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"Isn't it... dangerous to be going into the city?" Sollux mumbles self-consciously, leaning in close to speak quietly to Karkat, who stands next to him on the crowded inter-city tram, fingers gripped around the handles above them.

"Of course it is," Karkat responds simply, eyes a bit blank as he watches out the window in front of him. "I still have things to do, though, and they aren't going to do themselves." He gives a weak shrug, causing Sollux to sigh softly.

They'd left Crabdaddy's early that morning, bags packed for several days. Dave had left just after them, off to find her brother and make sure nothing had happened to him, and hopefully to find more information on Meenah. Sollux still has no idea what Karkat's... history is with her, but he seems slightly panicked, constantly shifting from foot to foot. Something about this whole situation is putting him so on edge, and Sollux just wants to figure out what.

Past relationship, maybe? The psionic has no frame of reference for the heiress' age, so that's entirely possible... Childhood friends seemed not very likely at all, and Sollux wouldn't really bet on them being a couple, so he settles on enemies. Aside from the obvious need for animosity between them, Karkat being a Runner, and Meenah being the daughter of the Empress, there had to be something... else to make their relationship that much worse.

"Sollux, this is our stop." He blinks back to reality, and looks down at Karkat, who's tugging at his sleeve impatiently for him to get off the tram. Sollux sighs and follows him off, sticking close to the redhead in fear of falling too far behind in the crowd of city goers.

It's strange, being back among normal people. It's even stranger to thank that Sollux isn't a normal person, and the thousands upon thousands of people that swarm around them are just so... ordinary. Sollux finds it hard to remember the time so recently that he wouldn't even be thinking these thoughts, that it would never even occur to him that all these people have lives, and families, and something to protect, but not in the way he and Karkat do. Their lives don't hang in the balance of going undetected, of not being seen by the wrong people, of being unaware. He's more than a little frightened by this.

Karkat latches his fingers onto Sollux's sleeve and steers him down a long, dark alley just outside the station, stepping around rancid trash and a few homeless people. No words are passed between the companions until Karkat leads him to a peeling, black-painted door adjacent to the alley, a grimy cement step leading to the threshold.

"So, uhm, there's a few... unsavory characters that hang around this place," Karkat warns him, glancing a bit nervously at the door. "Don't talk to anyone, don't make eye contact with anyone, and try not to be too jumpy." Sollux blinks, frowning a little, but nodding.

"How long are we going to be here?" he asks nervously.

"A couple days at most. Kankri promised to mail out a letter this morning, and Meenah doesn't live here, so she'll... be checking in sometime in the next few days, I'm sure."

"And... where exactly are we staying?" Karkat gestures vaguely up at a window a story or two above the door before turning the rusting knob and letting the two of them inside.

Sollux is immediately hit with pungent scents there's no way he'll be able to place, but he's sure there's licorice, garlic, and something a bit like blood. He looks around as Karkat silent leads him in, eyes flickering over the peeling paint and grimy surfaces absolutely everywhere. They appear to be behind the counter of some store (the Apothecary did he call it?), the floor littered with dirty papers and books nigh but falling apart. Over the counter, Sollux sees shelf after shelf of jars and clear containers full of substances and objects he has little clue of as to their purpose. The shop is empty, except for a gruff, white-haired man in a soiled green and white suit passed out behind the counter in a rickety chair, and another man sitting in the corner of the shop, just leering around the dark corners.

Sollux walks a step closer to Karkat as the awake-man's eyes fall on them, latching onto Karkat's sleeve instead this time.

Karkat glances at him before going over the suited man and kicking his leg. When that earns no reaction, Karkat grabs a glass full of dingy-colored liquid off of the counter and splashes it in his face. Almost immediately, the man jerks with a surprised yell, swinging his remarkably-round head around to blink wetly up at Karkat.

"An' what the bloody hell da ya want?" he demands, spluttering a little as he wipes off his face.

