The Glory of Love, Alcohol and Tinsel

A set of steamy/angsty/fluffy/funny/anything goes one-shot interludes (some sexual) at different Christmas times throughout the Buffyverse. Every pairing under the sun, if there's something particular you want, drop a review. I'll try and do a new one every day or so. There will be 7 before Christmas Day, I promise :D

Candy Canes

Willow and Tara – Season 5

I have a weird headcannon in which Willow and Tara got hot and heavy anywhere and everywhere secretly all through season 5 (To the Salacious Slayer, yes, I posted that confession, lol). This is just one of those moments, set somewhere near Christmas time, perhaps around Triangle? Doesn't much matter when.

"Junior chem is a breezy course," Tara leaned back in her chair, shutting the book a little too loudly for the silent library.

"Which is why I'm going to do it next year… I've been watching you revise all semester and I'm pretty sure I did more advanced stuff in AP Chem in high school!" Willow circled back to face Tara, opening a psychology textbook and fanning through the pages. "But look at it this way, one more week of study, then we get to be relax-y-gals over Christmas break."

"What are we going to do for Christmas?" Tara asked.

"Be Jewish, and therefore not celebrate the biggest most commercial holiday of the year?" Willow quirked an eyebrow.

Tara grinned. "Okay, you're Jewish… I'm Wiccan… between us, that's no happy-birthday-Jesus. What ever shall we do, all lonely in our toasty room while it's all cold and dreary outside?" Tara's face split in a sly, vixen-y grin. Willow's heart picked up and her breath hitched in her throat. Was Tara suggesting…?

"Hmm, well we have to generate heat somehow," Willow went along with Tara, biting her lip as she gazed into darkening sapphire eyes.

"So how 'bout it Will? Christmas day, you, me, locked door and a bottle of champagne?"

"Don't forget the candy canes," Willow beamed. She could feel herself blushing, but nearly a year with Tara had let her grow accustomed to the way the shy blonde would play these saucy little games with her… just conversational exchanges that would leave them both aching. Tara definitely knew how to turn just about any phrase on its head… and have it leave Willow squirming. What Willow loved most though, was the way that everyone thought Tara was this shy, timid, inhibited girl… but Willow was the only one that ever got to see the way Tara really was. A caterpillar of adorable quietness that actually kinda exploded into a slutty-sexy-sensual butterfly. She was still quiet, still gentle… but the husk in her voice, the darkness in her eyes, the way her hands were almost always creeping in so-not-public-appropriate places, well. None of them really knew Tara. And Willow was okay with that. She kinda loved having this sexy, adventurous part of Tara all to herself.

"Candy canes?" Tara raised one eyebrow. "Hmm, I can think of so," she leaned in to Willow, her full lips almost touching the shell of the redhead's ear, "many places those would, uh, tingle."

Oh Goddess sweet torture… they'd promised themselves that they'd stay at the library for a full three hours of studying. It had been… Willow snuck a look at the clock… crap. Twenty minutes. But Tara was quick. She caught Willow's glance at the clock and grinned.

"You think you can wait another two and a half hours?"

"Can you?" Willow retorted. She knew that look. Tara's pupils were dilated, and her lips were parted and glistening. She kept shifting in her chair, crossing and recrossing her gorgeous legs.

"I need to, uh, get a book. From the occult section." Tara stood quickly, a lecherous look in her arousal-darkened eyes. "Come help me find it?"

Willow smiled, just a little smugly. Tara, after all, was the one who'd insisted on the study session. The redhead very slowly reached down into her bag, bending at the waist and feeling Tara's eyes on her behind. Carefully, she extracted on of the candy canes thrust at her by the frat boys as she walked around campus. Ever so torturously slowly, she stood up, turning to face Tara.

Tara gasped, her arousal doubling instantly. Willow was standing in front of her, a candy cane hooked over her finger, the other hand on her hip and the sweetest-sexiest little half grin gracing her lips. Tara beamed, shaking her head and grabbing Willow. Within half a minute, they were at the very back corner of the stacks, a place so rarely ventured into that not even the cleaner bothered much with it. The take-charge portion of Tara's libido kicked in at that point, and she sensually ran her hands down Willow's arms, biting her lip in a sexy-as-all-hell little smirk. Her hands ran up and down, up and down, over and over again, raising gooseflesh and making Willow tingle. Every time her hands ran a little lower, and on her fiftheenth…sixteenth (Willow wasn't sure, she was kinda preoccupied) stroke, her fingers brushed the clasp of Willow's skirt. She ran her hands back up again, this time under Willow's arms, hooking Willow's festive sweater up over her head as she went. This left Willow standing in just a camisole and her skirt, far better sexy-library time attire.

"Stockings or hose?" Tara whispered, pressing a wet kiss to Willow's ear.

Willow gave a quiet gasp, pressing into Tara, "stockings," she breathed, then, pulling Tara in for a searing kiss, whispered into her mouth, "and no underwear."

"Willow!" Tara gasped, pulling back with a look of wonderment.

"Laundry day," Willow said, supressing a smile as she shrugged.


Tara slid her hand beneath Willow's skirt and grinned, finding warm wetness and no underwear barrier.

