Chapter 1: Salamander at Youkai!

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Tenroujima Island, Earthland x784

Natsu Dragneel had always gone up against impossible odds, facing against opponents several times stronger than he was, and yet he still managed to come out on top. He ate Etherion during his battle against Jellal Fernandez in the Tower of Heaven, allowing him to use Dragon Force to defeat his enemy. Then, during the battle against Oracion Seis guild master, Zero, he ate the Flame of Rebuke, again granting him the power to defeat his foe. Finally, only a few hours beforehand, Natsu had eaten Laxus's Lightning Magic and achieved a new form, Lightning-Flame Dragon Mode, and proceeded to fight against Master Hades, the leader of Grimoire Hearts, and just when all hope seemed lost when the powerful wizard unleashed his Abyssal Magic, Natsu Dragneel managed to encourage his friends to push back harder, even with their lack of magic. Through sheer determination and desire to protect his family and guild, the mighty Salamander had always found a way to succeed..

But this time, things were different.

For the first time in his life, Natsu realized what it truly meant to go up against an unstoppable force. It was a painful reality for the pink haired mage of Fairy Tail to accept, but the facts were as plain as day; Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, had just shrugged off the combined attacks from some of the most powerful wizards in all of Fiore like they were mere pebbles. They had three Dragon Slayers, three, and all they really managed to do was annoy the black dragon. Then the words of Gildarts Clive finally began to sink in; the creature was only playing with them. It wasn't even fighting them, it was simply toying with a group of humans that it viewed as nothing more than insects.

Acnologia, now angered by the fact that mere insects would try to fight against it, flew high in the sky and began to gather energy in its massive maw. It was going to show these humans the consequences of angering the black dragon. Yes, the dragon would ensure that they would not live to make the same mistake twice.

As Natsu stared up at the black dragon in disbelief, he couldn't help but feel frustrated, especially at himself. "Damn it! What good is Dragon Slayer Magic if it can't even stop a dragon?!" He said angrily as he slammed both of his fists into the ground.

It was then Natsu heard sniffling. He stood up and looked behind him to see Lucy Heartfilia crying, muttering something under her breath, but the pink haired mage could hear it clear as day.

"M-maybe it's just pointless.."

The dragon slayer gritted his teeth hard as he heard his fiend and guild-mate say that. Did he hear her right? Did Lucy really just say it was pointless? Like hell it was! The members of Fairy Tail never gave up, not till the very end! Natsu didn't care if she was scared, he wasn't about to give up on those that he cared for dearly.

Lucy suddenly stopped her sniffling when she noticed the pink haired dragon slayer standing right in front of her and suddenly offered his hand. The blonde was confused at first, but reluctantly reached out with her own hand. Her eyes widened with surprise when Natsu grabbed it abruptly, before staring into her eyes with an intense look.

"We're not going to let it end here!"

It's funny how a few simple words can make a world of difference. How a few, simple words can change a person's whole attitude, how it can make someone question everything they believed in. Lucy now understood that as she saw the fire burning in Natsu's eyes, the fire that always burned brightly when he fought for the sake of his loved ones, the fire that refused to go out silently. It actually made the blonde's heart skip a beat and her face flush slightly. Feeling suddenly invigorated by those spoken words, Lucy shot back a determined look of her own.

"That's right! I'm never going to give up!"

Lucy wasn't the only one, all the present members of Fairy Tail on Tenroujima Island refused to give out without a fight. Shouting several words of encouragement, the wizards all began to extend their hands towards one another in a large, circular formation.

"Everyone join your power together as one!"

One by one, they all joined hands. This was it, their final stand. All they could do now was focus on concentrating their magic as one to create a protective barrier, a last-ditch effort to endure the black dragon's imminent attack.

Somewhere on the island at that moment, stood the ethereal body of Fairy Tail's first Master, Mavis Vermillion, as she watched with a smile gracing her face at her guild's determination to push on into the future. Even after two generations, the spirit of Fairy Tail was still going strong. It was enough for the Founding Master to lend a helping hand in her guild's most dire hour.


At that moment, Acnologia finished gathering all the magic that it needed. Without any further hesitation, the black dragon unleashed its breath attack with the intention of leaving nothing alive. A massive beam of energy, three times the size of the dragon's own body, came crashing down on the members of Fairy Tail, and for that matter, the entire island itself. From afar, the Rune Knights that were stationed nearby in a boat watched as the subsequent explosion that followed engulfed the entire island in a maelstrom of destructive power; once the explosion finally died down, only a crater in the middle of the ocean remained. At another distance, two former members of Grimoire Hearts, Ultear Malchovich and Meredy, watched in absolute horror at the devastation of the attack. It appeared as though Fairy Tail was no more..or so one would think.

The reality was that Mavis had converted all of Fairy Tail's bonds and faith into a surplus of magic energy, allowing the guild the use of one of the three great spells of her Guild, Fairy Sphere, a magic barrier that protects against all manner of darkness and evil. However, the sphere protects against even time itself, and as a result the core members of Fairy Tail were now trapped inside a stasis-like chamber in a separate dimension. For now, they were all cut off from Earth Land, left to float in suspended animation within the sphere, and they would all remain like this for the next seven years..all except for one person.

Natsu Dragneel was no where in sight.


Natsu wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. One second, he was holding hands with his guild-mates just as Acnologia's attack sped towards them, and the next second he found himself standing in a grassland that stretched out for miles. Confused, the Fire Dragon Slayer wandered around for some time, but found that no matter where he went, he couldn't find anyone or anything, not even animals. All he ever found were trees and grass.

The sudden feeling of dread began to overwhelm Natsu as a realization hit him. "Am I..dead?" He said aloud to no one in particular.

"You are not dead, Natsu." Came a deep, rumbling voice that would have sent any normal person running for dear life, but not Natsu.

The voice did, however, cause the pink haired mage to freeze in place, not out of fear, but from recognition. Slowly turning his head, Natsu's eyes widened as he turned to see someone standing behind him. But it wasn't just anyone, no, it was someone he recognized, someone he had searched the past seven years for. Its massive body towered over the dragon slayer, and its dark-red scales gleamed under the sun. Multiple scares could be seen on its body, the signs of having fought in many ferocious battles in the past, and its reptilian features could instill fear in even the mightiest of warriors.

"Igneel.." Natsu said quietly to himself, as if to convince himself whether or not his eyes were deceiving him. A mix of sadness, happiness and anger began to well up inside of his chest as he stared at his foster-father, some tears pooling at the corner of his eyes. The pink haired mage wanted to say something, but found that no words could form in his mouth.

The massive dragon in question, who stood with his tattered wings resting on the ground, looked down at his son, the human whom he raised himself and taught the magic to slay dragons. Though large and intimidating in appearance, the majestic creature had an air of sadness to him, and if one looked closely, they could see an expression akin to a frown on the dragon's great maw. Facing your son after abandoning him for seven years wasn't an easy feat to accomplish, but Igneel never did anything without a good reason, and his reason for leaving Natsu to fend for himself was of vital importance, even if it was the most painful decision the Fire Dragon had to make.

"I have brought you here, Natsu," The great dragon began to explain. "You are in a dimension that is separated from Earth Land, one that the dragons have used for centuries to travel between various parts of the world in short periods of time, though now it is rarely used. It is linked by various dimensional tunnels that are scattered throughout the great land, accessible to only to the dragons themselves. I managed to use my magic to open a tunnel nearby the island you and your guild were currently residing at, and pull you in here before Acnologia's attack hit."

Hearing his father say that, Natsu's eyes widened as his mixed feelings were suddenly replaced with fear and panic. "Where are Gramps and the others?!" The boy quickly shouted, dreading the worst possible conclusion that had suddenly settled into his mind.

Igneel looked down at his son and let out a low chuckle, causing the boy to blink. "Do not fret, your friends and guild master are safe. They too are in a separate dimension, though I cannot access it. It seems the spell that was used to do this is incredibly powerful, enough so that even my powers are helpless to negate it."

Natsu immediately let out a sigh of relief. If his friends were safe and sound, then that was one less thing to worry about. "So..why did you bring me here?" The pink haired boy said, turning his attention back to his father. "Maybe you brought me here to tell me why the hell you left me to fend for myself for seven years?" Natsu growled, doing his best not to attack his foster father, though the idea was very, very tempting.

Sighing, the dragon looked down the boy, a feeling of guilt washing over him. "As much as it pains me to say this, I cannot tell you why I left, not yet anyways. Please understand, my son." Igneel pleaded and then waited patiently for the boy's reaction. To his surprise, Natsu actually nodded slowly, though he portrayed a downcast expression. The boy then surprised Igneel once again by crossing his arms and pouting childishly.

"You were always like this dad, like the time I kept asking you to teach me the Dragon Slayer Secret Arts and you kept telling me I wasn't ready yet, even though you said I was already becoming really powerful." Natsu whined loudly.

A feeling of nostalgia overcame Igneel, and the guilt he felt lessened at the sight of son acting very much like he had seven years prior. Chuckling, the red dragon carefully used his right claw to gently ruffle Natsu's pink hair. "It is good to see you again, my son." He said with a faint smile on his maw. He had watched his son grow from afar, and the countless times that he had seen the boy overcome obstacles had made the dragon feel proud to no end, but to be finally able to talk with his son face to face again was a feeling that brought happiness into his life once more.

Natsu turned to face his father with a massive grin on his face. "It's good to see you again too, dad."

From that point on, they spent what felt like hours catching up with each other. Natsu began to recap his adventures from when he had first ran into Makarov Dreyar, the guild master of Fairy Tail, to when he had fought against Jellal and achieved Dragon Force, and finally when Grimoire Hearts invaded Tenroujima Island. Igneel listened attentively at his son's adventures, and although he had kept on eye on his son throughout the years, it was still interesting to hear it all from Natsu's point of view.

"..and then when I was fighting Master Zero, Jellal gave me this golden flame that let me use Dragon Force again, but I still had a hard time trying to control it." The pinkette explained with some mild annoyance.

"Hm, that would be the case, considering that it was only the second time you had achieved that form," Igneel quickly surmised, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "Using that kind of power without the proper training would yield underwhelming results."

