Title: Something Random, Something Sweet, A Horse Begging by a Skylark's Feet

Author: Shaariin13

Words: 358 (details and A/Ns exclusive)

Prompt: D18 Day

Fandom: Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

Characters/Pairings: D18 ftw!

Rating: K+ 'cause I was good today *makes pretty eyes*

Warnings:Insistent bronco, slightly short-tempered skylark, fluff?

Summary: "Ne, Kyouya, let's go on a date!" "No." Rated K+ for fluff. Happy D18 Day, guys!

A/N: Redundant it may be, Happy D18 Day guys!

Something Random, Something Sweet, A Horse Begging by a Skylark's Feet


A sidestep to the right, and Hibari Kyoya had successfully escaped the clutches of his former-tutor-now-lover Don Dino Cavallone.

"Bronco, what do you want?" the raven asked, annoyed. He was a busy man, damn it! The stupid horse can't just barge in whenever he wanted when he clearly knew that Hibari was busy doing Foundation business. "The clock's ticking."

"Aw, always in a hurry," Dino pouted as he picked himself up off the floor. "Can't a man visit his cute little lover every once in a while?"

"Since when was I cute and little?" Hibari ground out, reigning in his anger in favor of signing the documents that needed his immediate attention. The left wing of the Training annex needed its walls patched. Again. "Watch your words, Bronco; one little slip and I'll bite you to death."

"Alright, I may not have been present during that phase, but I distinctly remember a midget version of you running around with tiny tonfas from a photo your mother showed me some years ago," Dino narrated as he dropped himself onto the sleek black sofa on the receiving area in Hibari's office.

"I should have known," Hibari muttered as he remembered the unfortunate incident when the Bucking Bronco picked him up from his parents' home for some training when he was in high school. Why his mother swooned and cooed for the overgrown baby escaped Hibari. (He was one to talk; he had been seeing the man since middle school!)

"Ne, Kyoya," Dino called for his attention.

"What?" the skylark growled through gritted teeth.

"Let's go on a date!"

"No." Hibari had to put his foot down; if he let the stupid horse get everything he wanted, he would be difficult to control and would start taking the reins, no pun intended.

"Please," Dino begged, flying from the couch towards Hibari's feet: legs folded and hands clasped at his chest.

"No," Hibari insisted.

"Please," Dino went on.

"I said no!" the Cloud fumed.

"Kyoya," Dino whispered to the smaller mans ear, all signs of innocence shed in exchange for seduction.

"I hate you, you know that?"

"I love you, too, Kyoya."