"Scratch, you've been delivering letters to Meenah." It's not a question, and the man stills for a long moment, before turning to bark at the other occupant of the shop.

"You! Out!" The man growls, but gets up and leaves the shop, flipping Scratch and the boys off before doing so.

Scratch huffs angrily and focuses his attention back on Karkat, though it's quickly diverted to Sollux with a stubbly eyebrow raised in surprise. Sollux shrinks back a little from his intense gaze, stepping just a little to the side to be further behind Karkat.

"Wha', 'this Mituna's devilspawn?" Karkat splashes the rest of the contents of the glass all over his face again.

"No, this is Sollux, but funny you should ask, because it seems you're playing both hands, Scratch." Scratch throws back his head and laughs.

"Wha', for delivering letters ta Meenah? Hah! Yer sorely mistaken, my Cancerousatious friend." He waggles a finger at Karkat with a sneer, leaning his elbow on his knee. Karkat raises his eyebrows, unconvinced. "While I'd be very alright to be makin' a little off a both sides, I don' switch loyalt's so easy."

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Ya haven' seen Meenah since yer little... fallin' out, have ya?" Sollux watches as Karkat's face pales a little, quickly growing icy and dangerous, advancing on Scratch whilst pulling out his blade. Scratch immediately tenses up, sitting back and glaring at Karkat. "Ya know better than ta bring that in 'ere."

"I honestly couldn't care less right now, so just fucking explain already, alright? No riddles, no fucking half-truths, no nothing. Just answer my questions." Scratch's glare turns to a sneer.

"Meenah s'not what all she seems, y'hear? I've not done anythin' wrong by passin' along her letters." Karkat bears his teeth and puts the tip of his blade barely an inch away from Scratch's throat. Blinking in surprise, Sollux marvels at the way Scratch's entire being recoils from the simple action, leaning as far back from the blade as he can.

"I'll be taking over your spare room for a few days," he hisses. "You're to tell absolutely no one that we're here, and you're to alert us the moment Meenah arrives. And-," he moves the blade closer when Scratch tries to speak. "don't tell us that she won't. She will." Scratch's adam's apple bobs up and down for a moment, before his glare returns.

"Fine, if ya say so."

"And over dinner, you can tell us all about why I should fucking trust Meenah." Karkat pulls back his blade and resheaths it, before heading towards a door further behind the counter and beckoning to Sollux over his shouler.

Sollux barely catches Scratch's mumble of, "Nev'r said you could trust her," as the man rubs at his throat.

Karkat leads him up a curving, precarious staircase to what would look like an attic if it wasn't so nicely furnished, with carpets so plush the psionic nearly bounces as he steps off the last stair. There's two, twin-sized beds against one wall, a fireplace and armchairs in front, along with a table in the corner with two chairs tucked under it. The splintery walls are hidden behind tapestries far out of their time, much like the very shop itself, and Sollux swears the laps on the bedside tables are oil.

"So, uhm, this is where we'll be staying for the next few days." Karkat drops his bag onto his bed and sits down awkwardly, not making eye contact with his friend.

Sollux of course notices immediately, sighing a little to himself and claims the other bed, sitting down at well. "So, you wanna tell me what that was all about?" he asks after a long period of silence.

"Scratch is a bit... slimy when it comes to loyalties, and I've always known he's been doing things behind the Runners' backs, despite being one himself, and it's... Well, very complicated."

"No, I meant, what did he mean by your 'falling out' with Meenah?" Karkat visibly cringes, pulling down his sleeves a little more.

"We... uh, grew up together, I guess you could say. She helped me a lot r-right after Crabdad took me in, so we know each other pretty well. She didn't ever mention she was working for the Batterwitch. Crabdad opened Crabdaddy's soon after that, as an... alias, I guess. Meenah was sent to Propsit not long after, and I started going by Karkat again." He shrugs a little while Sollux makes an indignant sound.

"She was working for the Batterwitch the whole time she knew you? But you just said you two knew each other really well?"