"Three hours, ya wouldn't think it'd be hard to go three hours without doing thiiiiii-" Willow's chatter cut off abruptly when two of Tara's fingers slid effortlessly into her hot centre. "But I'm glad we didn't…" she exhaled, writhing against Tara's palm which was flat on her clit. In one smooth motion, Willow hooked her legs around Tara's hips, half supporting her weight on her girlfriend and half on the shelf behind her whilst simultaneously slipping her fingers under the gusset of Tara's panties and setting up a rub-thrust kind of motion. Immediately, Tara gripped Willow's waist tighter with her spare hand, and began pressing hot kisses down her dainty collar bone, Tara's tongue leaving a burning trail. Her senses were obliterated by Tara, all of it was Tara… touch and sight and smell and taste, she moaned softly, unable not to at the total sensory assault Tara was providing. Almost immediately, all sound was drowned out by an insisting pair of full lips. Whilst Willow kind of wanted to protest the lack of neck kissing, she couldn't help but understand why. She kinda had a tendency to be the one who screamed loud enough to give away their almost-secret sexcapades. Like in study group last month. They'd retreated to this same back corner of the library and… there was screamage and… well, now none of the girls would speak to them and all the guys kept hitting on them. Tara sensed Willow's thoughts wandering and smiled slightly against her lips, deepening the kiss and obliterating any further thought. She doubled the pressure on Willow's sex, and felt Willow reciprocate by adding a second finger. Tara bit back a moan, pressing her tongue into Willow's mouth to keep from moaning. Slowly, she began pressing more and more hot, open-mouthed kisses down Willow's throat, stopping at the top of her cleavage before working her way back up again. Willow leaned back slightly, plucking the candy cane from the shelf behind her and tearing the wrapper off with her teeth. She pinned Tara's gaze, emerald locking with sapphire as she slowly, sensuously unfurled her tongue, running it from the base of the candy cane all the way over the curve and moaning in minty-fresh satisfaction. Tara's sapphire gaze darkened to shades of midnight and Willow licked her lips, before slowly sliding down Tara's body, reluctantly dismounting her fingers. She quickly flicked the button on Tara's skirt and smiled as it dropped to the floor. Blushing, but knowing that Tara would think it was sexy, Willow leaned forward, gripping the blonde's satin panties in her teeth and ripping. They fell from her body in tatters. Willow held the glistening candy up.

"What do you want for Christmas, baby?" She whispered.

"You," Tara grinned.

Willow beamed, running the candy cane down Tara's dripping slit, from her clit to her opening, and slid it in. Tara groaned.

"Tingly," she smiled.

"Yummy," Willow replied, laving Tara's pussy with her tongue.

Tara bit back another moan as Willow began pumping the candy cane like a piston. She spread her legs a little wider, encouraging the little red-headed elf between her legs to keep doing whatever it was that felt so damn good… Willow sucked Tara's clit hard, before beginning a light pattern of flicks against the hard little nub.

"I love you, my little elf," Tara moaned.

"I love you too," and Willow kissed, not licked, not sucked, actually kissed her clit. That was enough. Tara's legs began to shake and she bit down on her own lip to keep from crying out as her hips thrust forward into Willow's welcoming mouth. Willow gently tongued at her pussy until the last aftershocks subsided, before slowly removing the candy cane. It was all syrupy, and dripping in Tara-juice. Willow smiled, then licked it off appreciatively.

"Yummy, yummy, Tara with mint," Willow grinned, licking the red food dye off her lips.

"You're a spaz, Willow. A sexy, sexy little spaz." Tara pulled Willow up, kissing her deeply and tasting the strangely good Tara-sweet-tart-candy-mint combination. In one quick motion, she'd snatched the candy from Willow's grasp and slid it deeply inside her pussy. Willow gasped, her head rolling back in pleasure as she hooked herself up on Tara's hips so she could grind her clit against her firm belly. Tara once again resumed her grip on Willow's waist, kissing her tender pulse point, occasionally sucking hard. Just to make sure there was a little mark of their adventure left for the days to come. She doubled the speed of her candy-infused thrusting, and Willow was thankful Tara was strong… she'd kinda gotten to that melty point where supporting your own weight became a non-possibility. Willow's pants increased to moans, and the slick wetness from her pussy was dripping down Tara's wrist. Quickly, Tara silenced Willow's moans with a kiss, smiling at the way Willow was writhing against her, like a slippery little … slippery thing. She wasn't at a high-thought-process level right now. A few more thrusts… Willow's body was shaking, and she could feel the warm tingle begin to spread from where Tara's fingers touched her right through her body, spreading up and up and… and it was like an explosion. Willow tried, but she couldn't bite back the noises, however Tara was, as usual, quick off the mark. She pressed her open mouth to Willow's, swallowing every shriek, cuss and moan as she let Willow ride her orgasm out, wave by wave. Ever so slowly, Willow slid back to Earth, gradually righting herself. Tara removed the candy cane, mirroring Willow's earlier action by licking it clean, before snapping it in half and sliding on end into Willow's mouth with a cheeky grin. The kissed again, sharing mint-Willow-Tara taste, before pulling apart and quickly redressing.

"Will?" Tara said as they, flushed and musky-minty returned to their table.


"I don't think it's just the big, honkin' menorah that's keeping Santa away from your place."

"Why's that?" She asked, though smiling as she could see where it was going from the vixen-y look in Tara's eyes.

"Well Willow," Tara cried in faux-exasperation, "you don't really think that after that he could possibly put you on the nice list?!"