Title: Unkissable: Part 2
Author: Sara
Email: Spicey1050@yahoo.com
Rating: M 15+
Summary: Challenge made by Princess Destiny:WYC1043 a radio station is holding a competition called 'Unkissable'. Phil Jenkins-the announcer-comes over the radio at home on Monday morning."Do you have a worst enemy who you'd NEVER consider kissing? A friend who you'd like to be more than a friend? An untouchable person that you see everyday and considered being with? Or someone who just doesn't know that you're ALIVE?! Well, today you get to change this! WYC1043 is holding an 'Unkissbale' competition. You have to kiss that 'Unkissable person' who fits one of the above descriptions and you only have today to do it! Then you have to ring into this station and tell the whole country about your bizzarest encounter with your 'Unkissable person'. The winner gets a cash prize of $15,000 and a holiday to a destination of choice for two! So go out and kiss someone, then call this number...I'll be standing by..."
Status: Unfinished, excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes, this one was done in a rush.
Year Completed: N/A
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By Sara

[ Spicey1050@yahoo.com ]

Part 2

Note: Tommy's character will be written in here, similar to the way he was in the beginning of the first season. He was quiet and considered the 'Lone Ranger'.

Kimberly found herself outside the subway with Casey whom she grabbed on the way out. She had nearly ran her over after ditching the stranger.

She felt butterflies in her stomach as she stood there in the cold, fall night. Where did she find the courage to do that? She wondered what he was thinking? ^^He probably thinks I'm a total spaz!^^ She thought to herself. ^^What kind of girl does things like that? A slut.^^ She answered for herself.

Kimberly threw her key on her dresser and turned on the radio.

"We're still waiting to hear YOUR unkissable story! That's right, YOUR story. Pick up the phone and call. It's 11:45, callers, you've got 15 minutes left to call."

Kimberly shyly eyed the phone in the corner of the phone. ^^Should I?^^ She had already embarassed herself, why not get some money for it? She slowly crossed the room and picked the phone up off the base.

She quickly slammed it back down. What if Teddy/Tommy was listening, that would be even more mortifying! What should she do?

Homeroom Monday morning was always boring. She sat quietly, resting her head on her arms while Jamie chatted on. Kimberly couldn't help but wonder what he was doing right now?

"Would Kimberly Hart please report to the principal's office." The voice rang over the P.A. system. Kimberly was woken out of her day-dream state and hastily collected her books before leaving the room.

She arrived to see her principal talking to a pretty Asian girl. He looked up and waved her to join in their conversation.

"Kimberly, this is Trini, she's one of our new transfer students from Stone Canyon." The girl smiled shyly at Kimberly.

"Hey." Kim said. She tried to be friendly to everyone.

"Hi." Trini replied quietly.

"Her schedule is almost identical to yours, so I figured you could show her around and help her get settled?"

"Sure, no problem." Kimberly replied happily. He left, satisfied.

"So how do you like Angel Grove?" Kimberly asked.

"It's fine. It's very similar to Stone Canyon."

"You know, you look really familiar. You don't happen to cheerlead do you?" Kim said eyeing her. Where had she seen her before?

Trini laughed, "me, cheerlead?" Kim raised her eyebrow. Was she going to make fun of her? She waited a few seconds. Apparently not.

"Hmmmm. How about gymnastics?" She offered.

"Nope, sorry." Trini said shrugging her shoulders. "I'm really into martial arts though."

"Oh, that's cool. Are you planning on working out at the Youth Center?" Kim questioned. It was popular-place among teenagers.

"I guess so. It's the closest thing around. Why?"

"Oh well so do I. I mean I practice my gymnastics there. I was thinking we could go there sometime, if you wanted to."

"Sure, sounds fun." Trini took a seat in the classroom next to Kimberly. "Oh do you mind if some of my guy-friends come along too, they like to train."

"Sure." She said in her bubbly voice.

Trini set her books down on the floor and sat down next to Zack.

"Hey." He said.

"Hey guys." She said happily.

"So I take it your day is going good?" Jason offered smiling.

"As a matter of fact, yes. Kim's been really nice and we've really hit it off." She said decidedly.

"Hey, where is she? I didn't see here come in with you?" Zack asked looking around.

"Oh, she had to go make up a test." Trini said. "Anyway she invited me to go to the gym with her and she said it was fine for you guys to come along."

"Cool. But I bet Tommy's there right now. He was dying to get in there when we drove by this morning." Zack said pushing his tray away from himself.

Trini shook her head, "its a wonder that he spends all his time workingout and he still makes the honor-roll."

"He's been extra quiet lately." Jason added. "I dunno how he keeps everything so hidden. I dunno whether he's happy or miserable."