"Yeah, she knows me really well. I guess I didn't know her well enough." He sighs and shakes his head, taking off his shoes before padding over the stairs. He closes a trapdoor Sollux hadn't noticed before, then comes back to the bed and kicks his bag off of the mattress as he lays out on it.

Sollux sighs and removes his own shoes before laying down as well. A contented sigh leaves his throat as he realizes he hasn't slept on a proper bed in over a week, not having noticed how much he missed a legitimate mattress.

Karkat smiles as if he knows his thoughts, looking up at the ceiling with his arms tucked behind his head. "So, uhm, sorry for not telling you the whole story, but hopefully, you won't need to know at all." Sollux's demi-happy mood fades with a sigh.

"Well, I'd hoped we were at the point where we trust each other with shit like that."

"Sollux, I've known you a week. We're not at the point of anything," Karkat says bitterly, rolling over and shifting so he's under the blankets. He keeps shifting around, and it takes Sollux a moment to realize he's taking off his jeans under the covers.

He hardly thinks that's necessary, considering Sollux doesn't give a fuck if he's seen pantless by Karkat (haven't they done that already?), but he guesses he'll leave Karkat to his insecurities.

"You can turn off the light whenever you want to sleep, but I'll be resting now," Karkat says to the silent room, just causing Sollux to sigh again and get up to switch off the light.


You turn over with a low groan, head pounding like a thousand knives. You don't even know where you are anymore, swimming through oily-blackness that leaves a rotten taste on the back of your tongue. You feel like someone is calling your name, like someone did last time, but it's like they're whispering from across a football field, like you can see their lips move and not hear a thing, and yet, you can't see anything. There's a warm feeling on your forehead, but you're not sure if that's normal, something coming from your headache, or someone making that happen. You honestly have no clue of anything anymore, and that perhaps scares you more than the headache itself.

You lay like that for who knows how long, when suddenly, the pain spikes, and you're pretty sure you scream, but the sound is lost in the inky darkness pressing against you and constricting you completely. You think you scream again, but no... maybe that was someone else? Why would that be someone else?

You're now scared for an entirely different reason, trying to curl up tighter and keep quiet, to hide from whatever is hurting you, but you can't move an inch, which only causes you to resist the immobility more, and you think you scream again.

Then suddenly, it all disappears, the warmth on your forehead being the first thing your muddled mind can focus on. You struggle to gain eyesight again, gaze darting around the room you recognize as the one Karkat had led you into the night before. But it's in ruins now, the chairs in scattered pieces around the room, glass from the windows and lamps littering the now-dusty carpet. You can vaguely make out someone's crumpled form in the midst of the remains of the table across the room, and your stomach immediately drops upon recognizing a head of red hair.

You open your mouth to call to karkat, but no sound but a hoarse croak leaves your lips, and someone standing over you shushes you.

You pull your eyes upwards to find that someone, having to take a moment to process all the yellow that invades your vision, and at the curly bangs that hang down so low, you can't see her eyes. You make a confused noise this time, the yellow figure's lips curling up into a gentle smile and shushing you again, but how the hell can they be smiling like that? Fuck, something happened to Karkat and you're just. Laying. Here.

"Don't move just yet, Sollux," a woman's voice says softly, stroking through the hair on your forehead and trying to act calm, but you can see her look to Karkat's body with a tight look of worry. "Everything'll be fine, just lay still for a while longer, alright?" After a moment, in which you think she concedes you won't move, she moves carefully across the room towards Karkat.

You ache to follow her, but you don't think you could move if you tried, instead pulling your lower lip into your teeth to chew at it, watching as the yellow-clad woman kneels down and carefully shifts Karkat out of the splintered wood.

There's a slam from somewhere near the wall by your head, and you hear someone panting as if scared for their life. Another figure comes into view, rushing over to Karkat, and it's a wonder to you this newcomer doesn't trip over the braids that reach the floor, because goddamn.