Natsu stared at his father with a surprisingly thoughtful look. "Yea, that's what Master Zero told me too, though I still managed to kick his ass in the end." He said with a cheeky grin, earning him a chuckle from Igneel.

"Well, it seems that you still have a ways to go before you fully master Dragon Force, and even then.." Igneel then hesitated for a moment, but it was enough that Natsu could see the dragon was contemplating something in his head.


Said dragon didn't respond at first, but after much thought and consideration, Igneel finally decided to speak again. "I can't tell you much, Natsu, but I will ask you this. When you fought that man, he told you that Dragon Force was the ultimate form of Dragon Slayer Magic, correct?" The dragon questioned, receiving a nod in return. "Well, that man was wrong."

Natsu's eyes widened slightly. Dragon Force wasn't the ultimate form of Dragon Slayer Magic? The pinkette simply stared back at his father with large eyes before a massive grin was plastered all over his face. It seemed there was still more for him to discover about his own magic.

Seeing the look on his son's face made Igneel chuckle loudly. "As I said before, I cannot give you much information, it is something you must discover on your own. But I will say this," The dragon paused for a brief moment, grabbing the boy's attention. "Of all the First Generation Dragon Slayers, you are by far the only one who has achieved Dragon Force, not once, but twice. You have made this old dragon very proud, Natsu." Igneel then grinned widely, bearing his massive fangs.

For Natsu, hearing his father say he did him proud was the best thing he could have asked in return. 'It looks like all those years of training and getting stronger have really paid off.' He thought as he grinned back at his father.

"Now, to tell you the true reason I have brought you here.."

This caused the pink haired boy's grin to falter, and in its place was now an inquisitive look. "You mean you didn't bring me hear just so we could see each other again?"

"Yes and no," Igneel replied, his guilt having long passed. "You see, there is an acquaintance of mine who is in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. Believe it or not, he helped me at one point in time, and seeing as how I 'owe him one,' as you humans say, he decided to contact me."

Natsu looked thoughtful again before he decided to speak. "Alright..what does this have to do with me, though?" He questioned his father.

"For the time being, I must remain in this dimension. Since I cannot leave, I decided the only thing better than going there myself to resolve this problem is sending you there, Natsu."

There was a moment of silence, before Natsu shrugged his shoulders. "Sure, sounds like fun to me!" He said with another grin. It didn't last long when he heard Igneel point out a very important detail.

"He doesn't live anywhere on Earth Land, Natsu."

It took a moment before that bit of information to sunk in. "W-what?"

Igneel sighed at his son's response. "He lives in a world that possess landmasses similar to those of Earth Land, simply called Earth. Think of it as an alternate world, like Edolas, but much more different. Few beings are able to use magic, with the majority of that world's population relying on technology instead." He explained.

With that bit of info, Natsu's face turned into a scowl. "So you want me to go to some weird world that I know nothing about?" He questioned flatly. Memories of Edolas began to play in his head, making his scowl grow deeper. "Forget it. Last time I went to some weird world, I couldn't use my magic to save my own ass." The dragon slayer stated stubbornly, crossing his arms over his chest in a childish manner.

Despite his son's reaction, the dragon decided to keep pushing the subject. "If you are worried whether you will be able to use your magic there or not, then fret not. That world has a natural source of energy similar to Ethernano. Using your magic there will be no different than using it here or on Earth Land." Igneel quickly assured, though his son remained unconvinced.

"What about Gramps and the others?" Natsu questioned with an unsurprisingly stubborn face.

Seeing that kind of look on his son's face made Igneel chuckle a little. "They will remain in that pocket dimension until the spell is lifted, which from my understanding should be in years. They aren't going anywhere any time soon, Natsu."

Natsu was still a little unsure of what to think. His father saw this and decided to add a little 'incentive' to help convince his son.

"There will be many powerful beings for you to face, monsters that have the power to rival many of the mages in our world, and many new challenges." Igneel then paused for a moment, deciding that his next words would ultimately determine whether or not Natsu would decide to go. "..Unless you believe you are not strong enough, then perhaps I will go to find someone more..capable."

As the dragon waited for his words to sink in, a smirk appeared on his maw as Natsu looked up at him with an angry and offended look.

"Are you fucking kidding me! I'm the son of the strongest dragon of them all!" The pink haired boy roared to the skies as flames began to emanate from every inch of his body. "BRING IT ON! I'M ALL FIRED UP NOW!" A chance to grow stronger and finally be able to beat Erza, Laxus and Gildarts? No way in hell Natsu was gonna pass this chance up!

Seeing the look of determination on his son's face, Igneel smiled. "That's my boy!" The dragon beamed with pride. "Oh, there is also one more thing.."

Natsu stopped his ranting and allowed the flames around his body to die out. "What now?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. The pink haired boy's eyes then widened when Igneel moved his tail between them, revealing a ball of blue fur curled up at the tip of the dragon's tail. "HAPPY!" Natsu shouted happily as he picked up his best friend and partner in his hands. The Exceed (a small blue cat that can speak, walk upright and sprout wings to fly) was fast asleep, mumbling every so often about something pertaining to fish.

"I had managed to pull him away as well. I wouldn't want you to travel to an unknown world without your partner, now would I?" Igneel said with another massive grin. "Now then, it is time for you to get going."

A white magic seal suddenly appeared right under Natsu's feet. The mage stared down curiously at the complex seal, before looking up at Igneel. "I'm not gonna see again for a while, huh?" He asked, no, more like pointed out. But that soon changed as Natsu gave his father a look of pure determination. "Don't worry dad, I'll help this with this problem and I'll get even stronger than ever, enough to make you proud again, Igneel." He said as his entire body began to slowly flicker away.

Before the dragon could give his farewell, the boy's figure finally disappeared, along with the magic seal. Igneel remained silent, contemplating whether or not he had made the right decision by sending his son to another world, but then shook his head and chuckled. 'I leave Natsu in your care, Mikogami. I just hope you can help awaken my son's true is only a matter of time before the Dragon King makes his move in my world.'

With that thought in mind, the massive dragon quickly flapped his wings and took off, going back to his home to keep an eye on a certain black dragon.

Youkai Private Academy, Earth

When the bright light faded and Natsu finally opened his eyes, he found himself in a small forest, but one unlike any he had ever seen before. The trees all around were dead and looked a little menacing, giving the feeling of being constantly watched, while various tombstones were scattered all throughout the area. Sitting up, the dragon slayer quickly rubbed his eyes before looking around for his partner, Happy. He quickly spotted the blue feline laying down next to him.

"Well, looks like we made it in one piece," He said before looking at the surrounding forest with a sweat drop. "But I think he might have sent us to the wrong place."

"You are indeed in the right place, Natsu Dragneel.."

That voice alone was enough to put Natsu on edge, as he quickly jumped up from his sitting position and spun around to face the owner of the creepy voice. He suddenly found himself face-to-face with a man dressed in white robes and a white hood. Interestingly enough, the man's eyes were glowing yellow, and the only other thing visible on his face was his mouth, which at the moment was curved into a grin. Staring at the strange sight, Natsu had only one thing to say to him..

"Awesome glowing eyes!" The pink haired mage pointed with a child-like expression on his face.

The mysterious man's grin faltered for a moment. It was obvious this was the first time his presence had garnered that kind of reaction from anyone. His grin quickly returned, even wider than before.

"What Igneel said was true it would seem. You are quite an interesting individual, Dragneel-san," The man spoke. "I am Tenmei Mikogami, Headmaster of Youkai Private Academy. Your father spoke very highly of you."

"So you're Igneel's acquaintance, huh?" Natsu asked as he crossed his arms and studied the strange man, who seemed to be giving off a strange vibe. "Mind telling me how you and my old know each other?" He questioned with some curiosity.

The Headmaster's eyes gave off a small gleam for a moment. "As you wish. Over two centuries ago, your father ended up traveling to this world by mistake, and he inadvertently aided myself and two comrades of mine in subduing a massive beast that was threatening to wipe out humanity. Afterwards, Igneel decided to remain here for some time before going back to his own world. During his stay here, the dragon and I became acquaintances, and he later became close friends with one of my comrades, to the point that he decided to leave a communication lacrima here with me should I ever feel the need to contact him. It just so happened that Igneel still owed me a favor for returning him back to his own world, that I decided to give him a call.."

"..but because Igneel can't leave the dimension he's in now, he recommended me." Natsu finished. "I got the gist of it from my dad already, but what exactly is it that you want me to do, and what's this problem that you're having?" The pink haired dragon slayer asked as he picked up the still sleeping Happy in his arms.

"I'm glad you asked, Dragneel-san," Mikogami began. "But before I explain that, I must tell what Youkai Private Academy is and what purpose it serves."

Natsu blinked before looking slightly uneasy. "Academy? You mean like a school?" He questioned. It wasn't a surprising question, seeing as Natsu was raised and taught most of the things he knew by a dragon in a forest.

The robed man nodded in response. "You see, this is a school for monsters, created so that they may learn about the human world and its cultures in order to integrate with the humans of this world, and at the same time learn to coexist with them peacefully while masking their true identities. In order to do that, a barrier was created in order to hide the school from the rest of the world."

Natsu's eyes went wide for a moment before he smirked widely. 'A school full of monsters, huh? I wonder if they're all really strong..' He mused, though he couldn't help but feel like he heard something similar before. 'Now that I think about it, didn't that guy from Edolas say something about a Monster Academy?' The slayer wondered, but was interrupted by the Headmaster's next words.

"Now onto the problem at hand. There is a group of monsters who oppose this school, who call themselves ANTI-THESIS. Their goal is to destroy this school and then reveal it to the eyes of the humans, therefore revealing the existence of monsters. Should that happen, humans and monster would wage an open war against one another, one that wouldn't end until one side is completely wiped out." Mikogami paused for a moment before continuing. "This group was defeated several months ago by a group of my students, but I have no doubt that they may try to seek revenge against them and me. I feel that it is only a matter of time before they do so."

