Title: Doing what he thinks is best.

Author: ME

Rating: PG may change during the story

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Sea Patrol only those I make up.

Summary: Set after Season Five. Story focused around Mike and Kate.

Mike is lying on a bed in a hospital looking out the window of his room thinking. Thinking of the things in life he wished he had, the things he wished he could change and the only person who really matters to him, the one person he feels shouldn't have so much control over his heart but does. The same person who just expects him, to forgive and forget.

"Commander Flynn you ready for transfer?" A young blonde nurse says to him as she enters the room he looks at her and just nods. They are use to him not speaking much, the only time they hear anything from him is either in his sleep when he is dreaming or when the doctor talking to him.

"Have a safe trip home." The nurse says as she wheels him out in the wheel chair to the awaiting van that will take him to the airport and then back home to Australia. Back to Kate, Maxine and Ryan. Back to Cairns. Back to the memories of the good and the bad. Back to the place he's supposed to call home.

At least I will still be in a hospital when I return I can make sure they don't allow anyone into my room. I can still be alone. He thinks to himself as he is boarding the plane. Though Sadly Maxine will know what is going on and hopefully she doesn't cause a fuss, or be there waiting for me. I do hope she lets me get settled in before she visits.

The trip back to Australia was uncomfortable for Mike due to his injuries, he was also very tired and the trip from Brisbane to Cairns was a bit ruff by the time they had landed in Cairns Mike was in a lot of pain and very tired it didn't take long for him to be transported to the local hospital and be given some stronger pain relief and it wasn't long after the pain medication had kicked in that he fell asleep. Dreaming yet again of the women he loves.