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There is a great and powerful dragon that terrorizes their city. He's known as the Soul Eater, his victims are found dead with their faces frozen in painful screams but their eyes emotionless even in death. Those who have seen the dragon say he is as pale as death itself with haunting red eyes. Many knights had gone to kill the beast and none had returned. The village at a loss decided to sacrifice a girl who had just come of age. There were many councils held to decide but it took one of the village leader's daughter volunteering. She was a bright girl, head strong and aware that she would be hard pressed to find a husband, and she cared deeply for her town and her friends. Her father was distraught; his daughter was all he really had left. But through her selflessness the town rejoiced, they threw a great feast in her honor the night before the new moon when she was to travel to the Soul Eater's mountain.

Maka looked at her family and friends, they were all trying to be happy and merry and lift her spirits. But they were all worried; they applauded her bravery and courage and commended her father for having raised such a miraculous daughter. She looked at the mountain she was to climb the next day and wondered what would happen when she met the dragon.

Her father was the only one given the honor of seeing her off. They had dressed her in an uncomfortable white dress that dragged behind her slightly. Her father's apologies and wailings went unnoticed to her as they walked to the edge of town. When they reached the final gate, where he was no longer allowed to follow her, Maka turned to him, kissed him on the cheek and forgave him for his transgressions. She told him she loved him and with that left before he could stop her.

Once she was a modest distance away, Maka collected her skirt together in a knot at her knees so that it would not drag and detoured to an outcropping of rocks. There she found her sword, belted it to her hip and continued on her way. She knew it would be a futile effort, but she would rather try to make something of her sacrifice rather than just appease the monster for a short while.

The nearer she drew to the summit the colder it became. The wind tore at her cloak though it hardly offered much warmth at all. Sometimes Maka swore she could see snow whipping by her but she continued on to where they had figured the dragon would live. Skirting along a cliff the mountain evened out and she found herself starting at the rolling clouds below her. The wind began to pick up, though not in normal direction, it seemed to come at her from all sides and that was when she heard the sound of wings.

Hastily drawing her sword Maka readied herself to die, she had thought about many things during her journey here and come to terms with herself. But she had promised herself she wouldn't die without a fight. The dragon landed a length away from her, his white scales glistening from flying through the clouds. Maka brandished her sword which made the dragon cock his head to the side to examine her. She was shaking from the cold and her adrenaline as he looked at her with one great red eye and then the other before he seemed to decide something and settled down on the ground. His wings folded neatly to rest on his back as he crossed his front legs over one another in an almost civil fashion.

Maka wasn't sure what to do, she could stab him in the eye, but surely he would see it coming and just lift his head. His breast plate was far too well armored to pierce with her sword. "Just, now what?" She spluttered. The dragon blinked at her before a particularly violent gust of wind had her staggering towards his head. Maka shivered, but it had nothing to do with the cold, his red eyes were unnerving and they had not left her since he had landed. "Are you going to eat me or not?" Maka spat at him, "I'm the sacrifice from the village so you'll leave them alone. So get it over with already!"

The dragon snorted and before her eyes disappeared as a cloud rolled over them.

"You're not very sacrificial for a sacrifice." A very masculine and gravelly voice called from within the cloud, Maka's breath caught in her throat. She wasn't sure dragons could speak, but who else could have said such a thing.

"I'm not going to eat you." He was right in front of her, she startled, dropping her sword when two strong arms shot out to catch her around the waist before she could fall backwards. The cloud passed and she was left looking at a man with two bright crimson eyes with slit pupils.

"Then what are you going to do with me?" Her voice was softer than she had meant it to be.

"Keep you." The dragon Soul Eater all but purred in her ear.