Robbie/Jade, Jade/Beck



Robbie is in the crowd at her first performance. About halfway through, she glances out in the audience and her eyes fall upon him, and she nearly forgets her line. He just smiles.

At the end of her performance, she walks out to him, eyes flashing. "Where the heck have you been, Shapiro?" is all she says, though she has so many more questions, so much more to say — why did you leave I've missed you I thought we were friends.

"Places," he says vaguely. He's not scared of her anymore, much to her dismay; she finds that she misses the days when he would pee her pants whenever she came around. He's not so malleable anymore.

"You're an idiot," she whispers, and then she practically throws herself at him, her arms wrapping around his thin body. She mutters "I've missed you, stupid" into his mussed curls and he repeats the sentiment by pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

"Where's Beck?" he mutters, drawing back just enough to smile at her. "Because, you know, if he thinks I'm trying to move in on his territory, he might try and beat me up, and even after all these years I still don't have anything on him…"

"Right here." Someone interrupts his rambling, and he spins to see Beck standing behind him. With a laugh, he walks over to give his friend a 'man hug', and Jade just shakes her head at the ridiculousness of the boys.

"Where have you been, Rob?" Beck asks, then shakes his head and walks over to Jade. "Actually, tell me later. These are for you, babe." He presents her with a bouquet, beautiful and elaborate and everything Robbie is not. Robbie bites down on his lip as Jade laughs and moves forward to tenderly kiss her boyfriend — fiance — husband? What is he now?

He gives a shrug, one he knows is incompetent. Jade raises an eyebrow at him — what is wrong with you YOU LEFT ME WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST. He doesn't know what to say.

Even though Jade is still angry with Robbie for leaving her, she can't help but cling closely to his side, and she smiles when Beck invites him for a quick dinner afterwards.

They walk in silence to the restaurant, Jade's hand intertwined with Beck's, but her fingers loosely brushing Robbie's on the other side. During times like these, she is irresistibly beautiful, her hair falling in waves around her face and a small smile gracing her face, not scary, not intimidating, just a girl, and a gorgeous one at that.

The restaurant is cold, so Beck gives Jade his jacket. She smiles, immersed in his familiar smell, then glances over at Robbie, who seems angry, sort of, bitter. With an eyebrow raised, she sips her coffee. "So where'd you go?"

"Anywhere, everywhere," Robbie replies vaguely. "You know I've always wanted to travel, and now seemed like a better time than ever."

"You could've told us you were leaving." Even chill Beck seems angry about his disappearance. Robbie shudders internally.

"And would you have let me go, just like that?" Robbie inquires, glancing down at the table. "It's kind of tough, you know. Sometimes, in order to find yourself, you have to leave everything else."

"That's so cheesy," Jade retorts, rolling her eyes. Beck doesn't seem to understand either, not that Robbie would expect him to. Beck really doesn't pick up on a lot of things.

"I'm going to the bathroom," Beck says with a gallant smile, clearly sensing the tension at last. He leaves Jade with a peck on the cheek.

For a second, Robbie just stares at Jade, his eyes wide. Then he starts to trace shapes in the hard wood of the table. "You know why I left?"

"No," Jade retorts, her voice harsh. "No, because we were like best friends before you left, Shapiro, and you didn't even bother to tell me. I thought we were friends! Friends don't do that to friends!" Her voice is becoming higher and higher pitched by the moment, panicked and so angry that she can hardly force it out. She doesn't know, doesn't understand, because she'd thought she could trust him, but it turns out he was just like everyone else

Then he kisses her, slow and sweet, the opposite of Beck in every aspect, and she finally understands why he left.

He pulls away, cheeks stinging and darkening to a nice shade of scarlet. "That's why I left," he says hoarsely, looking down at the table.

For a moment, they don't speak.


A/N: this is a prologue for all intents and purposes. the rest of the story will be developing up to this point, showing how jade and robbie became friends, before divulging further. :) i hope you enjoyed it! don't worry; there will be a lot of both jade/beck and jade/robbie. i actually have most of the second chapter written (and it's a LOT longer), so review for a quick update?

also i am in love with jade/robbie friendship as of late. that is all.