Fitz had asked Margaret to send Tom in once she had finished with checking his vitals.

"Tom, has Ms Pope, has she, did she," he wasn't quite sure what he was trying to ask, but Tom read between the lines.

"Yes Mr President. She has been here every night, and any time she is not in the White House, or checking in at Pope and Associates Headquarters she's here."

"The First Lady mentioned that she had only been here once since I've been in the hospital." Fitz watched as Tom controlled his expression,

"She allowed Ms Pope to see you once and then revoked her privileges Sir. Ms Pope had no choice but to oblige to her wishes. But I found her waiting around after her privileges were revoked so that she could sneak in. I've been sneaking her in. She comes throughout the day, whenever she has a free moment or just needed a minute to see you. After the first week the First Lady started shortening her visits, and limiting them to an hour in the morning and in the afternoon, so it was a little easier to work around her."

"Just long enough for the press to capture her doting wife duties." Fitz muttered in utter frustration in realisation that his anger was greatly misguided.

"Thank you Tom."

"Of course Mr President."

Liv and Cyrus stood outside the doors of his private wing talking. Liv was doing her very best to talk Cyrus off his ledge. He was livid with the way Fitz was speaking to her. It was unlike him, and he knew that despite the fact that Olivia pretended to let it roll off her back, it still hurt her.

"I know I said that he can't fire you, but I will Liv. I won't keep letting him talk to you that way. I would rather fire you myself."

"Cy, calm down. I know it's unlike him, but Cy the man's been in a coma for weeks. Let's cut him a little slack. You and I both know that if he ever finds out exactly what was, no one is going to punish him more than himself."

"Small consolation." Cyrus muttered not appeased.

"If I've reached my limit, I promise I will quit myself." She said assuring him.

"But the man I love is still in there somewhere. Up until this point he hadn't given up on me, I won't give up on him now. While I can still see that there's a glimmer of what we once had in there, I'm sticking around. I promised myself that, and I promised him. So thank you, for having my back. I appreciate it more than you know."

"Okay," he said gruffly. Liv smiled and draped an arm around his shoulder dropping a kiss on his head.

"You're getting soft Cy." She teased.

"Go, get!

Cyrus took a deep breath before entering Fitz's room. He understood why Liv was giving Fitz a long leash, but he wasn't about to let him walk all over her. He was going to get a say in despite what she said if only to give him something to think about.

"Permission to be frank Mr President?" Fitz could see that Cyrus was mad, and a mad Cyrus was never good,

"If you ever speak to Olivia like the way you have been, so help me God. You have no idea what that she has been through the last few weeks."

"Cy, I think I just caught a glimpse." Fitz replied solemnly.

"She's been here every night?" he asked somewhat rhetorically,

"Every moment she's not at the White House or checking in at Pope and Associates. She's near killed herself from exhaustion bouncing from one to the other."

"Oh Liv," Fitz felt like someone had taken his heart and ripped it from his chest.

"I woke up and all I could think of was her, and how all I wanted was to be with her, and then I remembered our last moments and it hurt to remember that she's with Edison now."

"With is a relative term when it comes to you two. You may be with Mellie, but your heart was always with Liv. It's the same for her, she may have been with Edison, but her heart was always with you. FYI, Edison never stood a chance to begin with, but that ended the moment you were shot."

"Honey, have you slept at all recently? You know he's going to be fine right?" Margaret asked concerned.

"I know, but we're all hands on deck at the moment to make sure that he's back in that Oval office."

"Not at the cost of your health Liv. I've watched you the last three and a half weeks spend every waking moment making sure that man is looked after. He's fine now. You need to look after you."

"I promise, the moment his ass is in that Oval office, I am going to sleep for a weekend."

"I'm going to hold you to that. So we'll do lunch next week?"

"Definitely." Liv was hugging Margaret goodbye when her phone began to vibrate in her bag. She tried not to groan when she saw that it was Fitz's personal number, somewhat cautious of what was coming.

