Chapter 3:

KC: Whitney I have to leave
WH: Why? Where are you going?
KC: I have to get to the airport so I don't miss my plane
WH: Really?
KC: I'm sorry, but I have to leave
WH: Really? So it's just hit and go right?
KC: No Whiney, you know that I would never do that to you
WH: No that's exactly what you are doing
KC: Whitney you know I love you
WH: Bull I don't want hear that (walks away)
KC: Whitney (he tries to put her back with her arm)
WH: Stop Kevin just leave please
KC: Come on
WH: (shakes head) I said leave
Kevin walks out the door, leaving Whitney along to cry
It is two o'clock in the morning and Kevin felt that he should call Whitney to apologize.
KC: (dials her number)
WH: (picks up but sounds sleepy) hello
KC: Whitney I'm sorry
WH: Kevin it is too damn late to be calling me. You could've called way earlier, but you didn't so goodbye (hangs up)
About five minutes later her cell phone rings
WH: Kevin I told you that it's too late
KC: Whitney I love you
WH: Kevin
KC: I'm sorry I love you
WH: (breathes hard) I love you too
KC: I'm sorry I just left like that I had a meeting I had to get to and I kind of got off track, but I you let me come in I will make it up to you
WH: I don't know, wait what?
KC: Whitney I'm outside your house come open the door
WH: Kevin it's (looks at clock) two twenty in the morning
KC: So you just going leave me outside
WH: Yep
KC: Whitney that's cold
WH: It's not cold I'm just still upset with you, bye bye (she ends the call)
KC: Whitney?
Kevin stands outside for about five more minutes then he decides to leave, just as he is walking to his car Whitney comes to open the door
WH: Kevin get your butt in this house
KC: (he goes to kiss her) hey baby
WH: You know you got a lot of nerve tryin' to kiss me after waking me up at dark-three in the morning
KC: I'm sorry, but that's the only way that I could reach you, because you are so stubborn
WH: Shut up, now let me go back to sleep
KC: Okay, but I have reservations for us tomorrow for that meeting
WH: well let me get some sleep
Whitney leads Kevin to her room so she can sleep. Whitney jumps in the bed hoping to get some sleep but Kevin has other plans
WH: Kevin stop it I'm trying to sleep (she says as he is kissing her neck)
KC: You sure?
WH: YES! (she starts to giggle)
He turns her over and they make love all night long none stop.