"Ah, you're just jealous that he can read you like a book but you never have a clue what he's thinking." Jason was silent because Trini was exactly right. "Actually, no one does, he's always so quiet and reserved."

"He's just Tommy." Zack offered. There was nothing else to it.

"Put your hands down. I'm assigning you partners for this project." Said Ms. Applebee. Bulk and Skull both let out an "Aww man!"

Ms. Applebee rolled her eyes. "Trini and Jason, Bulk and Amanda.."

"Tommy and Kimberly..."

Kimberly looked around for Tommy. Trini had told her all about him....except for what he looked like. He was a very skilled athlete, shy and pretty much kept to himself.

She watched as everyone went off into pairs until there was one gentleman standing. Everything seemed to go in slow-motion as he turned around. The first thing she saw was his eyes. She knew those eyes. They were the ones she gazed into. The ones she searched in for any emotion when he was absolutely silent.

Now she realized why Trini looked so familar. She was the pretty Asian girl hanging out with Tommy at the coffeehouse. She hadn't made the connection right away.

She approached him and smiled meekly. "Hey, you must be Tommy." ^^Well duh, he's the only person left standing!^^ She mentally cursed herself for stating the obvious.

He just nodded silently in reply. She knew he just then realized who she was and why she looked familar. She prayed he would say something about it so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable to be around him.

She waited a few seconds and he didn't say anything. This was going to be harder than she thought. For days she had pictured what she would say to him the next time they saw each other. She planned it all out in her head. So why did it seem so difficult now?

Maybe because he had barely said anything to her for the past five minutes. "So do you wanna meet in the library afterschool to work on this?" She asked shyly.

"Sure." He answered in monosyllabels again.

"Are you free today then?" She asked looking up at him.

"Yeah." This time he hadn't even looked at her when he answered.

Kim had run out of ways to strike up a conversation and decided it was useless. He obviously wasn't interested in her or getting to know her.

The bell rang and Kimberly picked up her books. He walked out of the classroom at a normal pace. She finally concluded that he wasn't attracted to her the way she wanted.

"What's with you?" Asked Mike. Tommy had barely said two words to him since he walked from his school to AGH to meet Tommy.

Tommy shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing." He looked at the ground and scuffed his shoe against the ground.

Mike rolled his eyes. "It's a chick isn't it?" Tommy gave him a 'how-do-you know' look. "Come on, you're quiet, but NOT that quiet. I knew something was up."

"Yeah maybe." Tommy admitted.


"Well what?" Tommy asked.

"Who is she?!?!" Mike yelled.

Tommy looked around and saw her standing in her little cheerleading uniform as she chatted with her friends. The top was white, long-sleeved and had blue writing. It covered her entire chest but bared most of her midrift. The skirt was white and had pleats like any normal cheerleading skirt.

"Oh man, YOU like a cheerleader?" He laughed and could see Tommy was embarrassed. "When-HOW did this happen?"

"When I fell for her, I didn't really know, er, think she was that type. She was, just different that night..."

"I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Girls like that don't date guys like you." Said Mike hopping off of the ledge.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tommy raised his eyebrow.

"Okay, she's a cheerleader. She dates jocks. You're not a jock. You're..."

"I'm what?" Tommy said.

"Well, I guess you're 'unique'. You're below the jocks and common kids, but a step above the freaks, geeks and goths. You're just, kinda THERE."

Tommy smiled, Mike had it down to a T. "so what, you're saying she doesn't wanna date a "unique" person?"

"No, I'm saying, she CAN'T, it would ruin the teenage social order."

Tommy rolled his eyes.

"Don't agonize over her. Besides, you've got Cybil chasing you, what more could you need?" Said Mike laughing.

Cybil. The five-foot seven-inch, jet-black haired girl walking towards them. She wore a pair of black pants and a tiny, black t-shirt. She had all the sex-appeal a girl could need, and some more.

Tommy liked Cybil. She was easy to get along with, she liked the same music and she liked to do the same things as him. Were they having sex? Yes. Were they in love? No, not yet atleast. Everyone expected it though.

He couldn't understand how he could like someone like Cybil and be attracted to someone like Kim. They were just two very different people.

Kimberly glanced over and saw Tommy talking to a girl and a boy. The girl was gorgeous. She was tall, had jet-black hair and looked very compatible with Tommy. Especially when she stood next to him like that.

She couldn't help but feel stupid, standing there in her cutesy, little uniform pining over him. Suddenly he left his group and walked over to her. She was thankful he hadn't caught he staring at him.

"Hey." He said in his soft, normal manner while nodding to her.

