I awoke to the familiar, yet annoying tone of the alarm clock by the bedside. Realizing it was a weekend, I quickly shut it off, careful not to wake Hikaru. He needs the rest, after all. Not having anything in particular to do, and deciding to hold off on breakfast until Hikaru was awake, I quietly brought a chair to the window. I've found that staring off into space often helps me to collect my thoughts.

It was my fault. Hikaru would never have gotten injured if I would have protected him better, if I would have stopped him from driving so recklessly. What kind of person am I if I can't keep my own brother safe?


Hearing his voice was all it took to snap me back to reality. Without actually adjusting my body, I turned my head to face him. Covered in sheets from the waist down, his chest was exposed, not that I minded, though. He was turned on his side, facing me,looking at me with obviously still sleepy eyes.

"Yes, Hikaru?"

I knew he could tell what was on my mind. He can always see right through me. I had a good idea of what he was going to say next. I stood up, and made my way over to my twin. He began his sentence when I had taken a seat next to him.

"It isn't your fault, you know."

Even if he repeatedly tells me that it isn't, I still feel guilty for letting it happen. I silently looked to the ground. I heard a slight shuffle before Hikaru took his good arm and adjusted my head so that I was facing him. My chin was being held gently between his first finger and his thumb. There were only a couple inches in between our lips. Looking at me with his bronze eyes, he spoke to me softly.

"Kaoru, really, I'm fine. I might not be able to use my arm for a bit, but I'm just glad it was me that got hurt, and not you, instead."

"Hikaru, I-"

Hikaru cut me off by pressing his lips against mine. A forced kiss that I didn't mind. I closed my eyes, allowing it to happen. Just as I did this, he pulled away.

"Sorry, Hikaru, I just feel like I'm the one responsible for what happened.."

Clenching my fist against the mattress, I remembered the carriage incident in my head. I soon felt his hand on top of mine, comforting me. This isn't right, I should be the one comforting him, not the other way around. He comes close to me again.

"Kaoru, don't feel like you're responsible for what happened, okay? Let's try to just forget the incident. Now, shall we have breakfast?"

After finishing his sentence, he gave me a warm smile. Alright, I'll try to forget about it, Hikaru, but only because you asked me to. I give him a simple answer, merely saying "Yeah." before giving him a smile, to match the one he gave me.