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Chapter 2: On Thin Ice

Mikoto was doing something she never did too often, run for her life. She was enjoying her evening with Touma that she lost track of time. When she finally did check the time, she saw that it was almost curfew time for her dormitory and immediately ran for it.

Touma of course understood when she had to leave abruptly. Before she dashed off, she promised to talk to him tonight through email.

The Tokiwadai Ace knew the consequences of being late to curfew, even if it was late by one second. Her high stature or reputation did not matter when it came to the dorm mistress. The mistress was an extremely tenacious woman who is always eager to punish rule breaking students.

At the moment Mikoto wished that she had Kuroko's power, the power to teleport.

Mikoto notices that she is close to her dorm and immediately runs at a faster pace to burst through the doors. The first thing she sees when she enters is the dorm mistress' stern face. Then again there was no other type of expression that the dorm mistress showed.

"Misaka…" The mistress stares straight at Mikoto.

"Y-yes…?" The Railgun grits her teeth nervously. Mikoto prepares for the worst.

"You made it less than 10 seconds before curfew. Consider yourself lucky."

Mikoto lets out a big sigh of relief. This was probably one of the best news she heard all day.

"However, if you are too distracted being with your boyfriend that one day you will suffer the consequences." The mistress utters darkly. She then walks off.

The reason why the mistress knew about Touma was because the mistress witnessed Mikoto and Touma hugging each other outside of their dorm after the Tokiwadai ball. Nearly every girl's window was open when the two of them were together. They were even cheering her on by saying "Misaka-sama do your best!"

That was a really embarrassing yet fun night.

Minutes later Mikoto opens the door to enter into her room. The first thing she notices is Kuroko was on her own bed. It was no mystery that Kuroko liked being on Mikoto's bed when the Railgun wasn't around.

"So how was your date today with Kamijou ape?"

Mikoto ignores what Kuroko referred to Touma as.

"It was well… fun…" The Railgun smiles softly thinking about their time spent together.

"What did you two do?"

"We went to the park, walked around, talked, and played in the snow."

"Seriously, are you two a grade school couple?" Kuroko puts on an 'I cannot believe it' expression.

Mikoto looks a bit annoyed and tries to ignore Kuroko's comment again.

"I did invite him to go ice skating with us tomorrow. He said that he would come."

"He better not try and do anything weird to onee-sama!" The teleporter angrily exclaims.

"More like you shouldn't try and do anything perverted to me. Honestly he is like a gentleman."

Mikoto feels her phone vibrates and sees that it's a message from Touma. Kuroko notices the expression on Mikoto's face and shakes her head.

"Every time you guys email each other, you have that same goofy grin."

"W-what goofy grin?!" Mikoto blushes. It was true that she would immediately check Touma's new message no matter what was doing.

"Geez you guys are seriously weird. I'll expect him to look ridiculous and ape like tomorrow."

"He's not that bad of a person, you should try and get to know him."

"Hmph! As if I would associate myself with the person who stole away my onee-sama."

"He didn't exactly steal me away." Mikoto tries to justify herself.

No, he swept me off my feet.


Around this time of year Seventh Mist always set up an ice skating rink. It was of course busy because many of Academy City's students were already on break. The ice skating rink was on the second floor of the mall and it was rather large.

Kuroko and Mikoto were the first ones to arrive close by the rink. Not too long later they were joined by Ruiko and Kazari. The two girls dressed up in warm clothing such as scarves, gloves, and a thick jacket. Outside was still cold because there was a lot of snow on the ground.

"I can't wait to meet your boyfriend!" Ruiko says excitedly.

"If you don't like him, then that's to be expected." Kuroko says with spite.

"Kuroko… be nice today." Mikoto keeps a careful eye towards the teleporter's direction.

"I think he is a nice guy overall." Kazari admits. "As long as he makes Misaka-san happy I'm fine with him."

Minutes later Mikoto sees a familiar looking boy running towards the group. He was definitely running late. Touma pants heavily as soon as he reaches the group of four girls.

"S-sorry I'm late."

"A true gentleman shows up on time." Kuroko scoffs.

"Touma, you've already met Kuroko and Uiharu-san." Mikoto then introduces Touma to Ruiko. "This is Saten-san, she goes to the same middle school as Uiharu-san."

Touma holds his hand to Ruiko, as a sign of good manners.

