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It was way past midnight, a time when most living things had fallen into deep slumber. The only ones that were still up and performing activities were those nocturnal in nature, be it animals, demons, or other kinds of supernatural beings.

Despite the rise of nocturnal beings at a time like this, the atmosphere was, for the most part, silent. The most notable sounds heard at a time like this were the cries of owls and crickets, the rustling of leaves, and other unidentifiable sounds.

It was also at times like this when those not of nocturnal nature were indoors, but such wasn't the case for a certain red-haired woman dressed in green Chinese clothing. Meiling Hong, the gatekeeper of a large Western-styled mansion dyed almost completely in brownish-red, a sight that might send shivers down the spines of some people, as something consisting mostly of that color screamed eerie and unnerving.

Meiling was standing in the center of the only gate leading into the mansion grounds, sleeping in a standing position, a feat that could be considered worthy of praise, because sleeping peacefully in that kind of position was considered really hard to pull off.

However, being one given the responsibility to make sure that no one enters the mansion grounds without her permission, Meiling woke up to the sound and presence of something in front of her. Due to the darkness, she was only able to make out the silhouette of the assumed intruder that was moving in her direction. Whatever it was, there was no way she was going to let it into the mansion at a time like this. It would have to get past her first.

Getting into a defensive stance, Meiling said to the intruder in a voice that was loud enough to be heard by it, but not enough to be heard by those in the mansion, "The Scarlet Devil Mansion is off limits at a time like this! Whatever business you have, please come back in the morning! Whoever you are, please leave at once!" However, the intruder either didn't hear what she said or ignored her warning, as it kept on moving toward her. "Did you hear what I told you just now? Please leave at once! Failure to heed my warnings and I will not hesitate to use force!"

The intruder kept on closing in on her, and as it did, its size seemed to grow, so the gatekeeper was starting to be sure that it wasn't humanoid in appearance. It might be a large animal, but what animal was there that had such a square-shaped body? Suddenly, the "eyes" of the intruder opened, and the large amount of light that came out of it blinded the gatekeeper, making her close her eyes with her hands over her face.

The next thing Meiling knew, she was rammed by the intruder with a tremendous force that pressed her against the gate, causing it to swing open and sending her flying back through the air. She fell back onto the ground with a thud and lied there unconsciously, and the intruder went over her, her hands just short of being flattened by its "legs".

The intruder crashed through the front door of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and came to a stop just short of the middle of the lobby.

As it turned out, the intruder was not a living thing, but rather, a truck. The door at the back swung open, along with the ones at the front, and various people armed with firearms and wearing leather jackets came out. They were all wearing masks that were either smiling or frowning. The designs of the masks were, to say, a bit disturbing to look at.

The last person to come out from the back of the truck was a man with somewhat messy black hair dressed in a brown trench coat. He walked in front of the truck and looked around the place with a stern and grumpy face for a few seconds before giving orders to the others to move out.

Obviously, the sound of the truck crashing into the mansion was something that wouldn't go unnoticed by the residents of the mansion. Women dressed in pajamas—fairy maids—soon came rushing into the place to see what it was that happened. Needless to say, there were shocked at the sight of the intruders before their eyes, and they came out here without bothering to change clothes.

The man in the trench coat, without a single word, took out a pistol and shot one of the fairy maids in the head, and she quickly disintegrated shortly after hitting the floor. The sight of one of them getting killed caused the other fairy maids to scream, and some ran away as a result. The braver ones, however, stretched forth their arms and fired energy projectiles from their palms at the intruders.

The masked intruders quickly ran behind the truck for safety while firing at the fairy maids. One of the intruders got shot, but he was surprised that all he got was a burning and stinging feeling, though it was still a bit painful.

"Their attacks, for the most part, aren't harmful to us," the man in the trench coat said to his men while dodging and firing at the fairy maids. "Charge forward and shoot them down! We'll show them the difference between real bullets and theirs!"

