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Soul slept through most of the day, waking up around dinner time hungry and sore but no longer in pain or even bleeding. Maka couldn't even bring herself to chide him for sleeping so much; knowing him he'd still sleep through the night. She fixed them a simple meal that her dragon scarfed down before she was even half way done with her plate.

He lounged while she finished her dinner, stretched out like an oversized cat in front of the hearth and deflected each question about his hunt.

"It was nothing exciting, little one," Soul claimed as he batted at her ankle when she walked by.

"Soul, you came back hurt, perhaps exciting is the wrong word, but something happened. And stop that! If you trip me I will drop this plate on your head."

Her pursed lips were met only with a shrug and a grin. "Did you do anything exciting while I was away?" He reached up more to tug at the hem of her silk shirt.

"I will step on you." Maka stepped away quickly before he could see her blush, the book's steamier parts coming to mind. "I read, not much else to do." It was the truth, though she would die before she admitted what she had been reading to him. Perhaps hiding that book would be a good idea, it would be easy to tuck away into some corner of the overflowing hoard her dragon so proudly kept.

The feel of silk put a bitter taste in Soul's mouth but reminded him that he promised her a present when he returned. While his real gift to her would not be ready for a good while, he could at least give her something in the mean time. He even had a vague idea of where they were stashed.

"Soul, why will you not tell me what happened?" She turned around from the basin of water where they washed their plates and sighed, he wasn't on the rug anymore. "Where did you go, you silly lizard?"

It was quiet for a few minutes more until he came around a corner carrying a beautifully lacquered box. "Promised you something when I came back."

Maka quickly dried her hands on a towel and moved to take the box from him, but he shuffled away and put it down just next to their nest. "You brat, give me that. You are going to strain your side!"

"It was nothing, little one, promise." While her concern was appreciated, he wanted her to be impressed with his gift. "Come open it, they are even more beautiful that what you found in the market." Soul sat down against the pillows and grinned at her.

She eyed the box and then the dragon trying to feign indifference. "Of course they are."

"Do I detect disbelief, little one?"

Finally giving in to temptation, Maka let herself kneel in front of the box and open it. Folded neatly inside were two stacks of cloth the color of jewels. She reached out to touch it reverently, "Soul, I thought these were just going to be yards of fabric, not actual...dresses? Robes? What are these and how do you wear them?" She pulled the light pink robe from the top of the first stack to let it unfold to reveal it was dotted with yellow butterflies and inspected the cut of the fabric.

"I believe they are called kimonos? Something like that. There are big long strips of fabric you tie around your middle like a belt to hold them shut. Honestly, I am not sure. I have had them forever but never had a little one to model them for me." His grin was downright lecherous.

Maka threw the pink kimono on his head and continued digging. The silk, with beautiful hand stitched embroidery, was the heaviest she had ever felt. "These make the silk shirts I have been enjoying look like cotton!"

Soul snorted, exceedingly pleased with Maka's reaction. "Told you they were prettier."

There were so many to pick from: a deep rich red with elegant black and white birds, an azure that faded from a blue so dark it looked black all the way to a white at the hem with silver flower petals rippling across the silk, an exquisite purple with a bronze tree wrapping around it, but it was the forest green that made Soul sit bolt upright.

"That one, little one." He moved closer to the chest and pulled out an impossibly long piece of gold silk to go with the green kimono. Maka gave him a skeptical look. She was more than happy to just look at them, she was not sure about wearing one. But her dragon looked so hopeful and she was curious how such fine silk would feel on her skin.

"Close your eyes."

Soul did not even protest.

She shimmied out of her shirt and made quick work of her socks. Maka debated for a second and then took her slip off as well before putting the kimono on.

The silk was cold on her shoulders but warmed quickly; it almost felt like wearing water. She wrapped the long golden sash around her waist several times and tied it at her hip, closing the kimono. Sort of. It gaped open across her chest, the green and gold framing her pale skin and the slight curves of her breasts in what she hoped was an appealing way. It was so low, but her nipples were covered and maybe...this would entice the dragon?

Well, if her chest did not, her legs might. They were almost completely on display and if she took a step forward, the silk slipped across her thigh.