'Figures..there's always some group of assholes who want to start trouble for stupid reasons.' Natsu thought with a scowl and clenched teeth. It seemed like everywhere he went, there were people up to no good. "Alright, so what do you want me to do about this?"

The hooded man's grin returned with full force, unnerving the dragon slayer slightly. "I'm so glad that you asked again."


One week later..

It had been over half a year when the subsequent riots broke out at Youkai Academy, resulting with the school being closed down in order to repair the damage that had been sustained. There were rumors among the students that a former teacher who was fired from the school was the one responsible for starting the riots, out of spite for losing her job. Another rumor that went around was that the Newspaper Club were the ones who put a stop to the former teacher and her plans, which wasn't too surprising considering the other feats they had accomplished in the past year. But for now, students began flooding the school again, preparing for another year at the monster academy.

Among these students was a pink haired girl, one with beautiful emerald eyes who wore the school's standard uniform for girls; a green suit jacket, white shirt, green short skirt, black knee socks and brown shoes. Her name is Moka Akashiya, a vampire and arguably the most beautiful girl in the entire academy.

The pink haired girl walked silently through the crowds of people, her mind focused on only one thing; seeing Tsukune Aono again. After the riots that had taken place died down, Tsukune was forced to return to the human world during the reconstruction of the school. Moka had visited his home for a short while, but after a little incident involving a few of her friends, they were forced to return to their own homes until the school was ready to reopen.

Alongside Moka was a young girl of about twelve years of age, with brown black hair and purple eyes Her uniform consisted of a stereotypical witch hat on her head, a pink top and corset, a green short skirt, knee high yellow socks and brown shoes. Her name is Yukari Sendo, one of the youngest and most intelligent students in all of the academy, as well as a witch. As she walked alongside her friend, the little girl noticed the stares that some of the males were giving Moka and couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

"...Hehe," Yukari said, catching Moka's attention. "You seem to stand out quite a bit, Moka-san." Then, without warning, the little girl latched onto her pink haired friend. "Your smooth skin, soft hair and small scent is're too beautiful to be in the presence of these people!"

"Really," A male student said as he walked towards the two girls, getting their attention. "You've really caught our eye."

Another male student approached, bowing slightly. "Would you mind if we got to know you a little better..?"

By now, Yukari let go of Moka as the two male students approached them, obviously trying to flirt with her pink haired friend. Then one of the males with blonde hair walked up to the little witch.

"Is this kid your little sister?" He asked Moka. "She's so cute and tiny. I wonder what a little girl is doing at a high school." The male said as he began to pat Yukari's head, failing to notice the dark look she was giving him.

"Don't act so friendly and touch me!" The witch said as she pulled out a large, wooden hammer from out of nowhere and proceeded to slam it on the male's head. "I'm Yukari Sendo, I might only be twelve (skipped a few grades), but I'm the number two genius girl here!"

"And also, we'll have to decline your flirting. Moka-san's already.." Yukari paused briefly for a moment. "..declared Tsukune as the man fit to be her future lover!"

Moka's went wide as her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She quickly grabbed Yukari by her shirt, and in a panic, began to shake the little witch. "Tsukune isn't my lover!"

"I said it so they would stop trying to flirt with you.."

"And what if he heard you say that?!"

As the pink haired girl continued to shake her friend, she failed to notice the subject of their conversation had already approached them.

"..Huh? Is that you, Moka-san?"

Quickly letting go of Yukari, the vampire girl turned around to see none other than Tsukune Aono standing about ten or so feet behind her. Her eyes quickly widened again as her cheeks flushed a little. The brown-haired boy had matured quite a bit since their last meeting. "Tsu..Tsukune!?" Moka said in disbelief, as she frantically tried to even out her frizzled hair.

The boy in question was average looking, with brown hair and brown eyes. Unbeknownst to almost everyone at the school, Tsukune is actually the only human enrolled at the school. After a huge mix up in which Tsukune was accidently enrolled as a student, the brown-haired boy ended up staying when he began to grow fond of Moka, making a few other friends and even capturing the hearts of several other girls along the way.

Before either of them could say anything, however, Tsukune was suddenly 'attacked' from behind by a blue haired girl. Along with her light blue hair, the girl possessed deep purple eyes and thick eyelashes. She wore a pale yellow ocher vet over a white long-sleeved shirt, a light brown checkered skirt, white leg warmers, and black dress shoes. But her most..redeeming quality, were her well endowed breasts, which were somewhat of a blessing and a curse for the brown haired boy. Her name is Kurumu Kurono, a succubus.

"It's been so long, my Destined One!" Kurumu said as she hugged said person, and then buried the boy's boy's face in between her ample breasts. "I'm so happy to see you again!" She squealed loudly.

Moka, who now had a tick mark on her head and was shaking slightly, was about to go over and pry off the blue haired girl, out of jealousy for being so direct with Tsukune and to also allow the boy the ability to breathe again. None of that was necessary, however, as an ice kunai suddenly embedded itself into Kurumu's forehead, causing a jet of blood to shoot out from the wound.

"Let go, Kurumu.." A cold and calm voice spoke. "I won't let you get that close to Tsukune."

Far away, hiding behind a bush, a girl with light purple hair and hazy blue eyes suddenly stood up, a sucker in her mouth. She wore a yellow pendant over her neck, a white sweater with dark blue sleeves, a black shirt underneath, a brown pleated skirt, purple striped stockings with white shoes and a belt tied to her left leg. Her name is Mizore Shirayuki, a yuki-onna (snow woman).

"Mizore-chan!" Tsukune cried out, before noticing how far away the girl actually was.

"It's been so long, Tsukune.." The snow woman replied with a stoic face, blushing lightly.

It wasn't long before Kurumu recovered from the sneak attack, angry for revenge. " dare you ruin my reunion with Tsukune!" She said as her nails began to grow much longer and sharper than before. "I'll kill you for that!"

Mizore, seeing the succubus's obvious challenge, approached her with her hands suddenly becoming covered in ice as they extended to form large claws. "Bing it on, boob woman.." She stated calmly.

Moka hesitantly walked forward, not wanting to see two of her friends fight. "St-stop it!" She tried to persuade them, though she unknowingly was becoming part of the battle as well.

Now worried and scared for his friends well-beings, Tsukune attempted to do his best to defuse the situation. "Stop it you guys! It's been so long since we've all been together, so for now will you please cut it out?!" He said in a panicked expression, but somehow he knew it was useless..only divine intervention would be able to stop these girls from fighting.


It seemed that divine intervention came in the form a screaming student, who rapidly came flying past the group before landing on the ground and skidding to a stop. Tsukune and the others blinked, not entirely sure what just happened. They slowly turned their heads to stare at the male student who was sprawled out on the floor, unconscious.

"Wha..what just happened?" Moka said after a moment of awkward silence.

Tsukune simply scratched his head with a look of uncertainty. "I'm not really sure.."

Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore nodded in agreement to this, as they all slowly approached the unconscious student, who was suffering from massive swelling on the left side of his face. It was then that they heard some students yelling, and they all turned around to see there was a huge commotion going on near the main entrance of the school. Tsukune and his group all look at one another and nodded, before heading over to see what was going on. As they got closer, the crowd of students grew thicker and thicker as they pushed and shoved their way to the front. Once they could get a full view of what was happening, they froze.

There, standing his ground against seven other male students, was a pink, spiky haired boy around their age. He was dressed in a black, sleeveless vest over a white, long-sleeved shirt and had a scaly white muffler around his neck, while his leg and footwear consisted of brown slacks and black shoes. But it wasn't the color of his hair or his attire that drew their attention, but the expression on his face; he was grinning wildly with a predatory look in his eyes as he stood ready to fight. The other males who were in front him all looked infuriated, if their angry expressions were anything to go by.

"What's the matter?" The pink haired boy taunted, his grin never faltering. "You were all acting real tough a minute ago, don't tell me you guys are chickening out now?"

"You little punk!" One of the students with grey, short hair retorted angrily. The other males, who seemed to be following the grey haired one, all yelled their approval. "We'll tear you to pieces!"

The pinkette saw this and couldn't help but grin even wider. "Now we're talking!" He shouted as he stood up straight and slammed his fist into the palm of his hand. "Now I'm getting fired up!"

However, before anyone could even take a step forward, a voice interrupted them. "Stop it!"

Surprised by the sudden interruption, the pink haired boy turned away from his opponents and towards the source of the cry. He blinked as he came face-to-face with a girl with long, bright pink hair standing only a few feet away from him, her emerald-green eyes staring right at him with a pleading look.

"Moka-san!" Tsukune yelled, realizing that the pink haired girl was no longer standing next to him.

"What do you think you're doing, Moka?!" Kurumu yelled out in frustration. 'That stupid girl!'

Yukari was also troubled by the turn of events. "Moka-san, this has nothing to do with you!" She pointed out, while Mizore opted to remain silent and instead observed to see what would happen next.

Despite hearing her friends' pleas, Moka ignored them and instead focused on the pink haired male in front of her. "P-please..I don't know what's going on, but you guys shouldn't fight on school grounds! Especially now that the school has reopened!" The pink haired vampire pleaded as she stared into his eyes, noting their onyx color. "Please.."

The pink haired male opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted when the grey haired boy from the other group suddenly appeared behind him with a right fist raised in the air. "You're an idiot for turning your back on me during a fight!" He roared triumphantly as he brought his fist down like a hammer, intending to strike the boy over his head.

Tsukune saw this and quickly rushed forward towards Moka, ignoring the cries of his friends. 'Damn it, Moka-san is too close to them, she might get caught up in the fight!' He thought as time itself began to slow down. Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari also ran forward to assist him, as they would never allow the brown-haired boy to get hurt. They and all the of other students froze, however, when the pink haired boy raised his arm up over his head and easily stopped the blow with his forearm. The grey haired student's eyes were bulging out of his head in shock and surprise.

"Oi.." The male pinkette said in a low, angry voice at his attacker, who was now sweating bullets like crazy. In one fluid motion, the pink haired youth quickly flung his opponent's fist away, making him stumble back. As this was still happening, he suddenly appeared in the grey haired student's face.

'Holy crap, that guy's fast!' Tsukune thought as he stared in awe.