No, you scold yourself and focus back on the frantic, hushed voices as the braided being, who you now see to be a woman, lifts Karkat up into her arms and heads back towards the trapdoor. You make a sound of protest, but the yellow-woman comes back over to you and takes up your vision again, crouching down next to the bed and putting hand on your forehead again.

"Sleep, Sollux. Karkat will be alright; he's in good hands." Something tugs at the back of your eyes, and you think it's exhaustion, but you can't fall asleep now. Something happened, something happened to Karkat, and you're so confused, but then the woman shhes you, and you can't stay awake any longer.

You hope this time you're not asleep if something happens.


You expertly hop down the steps to the wreck that is the shop below, ignoring the crazed and angry shouts of Scratch as you head to his personal rooms, refusing to look down at the body in your arms.

Jesus, he's grown so much since the last time you'd seen him, and you hate that the first new image you have of him is broken and bleeding in Mituna's arms. God, this sucks fucking crab dick.

You growl to yourself and use your leg to kick everything off of Scratch's lone table, wrinkling your nose at the smell of knock-off tobacco and half-fermented alcohol. Once it's clear, you gently set Karkat onto the tabletop and start searching around the room for a first aid kit. Worry bubbles in your chest, but you try to ignore it, wanting to put off looking at Karkat for as long as possible.

You're thankfully given even more time as Mituna rushes into the room, bringing the sought-after first aid kit. She offers you a tight smile before going straight to Karkat.

"How's Sollux?" you find yourself asking, not looking up from the chest you'd been searching through.

"He'll be fine if he rests for a while. You probably won't be able to stay until he wakes up."

"Good, because I want to wring his fucking neck."

"Meenah!" Mituna snaps at you, drawing your gaze reluctantly upward.

"What?" you snap back.

"You know Sollux couldn't help it! Now get off your ass and help me." You make a strangled noise, but obey and get to your feet, heading over to the table. You cringe at the sight, having to say your goodbyes to all of your fantasies of yours and Karkat's reunion being a peaceful one, full of hugs and everything else.

"How bad is he?" you ask after a moment of silence from both parties.

"Well, maybe if you'd help me, I'd know." Mituna sends you a glare, which you cringe back from, before helping her cut away the singed remains of Karkat's hoodie and shirt. You immediately pull your hands back when you see the nasty burn in the center of Karkat's chest, the edges tinged with ice-blue and cherry-red. "Start on his head for me, will you?" she asks, but really demands, now focused on Karkat's chest completely. You take a moment to get use to the fact Mituna's not being a spastic fuck, before grabbing some gauze and bandages from the kit.

You find a sink and fill it with warm water, bringing it back to wash out the blood from Karkat's head wound (three wounds, but you're prefer not to think about that) and his hair. It takes you a while, but it's a somewhat welcome diversion from having to look further down Karkat's body. You get him patched up soon enough, finally having to look down.

You're relieved Mituna works fast, Karkat's chest almost completely clean with a large gauze pad over the wound. You obey your companion's silent command to help her get Karkat into a sitting position, Mituna winding the remainder of the bandages around him to keep the gauze in place.

As soon as you're done, you step away from the table completely, arms behind your back and your hands tugging nervously at your braids. You hope Karkat doesn't wake up for a while; he's not going to be at all happy to see you, and will probably try to kill you despite his wounds.

Mituna glances up at you, and sighs a little. "Help me get him to the bed, then you can leave." You really don't want to do that, leave, you mean, but you still step back forward to gently lift Karkat back up. You carry him the short distance to the bed, hearing Scratch shouting obscenities from outside the door, and Mituna leaving to go calm down the washed-up bastard.

You tuck Karkat in and clean up a little bit, though you know you're just stalling. You glance back at the bed and get a pang in your chest, causing your throat to tighten. You just want the little-kid Karkat back, the one you called your brother and could make fun of and make fish-puns at all the time. The kid you could make smile instead of cry after the incident with his parents. The pang gets worse when you think you'll probably never have that again with you.

