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Chapter 1:

{sorry guys, the main character is male. (Already I can see the hate comments)}

"PIPSQUEAK! GET UP!" This was the commandant, who, as you can already tell, isn't one of the nicest people around. While he is only 2 years older than me, I already fear him. Heck, I don't even know his name. Ever since basic training, everyone has called him the commandant, and he's the only "family" I have. My mother and father both died in a car accident. My older brother, well, his luck wasn't too good either. He was a great pilot, and was my best (and only) friend I really had. He died crashing his plane about a year ago. (we still don't know the cause of the crash.) For now, I'm stuck here, on this island, where flying aircraft is the biggest sport around. Now my older brother was one of the finest pilots around, but with him gone, eyes are turning on the commandant. My brother and the commandant had a fierce rivalry before, and now the commandant was taking it out on me.

Today we got a special mission. It involved destroying a target ship for training. You see, our air combat sport involves ground attack. The aim of the game is to either destroy a ground target, or destroy a "VIP" plane (usually a bomber.) This gets quite hectic as your defending your own base while trying to destroy the opposing teams, and vice versa. Anyway, our training mission involved taking out a moving ship. As I climbed into my outdated P-40, the commandant hopped in his state-of-the-art FW-190. Take off was the usual, with the commandant first, then his second in command, flying a P-51, and another of the commandant's friends, flying an A6M Zero. Last was me, flying a P-40.

"Turn left bearing 160!"



Using my judgment, if we turned like that, we would undershoot the target. "You sure? According to my calculations..."



Not wanting to be stuck in the great ocean below, I blindly followed.

"SHIP SPOTTED! 3 o'clock below!"

"Told you! the ship's right there!"

The ship looked more like an aircraft carrier than the cargo ship shown at the briefing. And it was much much larger...



"Weapons live!"

As I dived, I noticed something strange... The ship was a big city! parks, houses, everything. We were still diving... the ship just got bigger and bigger. The commandant dropped his bombs. the other 2 aircraft soon followed. As they peeled off, I refused to drop my bombs.. there were people living in those houses!

"Pipsqueak, why haven't you attacked yet?" {sorry if Pipsqueak sounds dorky to you.. anything else I could come up with might break the rules.}

"There are people living in that thing.. you sure this is the right ship?"


There were explosions on the ship.

"Your turn pipsqueak!"

"I refuse."


The commandant turned around.

Next thing I know, My tail section was shot up and fuel was leaking out of my plane. The commandant had shot at ME!

"Meet you back at base. Next time you disobey my orders, I will shoot off your wings."

The target ship was supposed to come back to our island, but by this time, I was sure this WASN'T the target ship.

I found a big open spot and decided to crash land there.

THUMP! CREAK! The plane came to a stop on the surface.

"Well that wasn't so bad" I told myself. I opened the canopy, and hopped out. Sirens were blaring.

The ship I had landed on was HUGE. It didn't look as big from the air, but standing on it, I couldn't tell that I was on a ship in the first place. I took out my bailout kit, (It's a standard issue kit with a flaregun, 2 days worth of food and water, and a personal edition of mine, a copy of The Art of War and the Dicta Boelcke.) and inspected the damage. I would have to replace the tail section, and switching out the wheels wouldn't hurt either. The P-40 could take a surprising amount of damage. It really wasn't damaged that badly.

From the distance, I heard rumbling... louder and louder... soon it became deafening. I did what training dictated me to do. I hid in a bush. peering out from my hiding spot, I spotted a tank! even weirder was that a girl popped out of one of the hatches. The girl had short brown hair.

"Nishizumi-dono, I don't think this plane was here yesterday..."

"Let me take a look..." Another girl with short orange hair popped out of the top hatch.

"You're right! The plane does look awkwardly placed."

"It's still smoking too..."

"You should call the police. Maybe this has to do with the explosions a while ago."

"What if it's nothing?"

At this point I lost track of who was saying what. Some of the voices were coming from inside the tank as well. Good thing they didn't spot me...


Something exploded beside me, presumably a tank shell.

I was driven out of my hiding spot.

The next shell hit the P-40. Looks like I will be stuck here for a while.

The first tank that I saw eventually spotted me.

"Where did he come from?"


I just put my hands up and hoped for the best.