Kurumu was also having similar thoughts. 'Is he a werewolf?' The succubus thought, noting the pink haired boy's speed.

What followed shortly after was a loud, sickening crack, as the pink haired male slammed his fist into the bottom of the grey haired student's jaw, sending the poor bastard into the air. Said bastard did a few flips while airborne, before landing unceremoniously on the ground with a crash, leaving him unconscious and sending his followers into a fit of panic.


"What the hell is this guy?"

"S-shit, we need to retreat!"

The group of males quickly grabbed their leader and hastily ran away, a few of them swearing vengeance as they did so. Once they were completely out of view, the pink haired boy turned to Moka with a surprisingly serious look.

The vampire girl flinched slightly at the intense look she was getting before her cheeks flushed. "U-uh.." Moka managed to get out, not entirely sure what to say. To her surprise, the boy suddenly grinned at her sheepishly.

"Sorry about that," He said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I know you told us not to fight, but that guy was really starting to piss me off."

Moka blinked, not entirely sure what to make of this strange person. One second he was giving her intense stares, the next he's grinning at her like an idiot. "Err, its okay, but why were you guys fighting to begin with?" She asked curiously.

"We'd all like to know as well," Kurumu said as she stood next to Moka, her arms crossed under her chest. "People don't just start fighting for no reason, after all!" Soon, Tsukune, Mizore and Yukari joined the group, as they all waited expectantly for the pink haired boy to explain.

"Well, I was trying to get into the school building when those guys all showed up and blocked my way," The boy began as he scratched the back of his head. "They asked me if I was new here, and I told them yea. Then they started telling me about learning who's in charge of this school and one them tried to grab my shoulder, so-"

"-you punched him in the face, right?" Mizore interrupted with her usual, calm voice.

The boy stared in complete surprise. "How'd you know?" He asked, a little dumbfounded that they had found out so quickly.

"A lucky guess.." The Newspaper Club deadpanned simultaneously.

The male pinkette still looked a little confused, so Moka decided to change the subject. "So you're a new student, huh?" She asked with a small smile. "My name's Moka Akashiya, a second year student. What's your name?"

The boy grinned widely. "Natsu Dragneel, I'm a second year transfer student." He then turned to others as they began introducing themselves.

"T-Tsukune Aono, second year."

"Yukari Sendo, also a second year!"

"Mizore Shirayuki, second year..I think."

"Kurumu Kurono, second year student and Tsukune's future wife~!" The blue haired girl cried happily, before grabbing said boy's head and stuffing it in between her large breasts.

Natsu raised an eyebrow to this as the brunette began flailing his arms around helplessly, while Yukari and Mizore started calling the blue haired girl 'cow' and 'boob-woman.' Moka, on the other hand, was doing her best to free the poor boy from Kurumu's chest, but her efforts were proving unsuccessful at the moment. Natsu merely stared at the scene with a sweat drop; they were certainly an interesting group. It was then that he remembered something rather important. "Oh crap, I forgot about my meeting with that hooded bastard!"

Moka and the others stopped what they were doing and just stared back at Natsu. "Huh?" They asked in unison.

"Sorry guys, but I gotta go!" Natsu yelled before running off into the building. "Nice meeting ya!" He roared over his shoulder before disappearing into the sea of students, leaving the Newspaper Club to ponder who this 'hooded bastard' was and why Natsu was suddenly in a hurry.


Thirty minutes later..

Natsu huffed in annoyance as he knocked on the door to his new home room teacher, still rather unpleased with what the Headmaster was making him do; enrolling into the school as a transfer student. Reason being, according to the mysterious man, was that he wanted someone in the school to keep an eye out for anything or anyone that looked suspicious, thus he was required to pose as a student to blend in. The Headmaster pointed out that it was also a good opportunity to get a decent education in the process. Natsu refused at first, but the robed man quickly pointed out that he had no choice in the matter, as he was the dragon slayer's only way to return back to Earth Land. So here he was now, standing in front of his new home room, spouting curses at the Headmaster in his head while trying to remember the name of his new teacher.

'What was it again?' The pink haired mage wondered as he glanced down at his schedule and read the name a few times. 'Miss Nekonome? Weird name..' He grumbled inwardly as he waited impatiently for someone to open the door. After about a minute or so, the door creaked open to reveal a woman, whom Natsu assumed was the teacher. She was a strange sight to say the least; while her light brown hair and pink glasses made her look like nothing was out of the ordinary, the two tufts on her hair that looked like cat ears said otherwise. They even seemed to wiggle like real ones. 'Heh, I bet Happy would like this lady.' Natsu thought with an internal grin.

"Ah, you must be the new student I was told about," The woman said with excitement as she gave a friendly smile, wiggling her ears again. "I'm Shizuka Nekonome, your new home room teacher. Please, come in!" Ms. Nekonome said as she moved out of the door way and gestured the pink haired boy to enter the room.

Natsu gave a quick nod and grin before he walked in, and immediately found himself to the center of attention. All of the students in the room focused their eyes solely on him before breaking out into murmurs and hushed whispers. While his enhanced dragon hearing easily picked up on their conversations, something that would no doubt prove useful for his new-found goal, the dragon slayer chose instead to tune them out as he looked around the room. His eyes widened slightly when he saw Moka, Tsukune, Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore all sitting in the back right corner. Given the looks on their faces, they all seemed equally surprised to see him as well.

"I have good news, everyone," Ms. Nekonome gathered everyone's attention as her ears wiggled slightly. Natsu was standing off to the teacher's side when he suddenly noticed there was a cat tail poking out from under her denim skit. "We have a new transfer student in our class!" She said before turning to the pink haired boy. "Please, introduce yourself."

Natsu pulled his eyes away from the woman's tail at that moment and turned to the entire classroom, a huge grin on his face. "Yo! I'm Natsu Dragneel!" He said in his usual, care-free tone.

Some of the girls in the classroom blushed and noted how white his teeth were, and even Moka, Kurumu and Mizore couldn't help but turn red in the face a little. Immediately, all of the males in the room began crying out in anguish.

"Aw man, first Tsukune came along and took all the cute girls for himself, and now this guy shows up!" One student cried comically to his friend.

"Now we'll never get a chance at any of the girls!" The other student replied, tears flowing like waterfalls from his eyes.

Tsukune heard the two males having a conversation and sweat dropped. 'It's not like I tried to get their attention..' He thought with a small sigh.

Ms. Nekonome noted her student's reactions and hummed happily. "Alright then! There are a few empty seats in the back near the window, so please choose one, Natsu."

Said person nodded, made his way over to one of the desks and plopped down, ignoring some of the girls' stares that were sent his way, as well as most of the males' heated glares. Normally, the dragon slayer would have taken that as a sign of a challenge, but right now he was just too busy with his own thoughts at the moment to even care.

"Alright class, currently the humans are trying to control this world. Now this school.."

As the teacher went on to explain the school's philosophy of monsters learning to coexist with humans, Natsu found himself in deep thought as he rested his left cheek on his left hand while staring out the window. 'This sucks..I'm stuck here in a damn school while my friends are trapped in a different dimension and the rest of the guild is doing who knows what..I know that Igneel wants me to do this as a favor for his pal, but being a student at this place for two years? I barely survived being Erza's student for a whole week!' He thought himself before slumping his head forward in defeat.

Natsu then looked at the top of his right hand, staring at something that wasn't there when he met Moka and her friends; a black tattoo. The tattoo itself was a black cross surrounded by a magic seal of the same color. Letting out sigh, he thought back to the meeting he had with Headmaster before he had arrived to this classroom.


" what the hell do you want?" Natsu asked irritably as he sat down in a chair, glaring at the man sitting across from him at a desk. During his first week living on Earth, the mage had learned just how much of a pain in the ass the Headmaster could really be, with his vague remarks and his ever present grin permanently fixed in place.

The robed man let out an amused chuckle, who had long since discovered just how much fun it was to mess with the young dragon mage. "I am glad you came, Dragneel-san..I cannot stress how important it was that we had this meeting before attending your classes."

The pinkette felt his right eye twitch, a sign that he was already growing impatient with the eccentric man. "You gonna tell me what this is about, or do you want me to play twenty questions?"

"Hehe..straight to the point and impatient, just like your father.." The Headmaster replied, his grin growing larger with each passing second.

Natsu was already at his limit; the man really knew how to get under his skin. "Know what? I'm out of here." He grunted as he got up from his seat and walked towards the door. He was just about to grab the door handle with his right hand, when suddenly he saw the Headmaster standing right next to him. Before Natsu could even react, the man reached out with the rosary he usually kept around his neck and placed it on the top of the boy's hand.

Natsu flinched when he felt the rosary begin to burn his skin. 'The hell? How am I getting burned?!' He thought frantically as he tried to pull his hand back, but to no avail. A powerful, unknown force was keeping him in place. After a few more seconds, he felt the burning sensation disappear and Natsu immediately jumped away. "What the hell man?!" The pinkette roared as he shook his hand to get rid of the smoke that was coming off of his skin.

"Pardon me for being, but it appeared that you were not going to wait around for an explanation." The Headmaster replied, his grin ever-present.

'I'm gonna kick his ass one of this days..' Natsu thought angrily as the smoke from his hand dissipated, revealing a black tattoo etched into his skin. "What the..what the hell is this?" He asked before his eyes widened as he felt something majorly off about his body. 'My magic..I can't feel any of it!' Natsu realized, much to his horror.

"I see you have noticed it then," The robed man chuckled slightly. "That tattoo on your hand is a spell that seals away the magic in your body, a 'limiter' if you will. As of now, you are limited to only your physical strength."

Natsu quickly tried to summon his flames, but found he couldn't, and with each attempt, the tattoo on his hand would glow with a scarlet red color. It seemed the limiter was doing its job, something the pink haired mage wasn't happy about at all. "How the crap am I supposed to use my magic now?! No, scratch that, how the hell am I supposed to get stronger if my magic is sealed away?!" Natsu roared as he grabbed the man by his robe and slammed him against the wall, causing numerous cracks to form.