"Hi." She replied shyly. ^^He actually talked to me?!^^ The butterflies in her tummy made her blush, she felt like such a schoolgirl for thinking he took any interest in her at all. ^^Relax, it was obvious before that he wasn't interested.^^

Kim's friends smiled at one another.

"Do you wanna start the project?" He asked.

"Uh, yeah, sure." She said walking out of her little circle of friends towards him. She heard them whisper and giggle, but she didn't care if they approved of him or not.

Once they were out of her friends hearing he spoke. "Do you mind if we stop at my friend's house to get something? He's having a party."

How could she say no? She would have said yes if he asked her to go to the museum. She didn't care, as long as she was near him. "No, not at all."

He smiled, "okay. Come one." She nearly died when he smiled. It was the first time she had seen him dispaly any type of emotion.

Kimberly had been so caught up in thinking about him, that she hadn't questioned how they would get around. So she was surprised when he started towards a parked, Harley Motorcycle.

She stopped. "That's yours?"

He turned around and looked at her. "Yeah." He didn't give it much thought, and then he looked at her.

Kimberly watched as his eyes shifted from her to him. He slid his leather jacket off of his shoulders and handed it to her.

"Here, you'll need this." He didn't even help her put it on. She felt a wave of disappointment.

She slid it on while he put on his helmet. He got on the bike and slid forward so she could hop on.

"Hold on." He said simply.

She tried to avoid making contact with him and lightly held onto the back of his jacket. She didn't want to seem too forward. So she was startled when he grabbed her hands from the back of his jacket and wrapped them around his waist. He didn't say anything more on the subject, and they took off down the street.

10 minutes later at a party...

"So you finally met Tommy?" Trini asked as she sat with Jason, Zack and Billy. When Tommy had said he had to go pick up something, Kim didn't know it meant he had talk to Cybil.

Kim nodded. "Yeah."

"So what do you think of him?" Trini asked. She and Jason realized Kimberly was the same girl Tommy was eyeing at the coffeehouse a week ago. It hadn't dawned on them until Tommy walked through Mike's door with Kim next to him.

"He's....contradicting." She concluded. She was hoping they'd ask why.

"How so?" Billy questioned. He knew she wanted to explain it better without having to seem interested in him.

"I dunno. At first I thought he was a gentleman. I mean, he offered me his coat on the way here. But he didn't even help me put it on. He kinda tossed it to me and didn't seem so concerned about anything except getting over here. But then when I tried to touch him as little as possible on his bike, he made sure my arms were wrapped around him. But when we got here, he said, 'I'll be right back' and just left me sitting here."

Jason shook his head. "Cybil."

"Huh?" Said Kimberly.

"Cybil. Tall, thin, black-haired bitch." Zack answered. Trini smiled, Cybil wasn't exactly as friendly to everyone as she was to Tommy.

"Oh." Kim replied. She recognized the description from the girl she saw Tommy talking to outside.

"She keeps him on a short lease. I think he was worried about her finding out that he was being too nice towards you, so he acted like he could care less about you." Jason answered.

That explained it for Kim. Suddenly she saw Tommy and Cybil emerge from a room together. Cybil walked away and Tommy tried to discretely zipper up his pants.

No one else probably noticed except for Kimberly who quickly turned away so he wouldn't catch her looking at him. She watched as he talked to Mike and then eventually came over to collect Kim and said good-bye to his friends.

Kimberly watched as Tommy absentmindedly ran his hand through his hair. It still looked neatly brushed, so she guessed it had been a quickie with Cybil. She could also smell his musky scent as she sat near him in the library. The smell lingered all over him and Kim guessed it was that 'after-sex' smell. And it didn't seem to bother him at all.

She closed her eyes for a moment...

She had her legs wrapped around Tommy's muscular waist and he was on top of her. They were having sex in the library. He hovered over her and their eyes were locked the entire time. His brown eyes staring into her brown eyes.

His long, soft hair brushed against her skin as he cradled her beneath him. She could hear him growling as she whimpered. She dug hair fingernails into his back as he made love to her.

Suddenly he buried his face into her sweaty neck and held her even tighter. She could hear him growling her name. "Kim. Kim! Kim!"


Kimberly was woken from her daydream.

"Kim. Do you have the sources written down?" Tommy asked quietly.

She looked up at him before realizing that it was a dream. "Yeah, they're all right here." She handed him a sheet of paper and started to pack her things away in her backpack.

She knew it was pathetic, but it hurt to think that forty minutes ago, Tommy and Cybil lived her little fantasy. Cybil didn't have to imagine herslef in bed with Tommy, she had the real thing.

More coming soon: I promise to show Tommy's POV and mention more about the contest!