It had been three months since Mike had asked Kate to marry him and today was Kate's last fitting day before the big day tomorrow. They both had decided that they wanted to get married as soon as possible but Kate had said that they should wait till Mike's leg was strong enough to handle standing to say their vows and to have the first dance with her.

They had decided on along with some help form Mike's mother a small intermit ceremony that involved close family and friends.

Had and Mikes mother had long talks about what she would wear and her bridesmaids. Kate wins the battle of the colour choices but in the end Lisa wins the choice on the style and cut of dresses and once Kate sees them on her two bridesmaids she is pleased.

"Didn't you believe me?" Lisa whispers to Kate.

"Well what I thought would have looked nice doesn't not compared to those." Kate says as she points to what Maxine and Nikki is both wearing. The girls are wearing knee length holder neck, v cut Light blue dresses, the bust being more highlights while the waist had a ruffing effect which made both woman seem skinner than they were. The two did hate that they had more bust showing then they liked but once they saw the overall picture it didn't seem like it at all. They were impressed at what Kate and Lisa had chosen in the end.

"Well you do need to have them in what suits their body shape and style.

"Go try on your dress let's see the finished result." Lisa says as Kate goes off to get help to get into her dress.

Kate walks out about fifteen minutes later in a lovely Ivory floor length spaghetti strap gown. Something that Lisa had some help in regarding the design and look of it. The straps weren't there to hold the gown in place as it was originally a strapless gown but Kate didn't feel comfortable so they added the thin straps. The bodice had Swarovski crystal & diamante detailing over it.

"This is just too much." Kate emotional says as she comes out.

"Kate it's your wedding day your aloud to dress up and feel like a princess."
"But something like this, for just one day. It costs far too much I can just wear something simple like those two."

"Like hell Kate." Maxine says to her. Since Kate got sick after Mike left Maxine and she have formed a friendship something neither would have expected if you had asked them this question just before Mike left.

"Kate is this something you want to wear?" Lisa asks her

"Yes but it's just…" Kate says and stops talking the emotions that she is finally tomorrow going to be marring Mike become part of a family getting to her.

"Then you will be wearing it." Lisa thinks she knows what is up with Kate. She is getting married tomorrow. She has no idea where her father is and has no contact with her mother. The one person she wants there to give her away cant because she has not seen or spoken to him since moving to Australia.

The rest of the afternoon goes by in a blur for Kate. Lisa, Maxine and Nikki treating her to a massage and spa treatment, and then dinner before all of them heading to bed early.

The big day has arrived.

Mike is at home with his brother and Charge getting ready for his wedding. He is wearing his ceremony Whites at the request of Kate, while his groomsmen wear blue suits as to match the bridesmaid's dresses.

Kate is at her place getting ready, she is having her hair and makeup done for her. A few hours later she and the rest of the group are ready to go.

Down on the beach chairs and that have been set up for the ceremony. Neither wanted to get married in a church and since the water is a part of them, their life and their work, they decided to included it in their day. And today Cairns and the gods are looking down on them with a stunning day. Blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

Mike is standing up the front with his groomsmen when the music starts to play. It is a tune they both now very well, well everyone on Hammersley knows well as it is one Mike use to play a lot on the old Hammersley and sometimes is played on the new one. Kate chose this song as it was the old Hammersley that brought them back together after five years.

When Mike saw Kate for the first time that day he was left stunned and shocked, she looked so beautiful to him, that he only saw her and how she looked everything else on the beach was tuned out. Kate saw his expression when he saw her in her dress her hair nicely done and make up one. The smile he gave her melted away the last of her nerves that she had, as Mike's dad walked beside her down the aisle towards Mike.

An hour later and they were being traduced as Husband and wife and Mike being given permission to kiss Kate which he didn't disappoint when they both shared a passionate kiss in front of everyone.

Everyone was involved in the photo session that followed at the beach and also at the gardens by the venue that Mike and Kate had chosen to have their reception. The day was more of a celebration of how far they had come and how much their close knit family on Hammersley and their family had helped them get to where they are today. Eleven years after first meeting they were now husband and wife.