Despite the dragon slayer's ensuing wrath, the Headmaster barely flinched. "Igneel warned me that you have a tendency to go overboard and destroy things, and that your powers are connected directly to your emotions," The man said before his face took on an unusually serious expression. "The last thing I want is for you to get angry with another student and then have you set the entire school ablaze with your dragon fire."

All that Natsu could do was blink at the Headmaster as he suddenly let go of his robe and backed off. Despite his obvious hate for the man, he actually made a very good point. That still didn't make him any less happy about having his powers sealed, however.

"Before you say anything or barge off, allow me to explain," The man said abruptly, noting Natsu's obvious displeasure. "The reason for placing a limiter on you is for the safety of the other students, as well as to prevent property damages. I was told well of how destructive your power is when left unchecked. While you are on school grounds and near the dormitories, the limiter will actively seal your power away. Only when you are at a sufficient distance away from the school will the limiter become inactive. For now, consider having your magic sealed as a form of training, to learn how to control your anger and become tolerant of others without trying to burn them alive. Do you understand?" The Headmaster asked as his words began to slowly sink into the dragon slayer's head.

"..Not like I've got much of a choice." Natsu sighed in annoyance as he crossed his arms over his chest.

The Headmaster stared at him as his grin quickly returned. "Now I know we have gone over this before, but do try to keep that fact that are a human a secret. I feel the school will go into an uproar should anyone find out."

Natsu merely grunted in agreement, before heading towards the door. "Yea, yea, you already told me that monsters here don't like humans too much. I'll kept that in mind."

With that, Natsu left the room, leaving the Headmaster alone with his own devices.

Flashback end..

'And it just keeps getting better and better.' Natsu thought sarcastically as he stared at the front of the classroom with a bored expression. The teacher was going on about something to do with fish, making the pink haired boy chuckle for a brief moment. 'Oh man, Happy would love to have Miss Nekonome as his teacher.'

As time went on, the dragon slayer found himself caught between listening to the teacher ramble on about things that bore him or staring outside the window, with Natsu ultimately settling with the latter option. As it turned out, class was dismissed early in order to allow the students to familiarize themselves with the newer areas of the school, though the pink haired mage was so busy staring off into space that he paid absolutely no attention to any of it.

Moka was busy grabbing her things when she noticed the pink haired boy staring off into space, as she stared at him curiously. 'I wonder what he's thinking about?' She thought curiously. Moka continued to gaze at the boy, while her friends were going on about the new year.

"Yahoo! This year, Tsukune and I are in the same class!" Kurumu squealed happily. "This must be some kind of fate.." She added, clasping both hands together.

"Everyone's in the same class.." Tsukune quickly pointed out with a sweat drop, shifting a little in his seat.

Mizore, due to her stalking habits, was hiding behind one of the desks from a distance. "We all found out about Tsukune's true form at the same time. If the Headmaster found out.."

The succubus suddenly engulfed the brown-haired boy with a hug, pressing his head close against her chest. "The point is, we'll protect you, alright? Leave it to us!"

'Kurumu-chan..' Tsukune thought as the blue haired succubus let go of him.

"Hey, we should definitely go check out the new parts of the school!" Kurumu exclaimed with excitement.

Yukari nodded her head in agreement. "It's completely rebuilt now!"

Tsukune smiled and then shook his head lightly in amusement. He then turned his head to ask Moka if she wanted to go exploring as well, but found that the girl was gazing over at Natsu, who in turn was still sitting at his desk while looking out the window. "Moka-san?" The brown-haired boy called out.

The pink haired vampire quickly jumped, in surprise realizing that she had been staring at Natsu long enough for someone to take notice. "Y-y-yes?" She stammered, her face flushed from embarrassment.

"Well, Kurumu-chan and Yukari-chan want to go explore the rebuilt parts of the school. Want to come along with them?" He asked with a kind smile.

Blushing, the pink haired girl eagerly nodded her head. "I'd love to!" She said with a bright smile, making Tsukune blush as well.

'I knew it, Moka-san is so cuuuute!' He thought to himself. Tsukune then had to cover his eyes as Moka seemed to radiate light. 'It's like she's glowing!'

An inquisitive look suddenly came across the vampire's features before she smiled again. "I know! Why don't we ask Natsu if he wants to come too?" She said cheerfully.

Tsukune blinked a few times before looking over at said person. "Well, I don't really mind if he comes along..though he has been pretty quiet since he came showed up to our class." He could still remember the look Natsu had in his eyes when he was fighting the group of bullies from earlier. It was a little hard to believe that was the same person who was now sitting quietly in a desk across from them. 'We don't know much about him. It wouldn't hurt to get to know him a little better, right?'

"Are we gonna go or not?" Kurumu interrupted the two with a huff, getting annoyed at how long her friends had been wasting their time sitting around. "Natsu can along if he wants, I just want to go see the school!"

"I agree with milk-jugs!" Yukari chirped, before getting bonked on the head.

Mizore rose from her hiding spot, her face as stoic as ever. "I have to agree with Yukari and boob-woman as well." She said, further provoking the succubus' ire.

Tsukune and Moka could only sweat drop while laughing nervously at their friends' antics. The pink haired girl quickly turned to Natsu. "Natsu!"

The pink haired dragon slayer blinked upon hearing someone calling his name, and quickly realized that he had been spacing out for quite some time. "Huh? Where did everyone go?" He asked himself, before he noticed that Moka was quickly approaching him, Tsukune and the others following right behind. "Oh, hey guys. What's up?" He asked curiously.

Moka clasped her hands together and smiled warmly. "Well, we were just going to go out and explore the school since it got rebuilt. Would you like to come with us?" She asked cheerfully.

Natsu blinked a few times at the group before he thought about it for a moment. He then shrugged. So far the only place he knew how to get to was the Headmaster's office, other than that, the rest of the school was a mystery to him. "Sure, sounds like fun." The pink haired boy replied with a grin. With a quick stretch, Natsu got up from his seat and followed the group as they exited the classroom.

"So, where are you from, Natsu?" Moka asked as their group walked around in the hallways, drawing whispers and murmurs from the surrounding students who took notice of their presence.

Natsu's eyes widened slightly from the question, but no one from the group noticed. "I'm from Osaka." He replied instantly. It was an outright lie, but there was no other choice since the Headmaster made it clear not to reveal his origins to anyone in the school. After a quick cram session about Japan's geography and cities, the dragon slayer decided to say he was from Osaka if anyone ever asked him.

"I've been there before, it's a really nice place." Tsukune commented, to which Natsu shrugged.

"It's an okay place, though I'm not much of a city person really. I actually grew up in a forest." The pink haired mage replied, carefully choosing his words.

Yukari quickly stepped in front of Natsu, making him stop. "You grew up in a forest?" She questioned, to which she received a nod. "How was it like?"

Natsu chuckled a bit as he remembered his earlier years growing up with Igneel. "I liked it, I didn't have to worry about much, except for eating, bathing and sleeping. My dad was always training me though, so it was never boring and I was always learning something new from him everyday."

"How long ago was that?" Mizore ask, surprising everyone due to her always being quiet around people she wasn't familiar with.

"About seven years ago."

Kurumu was beginning to grow curious. "..So then, what kind of monster are you?" She questioned with a tilt of her head.

Natsu froze at that question, but thankfully Moka intervened on his behalf. "Kurumu! It's against the rules to reveal our true forms to other students!"

"And? It's not like we follow that rule anyways," The succubus huffed in annoyance, before putting her hands on her hips and staring intently at Natsu. "I'm a succubus, Moka's a vampire, Mizore's a snow woman and Yukari's a witch.." She then paused briefly as her lips curled into a victorious smirk. "Now that you know what we are, it's only fair that you tell us what you are."

Sweating nervously, Natsu found himself between a rock and a hard place. 'Shit, shit, shit..what do I do?' He thought frantically, having never expected this situation so early on. 'Crap, if only Happy was here, he'd know what to do!'

As if on cue, a small, child-like voice echoed throughout the hallways. "NAAAAAAAAATSUUUUUUUU!"

Everyone in the group blinked several times before a small, blue cat came flying down the hall towards them. It took a few seconds for them to register what their eyes were seeing, but once it did, they all jumped back in complete surprise, their eyes almost bulging out of their heads. "A flying cat?!"

"What?" The blue cat noticed the bewildered looks he was receiving. "You've never seen a flying cat before?" He asked, feeling slightly offended.

"It can talk too?!" The Newspaper Club said in perfect unison.

"Hey, I'm not an it, I'm a he." The feline pouted with his arms crossed.

Natsu couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at his new friends' reactions. "Hey Happy, I was wondering when you'd wake up."

Happy immediately spotted the pink haired boy and flew towards him in a melodramatic fashion. "You're so mean, Natsu! Why didn't you wake me up? I wanted to come with you on your first day at school!" He said with tears coming out of his eyes.

"I did, but you wouldn't budge and I didn't want to be late for the intro class," Natsu deadpanned before contemplating something. "Tell you what, I saw an ocean not too far from here, we can go fishing there later and I'll catch you a big fish. What do ya say?" The pink haired boy finished with a grin.

Almost immediately, the blue Exceed perked up. "Aye, sir!" He said happily.

Natsu chuckled as he patted Happy's head. He then noticed that the others were finally pulled out of their stupor and were now staring expectantly at him. "Well, I guess I should introduce you to my new friends," He gestured towards Moka and the others. "Happy, this is Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Tsukune. Guys, this is Happy."

"Aye! It's nice to meet you!" The blue Exceed chirped as he sat on top Natsu's head, his wings quickly dispersing in a flash of light as he deactivated his Aera. This allowed the Newspaper Club to see the green backpack Happy carried with him.

The four girls all stared at Happy for a moment, before their eyes were suddenly filled with stars. "Awwwwwwww! He's so cute!" The girls all squealed loudly before surrounding Natsu, their eyes admiring the blue ball of fur as they began to bombard the feline with questions. Seeing as this would take some time, Happy decided to munch on a fish in the meantime that he pulled from seemingly out of nowhere.

"What kind of monster are you?"

"How did you grab that fish without any thumbs?"

"Do you like dogs?"

"Can I touch your fur?"