Maka worked to gather her courage, remembering the heroine from her book and how it had been her strength and determination even more than her beauty that won her knight's heart. He had thought her beautiful because of her heart, and Maka could only hope that Soul would think similarly if he were truly displeased with her form.

Before she could allow herself to worry more, she faced Soul and with a voice much softer than she intended, said, "you can open your eyes."

The green kimono was dusted in golden flowers, almost as if they had been scattered on the fabric and had concentrated at the hem pooled around her feet. Maka supposed between her eyes and her hair it was a good choice, but hopefully she did not dull the kimono's beauty.

Soul looked her up and down, mouth parted just slightly. "Turn?" His voice seemed gruffer than usual, but she did as he asked, stretching out her arms to show off the impressive sleeves and how they hung down over her fingertips. The silk twisted around her legs, emphasizing how much extra fabric there was and almost creating the illusion that she rose out of a pile of golden flowers.

He stood from the nest, stopping her on her second turn, the calluses on his hands catching on the silk around her waist. "Do you like it?" She nodded; it was the finest thing she had ever worn. His eyes were almost black, the red nearly gone. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" Soul rasped.

Maka tried to respond but Soul's mouth was on hers, stealing her voice. His hands pulled her flush against him, feeling the curve of her spine, the flare of her hips, and how she shivered when he bit her bottom lip. He tasted like smoke and when he pulled away to let her breathe, she could see it curling from the corner of his mouth. She fisted her hands in his sleeves; he would not simply kiss her this time. Encouraged by his words and his lips, she pressed on. She wanted him.

Soul was not at all prepared when Maka surged up to kiss him, just as insistent and pressing as he had been. She dragged her tongue along his while one of her hands let go of his sleeve to grasp at the back of his neck, pulling him down to hers. The few times he had let himself kiss her neck, it had been chaste presses of his lips, maybe a flick of his tongue, but this time he let himself suck and bite a mark into the pale skin of her neck.

Her breath hitched and she moaned for him, tugging on his hair and keeping him close to her skin. Soul placed three gentle kisses and bit again, lower this time where her neck sloped down to her shoulder. "Soul! Please!" She was burning; she felt too hot, the silk no longer cool water on her skin but molten gold, and there was so much pleasure each time he touched her she did not know what to do with it.

"What do you need, Maka?" Soul licked the marks he'd made, feeling her tremble against him. It would be easy to simply push the silk away from her body, to taste all of her and to take her. He let out his own shuddering breath and could watch the goose bumps rise against the flushed skin of her chest.

She pulled him back up to kiss her again, moving with him and grinding their hips together. Something electric ran through her body when she pressed against the hard length in his pants. Maka tried it again, pressing forward and moving and Soul groaned into her mouth, his hands holding her hips so tight it almost hurt.

"Maka, what do you need?" he tried again. His lips brushed hers with every word while he pushed and pulled her hips against his. He would not ask for more than he was given, but this was such perfect torture to have her against him.

"You." Maka let her head fall to his chest, gasping and shaking. She opened her eyes and watched a bead of sweat trickle down her dragon's neck. His skin tasted like salt and smoke when she licked the bead of sweat away. She pressed kisses to his neck just as he had done to hers.

Soul went still. There was no way she could be serious. Did she know what she was asking? His little one probably did not, and he would not give her all of him until she was truly ready. She let out a small cry when he stopped moving.

"Please! Soul, you are driving me crazy! I cannot...I need this pleasure to let go! Please!" Maka grasped the back of his neck again, standing on her toes to kiss him desperately. She no longer cared about how wanton she sounded or how improper this was. She desired him and that was what mattered.

He hushed her and picked her up before settling her in his lap in the nest. The green kimono splayed across her legs, open almost all the way like an invitation. He could still feel how hot her skin was even through the fabric. "It is alright, little one, tell me to stop anytime you want me to." Maka pressed her face to the side of his neck, acutely embarrassed.

Her dragon moved and was kissing her neck again, one arm around her waist holding her still against his chest, and trailing his knuckles between her breasts with the other. She shivered with each pass, pressing against him more. Soul's teeth on her neck kept causing her shivers and moans.

Finally he slipped a hand under the silk to trace the curve of her breast and to hold its weight in his palm. Maka sighed, pushing her chest forward into his hand more. Soul kissed her temple, his other hand stroking her leg a little higher each time.

