"What would you like for breakfast?"

I'm not used to cooking, since I have chefs and maids for all those kinds of things, but that doesn't mean that I don't know how to cook. Hikaru will love it if I prepare his food for a change! I have to get it just right, though, he's very picky about his meals.

"Bacon and eggs will do. I'll have the maids come and-"

"No problem, I'll make it for you."

Hikaru had the slightest hint of confusion in his expression, but he didn't deny my offer.
As I cracked the first egg into the pan, he started a conversation with me.

"Okay, since when do you offer to cook?"

"Since I wanted to do something nice for you!" I said with a smile.

I was careful with my response. I didn't want to make it seem like I was feeling pity for him about his arm, because I really wasn't. I was just trying to make Hikaru feel cared and loved. He knows I don't really ever cook, so that will just make him feel even more special.

I arranged the food on the plate so that it looked just as good as it would taste. Three pieces of bacon lay overlapped on the edges to curve in the shape of a smile. Two sunny-side up eggs lay just above the bacon, forming the eyes for the delicious smiley face on the plate.

Serving the breakfast to Hikaru with a glass of orange juice, I stood beside him and awaited his response. He didn't say anything as he noticed how the food was arranged, though he did give a half-smile before using the fork to pop a fraction of egg into his mouth. His eyes widened in the slightest as he continued to chew and swallow the bite.

"Kaoru.. This is delicious! And it just may be the best breakfast I've ever had."

I slightly turned my head, to hide the blush that had appeared on my face.

"Oh, Hikaru, that isn't true. Most common-folk can probably cook better than I can."

He obviously wasn't going to let me be modest.

"No, I'm serious. This is really good food. And even if common-folk could cook better than you.." He stood up to embrace me before finishing his sentence, "It wouldn't mean as much to me as you cooking for me does."


I looked up at him as I spoke his name, for no purpose other than wanting to hear the sound of it. He responded by pulling me closer to him. Closing my eyes, I could smell his sweet scent, which I let in carefully with a deep breath.

If I had it my way, we'd stay like this forever, but of course we can't. He pulled away from me, still holding on to me at the shoulders. It seemed as if he was savoring this moment, placing the way I looked at that very moment into his memory. He looked into my eyes for mere seconds that seemed like hours before he let me go and turned back to the table.

"Well, I best finish eating before it gets cold. It would be a shame to let this go to waste." He said as he took another bite.

"Right" I got my plate from the counter, also accompanied with a glass of orange juice. I sat at the table, right across from Hikaru. Before even touching my food, I stole a glance at my twin. He was oblivious to the world, obviously enjoying his food immensely. I looked down at my own plate before smiling and blushing. I was proud that I'd make something Hikaru had really liked.

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