"Nice to finally meet the person Mikoto is dating! I really look forward to getting to know what she finds attractive about you." Ruiko says rather bluntly. She shakes Touma's outstretched hand.

Mikoto looks uneasy while Touma grins nervously.

"Likewise, I look forward to getting to know all of Mikoto's friends."

"Uiharu, I promise to hold onto your hand so that we both won't fall." Ruiko says.

"What if I fall because you fall?" Kazari asks.

"It's better to fall with somebody else than fall on your own haha." Ruiko chuckles.

"I-I'll be sure to make sure that we won't fall alright?" Touma says shyly looking towards Mikoto.

"Y-yeah of course, I'll count on you."

Touma reaches his hand out for Mikoto's. At first she hesitates but then her hand goes for his.

Ruiko and Kazari stare at the hand holding couple and both go "awwww."

"What am I, forever alone?" Kuroko sighs sadly. "It should be me and onee-sama holding hands, not onee-sama and that ape she is with." It was obvious that Kuroko was holding back a wave of anger.

"Shirai-san, didn't you promise Misaka-san that you would be on your best behavior today." Kazari sweat drops.

"Just because I made a promise doesn't meet I have to keep it."

"Then that pretty much devalues what a promise really means." Ruiko shakes her head.

This was going to be everybody's first time ice skating. Mikoto was usually good at athletic sports but ice skating was a new challenge for her.

Everybody went to get their ice skates from the rental booth and then put them on. Mikoto, Ruiko and Kazari got their skates on first and head off to the ice.

Mikoto breathes in deeply, prepared for the worst. She steps into the ice and the first thing she immediately does is hold onto the railing. The skates looked like they were really sharp and could effectively go against the ice. While holding onto the railing, she tries to get her ice skates properly on the ice in order to stand up.


She hears some of her friends scream as they fall onto their backs.

"O-ouch…" Kazari rubs the back of her head.

"This is definitely harder than it looks." Ruiko laughs. She gets up while helping Kazari up as well.

"My flowers might fall off my head at this rate."

"You should take them off then." Ruiko suggests.

However it seemed like Kazari did not hear what her friend said. Kazari was already trying to ice skate away on her own.

"Come back here!" The long haired calls out to Kazari.

Mikoto was still trying to find her balance by holding onto the railings. She couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Kazari and Ruiko struggling.

Meanwhile Kuroko and Touma were still trying to get their ice skates properly put on.

Kuroko had tried on several pairs of skates already. She was getting annoyed at how uncomfortable some of them felt.

"I will get my skates on first so that I can go to onee-sama and help her! That means I will get to hold her hand." The teleporter mutters to herself excitedly.

Touma just about found a suitable pair of skates and was ready to head onto the ice rink. Kuroko notices how Touma's eyes were looking for Mikoto. The teleporter nearly screams out loud as she rushes to put her skates on as well.

Mikoto was still by the walls of the ice skating rink. She sees Touma struggling to get onto the ice. Touma looked like he was not balancing himself very well and was wobbling. However he did his best to stay on his two feet. Mikoto sighs of relief; she was worried Touma's misfortune would get the better of him.

Suddenly Touma's and Mikoto's eyes meet. They were not too far from each other, a less than 20 feet distance. As soon as their eyes met, Mikoto could feel her heart racing faster than usual. A warm smile escapes from her lips. Touma smiles as well. He was then trying to skate over to Mikoto.

It was all going well until…

"Out of my way!" A loud voice interrupts the moment.

A raging pig tailed girl abruptly pushes away Touma and skates over towards the Railgun.

"Onee-sama~!" Kuroko screams out loud happily.

"K-kuroko?!" Mikoto looks very confused.

At the speed Kuroko was going towards Mikoto, Kuroko was going to collide into Mikoto. However Mikoto's fast thinking and reflexes allowed her to move out of the way from the incoming teleporter.

Without Mikoto in the way…


Kuroko slams into the wall.

"O-ow…" Kuroko slumps onto the ground, the collision against the wall looked painful.

"Shirai-san!" Kazari and Ruiko yell out.

The two girls go over to Kuroko's side.

"Onee-sama is so cruel." Anime like tears stream down Kuroko's face.

"You can't blame her, you did get in the way of their lovey dovey moment." Ruiko chuckles amused.

"Yeah, they were both staring into each other's eyes and about to embrace each other."

"Then you suddenly jumped in!"