"I better go and take this. Take care and ill see you next week Mags."

"You too sweetheart." Liv kissed her cheek before turning to pick up Fitz's call,

"Good evening Mr President,"

"Hey Liv," Olivia stopped walking, it was the first time he hadn't called her Ms Pope since he had opened his eyes. It was also the first time that there was no hostility in his voice when he was addressing her.

"Cyrus..." She mumbled softly to herself with an eye roll.

"Are you still on hospital grounds?" He asked, her hesitation told him she was.

"Can we talk? Can you come back? Please."

"Sure, give me a few minutes." Olivia used her few minutes to compose herself. She grabbed a Mocha for Tom and sheepishly handed it to him at the door,

"Good evening Ms Pope."

"Don't think I can't read right through that poker face of yours Tom."

"I don't know what you mean Ms Pope," he replied with a small smile opening the door for her.

"I'm sure you don't,"

"Thank you for the coffee," Fitz heard Tom say as she walked hesitantly into this room.

"Mr President, was there something you needed?"

"I wanted to say I'm sorry." He said,

"I've been behaving like an ass hat since you walked into that door that first night. I was angry, about a lot of things and you got the brunt end of it. I woke up and you weren't here. Despite how unreasonable it was and despite everything we've just been through I expected that you would be here, and when you weren't, it hurt. I waited for you to come, and when Cyrus came and you weren't with him I thought you didn't care, that I had truly lost you and that you had moved on without me. Even if it was me who let you go. I'm sorry Liv, I should have known better."

"It's ok Fitz." She said trying to comfort him,

"No, it's not. All I've done is make things difficult for you. I've been such an ass." Olivia sighed and walked over to the foot of his bed and placed a hand on his leg.

"And you know what, I can't make you feel worse than you've already made yourself. It truly doesn't matter. I almost lost you Fitz, and being able to be in the same room with you mad as hell at me is something I would take any day over not having you at all."

"Why didn't you tell me Mellie revoked your privileges?"

"Because it didn't matter. I would have made a way to be here, just as I did that night. I vowed to always make a way. I promised us both while you were in that coma that i would never give up on us. I didn't want to play into Mellie's games, and Fitz at the end of the day she had everyday right to ban me from seeing you. You are her husband. You belong to her and I didn't want to take that away from her. Mellie is Mellie but she's still your wife and I have to respect that."



"Can you come closer?" Fitz requested holding out his hand to her. She walked over to the side of his bed and let him take her hand in his.

"Thank you for never leaving my side."

"Cyrus Beene, really!" She exclaimed in quiet disbelief, realizing that he knew everything.

"He's not the only one so ratted you out." There were only three possible suspects and she guessed all three were guilty.

"You were here every night? Every day?"

"Every chance I got." She admitted softly.

"It felt like every time I wasn't near you I couldn't breathe because I was scared that I would lose you, that you would slip away and I wouldn't be there. I didn't want to be Anna Fitz." Olivia said looking away, and he got what she meant immediately tightening the hold he had on her hand.

"I knew that if anything happened to you, God forbid. Mellie would never let me anywhere near you. She would never let me say Goodbye. I guess if anything were to happen to you, I wanted to be here. I needed to be here."

"Oh baby, come here." He said shifting in his bed to make room for her. Without hesitation Olivia put her bag down, took her shoes off and climbed into the bed beside him. He wrapped his arms securely around her as she lay her head on his chest. While one hand kept a firm grip around her, the other soothingly stroked her back.

"And Sally had me planning your funeral."

"Oh Liv Baby, I'm so sorry." Olivia snuggled as close to Fitz as possible as though trying to convince herself that she was really okay. Fitz kissed the top of her head. He understood why Cyrus was all of a sudden incredibly protective of her. In the last few weeks she had endured so much, and as she closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep in his arms he could finally see the toll it had taken on her. He vowed to make it up to her every day for the rest of their lives.