Dedicated to: kiwi4me: let's cry together.

"Idiot," she murmured under her breath, staring at the gravestone. "You had to go out and die, huh? Guess you were always into dramatics." She lightly traced her fingers over his inscribed name.

Hyuuga Neji.

"You just had to free yourself, eh? You just had to go and be stupid and be Mr. Noble? You had to be brave, didn't you? Because I suppose since the day of your father's death, since Naruto beat you in the Chuunin Exams, you've wanted to prove yourself. You wanted to show how much you've grown, how much you cared for your comrades."

Tears slipped down her flushed cheeks. She shivered in the cold, wrapping her arms around herself.

"But didn't you care about me too?" She wiped away the needless tears. Crying wouldn't solve anything, she bitterly reminded herself. It won't bring Neji back.

For a long time, she had been blinded by her infatuation towards Sasuke. Been blinded by her rivalry with Forehead, so much that she failed to see what was right in front of her. She merely saw him as someone she knew—rather, a comrade. Almost a friend, but not quite.

Not until his sacrifice, did she realize how much she cared for him.

On the battlefield, after picking herself up from her father's death did she hear sobs erupt from Hinata and an inhumane cry that sounded like Naruto. Her heart stopped in her chest, and she ran over to the front line, pumping her arms. She didn't care if she got struck by one of the crazy Ten Tailed-wood hands. She didn't care if she was being reckless, or hotheaded, or inconsiderate of her teammates.

She didn't care if she was being any of that, because when Neji died he wasn't any of that. And even when he wasn't any of those things, he still hurt people.

She ran over and saw his body, being held by Naruto, whose eyes turned bright kyuubi -red.

"Idiot," she had murmured under her breath. She collapsed onto her knees. "You idiot, Hyuuga brat."

She pushed back her long blonde hair, which was now wet from the pouring rain that had descended upon her, and kneeled in front of the memorial stone.

What right did she have to be sad? She hardly knew him—besides occasional training sessions and spars, a few missions here and there, and once in awhile when the Konoha Twelve went out and had fun at festivals or restaurants, she hardly interacted with him. She had no right to be sad.

She wasn't related to him like Hinata, or changed his view on life and become one of his closest friends like Naruto. She wasn't part of his team, like Lee and Tenten—whom she was sure was grieving, as the Weapons' Mistress had obviously been in love with the Hyuuga. Hell, even Shikamaru and Chouji were closer with Neji than she was—they had gone on the Sasuke Retrieval Mission together. What was she to him?

She was nothing.

"Idiot," she whispered. "You just had to figure out you loved him until after his death, huh?"