The three girls looked around, they did not see Mikoto nearby.

"Where did she go?" Kazari asks.

Right after Mikoto avoided a love attack from Kuroko she went straight towards Touma.

Mikoto was more worried about Touma than she was about her pervert minded roommate.

"Are you okay?!" The Railgun goes by Touma's side.

The spikey haired boy's face planted to the ground when he was pushed.

Touma uses his hands to push himself up from the ground. Mikoto holds onto his arms to help him up as well.

"I don't know what's worse, that time she kicked me during the bon fire dance or this." He groans. "Such misfortune."

"Now you have somebody to lean on in case you fall down again." Without thinking, Mikoto grasps onto both of Touma's hands.

"Y-yeah…" A faint pink blush appears on Touma's cheeks. "A-anyways, we should start erm skating around. That's what we came here for right?"

"O-of course." Mikoto finds herself stammering as well.

Touma and Mikoto hold hands, trying to support one another. With Touma holding onto Mikoto's hand, she felt much more stable.

"This sure is nice isn't it?"

"Haha yes it is."

While the two of them were skating together peacefully, a certain Kuroko was glaring at them angrily.

Right now Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko were hanging out together at the wall railings.

"Look at that ape; he's much too unsophisticated to be holding onto onee-sama's hand like that!"

"Now now, you promised you wouldn't get in there way, but you ended up breaking that promise."

"I guess I'll have to leave them be." Kuroko sighs defeated. "If I do anything else, she will electrocute me."

After nearly 20 minutes of holding each other's hand, Mikoto and Touma were finally learning how to balance on their own. Mikoto lets go of Touma's hands and begins to skate off.

"I think I really got the hang of this." The Railgun smiles happily as she skates around the rink at a fast pace.

"There's your athletic side that scares me." Touma was able to stay on his two feet but he could not skate at a pace close enough to Mikoto's.

Mikoto felt as if she was gliding through the air, it was like roller blading except for more control was required for ice skating.

"C'mon Touma, you have to let yourself loose!" She shouts out to him.

The spikey haired boy was skating at a very steady pace. He was looking very nervous.

"Nah I'm fine." His eyes do not look straight ahead but on the ground. Touma was doing his best to make sure he does not lose control of his skates.

Meanwhile Mikoto skated alongside with her 3 other friends. They were getting the hang of it but not to the degree of Mikoto's level. Kazari was doing her best not to fall down while Ruiko was trying to improve of her speed.

"If you fall onee-sama, I will catch you." Kuroko purrs as she skates nearby Mikoto.

"I am not going to fall for one of your perverted schemes."

Mikoto says as she goes past Kuroko.

"Onee-sama!" Kuroko calls out. She tries to accelerate her speed but ends up not being able to coordinate herself well and falls flat on her back.

"Usually I'm the accident prone one." Kazari states as she comes over to help Kuroko up.

"Onee-sama is always mean towards me."

"I don't blame her; you have your forceful ways."

"My ways are meant to express the passionate love I have for her!"

The Railgun was always a fast learner at anything she tried. It was perhaps one of the things that allowed her to advance to a level 5.

However at the moment she was not paying attention to her surroundings and bumped into a certain misfortunate boy. Touma was also not paying attention because of how his eyes were focused down on his skates.

"Oof!" The two collided into each other.

Touma falls down first on his back while Mikoto lands on top him.

"Are you alright?" Touma winces in pain because of the sudden fall.

"I'm so sorry!" Mikoto lifts her head up.

She immediately blushes once she sees that she was right on top of Touma. They were staring directly into each other's eyes. Their faces were only inches apart from each other. Touma's face was also red as well. It was as if time stopped when they were staring at each other. The seconds felt much slower than usual.

"How long are you two going to be like that?!" A familiar angry voice yells out.

Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko were not too far away. They were a good enough distance to watch the couple but not hear what they were saying.

Kuroko was positively furious. "Why the hell are they in that position?!"

"They look so cute together!" Ruiko beams.

"Calm down Shirai-san, it was just a simple accident."

"I will tear him to shreds one day or another…" The teleporter grumbles.

Mikoto immediately gets up and helps Touma up by grabbing his hand.

"S-sorry again…" She cannot bear to look into his eyes. Mikoto felt so embarrassed that she avoids his gaze.

"Haha it's alright. I'm perfectly alright." Touma looking into her face as well.

