All right, people. Due to popular demand, Bunny is now on coffee.

... what the hells have I done.

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Companion piece to Sugar High - read that first, it's short and sweet.

The Warren isn't in complete chaos, but it's about halfway there.

Instead of their normal, pastel colors, the eggs are brightly fluorescent. They're jumping about and cracking themselves as they do so.

"This is not good." North announces, looking about the lush land for a specific caffeine-high rabbit.

It doesn't take long to find him – he runs right into Jack.

Jack turns just in time to be barreled down by a high-speed ball of grayish blue fur. A blink later he's flat on his back with one E. Aster Bunnymund above him.
"Oh, hey there, mate!" Bunny says enthusiastically, before hopping up, literally. He bounces in circles much like that Tigger thing Jack saw Sophie giggling at on TV.

Jack picks himself up of the ground, wiping his pants free of dirt. "Um, hey."

"Bunny, are you all right?" North asks, obviously concerned.

Bunny pauses hopping at this, looking at North in confusion. "Never better, why would ya ask that?" He catches sight of something wiggling. "Oo!" He runs around in a circle, chasing his ever-elusive tail.

The other three Guardians exchange looks.

"Jack, what did you give him?" North asks slowly and evenly.

"I-" Jack blinks. "Maybe espresso?"

Sandy floats up to flick the white-haired boy on the forehead.

"Ow! I didn't know, okay? He looked really tired so I gave him something to perk him up. Jamie also suggested something called 5 Hour Energy that his mom uses before going to work." Jack rubs his sore forehead.

North pales. "You gave him espresso, and 5 Hour Energy?" He asks, voice getting higher with each word.

Jack scratches the back of his neck, suddenly finding his toes very intriguing. "Wasn't exactly my brightest moment." He mutters.

Sandy pats him on the shoulder, then creates a ball of sand.

"Good idea, Sandy." North says approvingly.

Sandy winds his arm back, and prepares to throw the ball at Bunny who is still chasing his tail.

Bunny straightens, his ears and nose twitching. "BLUE EGG!" He exclaims, darting off to the left just as Sandy's ball landed. It rolled into a bunch of eggs, knocking them down like bowling pins and putting them fast asleep.

"Here we go again." Jack mutters, rolling his eyes as he flies up and chases after the rabbit.

Bunny notices him. "You don' wanna race a rabbit, mate!" He taps his foot and disappears down a tunnel.

Jack halts right above the hot pink daisy. "Where'd he go?"

"Bunny, stop!" North's commanding voice comes from somewhere over a hill, and Jack flies over to see Bunny darting between rocks.

"But I've never 'ad this much energy in my life!" Bunny exclaims, kicking himself off of one of the egg warriors. "I could paint eggs for ages! Think of all the eggs I could get done!"

"Eggs will go bad." North tries reasoning. "Easter is in two months."

Bunny stops darting about and his ears droop. "Oh, yeah."

Jack drops next to him. "You can make eggs now, and more eggs later." He reasons, watching an egg toddle by, turned an ugly shade of dark green/brown.

Bunny's ears perk up. "Yeah! I-"

In an explosion of gold, he topples over backwards, eggs and carrots dancing above his head.

North and Jack look at Sandy, who pretends to whistle innocently.

North chuckles, and then looks at Jack. "Jack, have you learned lesson?"

"Er, Guardians produce their own energy to help children?" Jack tries.

"No. Never give Tooth or Bunny caffeine. That is lesson." North says with a nod to emphasize his point.

Jack looks at Sandy, who's seemingly entranced by one of the eggs.

'I wonder… Nah.' He thinks, shaking his head before waving at North and flying off.

Crappy ending is crappy X/