Dean had known as soon as Cas walked away that he was in trouble. He knew it even more when Cas refused to talk to him, or even look at him for the rest of the day. Funnily enough, he figured the only way to make things right again would be to talk to his recently ex-girlfriend. Of course, half the school was already aware of the break up, because this girl had over heard them and told that girl, who told her boyfriend, who told his friend and blah blah blah. The social network, as infuriating as it was, held no interest to Dean. He honestly didn't give two craps.

He found Anna easily enough. It wasn't like she was hard to spot, her fire-y hair would stand out anywhere, and he silently sat down next to her. "Cas is pissed at me."

"I've noticed," Anna replied, rather unhelpfully. "You two have been joined at the hip pretty much since you met and now he won't even look at you. What'd you do, Dean?"

Dean frowned. Although it was logical that he would be the one to screw things up, he was still offended. She could have at least pretended that he wasn't a total screw up at everything he did. "Why did you assume it was me?"

Anna rolled her eyes. "Because if he screwed up, I would be talking to him about how you're pissed, but seeing as you're the one that came to me, I'm guessing it's your fault. Am I wrong?" Dean had to hand it to her, it was fair logic. And that smile meant she knew she had won.

"Alright, yeah, okay. "Look, I didn't mean to start anything, alright? He was just… Writing a song, and one thing let to another, next thing I know, your mother came up and Cas is storming off. I mean, I get that it's a touchy subject. My Mom's dead, too, but it was a while ago, right? I'm not saying he should just… Get over it, but shouldn't he at least talk to me? Tell me what's going on in that impossible brain of his?!" Dean was getting worked up. He had to take a deep breath to calm himself back down.

Anna seemed… Shocked, to say the least. "Dean… It hit Cas hard." Dean mentally noted that that was the first time heard heard Anna call him Cas instead of Castiel. "This is something that he should probably tell you…" She said softly, giving him a sad, almost pitying smile. "He took it a lot worse than the rest of us. They were close, Mom and Cas. Cas was always… Different. He's never really tried to fit in, so while we were all at friends houses or birthday parties or whatever, Cas stayed home with Mom. I remember coming home once to find them dancing in the living room. She understood him in ways that none of us do. If you want any more details, you're going to have to ask him, but just… Understand that she was pretty much his best friend as well as his Mom." Anna patted him on the shoulder sympathetically, before walking away.

Dean understood now, why Cas was so upset. He knew Cas had been a bit older that he was when he lost his mother, which had to suck even more than Dean knew. And he got the feeling there was something that Anna was leaving out, not sure if Cas would want him to know or not. That was fine, everybody was allowed their secrets, or they should be, as far as Dean was concerned. Cas' business was Cas' business. All Dean wanted was for him to actually communicate in someway, even if it was through Morse Code or something.

He waited until after school to call him, mostly just to see if he'd actually pick up the phone. He didn't. Dean knew that Cas not talking to him, meant Cas wasn't talking to anybody, which wasn't healthy. So, on the grounds of helping his best friend not become a hermit, he made his way to the Novak house.

Gabriel let him in, looking unusually serious. Dean knew that Gabe wouldn't look serious even if the house was on fire. The only thing he ever took seriously was his family. Crap. "He hasn't spoken a word to anyone," Gab muttered. "It's not the first time this's happened. It usually happens around this time of the year. He just… Shuts everyone out, doesn't talk and glares at anyone who comes near him. You might have triggered this one, but don't take it personally, we've all done it." That didn't make Dean feel much better at all, still he knocked on Cas' door, hearing the faint sound of very familiar music on the other side. Led Zeppelin, if he wasn't wrong. And Dean was very rarely wrong when it came to his music.

"Cas?" He asked, pushing the door open. Cas' room wasn't neat-freak tidy, like he'd expected it to be. It wasn't messy, exactly, more like… Ordered Chaos. "Cas, buddy, you gotta talk to me, man. I don't know what the hell's going on."

Cas looked up from where he was on his bed, staring at his feet, and Dean could see from the red eyes and the tear streaked cheeks that he'd been crying for a while. Dean sat down next to Cas on the bed. "What's going on, Cas?" He asked softly.

Cas just looked over at him, the silent tears still falling, and whispered, so quietly that Dean would have missed it if he wasn't waiting for a reply. "I killed her, Dean. It was my fault." Of all the things he'd been expecting Cas to say, all the possibilities he'd come up with in his head, Dean could safely say that that was not one of them.