"They are seriously so cute!" Ruiko squeals. "Both of them are blushing and not able to look at each other."

"Ah, young love at its best." Kazari beams as well.

"You two are just ridiculous." Kuroko sighs.

Mikoto and Touma were back to holding hands while skating alongside each other. They kept silent for the first few minutes because they were still embarrassed with what happened.

"I have no idea what to get you for Christmas." Touma confesses. "You're a rich ojou-sama so I bet you already have everything you want."

Mikoto looks towards him. She sees that Touma had a slightly down look.

"It doesn't matter what you get me, because your gift will be special no matter what." She smiles.

"Haha that sounds like a lot of pressure." Touma says a bit nervously.

"Honestly I have no idea what to get for you as well." Mikoto admits.

"Hm… how about anything hand made by you?" Touma suggests.

Mikoto understood why Touma suggested such a thing. Something handmade suggests a person's true sincerity to make the other person happy.

"How about you get me something handmade as well? Since I know you don't have a lot of money on you."

"I'm fine with that, just don't expect something too fancy." Touma grins.

"I'll treasure anything you get me." Mikoto wraps her arm around his, thus being at closer contact.

Mikoto found the holidays a heartwarming season.

It was not a season just for gifts, it was a season to be around loved ones and show your appreciation for them.



Author's Note: This side story does not have anything to do with the current ongoing story.

It was said that the Mayans prophesized the end of the world near the end of December 2012. Scientists and researchers were either trying to prove or disprove that notion. However Academy City, being a beacon of science, did not believe that the world was going to end soon.

A few crazy things happened right before the supposed day of Armageddon. Some people around the world sold all of their possessions and others simply spent all of their money trying to make the most of their "last days on earth." Academy City made sure no students were slacking off or dropped out of school. Perhaps some students would have completely left school if they had a choice.

If anybody in the city was found publicly spewing out the end of the world "nonsense", they would be immediately arrested and heavily fined.

The city was doing their absolute best to not let ridiculous knowledge spoil the minds of their precious espers. Information about the world ending could even drastically alter one's personal reality.

"Those Mayans probably wanted to create this end of the world scare in order to punish future generations." Kuroko hypothesizes.

"I honestly am tired of the media going on and on about this end of the world business." Mikoto yawns tired. "If the world was going to end soon, then I've wasted all of my time pulling all-nighters for studying."

"Though it does beg the question, what would you do if you only had one more day to live?"

"Now now, let's not think about that. It's such a negative conversation starter."

"Oh come on onee-sama, haven't you ever had something you've always wanted to do?"

"I have always wanted to visit the factory where they make all of the Gekota dolls." Mikoto says with a dreamy look.

Kuroko gives Mikoto a 'are you kidding me?' type of expression.

"What's wrong with what I just said? I'm being honest here." Mikoto utters with a shoulder shrug.

"On my last day of living, I would spend every second with onee-sama. Onee-sama is everything to me." Kuroko purrs lovingly.

Mikoto eye twitches and she puts on an uneasy expression.

"No way would I let a pervert like you do whatever you want to me."

"You're no fun…"

-Skip to the eve before the day the world is supposed to end-

Kuroko was ready for her onee-sama. Their room was dark and the only source of light was the candles Kuroko lit up. She also prepared a bottle of apple cider and some food at the side as well.

The teleporter was waiting for a certain railgun to arrive into the room. Not too long later their door opens and Misaka Mikoto enters in.

"I'm back." The Railgun says tiredly.

"ONEE-SAMA!" Kuroko screams out loud. Her voice was full of lust and wanting. The teleporter was about to pounce upon the unsuspecting Railgun.

Mikoto was completely surprised by Kuroko's abrupt attack.



A certain room in the Tokiwadai dormitory was very rowdy that night.

Fortunately Mikoto had fast reflexes and was able to use her combat skills to fend herself against Kuroko's love attack.

Minutes later Mikoto was able to tie up her crazy roommate and put Kuroko underneath a bed. A piece of cloth was also tied around the teleporter's mouth.

"You're so loud." Mikoto says obviously annoyed. "You better reflect on your actions while I'm gone."

The Railgun heads off to the restroom to take a shower.

Tonight was a very lonely night for the Judgment teleporter.

Author's Note: This is going to be a short story unless I get any more bright ideas. I hope everybody had a good holiday!