You swallow and set your jaw, heading over to the door to leave. You're turning the knob when there's a hoarse groan from the bed, and you immediately whip around to look. Your eyes meet Karkat's, and for a split-second, he doesn't recognize you, but you see it click in his irises, and are already out the door by the time he can get your name out.


You distinctly remember the room being in disarray, but what greets your freshly-opened yes is the exact antithesis of that.

Everything is in order, the carpets clean, breakfast laid out on the table, chairs parked in front of the unlit fireplace. But everything is too... new. The window above the table is clean and polished, the table shines with new varnish, and the chairs look like they've never been sat in. You feel like you're on a new mattress as well, but you can't be sure.

You make a hoarse sound of confusion, blinking a few times before looking to your left instead. Yep. The beds are new too, and there are actual lamps on the new nightstands, plugged into the wall and everything. The bed next to yours looks nigh unused as well, but didn't your companion sleep there? Your companion. Shit.

You jolt up into a sitting position, looking frantically around the room and trying to form words, but they all seem latched in your throat, expect for the occasional, scratchy, "Karkat." Where the fuck is he.

You swing your feet out of the blankets, using the bed as support as you force yourself to your feet, teetering balance only allowing you to stand for a few minutes before you can even think about trying to walk. You force yourself too, though, and soon, you've made it to the trapdoor, which is luckily open, because you don't think you have the strength to lift it.

You ease your way down the steps, one hand on the wall and one hand on the banister to balance yourself. You realize you're sockless when you reach the cold hardwood floors of the downstairs, pale yellow light making lines across the floor. It can't be too early in the morning, so where the hell is everyone?

Scratch isn't behind the counter, and you think you see the CLOSED sign in the window, but you don't think you can see that far. You turn and head for the other door that's next to the one you'd come through, limping towards it. You definitely hear voices behind it, only spurring you faster turn the knob and walk in.

Karkat and Scratch are both at the starchy table in the middle of the rather large room, eating what looks like omelets, and the yellow-clad woman of before is at the small campstove on a table against the wall.

Karkat looks up immediately as you walk in, jumping to his feet and rushing over to you to hug you with one arm. You're confused why he just doesn't hug you with both, but it becomes brutally apparent when he pulls away with a lopsided grin. His left arm is in a sling, his head is wrapped in a bandage, and he has a black eye, his cheek dotted with small scratches.

"K-Karkat," you croak in horror, just causing Karkat to grin wider.

"It's really great you're awake, Sollux. You've been out of it for days."

"Come, have some breakfast Sollux." The woman seems to glide over to the table, carrying another plate of food, as if she had expected you to be awake, but the whole motherly-image is ruined when she runs into the table with a loud swear.

Karkat looks over his shoulder at her and laughs, looking like he's relaxing for the first time in a while, grabbing the extra chair from the other side of the room. You watch him struggle with it, but you can't get yourself to move from where you are, chewing hard at your lip until he has it set down. The woman continues to swear to herself as she sets the plate in front of the new place at the table, before going to a pitcher on the counter.

Karkat helps you as best he can over to the new chair, finally pulling Scratch's gaze up from his newspaper to send you a small glare. You can't imagine why, so you just look down at your food curiously, forgetting for a moment what you're supposed to do with it.

"Uhm..." Karkat sits back down, quickly joined by the woman, and both looking at you nervously.

"Sollux," the woman finally says, pulling your attention back to her. "Can you speak yet?" You hesitate before forcing out a scratchy,

"Yeah, a little." She doesn't seem completely satisfied, but shrugs.

"Can you tell us what you remember?" Karkat speaks up, looking at you intently.

"Y-Yeah, I mean... I remember... headache," you mumble. "And you..." You glance up at him with a slightly pained look. Karkat shifts around uncomfortably, scratching behind his head with his good hand.

"Then you don't remember me at all?" The woman looks at you expectantly, trying to take a bite of egg, but ending up stabbing the corner of her mouth and getting yolk all over her cheek. She swears loudly again, you realizing you have no idea what language she's speaking in.