The feline quickly finished off his first fish before answering each question."I'm an Exceed, I don't know, I don't like any dogs except for Plue, and no." He responded in order as he pulled out another fish and started nibbling on it.

"Oi, you know I don't like it when you eat off my head, Happy.." Natsu grumbled, muttering something about having to wash his hair later on.

Tsukune watched as the girls let out another collective squeal while scratching his head at the new arrival. 'I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I knew there were some weird monsters out there, but still, a talking cat that can fly? This one really takes the cake.' The brown-haired boy thought to himself with a light chuckle.

Natsu, for his part, was glad that the girls had forgotten about trying to interrogate him about what type of monster he was. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind, did he notice that the girls were now staring at him again. 'Ah, crap.'

"So then..what kind of monster are you, Natsu?" Kurumu reiterated, and this this time even Moka and Tsukune were staring intently at the pink haired boy.

The dragon slayer needed an escape plan, and fast. "Wait, what about Tsukune?" The dragon slayer quickly pointed out. "You never told me what kind of monster he is."

The succubus was quickly caught off guard by this question, as she and the rest of the group became very nervous. "W-well, you see..uh.." Kurumu turned to the little witch for support.

"Tsukune is a special case..yea, thats it, special case." Yukari added, before turning to the vampire girl.

"H-he's very sensitive about his true form." Moka said, mentally patting herself on the back for coming up with something convincing. She then turned to the snow woman.

Mizore chose to remain silent, and then all the girls turned to Tsukune, who in turn just smiled weakly and pointed a finger towards Natsu. The four females blinked before they all turned back around, only to find two distinct outlines of a person and cat.

Natsu and Happy were gone.

"That jerk!" Kurumu fumed, stomping her right foot down on the ground. "He tricked us!"

Yukari, though not angry like the succubus, was a little disappointed. "I really want to know what he is.."

"H-hey now, if Natsu doesn't want to tell us, then we shouldn't pester him about it." Moka quickly argued.

"Moka-san's right, you know," Tsukune added, trying to be the voice of reason. "I'm sure Natsu has his reasons for not wanting to tell us."

Mizore looked up at the brown-haired boy with a calm expression. "Aren't you just a little curious, Tsukune?"

Said boy sighed and scratched his head. "Well, I won't lie to any of you, I am just as curious as you all are," The boy paused briefly before turning to face the whole group. "But I think we should wait until Natsu trusts us. We just met him after all, so we can't just assume he'll tell us his true form just like that. If we give him some time, then maybe he'll warm up to us." Tsukune then smiled at all of them, causing them to blush.

'Tsukune is right..I'm sure Natsu will tell us once he feels that he can trust us.' Moka thought as she smiled at her brown-haired friend.


"That was a close one, Natsu." Happy chirped as he flew next to Natsu, making sure to keep in stride with the boy's walking as they made their way towards the dormitory building for the males. After escaping from the eyes and ears of the Newspaper Club, the two Fairy Tail mages decided to search for a shoreline to go fishing and lay low in the meantime.

"I've got a weird feeling that they aren't gonna give up on that though.." The pink haired boy gulped nervously. "But we can worry about that later."

The blue Exceed sighed as his stomach grumbled. "Aye.." He said weakly.

Natsu gave the blue feline a pat on the head and a thumbs up. "Don't worry buddy, once we find water, I'll catch you all the fish you can eat!"

"Aye, sir!" Happy replied, his expression brightening up immediately.

Now having a goal to accomplish, the two steadily walked a ways past the dormitory, with a few students hanging around the building's main entrance. Just as they came upon a small path, a multitude of familiar scents made their into Natsu's nose, making him pause for a moment before grinning widely.

"Looks like we've got some company, Happy." The dragon slayer said as he turned to face the direction the scents were coming from.

The blue feline gave a very confused look. "What are you talking about?"

Before the mage could reply, several individuals walked out from behind a group of trees, each of them sporting malicious grins. There were six of them in total, all male, and Happy could tell that they weren't coming around for a nice chitchat.

Natsu's grin only grew wider. "So it's you guys again, huh?" He said, cracking his knuckles as he recognized the group as the ones who tried to harass him earlier. "You all ran away before we could get started, you know?" The pinkette taunted.

The opposing group gritted their teeth in anger at how cocky the pink haired boy was acting, but they soon all grinned as they all took a step forward.

"Cocky little punks like you should know where they stand in this school." One of the males retorted.

"Oh? I've lost track of how many times people have told me that," Natsu shot back with a bored look. "Too bad for them that they all ended up getting their asses kicked." He said, finishing his statement with a feral grin.

Happy stared at the scene with some uncertainty. While he had faith that Natsu could handle himself against six people, the Exceed couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. It was then that the group of six began acting really strange. They began to groan a little, but then their groans turned into vicious snarls. Within moments, a few of the students' bodies began to twist unnaturally, while the others had their clothing ripped apart as their muscles bulged and their bodies grew larger in size. It seemed that Happy's assumptions were proving to be correct as the students now stood tall, their true forms unleashed.

Natsu was unfazed, however. "Man, you guys are all ugly." He commented with a smirk. Three of the students turned into what could best be described as human-sized praying mantises with two scythe-like appendages as arms, while the others became towering beasts standing at over twelve feet tall, with light brown fur and horns jutting out all over their faces. They were ogres, to be exact.

"You caught us off-guard last time, you little punk, but it won't happen again!" One of the ogres snarled angrily.

Natsu couldn't help but clench his fists in excitement. "Now I'm getting fired up!" He roared as he jumped up high, surprising all of the monsters with his agility and putting them all on edge. As the pink haired mage fell back down, he cocked his fist back, roaring at the top of his lungs. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!"

Rather than his fist lighting on fire like Happy thought it would, it simply collided against one of the monster's faces, in this case an ogre. While there was a great deal of force behind the attack, the most it did was make the large beast stumble back a little. A smile crept across the face of the monster.

"Is that all you got?" The ogre laughed as he raised his massive hand in the air.

'Shit, I forgot that I forgot about the damn limiter!' Natsu realized, but it was too late as the ogre's hand came down and swatted him away. He sailed through the air like a missile before crashing into a tree.

Happy watched in complete shock as the top part of the tree fell forward, but then let out a sigh of relief when he saw his partner get back up. He continued to watch as the dragon slayer grabbed the fallen part of tree with both arms, before he suddenly swung it around like a massive bat. One of the unfortunate ogres who was standing too close was immediately clocked on the side of his head.

"You little shit!" The large beast roared as he fell to one knee and touched his face, which was now beginning to swell slightly.

"Hey, I can use any advantage I can get!" Natsu retorted, swinging the tree in a wide, horizontal arc to scare away one of the mantis students. To his surprise and shock, the insect-like monster instead jumped on top of the massive blunt weapon mid-swing, and, moving at speeds faster than the dragon slayer could follow at the moment, appeared right in front of him. Natsu quickly let go of the tree to avoid the sudden barrage of slashes that were aimed at his head and neck. 'These guys are really trying to kill me!'

"Not bad," The overgrown insect hissed, surprised by the pink haired boy's reflexes. "But not good enough."

One of the buggers suddenly appeared behind Natsu and swiftly slashed his sharp appendage across the pinkette's back. The mage bit back the urge to scream as he stumbled forward, but was given no chance to recover as one of the ogres attempted to slam his massive fist into the pinkette's face. Natsu managed to roll to the left to avoid having his skull crushed, but instead came face to face with another mantis creature who attempted to slash his face in two. The dragon slayer quickly ducked and avoided the attack, but was forced to quickly back-peddle to avoid another orge's stomping attack that would have flattened him had it connected. Slowly growing tired, Natsu quickly found himself boxed in with monsters at all sides, in a fight that he suddenly wasn't feeling very confident about.

Happy was utterly confused at what he was witnessing. 'Why isn't Natsu using his magic? He's fought monsters way tougher than these guys before!' It was then that the Exceed noticed something glowing on top of Natsu's right hand. At closer inspection, he found that it was some sort of tattoo, and at the moment it was glowing brightly with a scarlet red color. It didn't take long for Happy to piece it all together. 'It's that tattoo! Somehow, it's keeping Natsu from using his magic!' Things were looking pretty grim, if Natsu couldn't fight with all his power, then he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer against opponents like these. He needed help. "Natsu, I'm gonna help you!" Happy yelled as he quickly flew over towards his partner.

The dragon slayer gritted his teeth as he heard his best friend say he was going to help him. One of the mantis students appeared in front of him again, but the pink haired boy managed to punch the damn bastard in the head and send him reeling back in pain. "Stay back, Happy!" He roared as he crossed his arms over his head to block one of the ogres descending fists before pushing it back.

Before Happy could protest, a different ogre appeared in front of the feline and swung at him, narrowly missing by mere inches. The Exceed tried to fly around the wall of brown fur and muscle, but one of the mantis creatures blocked his path mid-flight. This time, Happy had no chance to react as the mantis raised its right appendage high above its head. The creature brought his arm down, intending to cleave the feline in two..only to have his attack intercepted by five, long nails.

Happy blinked a few times, before he realized that there was now someone floating in the air in front of him. "W-what..?"

"Hey, you're not the only one who can fly, you know!" A smug, feminine voice spoke, revealing it to be Kurumu's.

The Exceed stared at the blue haired girl, who now had a pair of black bat wings sprouting from her back, while a long, black tail poked out from under her skirt. But what really got the feline's attention were the long and sharp nails the girl now possessed, which she had used to block the attack that was meant for him.

"You bitch!" The student hissed, not happy about this new development. Before he could pull back, however, he was suddenly encased in ice, quickly falling to the ground with a loud thud.

"Now what happened?" Happy asked in disbelief. As he looked down at the frozen mantis monster, he saw the purple haired girl from earlier standing next to him, except this time she possessed large claws made of ice.

"Hey, I could have taken that guy out on my own, Mizore!" The succubus yelled down at the snow woman.

Mizore simply stared up calmly as she swirled the sucker around in her mouth. "It didn't look like you were going to attack, so I did it for you, boob-woman."

