Prompt: 001 First Kiss

Autumn Sneeden was a curious girl and Jake Steinberg wasn't exactly the most brilliant. As a matter of fact he was probably the dumbest boy she'd ever met. That or he was insanely brave but stupid was probably the better bet.

No amount of bravery covered kissing Beach Head's daughter.

Autumn wanted her first kiss and she didn't care anymore about who it was from, or how much she had to sneak around her father. She was also pretty sure her dad didn't know about this fiasco. It was better to be careful though so they were hiding behind one of the Greenie Barracks. Autumn peeked her auburn head around the corner.

"Ok. I don't see anybody," she whispered to him.

"I didn't spot anyone inside," was his response.

She double checked just in case. Sure that the coast was clear she settled next to the boy. As a pure sign of his hormone inhibited intelligence he smiled at her. There appeared to be no sign he was afraid of 'Death by Angry Drill Sergeant Daddy'.

They kneeled in front of each other, their faces going through ten shades of red. Autumn placed her hands on Jake's shoulders when he leaned in. The first touch was cautious and soft. They both pulled back in shock that they actually did it, sort of. The second one was more sure of itself and longer.

As they moved in for the third, and no doubt best, all hell broke loose.


Autumn jumped six feet out of her skin and quickly moved away from Jake. To his credit he was on his feet and gone by that time, a vicious bear of a man chomping at his heels.

That was the day Clutch's son earned the nickname Turbo.