After hearing the words of their supposed leader, the masked intruders ran forward while firing their machine guns at the fairy maids, taking them out one by one. When the fairy maids realized that these intruders were not daunted or harmed by their projectiles, at least not fatally, they started to panic and flee before they were shot down too.

With most of the fairy maids out of the way, the masked intruders started running into various rooms, bringing with them not only their guns, but also bags. As they were doing so, the leader slowly walked towards the room in front of him when suddenly one of his men flew out and landed in front of him. He looked at him for a second before looking up to see a silver-haired girl dressed in light blue pajamas, and three knives were held in between her fingers in each of her hands—Sakuya Izayoi.

"You've got guts breaking into our mansion at a time like this," she said while looking at the leader with a serious expression. "How did you get past the gate guard? She does her job even when asleep and at a time like this."

"Ah, so the head maid has showed up," the man said in a voice that was considered a bit high-pitched for his age and appearance. "I was wondering when the higher ups of this place were going to show their faces. It wouldn't be fun if only the lower-ranked ones try to take things into their own matter."

"So you know that I'm the head maid?" Sakuya said while slowly approaching the man. "I take that you already have some knowledge of this place before coming here, and yet you still barge in here uninvited, even taking out some of our maids? Like I said before, you've got guts doing this."

"Of course I have guts. Every living thing has guts," the man said. "You want to try and cut me open with your knives to prove that?"

"You're going to wish that you never told me to do that," the head maid said in a threatening voice while raising the knives on her right hand in front of her face. With swift arm movement, she thrust the same hand forward to stab the man in the face, but the man moved out of the way in time at. When Sakuya did the same thing using the other hand, he managed to escape harm again by stepping aside.

The man brought up his gun to the level of the maid's face and pulled the trigger, but she quickly moved out of the way and went a bit of a distance away from him to throw knives. The man quickly jumped to the side and fired rapidly from his gun, but the maid managed to avoid all of them. When his gun was out of bullets, he instantly took out a new bullet case and reloaded his firearm in a moment's notice before firing at the knives that the maid threw at him while he was performing the previous action, shooting them out of the air.

Sakuya produced new knives seemingly out of nowhere in between her fingers and then ran toward the man while avoiding his bullets. She swung down her hand to hit him in the face with her knives when she was close, but he quickly bent back to avoid getting hit before trying to shoot her in the head. She jumped out of the way in time and then threw some of her knives at him while in the air, but they failed to hit their target.

"He's good!" she thought as she landed. "Is he a demon or a human?"

"Hmph!" The man then aimed diagonally at the air and pulled the trigger. Confused as to why he did that, Sakuya looked up, and the moment she did, she was shot in the right leg and then bent down while crying in pain. Suddenly, the chandelier hanging onto the ceiling right above her fell down on top of her.


The impact of the chandelier instantly knocked out the maid. Despite this, the man closed in on the unconscious maid with his gun pointing at her to make sure that she was really down for the count. Thinking that it was best to make sure that his opponent was really dead, the man readied to pull the trigger, but he stopped when his men ran back into the lobby, each with their bags filled.

"We're done here, boss!" one of them said. "We've gathered as much as our bags can carry! Let's beat it before the master of this place comes!"

"Right, get back into the truck," the man said as he put his gun away, as he had changed his mind about finishing off Sakuya, thinking that it was better to leave right away. As he turned around to return to the truck, a voice called out to him, making him and his men stop to turn to the source of it.

"Stop right there," the voice said. "Leaving here without meeting the master of this place and giving her a proper greeting first?" They looked at the door Sakuya originally came out from and saw a short purple-haired girl dressed in a sleeveless night gown that matched her hair color.

"Guess we weren't quiet enough with our actions," the man said as he started moving in Remilia's direction, undaunted by the appearance of the one known as the Scarlet Devil. His men, fearing danger, quickly rushed back into the truck, but a few of them stayed behind to see if their leader needed help.

