Chapter 1:
February 12th, 2012
Los Angles, California
It was the night after, Whitney read Kevin's letters to her, and she woke up mad as hell! She couldn't figure out why someone would mess with her love life, especially with Kevin. It is her last day in sunny L.A and she is packing.
WH: I swear I wonder why I wait tell the last day to pack
Pat comes in the door and Whitney is disgusted she knows that Pat had something to do with the letters
PH: Are you almost ready to go
WH: (roles eyes) yea I'll be ready in about 20 minutes
PH: OK, call me when your done. Awe and Whitney you have a meeting with Kevin Costner about possibly doing another movie.
Whitney started to smile inside just hearing that name makes her tingle
PH: Whitney, Whitney, WHITNEY!
WH: Huh?
PH:Did you hear me?
WH: Yea, Costner, meeting, tomorrow, got it!
PH: Alright and Bobbi Kris is going be with Nick for the day so you don't have to worry, she said they'll be back around 1:30 PM
WH: OK bye
PH: Bye Nippy
Pat leaves the room to let Whitney finish packing. When Whitney finally finished she decided to give Kevin a call
WH: (dials the number, she wonders if it has changed but she gives it a try)
KC: (picks up)
WH: Hi uhmn is Kevin Costner their
KC: ( he knew who it was but he wanted to play with her) no he is not but you can leave a message
WH: OK can you tell him that Whitney Houston called
KC: yea sure, you know I always loved your music and movies
WH: Thank you
KC: And I always that you were very beautiful
WH: If I didn't know any better I'd think you were flirting with me
KC: Why wouldn't a man flirt your a very beautiful woman
WH: Thank you
KC: You know what I can't how have you been doing sweetie
WH: Huh?
KC: It's Kevin I was just messing with you
WH: Stop playing' how have you been
KC: I've been alright what about you
WH: I've been good
KC: Did Pat tell you about the meeting tomorrow?
WH: Yea she told me that you wanted me for a movie
KC: Ohh yea I want you alright
WH: Shut up, Kevin I have to go I'll call you when I get home
KC: alright bye
Bobbi Kris came in an hour late but Whitney didn't really care because hearing Kevin's voice just changed her whole attitude.
BK: Mom are you here
WH: Yea sweetie, can I ask you a question
BK: Yea
WH: How would you feel about taking a trip to Jersey to see your grandmother and Dionne
BK: I would love it, when are we going to leave
WH: In 3 days after have my meeting
BK: Meeting? With who
WH: With Kevin Costner he wants me to do a movie I think
BK: Ohh OK but remember what happened last time you two were on a set or somewhere alone
BK: All I'm saying is don't get caught
WH: OK Miss. Kristina
BK: I'll be in Aunt Pat's room I Love You bye
WH: Bye sweetie
Whitney though about what her daughter said and she knew she was right and that was the scary thing about it. She didn't know what to do, but she couldn't wait till her meeting with the man that she still loved.