She gasped when he pinched her nipple between his fingers, rolling it back and forth. Maka had never thought of those as being sensitive, but each time he pinched she could not help but keen. It was not enough though. "Soul, please? Please! More?"

She felt his chuckle as much as she heard it. "Shh, you are alright, little one. Relax." If her brain had been working properly she would have mentioned that it was hard to relax when he kept pinching her tit and stroking her inner thigh just shy of where she was soaking through her small cloth.

Her whimper finally made him take pity on his poor little one. Soul started with a soft brush just against the edge of the cloth. Maka waited, as patiently as she could, trying not to simply grab his hand and move against it. But everything he had done so far had felt so amazing and she trusted him to know what to do.

The next pass he made ran down the center of the cloth, just pushing against her folds and something that made her jump. "Again." One hand gripped his knee trying to gain any leverage possible and the other wrapped around his wrist.

He did it again as asked, dragging his thumb up and down while she bit her lip and watching the green silk covering his hand move ever so slightly with each caress. "Do you want more?" Soul asked, lips directly on her ear. Maka nodded; words were too much effort right now.

If this was somehow supposed to relieve the pressure building in her, he was doing a terrible job. She felt like she was going to ignite, or maybe melt. And his fingers! They were, oh, they were sliding just into her small cloth, playing with the coarse curls and the wetness between them. He might have asked if she was alright, or maybe if that was alright, but either way her answer was yes.

Maka kept his hand close, her nails biting into his skin as he used one finger to stroke her folds and feel how wet she was. Using just the pad of his finger, Soul circled her clitoris, being careful not to touch it directly and over stimulate her. She lurched forward, panting and moving her hips with him.

Before she could come, Soul moved his finger farther down just lightly brushing her entrance. "You can stop me, it is alright, little one."

"Soul if you stop right now, I will-"

He leaned down and kissed her neck again, laving at the bruises already forming, and cutting her off. Her back was hot against his chest even through the silk and each time she rocked against his hand she ground down on his cock. With each moan it was becoming harder and harder to ignore his own aching desire for her. Soul finally let one finger sink into her, feeling her wet heat.

Maka froze in his arms. It was strange to feel him in her; it did not hurt but she stilled his wrist for a moment and then drew it closer, pushing his finger farther into her. Her breath was ragged when she moaned his name, arching back into him, and slowly moving his hand.

Soul was not faring much better; his little one was pleasuring herself with his hand, and if he just flicked her clit he had no doubt that she would come.

The fire sitting heavy in her stomach flared each time she pulled his finger deep inside her, but even when she moved faster, it was not enough. She needed more. Maka threw her head back against her dragon's shoulder, "Another." She needed to be released from this terribly wonderful pleasure clouding her mind. "Please! Soul, I need more!"

They shuddered together when he sank another finger into her. Maka was nearly sobbing with pleasure; she was so close to the edge of something, it was unbearable. She could smell the smoke clinging to Soul, feel his teeth on her neck, one arm wrapped around her to hold her against him and the other driving her insane with his fingers. Her mouth felt dry with each heaving breath, she was entirely surrounded by silk and dragon and with one quick movement she was lost.

Waves of pleasure crashed over her, stealing the very breath from her lungs, and all control of her body. She may have shook or she may have slumped down, it was hard to tell because the world kept spinning but she was finally able to breathe. Soul held her close, letting her come down slowly, feeling her tremble. He kissed her neck, her cheek, her hair, and pulled his fingers away gently. His little one's moan was low and sated, and he was looking forward to see how she would taste.

The fingers he pulled from her were wet and glistening, nearly dripping with Maka's pleasure. Licking them clean made him groan; he looked forward to being able to taste her fully. But that would have to wait for another night, as she was very nearly asleep in his lap.

She watched him bring his fingers to his mouth, but she had not anticipated such a vocal approval. Maka managed a small smile, pleased that he seemed to be enjoying her so well. It was hard to keep her eyes open though, she felt boneless and stupid with exhaustion, blinking up at Soul who just chuckled at her.

"That was beautiful, little one." He nuzzled her and began to purr. The green silk clung to her skin and made her eyes nearly glow in the candle light. Though his own pleasure was still evident, there was no way he could fairly ask any more of her. Soul half suspected this may have been her first encounter of any kind and it would be better for her to sleep. "Sleep now, I have you."