As Remilia walked toward the man, she looked at the unconscious and injured Sakuya underneath the chandelier before looking at him. "I have to applaud you for being able to best my head maid in a fight," she said. "It's not something everyone is capable of doing. She is acknowledged as one of the most skilled fighters in Gensokyo. For a normal human, you're definitely something to be able to accomplish such a feat!"

"As much as there is a limit to what humans can do, the peak of their limit is something that is not to be underestimated," the man said. "If I had no faith in coming here and then leaving alive, I would never have done so in the first place."

"My… You're very confident of yourself, eh?" Remilia said. "Now that you've broken into this place, made a mess, and stole my properties, you seriously think you can make it out of here in one piece? Your so-called confidence has very well caused the downfall of…" Before she could finish her phrase, the man pulled out something from underneath his coat and threw a large amount of powder at her face. When the young vampire breathed in the powder, she felt her nose and her lungs burn as she began coughing and sneezing uncontrollably. "What…?! What the…?! Gar… Garlic…?! Ack! Augh! Cough!"

The man then fired from his gun at the suffering Remilia over and over, each shot making her take steps back. When he was out of bullet, he gave her a kick that knocked her onto the floor before taking out a knife to plunge through her chest. While the vampire was screaming in pain, the man quickly ran back into his truck with his men.

As the vehicle was backing out of the mansion, Meiling ran toward it from behind, shouting, "You're not getting away!" However, she moved out of the way when the truck backed up at a fast speed in order to avoid getting run over. She turned to the look at the vehicle as it moved out of the mansion grounds backwards, and while she wanted to give chase, the cry of her mistress back inside told her that it was more important to save lives first, so she quickly rushed inside. "Mistress Remilia! Mistress Remilia!"













Chapter 1
Approaching Incident

BGM: A Sacred Lot (remastered version made by Shadow00000000000001)


A land unknown to civilization…

A land where things that one would pass off as myths, legends, and nonsensical were found…

Magic, demons, ghosts, cryptids, supernatural elements…

Those were some of the things that one could expect to find in Gensokyo.

Separated from civilization, Gensokyo was way behind in technological advancement, so the lifestyle of the inhabitants of this place was similar to that of the feudal era of Japan.

Despite this, modern day equipment and high-tech materials somehow made their way into this place every once in a while, so the inhabitants were not completely unaware and ignorant of what the world out there was like.

What kept this place hidden from the world outside was the Great Hakurei Barrier, a large magical barrier surrounding the place created and held up by the Hakurei Shrine and, most importantly, the latest in line of the Hakurei clan, Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

End of BGM

It was early in the morning when the shrine maiden was already up and dressed in her usual red and white attire, one that didn't resemble the kind that people would think of if they hear the term shrine maiden.

After finishing up her breakfast consisting of a bowl of rice, miso soup, grilled fish, and kimchi, the shrine maiden leaned back with her arms supporting her while letting out a sigh. Her green-haired robotic maid, Ruukoto, came over to clean up the table while asking her mistress with a smile, "How is the meal, Mistress Reimu?"

"Like always," the shrine maiden replied.

"I'm glad you like it!" the robot happily said. "I'll continue to do my best to serve you! I'm off to work now!" Then she left with a tray containing the dining equipments in her hands.

Reimu got up and stretched a bit before walking outside her shrine to let the sun shine down on her for warmth. Nothing like the warm sun shining down on you on a beautiful day…!

While she was bending her neck and moving around her limbs to warm up for the day, she noticed an all too familiar person to her flying across the air while shouting loudly, "Big news! Scarlet Devil Mansion was assaulted and robbed during the night!"

Hearing this came as a huge surprise for Reimu, for she knew how strong the inhabitants of the mansion was. Was the tengu telling the truth? She knew well that Aya had always been known for exaggerating the truth and even spreading false information, so perhaps she was behaving like always again? What good would she gain for spreading false information like this? If this was false, and those living in the mansion heard about it, they surely wouldn't let her get away with it in one piece. Aya should know better than to get on the bad side of the Scarlet Devil.

