No, it's okay Star, you don't have to apologize, I'm messing with you." Beast Boy said with a reassuring, toothy grin.

This brought Starfire's mood back up a little. That and Nightwing's kissing her on the cheek.

They arrived at the bar, it had an Irish theme, and was called "Haggarty's Pub."

Cyborg was the first one in, getting a resounding "HEY!" from everyone in the joint.

He replied with a big, cartoonish smile, arms spread wide, exclaiming "The party has arrived, y'all!"

The others looked at him, eyebrows raised.

"I come here sometimes." He replied with a shrug and a grin.

Having been satisfied with this answer, the Titans sat down at the bar.

- Thirty minutes later -

Nightwing and Starfire were in the corner, practically having sex with each other, their tongues had been dueling for twenty minutes straight. Nightwing had one hand massaging the tight, yet supple masses of muscle that were Starefire's buttocks, the other hand finding its way up her shirt. Starfire was straddling him, giving off light moans almost nonstop, as she was grinding against the rather large bulge in Nightwing's pants and running one hand up and down his back while the other combed through his hair.

They had already had seven shots of tequila each, and didn't care if others stared at them.

No one payed them much attention, however, being caught up in their own activities.

Cyborg was hitting on some girl with light brown hair and green eyes, they were indulged in their conversation on what seemed to be nothing relevant to anything, yet they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Beast Boy was downing his fourth shot of vodka, and singing along to the Celine Dion song some poor heartbroken soul had put on the jukebox. He was drunk, he knew that, but not too drunk to think that he was the greatest singer of all time, and was still sitting at the bar.

Raven, having been convinced (more annoyed into it than anything) by Beast Boy into having a rum and coke had continued to pour them down her throat, and was now too drunk to stand, or even sit upright, and had to lean on Beast Boy for support, which he didn't object to.

Beast Boy, finally able to form a coherent thought, yelled to Cyborg.

"Hey Vic!" Cyborg turned towards the person using his real name, and found it to be coming from Beast Boy.

"What?" He replied over the music pumping through the speakers.

"I think we should leave" Beast Boy said.

Cyborg had been the designated driver, seeing as how he was a cyborg and couldn't get drunk as fast or to the extent that the others could.

"Alright." Cyborg said, finishing his beer and taking the number from the girl he was talking to, winking as he said "see ya later" and smiled softly.

Cyborg gathered up Nightwing and Starfire, throwing them both over his shoulders as they whined, reaching for each other.

Beast Boy supported Raven as they all made their way to the T-car. Raven was mumbling something incoherently about Beast Boy. He chuckled to himself, knowing that it was just the ramblings of a drunken Raven.

Cyborg sat the happy couple down in their seats and buckled them, seeing as how they couldn't, due to their falling asleep. Beast Boy sat Raven down next to them, buckling her in as well, as she cupped his cheeks in her hands and smiled drunkenly at him, eyes half-lidded.

"I luyou Beast Boy." She whispered, letting go of his face and putting a finger to her lips, making a shushing noise.

"Buddun tell Beast Boy." She whispered, slurring her words a bit.

He smiled and nodded "I won't."

Beast Boy stumbled to the passenger's seat, buckling himself in with some effort and sat back, waiting to fall asleep. But he didn't, he simply stared out the window, watching the buildings pass by.

When they got back to the tower, Nightwing and Starfire had woken up, just coherent enough to get to their room, supporting each other and laughing wildly the whole time. Nightwing had moved into Starfire's room two years ago, after their first time together. It had been Starfire's idea, and Nightwing was perfectly fine with it.

Beast Boy helped Raven out of the car, and supported her as they made their way to her room. She attempted and failed several times to punch in the code for her door, finally getting it on the 9th try. Beast Boy helped her onto her bed, her laughing as she hit the sheets, saying "Well Beast Boy, you finally got me into bed!"

Beast Boy chuckled, sitting on the edge of her bed and taking her shoes off, then unclasping her cloak and tossing it next to the bed.

Beast Boy walked over to the door, wishing her a goodnight before heading off to his own room, but before he could leave, she called to him "Gar Gar wait." She said with a goofy smile on her face.

He turned to her, leaning on the doorframe for support. "Yeah Rae?" He asked, smiling at her use of a pet name.

"Could you sleep with me?" She questioned.

"I don't know, Rae.." He started, but was interrupted.

"Please Beastie boo? I really want a kitten to snuggle with." She pleaded with a puppy-dog look on her face.

"Alright." Beast Boy breathed in defeat, he was too tired to make it back to his room anyway, and besides, he liked the smell of lavender in Raven's room far more than the stink that emanated from his.

"Yay!" She said in an excited, yet tired voice.

Beast Boy kicked off his shoes and laid down next to Raven, morphing into a kitten and snuggling into her.

They fell asleep a few moments later.

Cyborg was walking back up to his room, checking to make sure all of the security sensors were on and in working order, when his communicator went off. He looked at the clock. 1:36 AM. Who would be calling him at this hour?

He answered the call, and heard the velvety soft tones of Bumble Bee.

"Hey Tinman, I was hopin' you were awake." She purred with a hint of lust in her voice.

"Hey Bee, what're you doin' up?" He asked, aware that his voice was a little more husky than usual.

"I couldn't sleep, there was a certain mechanical man on my mind." she replied, a sly smile gracing her lips. "Do ya think you could come over tonight?" She crooned, soaking her voice in seduction.

Cyborg cleared his throat, but it still cracked as he replied. "Uhh, yeah, of course Bee, just gotta make sure everything's all good here."

"Hurry." She whispered, blowing him a kiss before ending the call.

Cyborg sprinted to the common room, typing rapidly on the keyboard, checking the security systems around the city and in the tower. Everything seemed to check out, so he sprinted to the elevator, hitting the garage button and starting the decent. It seemed to him like hours, but in reality it was mere seconds. He got in the T-ship and set off for what promised to be a very special night with Bumble Bee.