Prompt: 005 Melody

The stage was darkened as Marissa took her first tentative steps on to it. Her heels clicked against the polished wood so loudly her heart jumped to her throat. A spot light lit up to illuminate a beautiful pitch black piano. Carefully she lowered herself to the bench, all too aware of the eyes on her, and poised her hands just above the keys.

She took a deep breath.


Her heart hammered hard as the not was accompanied by the sound of a gunshot. Sudden terror seized her as she realized she couldn't stop herself. Her fingers continued along the melody without consent.

Rat tat tat rat tat tat

She wanted to scream but found herself unable to make any noise. Her fingers glided across the keyboard playing more notes.


An explosion shook the auditorium but her hands persisted as if nothing was wrong. She could feel the eyes boring into her as if they were the bullets themselves. She closed her eyes tight pressing the tears not to fall, to not show fear.


Her fingers continued and with every note she felt the bullets fly ever closer. Marissa gasped as she felt white hot metal skim her back. As the melody came to an end she felt one single bullet hit her right shoulder kicking her forward.

Marissa woke to her father's hands on her arms trying to shake her awake. Once aware it was nightmare she flung herself into him and cried. All Flint could do was cradle his daughter feeling powerless. He could protect his girl from just about anything but not her nightmares.