As Reimu was wondering about this, a girl with short black hair and wearing a white shirt and a black skirt dropped down in front of her in an instant, surprising her a bit. "You heard what I said? It's big news!" the girl—Aya Shameimaru—said to her.

"You seriously think I wouldn't hear that, with you shouting that loud?" Reimu said to her. "And I didn't call for you either. Why'd you come down here?"

"Well, you're a shrine maiden, and solving incidents is what you do best, asides from slacking off when there's nothing to do," the tengu replied, "so I thought you might want to know more details about this."

"I'm sorry for slacking off when there's nothing to do, okay…?" the shrine maiden said, not sounding pleased with that part of the tengu's reply.

"Anyway, you can look at the article for free," said Aya as she took out one of the newspaper she was carrying in a bag strapped around her shoulder. "You won't believe what happened yesterday night!"

"Something tells me you're going to charge me after I look at it…" Reimu said as she took the newspaper from her and began reading the front page.


At around three in the morning, an outside world transportation device called a truck broke into the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Several masked man armed with outside world weapons called guns stepped out and fought against the fairy maids, killing several of them, before running throughout the mansion to steal valuables.

The man believed to be their leader was attacked by the head maid, Sakuya Izayoi, shortly afterwards, and despite her skill in combat, she ultimately lost to the man and was crushed underneath a chandelier. Just as the intruders were about to leave, the master of the mansion, Remilia Scarlet, came out to face the leader himself. Shockingly, the man managed to overcome Remilia using garlic powder and then stabbed her with a knife. After that, the intruders made their escape in the truck.

Their whereabouts are currently unknown.

After finishing the article, Reimu said with look of skeptic, "Are you serious about this? You didn't make this up or exaggerate things, didn't you?"

"Hey, do you doubt the reliability of Bunbunmaru Newspaper?" asked Aya, offended at what she said. "Bunbunmaru is the most reliable and honest news press in Gensokyo! Everything that you see on our papers is definitely real and gathered firsthand! You cannot find a more honest news press anywhere here!"

"Yes, I doubt the reliability of Bunbunmaru," Reimu said with a straight face.

"Ugh… Think whatever you want… Anyway, what I said is definitely the truth. Nothing is altered at all, "Aya said.

"So you're basically admitting that you alter the truth sometimes, eh?" Reimu said when she heard the last part.

"I… I… Wha… Argh! Forget it!" Aya said in frustration. "If you don't believe me, then pay the mansion a visit! You'll be shocked by how true things are!"

"Well, only one way to find out whether or not this is true," Reimu said. "Head over to the mansion and get the words out of Scarlet Devil herself. I still find this to be unbelievable." She then turned to look at her shrine. "Ruukoto, I'll be out for a while. Take care of the shrine while I'm gone, okay?"

"Yes, Mistress Reimu!" replied the cheerful voice of the robotic maid.

Flight was without doubt a useful method of transportation, and this was something that many people in Gensokyo were capable of. Thanks to this method, Reimu and Aya were able to get to the Scarlet Devil Mansion in less than ten minutes, though the latter could have gotten there in less than a minute, had it not been intentionally moving at a pace that was slow enough for the shrine maiden to catch up with.

Due to what happened yesterday, Meiling became stricter than usual about letting people into the mansion, but seeing that it was people she knew well, she let the both of them in without much hesitation after asking what they were here for. The duo made their way through the mansion, led by a fairy maid, until they finally arrived at Remilia's room, where they saw the mistress of the mansion lying down on her bed with a purple-haired girl in a purple pajama-like dress sitting on a chair next to her.

"No surprise that you're here," Remilia said. "I was expecting you to show up sooner or later, now that news of what happened here has pretty much spread throughout the place."

"You know who to thank about that, don't you?" Aya asked.