Kurumu puffed her cheeks angrily, before turning to Happy with a comforting smile on her face. "Hey, you're not hurt, are you?" She asked in a worried tone.

"I-I'm fine.." The Exceed replied weakly, before his face got serious. "You have to help Natsu! He's getting overpowered!"

By the time Moka, Tsukune and Yukari arrived, Natsu was knocked through yet another tree. To everyone's surprise and shock, the pink haired boy got back to his feet, though with some difficulty. Despite the beating he was given, it seemed he would not go down so easily.

Moka could no longer bear to witness seeing Natsu in such a state, and immediately turned to her brown-haired friend. "Tsukune, take my rosario off!"

Said boy turned to the vampire and nodded. In one swift motion, he grabbed the rosario from her chest and yanked it off.

Happy immediately noticed there was a strange light glowing brightly, and turned just in time to see that it was coming from Moka, who had her arms over her head in some strange pose. At first, nothing appeared to be happening, but then changes began to take place. Moka's breasts and butt grew a little bigger, her fangs became more pronounced and her hair was bleached silver. But what surprised the Exceed the most were the girl's eyes, which went from an emerald-green to a crimson-red with cat-like slits as pupils.

"She changed.." Happy commented, noting how the transformation seemed similar to Mira's Take-Over Magic.

Kurumu, who as now floating adjacent to Happy, simply nodded her head. "Yea, that's Moka's other personality, also known as Inner Moka. See those crimson eyes and silver hair?"

The blue Exceed nodded hesitantly. "What about them?"

"Those are the physical traits of a super vampire, one of the most powerful species of S-class monsters out there. Right now, all of Moka's vampire powers are at their peak, and when they are..well, let's just say I know from personal experience how strong she can be." The succubus said, shuddering a little.


With the transformation now complete, Inner Moka awoke to find herself staring at a group of transformed monsters attacking a single person. Natsu and his attackers took notice of the sudden change within the girl as they all stopped what they were doing.

The silver-haired vampire glared at the monsters with a disgusted look, before looking at the pink haired boy. "These lowly monsters are giving you a hard time, Natsu?" Inner Moka said with a teasing smirk, having listened in a bit out of boredom and curiosity when the boy had introduced himself earlier.

It had appeared to Natsu that this other Moka was actually going to help, but now he wasn't so sure. "Oi, it's not my fault my powers are sealed!" The dragon slayer glared angrily with a huge tick mark on his head. "Who's side are you on, anyways?!"

The silver-haired girl's eyes widened by a fraction. "Your powers are sealed?"

Natsu raised up his right hand, showing Inner Moka and the others his tattoo, which was still glowing brightly. "Yea, this thing's keeping my powers in check..its a damn pain in the ass!"

'A limiter?' Inner Moka thought, now curious as to why this boy had his powers sealed away.

It was at that moment when the dragon slayer remembered that the conditions for his limiter being active in the first place was because he was too close to school property. 'Damn it, how could I forget that? I'm so stupid!' He scolded himself before a wild grin appeared on his face.

Everyone stared curiously at Natsu, wondering why he was grinning at a time like this. Before anyone could react, the pink haired boy suddenly made a mad dash deeper into the surrounding forest and away from the dormitory building. The group of attacking monsters all snarled and growled before taking off after the dragon slayer. The remaining two mantis students, being the fastest, blurred away at great speeds, while the three ogres tried desperately to catch up.

"Humph, how dare they run away." Inner Moka scoffed in irritation, before running on after them, while Kurumu and Happy followed her from above, leaving only Tsukune, Yukari and Mizore behind.

"We should follow them too!" The little witch said to the other two.

Tsukune looked over at Mizore, who nodded. "Let's go then!"

Up ahead, Natsu was doing his best to get away from his two pursuers, who were steadily catching up to him. 'Come on you stupid tattoo!' He screamed in his head as he stared down at his limiter. Suddenly hearing a strange clicking noise behind him, the mage quickly ducked to avoid a swing that would have taking his head off. "Damn it, you guys are really pissing me off!" He roared as he turned around and lashed out at one of the mantis creatures with a right kick to the face, sending him tumbling to the ground.

The other creature hissed and tried to cut at his extended leg, but before he could, Natsu elbowed the bugger right between his huge, bug eyes. The pink haired mage paused and then grinned in satisfaction at his handiwork.

"Now I've got you!"

Inner Moka arrived just in time to witness the pink haired boy getting slugged by one of the ogres, who sent the boy sailing backwards through the air before crashing into a large congregation of tombstones, causing her to wince from the impact.

The rest of the Newspaper Club arrived on the scene, only to either clasp their hands over their mouths or look away. Happy, however, was the most terrified. "NATSU!" He cried out with tears in his eyes.

The five monsters quickly approached the area where Natsu had landed, but as one of the ogres attempted to get closer, he was swiftly kicked in the gut and was sent flying backwards through several trees before landing in an unconscious heap on the ground. The remaining four growled as they backed away from Inner Moka, who now stood between them and their target.

"How weak," The vampire spat in disgust. "Lowly monster such as yourselves must resort to teaming up on a single person to feel superior. It makes me sick." As she finished, Inner Moka readied herself and prepared to attack, but was stopped dead in her tracks when she heard low chuckling coming from behind her.

Tsukune and the others, as well as the monsters, stared in absolute disbelief. Seeing the reactions from not only the Outer Moka's friends, but the monsters as well, Inner Moka turned around to see a badly bruised and battered Natsu slowly getting back to his feet.

Needless to say, she was not pleased one bit. "You need to stop pushing yourself, there isn't anything you can do right now! Know your place and stay down!" She tried to reason with the boy. It was then that the S-class vampire noticed that the surrounding temperature was steadily rising, and then her eyes widened yet again when she saw that steam was coming off of Natsu's body.

"Stay down?" The pink haired boy said in a low voice, his eyes shadowed by his hair. "These bastards attacked me and tried to kill me..they even tried to hurt Happy.." As he said this, flames began to emanate from every inch of his body, until his entire body was clad in orange-red flames.

Everyone, even Inner Moka, was completely taken back as they watched Natsu's burning body take a step forward. The only one who wasn't surprised was Happy, who now sported a confident smirk. "These guys are gonna get it now!"

The silver-haired vampire quickly pulled herself together and stared sternly at the pink haired boy. "You.. are you a kitsune?" She demanded, memories of her fight with Kuyou of the Public Safety Committee quickly rising to the surface.

"A kitsune?" Natsu repeated, before he looked up and locked gazes with Inner Moka's, who saw a raging fire burning intensely within those onyx colored eyes. "No..I'm a Dragon Slayer."

Before the S-class vampire could respond or question him, she felt a chill go down her spine and her crimson eyes went wide at what she saw. Towering right behind the pink haired boy was the image of a massive, red-scaled dragon. The proud creature glared at Inner Moka with glowing, yellow eyes that held a great deal of rage, instilling both awe and unease into her being. A low, guttural growl then escaped Natsu's throat, causing the vampire's skin to shiver with excitement. 'What's wrong with me? Why..why am I reacting like this?'

The others were also staring at the sight, with a mixture of awe and fear permeating through their entire beings. Then, moving faster than anyone could have anticipated, Natsu appeared in front of his attackers with a look of unbound fury.

"I'll show you all what happens when you piss off a dragon!" He roared angrily, his flames receding back into his body. The offending monsters all took another step back, and that was all that Natsu needed to begin his counter attack. Quickly jumping up high towards an ogre, the pinkette cocked his fist back as a strange a magic seal appeared and engulfed his fist in flames. "Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu bellowed as he struck the monster in the face with a blazing punch, sending him spiraling backwards through several trees. Once the dust settled, the ogre could be seen buried under a pile of fallen trees.

"M-mon..ster.." The large beast groaned painfully, before his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

The remaining three stared in disbelief, too shocked and afraid to do anything in retaliation. Natsu decided he would show no mercy, as they had failed to show him any earlier. The boy then ran up to one of the mantis creatures. "Fire Dragon's Claw!" He did a quick somersault through the air before delivering a flaming axe kick to the monster's head, slamming him into the ground with enough force that the ground cracked.

The last two monster were now fearing for their lives. Out of fear and desperation, the last mantis creature lunged forward at the dragon slayer with a diagonal slash. As he closed in, it appeared as though the monster would succeed with his reckless action, but all of that immediately flew out the window when Natsu stopped the attack with his bare forearm alone, before rearing his head back while taking in a deep breath of air. "Fire Dragon's.." He said quietly as the mantis creature stared back at him in surprise. "ROAR!"

Tsukune could only gape in utter disbelief as an enormous stream of fire shot forth from Natsu's mouth, completely washing away the mantis man in a sea of flames. The scorching stream tore through the forest with unrelenting force, before dieing out to reveal a badly burned student laying down on the ground, unconscious.

The last ogre behgan quaking from fear, his mind dumbfounded at how easily this boy had taken out his other comrades. He then watched with horror filled eyes as Natsu turned his gaze towards him, the menacing grin on the pinkette's face only being augment by the red glow his eyes were giving off.

"It looks like it's just you and me now, big guy." The pink haired boy stated, grinning even wider to show off his fangs.

The ogre stumbled back in complete fear, knowing full well the situation he was now in. "C-can't we talk about this like civilized people..?"

Natsu crouched down, placing one hand on the ground to support himself. "Sorry, but I'm not a very civilized person." He retorted calmly, before his body was engulfed in flames and he lunged forward. "Fire Dragon's Sword Horn!" He yelled at the top of his lungs as he shot forward like a bullet and slammed into the monster's gut, making the ogre's eyes bulge out as he flew in the opposite direction. Natsu kept pushing forward as the ogre's back continuously crashed into tree after tree, carving another path of destruction for several seconds before he finally stopped himself, allowing the monster's body to drop to the ground with a massive thud.

The Newspaper Club found themselves gaping like fish at the monsters who had fallen by Natsu's hand, unsure of how to react to the sudden display of power that they had just witnessed. All of them, except for Happy and Inner Moka, had their mouths hanging wide open.

"H-he just.." Kurumu tried to form a sentence, but found she was unable to do so.