"No, I... I remember you, yes."

"Well," she says, wiping her face on a napkin. "My name is Mituna."

"The psionic?"

"Yep. It's really lucky I got here when I did, or..." She glances at Karkat, who's staring intently at his shoes. "the seats at the table might not be as they are now." You honestly have no idea what that means, and thinking about it makes your head hurt, raising a hand to rub at your temple.

"What happened, exactly? I don't remember."

"You had a bit of... an episode," she says carefully.

"An episode?"

"It's common with young psionics, especially those without proper restraint," Karkat winces at the words 'restraint'. "so please do not feel responsible for anything that happened." You send her a small glare, wondering why she can't just tell it to you straight.

"And what happened, exactly?"

"You lost control," Scratch speaks up from his end of the table, newspaper back to hiding his face. "You nearly destroyed my shop, and Karcancer." Karkat doesn't hesitate to throw the saltshaker at Scratch, ignoring his cry of pain and indignance.

You sit there in silence, trying to process what Scratch had said, and what he implied. "I... I did that to Karkat?" Mituna sighs, running a hand through her hair, and you almost catch a glimpse of her eyes before her bangs fall back into place.

"Like I said: it's common with young psionics to lose control. Karkat was trying to help you and you... lashed out." She sets her fork down on her plate, but sets it down just right for it to slide off the plate, and the table, sending it clattering to the floor. You don't try to decipher her swears, watching her blankly as she picks up her fork.

"But I..."

"I'll help you learn to control them, Sollux. So you won't hurt anyone else," Mituna promises, looking at you intently. You glance at Karkat, who still seems to be seething by Scratch's statement, whom in turn looks ready to strangle Karkat.

"What about Crabdad," you ask suddenly, wanting to get away from the subject of you hurting Karkat as quickly as possible. "Does he know we're still here?"

"Of course," Karkat says tightly, still pissed. "Him and Gamzee know where we are and why, and that we'll still be here for a couple more days to see if Meenah shows up." Mituna winces, and you're positive Karkat notices, if his glare in her direction as anything to say about it.

"What about...?" You glance at Scratch, who looks a little more sober than when you last saw him, but that might just be because it looks like he's showered since then.

"Oh, m'not happy with it at'll, but I don' have much say in wha' goes on with cancercrab here." Karkat chucks the pepper shaker at him as well, hissing.

"You're a two-faced, bald bastard, and you'd do anything to stay in my good graces."

"I am not bald!" the man screeches, slamming his newspaper onto the table, gesturing wildly to his thinning hair. "I'm thinning."

"Along with your courage, it seems," he snaps in response. Scratch makes the most affronted of sounds you've ever heard and storms out of the room. Mituna looks absolutely confused, which surprises you, considering up until now, you've thought she'd had a pretty good handle on everything, except for the occasional klutzy slip.

"Karkat, you shouldn't do that."

"He can go fucking himself."

"He could end up betraying us."

"He wouldn't dare betray me, which makes me think he actually believes Meenah meant well by posing as me for nine fucking years." Mituna sighs, eating another bite of egg, successfully this time.

"Karkat, why does he keep calling you names with cancer in them?" you ask suddenly, surprised yourself that the question falls so easily off your lips.

Karkat winces and cringes back, while Mituna looks surprised again. "He hasn't told you? It has to do with his powers?"

"What do you have powers over cancer or something?" Fuck, you have no filter when you're this achy.

Karkat stands up suddenly, rattling the cutlery and dishes, and leaves the room without looking at you, your gaze following him in shock.

"Karkat's very sensitive on that subject, Sollux," Mituna says, as if that should have been obvious. "And no, that's not what I meant. Hasn't he told you the symbol system for the Runners?"

"Of course?" You look back at her, confused now.

"Then you should know what cancer means." You hesitate before shaking your head. Mituna sighs, stabbing at a piece of egg and eating it, chewing before answering. "It means someone's found a null."

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