They spent a wonderful ten days in Tahiti having their dream holiday and honeymoon in a place they both loved. They spent the time reconnecting in some many different ways. Bush walks, swimming, snorkelling, ling on the beach reading books, lovely romantic dinners together and the joy of being able to share a bed and sleep in if they choose with no worries in the world. For Mike by the end of the week his leg was starting to get extremely sore from all the work it had been getting, that he was pleased when Kate suggested they spend their last day relaxing in their private bungalow.

They had only been back in Cairns and both back at work for two weeks when Maxine received some devastating news. She had stepped down as Commanding Officer of NAVCOM Cairns but remained as 2IC to Mike. She helped out as she could but her treatments for her cancer were aggressive and she didn't handle it well, she lost her hair and was sick. Whenever Kate was home on shore leave she would spend time with Maxine. The bond got stronger between the two. The lump in Maxine breast was only small but the doctors had decided to go aggressive and get it gone quickly. For Mike it was an intense time, between work, his physiotherapy and Maxine he was always keeping busy. There were days where he wished he was out on Hammersley away from the pile of paperwork that never seemed to end, and also be able to hear his wife's voice. Returning home each night to their new home that they had brought together was a reminder of how far he had come and how much he had given up to have the woman he loved so dearly.

Mike and Kate had been married for Six months now and they had settled into their new life together well.

Maxine had just finished her last round of treatment as was waiting for the results to see if she had been given the all clear or not.

Kate on the other hand was not feeling well and for the last two weeks while out on patrol she had been feeling a tad off colour. Whenever they experienced rough seas she would be in her cabin bringing up her stomachs contents into the toilet bowl. She decided to get a pregnancy test to see if she was pregnant. They had been trying but had also decided that they would worry if it didn't happen right away, but as long as it happened was all that matter. Mike knew she hadn't been well as the Hammersley medic had told him and so had Kate both not keeping secrets from each other.

She took the test as was shocked but happy with the results that she had RO patch her through to Mike straight away not being able to wait to tell him the good news.

"Mike Flynn speaking" Is heard when he answers the phone.

"Mikes it's me."

"Hey me how you feeling?" he says as he leans back in his chair in his office in NAVCOM.

"Yuck to be honest. Hammersley needs to stop rocking and rolling out here stupid storm."

"Do you need me to bring Hammersley back and order you to go see a doctor?" he says his voice full of concern for his wife.

"Nothing a doctor can do I just have to find out if I'm going to be like this for the next eight months or so." Kate says deciding to go about this a different way than just blurting it out." Mike goes quiet trying to figure out what she is going on about and after a few minutes of silence Kate speaks again.

"I hope that is good silence not bad silence there Mike because we did talk about starting a family and I would really hate for you to run now there is a child on the way." She says to him.

"Really you're pregnant?" He says into the phone not noticing Maxine arrive in his office.

"Yes I just took a test I'm late and this bug isn't going away. The test is positive but we will need to get it confirmed once I'm back on shore leave."

"WOW, um of course honey. Next time you come into port you guys will have twenty four hours shore leave."

"Look got to go being paged to the Bridge."

"Look after yourself honey. I love you." He says in to the phone she says I love you back to him and then they hang up Kate heading to the bridge and Mike sitting there with a huge smile on his face.

A week later Kate gets the confirmation that she is pregnant and is around eight weeks, at the same time Maxine also gets the all clear. She decides to take some time out and go on a holiday.

The brass has decided to leave Mike in charge of NAVCOM Cairns.

Seven months later Mike and Kate welcome into the world a healthy baby girl that they have names Arya May Flynn.

Live for them was now taking a total different route. Maxine was back and helping out at NAVCOM, while Mike took time off to spend with his new baby daughter.

Five days later as Kate and Mike lay together on the couch watching their daughter sleep in her bouncer on the floor they both realise that everything they have been through together over the last ten years has made them a strong team. And they both could wait to see what the rest of their future together held.