He stretched out in the nest, holding her close and making sure his little one was comfortably situated. Maka snuggled close, cushioned on his chest, and wrapped in his arms. She hummed contentedly, finally satisfied and no longer burning for the dragon's touch. Though, she would always want his rumbling purrs and the way he held her so tight, she thought with a small smile.

It must have been sometime later and Maka was unsure of what woke her; Soul was still fast asleep, snoring occasionally and twitching as he dreamed. His hands held her close, spread out over her skin and tucked under her. Every now and then his fingers would tap against her skin or clutch at the silk before relaxing and lying still again.

She watched this for a while, the cave dimly lit by the smoldering coals of the fire and small blue lights that she kept forgetting to ask about on the ceiling. Even in the pale light his scars stood out against his skin.

Some were dark, cuts that hadn't healed well or taken too long to close. Others were red or pink, the still new skin was probably pretty sensitive. But mostly they were thin white lines over his hands, almost like spider silk draped over his body. Maka traced each on feeling the uneven surface, the slight puckering, each battle etched onto his hands.

Lightly turning his hand, she found a scar that ran from the top of his hand down to his palm; the same scar she had seen on his scales. She knew he had the same scars, the one across his chest was proof enough of that, but it was different to find the same scar twice on his hands.

She traced her thumb over the edge, old and faint, no different from the others really, but Maka pressed her lips to it anyway. She loved his hands.

Soul was always so gentle with her; even when they had first met and he had grabbed her by the waist and told her he would keep her, his hands hadn't hurt her. He had handled her in his claws and never even scratched her.

And now he had brought her such pleasure with his hands. Those same fingers had been buried in her; the thought alone made her feel warm. Soul had touched her where she had never even thought to touch herself. Maka couldn't even bring herself to feel greedy for wanting to feel more of him. His fingers were long and strong, dotted with freckles and even more scars, and they had reached so deep in her.

He had even licked them clean, she remembered seeing through the haze of pleasure he'd broken over her. Her mind betrayed her and let her imagination run wild with what sort of sounds and how he would look if she licked and sucked his fingers clean. She wondered if he would even like that.

Maka stopped herself from continuing that thought.

Turning his hand over to distract her, she followed each line across his palm, giggling when his hand flexed. He had a long life line and a strong love line. When she has been younger she had used some of the little pocket money she had to have her palm read by the traveling entertainers. She remembered a few of the lines, but didn't remember what each one meant anymore. The traveler had predicted that she would live a long and healthy life, falling terribly ill only once. It occurred to Maka that it was also predicted that she would mother two children and while she had sworn off the idea at the time, it didn't seem so terrible anymore.

Soul grunted and he captured her fingers as he rolled both of them over to get more comfortable. She was safe under his weight and he hadn't even crushed her fingers. He huffed against her hair and started to purr, still sleeping but close to waking. Maka hid her smile and stopped tickling his palm; it would be mean to wake him up. She wove their fingers together and let her dragon rest.

Maybe it was less that she loved his hands...and more that she loved him.

Instead of making her nervous like it had before, she felt at ease with the idea. He was a gentle and kind man, if rather rough around the edges. But Soul did truly care about her and he respected her in ways she hadn't expected from a man. She was happy with him and could imagine being happy with him for a long time.

This of course had nothing to do with the mind melting pleasure he had given her. Well, perhaps a bit. She knew she was supposed to return the favor. Maka had gathered that much from the books and overhearing conversations she had not wished to back in the village. Soul hadn't even suggested it though. She had felt so tired afterwards too, she would have been practically useless to him.

Maka had her reservations; she was nervous to try and please him as he had done for her. Hopefully she would not try his patience if it took her a while before she could muster up the courage to try and pleasure him as well. She wanted to, certainly! She just didn't very well know how to go about it.

She watched him sleep for a while, finally feeling tired herself. He was good to her; if he was willing to put up with her temper and hitting him with books, Soul would give her the time she needed. Feeling a little silly for worrying so much, she finally let herself relax.

Placing a soft kiss to his knuckles, Maka let herself drift back to sleep. There were things she would have to face in the morning but she wasn't afraid. So long as she had Soul and his hands were gentle, they would be alright.