"Not like this is something I wish to let people know… If anything, I'd prefer that this embarrassing incident be kept from everyone…" Remilia said, not sounding pleased. "I should've silenced you forever if I had the chance…"

"The world needs to know the truth, and I'm the person to get the job done," Aya told her. "Just try and catch up with me if you want to stop me!"

"All right, enough of that," Reimu asked as she walked up next to Remilia's bed. "So was everything written on the newspaper true? You really did lose to an ordinary human?"

"It's very true," Patchouli replied. This made Remilia glare at her, as if the former didn't want her to answer that question so straightforwardly. "Sorry…"

"Yeah, it's the truth…" Remilia said, not really wanting to admit things. "But then, he only won because he pulled a cheap trick. If we had a fair one-on-one fight, I would never lose to him."

"Whoever that person was, he was without doubt prepared when he came here," Patchouli said. "He knew that Sakuya is the head maid of this mansion and that Remilia is the owner. He threw garlic powder into Remilia's face and pinned her down with a silver knife."

"Silver knife?" Reimu curiously asked.

"Silver is one of the weaknesses of a vampire," Patchouli explained. "I arrived at the scene shortly after Remilia's attacker made his escape, so I was able to take out the knife before it did too much to harm to her and then treated immediately."

"Speaking of Sakuya… How is she?" Reimu asked.

"She's all right, though in a battered state," the magician replied. "Some of her bones were broken from getting hit by the chandelier, so she has to stay in bed until they're healed. It's nothing really fatal. Also, the fairy maids who were killed eventually respawned, so we didn't lose any of our household members in the end."

"That's good to hear," Reimu said. "Would be a downer if they simply got wiped out like that. That's one good thing about being a fairy… Whoever this guy is, he sure is skilled to be able to beat you guys up and then make it out alive."

"If I get my hands on him again, he's not going to get away with it so easily!" Remilia said in a voice that hinted anger.

"I'm not an expert on outside world matters, but he and his men were without doubt using outside world weapons, including the transportation device," Patchouli said. "This raises the question of where they got those from."

"Well, I have three possible theories regarding this," Aya said. "Kourindou has lots of outside world stuff there, and Yukari is known to bring back stuff from out there once in a while too. Lastly, Kanako has always been planning to modernize Gensokyo and has even created a science lab or something like that, so I'm not surprised if she has lots of outside world stuff there."

"Those sound valid enough," Reimu said. "Well, guess we'll have to pay those three a visit if we want to get to the bottom of this."

No sooner after this, Reimu and Aya left the mansion and headed over to a place known as Kourindou. It was an antique store ran by a half-human, half-demon named Rinnosuke Morichika, and if ever the inhabitants wanted to know more about or find stuff from the outside world, this was without doubt the first place to visit.

After being told by Reimu and Aya about the reason they came here for, Rinnosuke replied, "Yes, I have seen and know well what the things those people used are, and I can assure you that they are without doubt things from the outside world. However, I do not have anything like those here at all."

"Are you sure about this?" Reimu asked.

"The transportation device they used, called a truck, is simply too big to be stored around here," Rinnosuke told her. "I can keep it outside, but have you seen anything the size of that outside my store around these days? If that truck really came from here, then you should've seen it the day before or so, and the last time you visited this place was only yesterday evening. I can't possibly obtain something the size of that in a short amount of time."

"You have a point," Reimu said with a nod.

"And the weapons those people used are called guns, and it is one of the most dangerous kinds of weapons the outside world has to offer," Rinnosuke continued. "Those things fire projectiles, but unlike most of the kinds used here, they are fatal and can take lives. Knowing how dangerous those things are, I have decided to never keep those things here, in fear of them falling into wrong hands."

"But don't you have an umbrella that is capable of doing something like those weapons can do?" Aya asked.

"I wasn't aware of the fact that the umbrella is actually a weapon at first, and I need a way to defend myself too, you know," said Rinnosuke, trying to defend himself.

