"Pinch Me," by Capt. Janeway

SUMMARY: Just after the series finale, Doggett and Reyes try to figure out how
they will look after Gibson Praise. Before any progress can be made, however,
Doggett gets lost . . . just trying to get home. He seems to have "crossed-over" to a
place where perfect strangers insist they are his friends, and his friends don't
recognize him. Has Doggett lost his mind, or is there another explanation?

Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully once again throw themselves in a feverish pursuit of
"the truth," though it may be in a much different place than anyone has ever
suspected . . .

RATING: PG (I probably could've gotten away with a G-rating, but there may be
some mild violence later . . .)

ARCHIVES: Please contact me at frenchkitty1@excite.com for permission. (Don't
worry; as long as your site isn't the homepage of some satanic cult or something, I'll
probably OK it.)

SUMMARY: Okay, I had to change a lot of stuff here (stupid plot continuity
problems!), and there was some confusion due to technical difficulties (I'm
dangerous when it comes to the computer), but I think things should go a bit more
smoothly now. :)

Anyway, this whole project is indeed my second attempt at a semi-serious X-Files
fic . . . Please be nice! Once again, I apologize to my loyal fans (I love you all!), but
this is not–I repeat, this is NOT–a parody. (LOL . . . I guess we authors have to be
careful about what we become famous for . . . ;)

Please forgive me if I'm late on the updates; I'm homeschooled on a year-round
schedule, which means I don't get summer breaks . . . *grumble, grumble* . . .

Happy Reading!

Capt. Janeway ;)


System #1

It always started the same way. Reyes had been having the same garbled dreams
for the past week; sometimes certain images would change, grow dimmer or
brighter, but the beginning was always the same.

A song would start playing in the midst of the darkness. It seemed familiar, but she
could never quite remember what it was called, nor could she recall the words. The
song would simply tinker away, a nameless tune clinking its way out of a music box.
Yes, there it was again: the music box. It was metal with a warm, brown-gold color
(copper?); a rickety little copper box set in the middle of a copper plate. Something
on the edge of the plate was circling the box, though Reyes couldn't see it clearly

Then rushed the images: people, places, objects. They were all jumbled together,
making no sense at all. There were some people she knew--John, Gibson Praise, and some of
Mulder and Dana--and some she didn't know--a man with a hardened
look to him, a woman searching desperately for someone dear, and so the list of
vague visages whisked on. The places ran from the Hoover Building to a desert to a
forest and back to D.C.

There was a sudden sense of being watched. Somewhere beyond the flood, a pair of
eyes watched her. They were the eyes of a friend, yet from their glare, Reyes knew
they considered her an enemy.

"Monica," someone, who was far away in the real world, said. "Monica, wake-up.
You're home."


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