Happy nodded his head and grinned. "Aye, that's Natsu for ya!" He chirped happily. "But I think he got carried away again.." The feline added, surveying the shattered tombstones, scorched earth and fallen trees.

Down below, Tsukune, Mizore and Yukari were all in a similar position as their succubus friend.

"H-his whole b-body.."

"..T-those flames.."

"..S-such power."

Natsu stood up straight and wiped the blood from his mouth. "Well, guess that takes care of that." He said before staring at the limiter on his hand, which had now taken on a white color to signal that it was inactive at the moment. "Damn bastard..this fucking thing almost got me killed!" He seethed angrily, clenching his fist. "I'm gonna kick that hooded freak's ass the next time I see him!"


Said boy turned around to see Happy flying down towards him with Kurumu following right behind him. The blue Exceed quickly flew into the pink haired boy's chest, while the blue haired succubus gave them both a warm smile before landing and reverting back to her human form. The others, including Inner Moka, quickly joined the trio.

"Well, looks like you're alright, Natsu." The succubus said with a sigh of relief.

The dragon slayer grinned at Kurumu. "Yea, those guys weren't too tough, it was just a pain trying to fight them without my magic."

"That was magic?" Yukari asked, her eyes growing wide with excitement. "Teach me, teach me!"

Tsukune chuckled in amusement as Natsu let out a groan in response. "Well, at least no one was seriously hurt."

"The same can't be said about them, though.." Mizore commented, tilting her head towards the bruised, burned and battered bodies of the monsters that laid unconscious all around them.

The brown-haired boy sweat dropped, but was surprised to hear Natsu chuckle. "Yea, well, they deserved it. Those guys were assholes."

Everyone gave a laugh at that statement, relaxing a bit now that things were done and over with. This didn't last too long, unfortunately, as a cold and commanding voice quickly reminded them that things weren't over until she said they were.

"You and I are not done talking, dragon slayer." Inner Moka said sternly, her arms crossed over her chest.

Natsu flinched when he heard the emphasis put on that last part before mentally scolding himself. Let it be known that Natsu was never good at keeping his identity a secret. 'Well, at least I didn't say too much..' He thought, though he was certain that if Erza were here, she would have smacked him upside the head for his stupidity.

The vampire's stern gaze never left her face. 'Those attacks..I've never seen anything like them before. While his physical strength is only slightly above that of an A-class monster, he became a powerhouse the moment he summoned those flames, and his reflexes..he's clearly no slouch when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He is someone who has trained and fought countless battles from a very early age.' She then narrowed her crimson eyes dangerously at the pink haired boy. "Natsu Dragneel..what are you, truly?" Inner Moka questioned, but to the others it clearly sounded like a demand.

Natsu looked up at silver haired vampire with a defiant expression on his face before shocking the Newspaper Club with his response. "Sorry, but I ain't gonna tell you." The boy replied firmly, causing everyone to take a step back away from the vampire. Not many people could say no to Moka's other self and walk away unscathed, or be able to walk away at all.

The S-class vampire and the dragon slayer stared each other down for the longest time, and everyone present wondered if the two were going to fight it out. They all shuddered at that thought, a fight between Inner Moka and Natsu would not end well for anyone, if very recent events were anything to go by.

'Humph, he really won't tell me. I could beat it out of him, but what fun would that be? Besides, I think this boy might prove to be very interesting..' The silver-haired Moka thought to herself with an internal smile.

"Very well then," The Newspaper Club's jaws collectively hit the floor when they heard the ever prideful vampire speak those words. "I will relent..for now." Inner Moka added as she closed her eyes, an amused smirk present on her face. The silver-haired vampire quickly walked over to Tsukune and snatched the rosario from his hands before walking back over to the pink haired boy.

Natsu tensed a little as the vampire girl approached him. While his instincts told him that she meant him no harm at the moment, he still couldn't shake the eerie feeling that the girl was up to something. The dragon slayer's assumptions were proven right when Inner Moka suddenly got a little too close for comfort. "Oi, what are you doing?" Natsu questioned nervously, never taking his eyes off of the girl.

Inner Moka smirked before leaning in close to Natsu's ears. "I will not rest until I find out what you really are, Natsu.." She whispered in a suggestive tone.

As the S-class vampire pulled back, the pink haired boy began to curse himself for his little slip up. 'Damn it, why me?!'

"Until we meet again, dragon slayer." Inner Moka said as she re-attached the rosario to her choker. As soon as she did so, her hair began to turn pink again and all other physical features began to revert themselves to their previous form. Before her consciousness began to fade, she turned to Natsu with a faint smile on her face. "Catch me, or else."

The mage had little time to question those words, as the vampire fainted and fell forward. He quickly caught her in his arms her before she could hit the ground. For the moment, the pink haired boy stared at the now sleeping pinkette in his arms, wondering how a girl like her could have such a split personality. 'Man, this whole world is really starting to make my head hurt.' He thought with a sigh.

"" Moka mumbled as she began to stir, grabbing the dragon slayer's attention.

"Hey, wake up, Moka." Natsu said, shaking the girl gently.

Said girls eyes slowly fluttered open as she stared up at the pink haired boy. "N-Natsu? You're.. okay.." The vampire girl whispered, a wave of relief washing over her. She then blushed brightly when she realized she was being held in his arms. "Y-y-you can let go of me now.." She said, turning her head away shyly.

Natsu wasn't sure why Moka was blushing, but he quickly shrugged it off. "Can you stand on your own?" He asked, wanting to make sure she could do so before letting go.

The pink haired girl turned her head back to face Natsu and smiled. "Yes, thank you for asking."

Tsukune, Mizore, Kurumu, Yukari and Happy all stared at the scene before them. The brown-haired teen appeared to be a little miffed, while the three girls simply stared at the scene. The Exceed on, the other hand, was flying around the group, his paws placed over his mouth to hold back his giggles.

"She liiiiiiikes him!"

Tsukune's eye twitched a little after hearing the feline say that, while the girls gushed over how cute Happy sounded.

Back with Natsu and Moka, the vampire girl was now on her own feet when she noticed the large cuts on both of the dragon slayer's forearms. "You're hurt!" She said worriedly, pulling out a small handkerchief to wipe away any stray blood.

Natsu blinked dumbly before the aches and pains from the beating he took earlier finally caught up with him. He flinched when he felt both the cut on his back back and the ones on his forearms. 'Note to self: stopping a bladed arm with just my forearm is definitely NOT a good idea..' He he thought with a grumble.

Just as Moka got close to one of his wounds, the familiar scent of blood began to make its way into her nose. She stopped as her face suddenly flushed up, catching Natsu's attention. "That smell.." She said blissfully as she leaned her body against Natsu's.

"Oi, are you alright?!" The slayer shouted, freaking out a little. That was when Moka's face lifted to meet his, and they were fairly close to one another.

"It's just that..when I smell it, I just..lose control of myself.." She mumbled as if she were in a trance, her face getting closer and closer.

It was then that Natsu noticed that the rest of his new friends were doing something out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head slightly and saw that they were all waving at him and Moka frantically, crossing their arms in an X above their heads. Natsu raised an eyebrow to this, but then his eyes widened in shock as he felt a pair of fangs dig into his neck.


Natsu ending up realizing quite a few new things on his first, unofficial day of school. One, he hated the Headmaster with every fiber of his being. Two, limiters sucked, big time. And lastly, he learned to never, ever turn his exposed neck towards a hungry vampire girl if he wanted to stay in good health.


The Headmaster watched through his crystal ball as Moka fainted in Natsu's arms after she had sucked on some of his blood, while the pink haired boy began to freak out at both having his blood sucked and the vampire girl passing out. The hooded being grinned as he laced his hands together in front of him, before his crystal ball focused on all the damage that was caused to the forest, as well as to the group of unconscious students who had attacked the dragon slayer.

"It would seem that you were right about this boy, Igneel," The grin on the man's face grew even wider. "That child possesses an unfathomable potential hidden deep within..I can see why you decided to send him to this world in your stead, kukuku.."

The crystal ball flickered for a moment before it ceased glowing. Mikogami sat in silence for a moment, a thin line replacing his usual grin. Before he could let his thoughts wander, he heard a small knock at his office door.

"You may enter."

His office door opened promptly, revealing a young woman with long, dark-brown hair that was tied off into two pony tails, one each side of her head, and she possessed reddish-brown eyes. She wore a pink corset with a long, black skirt with frills at the end, and high-heeled shoes. Like Yukari Sendo, this woman is a witch.

"Ruby Toujo," Mikogami greeted. "What do you have for me today?"

The young woman bowed her head respectfully. "I have compiled a roster of all of the first year students that will be arriving here in a few days time," Ruby began. "After making several background checks and cross references, I have found nothing suspicious for the most part, though I still believe we should remain on high alert."

The Headmaster nodded in agreement. "Anything else?"

"No, that is all, Headmaster.." The witch said and was about to bow to take her leave, but she then paused for a moment. "..Actually, there is something that has been bothering me for the past few hours."

"Go on.." Mikogami urged with a wave of his hand, though his grin never left his face.

Ruby bit her lip nervously. "It's just that I have read the file regarding the second year transfer student, Natsu Dragneel, and.." By now, the witch was feeling anxious about what she was about to say next. "..I can't help but feel like something is amiss with that boy's record." She voiced her opinion. 'Or more like lack of record..'

"I see," The Headmaster's eyes gleamed for a moment, causing the witch to grow uneasy. "While your suspicions are understandable, I can assure you that there is nothing to be worried about. Natsu Dragneel is a special case, and I have known his father for quite sometime now."

"..If that is the case, then I will trust your judgment, Headmaster." Ruby responded, albeit begrudgingly.

Mikogami took notice of the witch's reaction and couldn't help but chuckle inwardly. His assistant would no doubt keep a close eye on the boy. The Dark Lord then stood up from his seat and crossed his arms behind his back as he stared out the window from his office. From there, he could see Natsu carrying a sleeping Moka on his back, while Happy and the rest of the Newspaper Club walked alongside the pink haired teen. The Headmaster grinned, already contemplating what the future of Youkai Academy would hold with the addition of the Flame Dragon King's son.


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