"So you're positively sure that none of the things those people used came from this place?" Reimu asked Rinnosuke.

"I'm very sure," the storeowner told her with a nod. "Perhaps you should ask Yukari. She knows even more about the outside world than me, and considering that she brings back stuff from the outside every once in a while, it's no surprise if this is her doing."

"Well, Yukari is known to stir up problems whenever she has too much time to kill, but I doubt she'll ever go overboard like this," Reimu said. "Anyway, we already had in mind to see her next if this place doesn't produce any answers. Still, thanks for the help."

The duo went to Mayohiga right after that. It was an abandoned town located near the border of Gensokyo, and it also served as the border of the Great Hakurei Barrier.

Reimu and Aya landed in the middle of the empty village, its only inhabitants being stray cats, other than the Yakumo, of course. "Are you sure Yukari can be found here?" Aya asked the shrine maiden.

"This is the most likely place where we can find her," Reimu said. "She doesn't really have a set location where she hangs out, but this is usually the first place to start looking at if you want to find her. Let's hope she's here… Let's start off with that house over there. It looks the biggest here, and it's likely that she'll choose a large and comfortable-looking one to stay in."

They approached the house, and Reimu knocked on the door. They were met with quite a while of silence, and Aya eventually said, "I don't think anyone is in there… Why don't we just…?" Before she could finish speaking, the door opened, and a blond woman with nine fox tails was seen standing there. "Oh, so there is someone here."

"It's the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine and the news reporter," the woman—Ran Yakumo—said. "What brings the two of you here?"

"Is Yukari in there?" Reimu asked.

"She is currently in a deep slumber," the nine-tailed fox demon replied. "She has been asleep since two days ago, and chances are likely that she won't be up for a while."

"What has she been up to that she needs to sleep this long?" Reimu asked. "She hasn't been up to anything, hasn't she?"

"I don't think she's been up to anything lately," Ran said. "She simply got bored and couldn't think of anything to do, so she decided to take a nice, long nap, as she puts it. By the way, let me guess what you're here for… It's about the news about the Scarlet Devil Mansion being invaded by people with weapons from the outside world, right?"

"Clever as always, I see," Aya said.

"If you are here to ask if Yukari has anything to do with this, then I can assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with her," Ran told them. "She hasn't visited the outside world for a while already, and there is no reason for her to bring in anything that could potentially harm Gensokyo either. Why would she bring in such dangerous people when it is her duty to keep Gensokyo safe from the outside world? As much as she likes stir up incidents for fun at times, she would never cross the line. She knows her limits."

"Well, you said everything I wanted to bring up…" Reimu said. "Okay, so I guess there's only one more place to look at now… Thanks for the answers."

With Kourindou and Mayohiga visited, the only place left for them to look into was the Moriya Shrine, located on top of Youkai Mountain. Once there, they immediately confronted the goddess of the shrine, Kanako Yasaka, and asked her same thing they asked Rinnosuke.

"I figured that you may be coming over here to ask me about this," Kanako said after being asked that question.

"So do you have any idea on how those people got their hands on the outside world stuff?" Aya asked the goddess. "Do you have anything to do with this?"

"The department of science that I opened has several high-tech equipments, but most of them started off as raw materials that were eventually developed into practical equipments by the kappas, Rika, and Rikako," Kanako replied. "However, I can assure you that the truck and the guns those people used do not come from there. The only vehicles we have are military vehicles made by Rika. Rika also uses guns as one of her methods of self-defense, since she cannot fire projectiles by herself. If those guns were stolen from her lab, she would've made reports of it already."

"Okay… Now that we have asked all three places and got negative answers, that really leaves us in the dark as to where those people got them from…" Reimu said.

"The only plausible answer now is that they brought them along from the outside world," Kanako said. "People occasionally wander into Gensokyo after all."

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but to think that they would bring stuff like those along with them… This is new…" the shrine maiden said. "Anyway, thanks for answering our question. As the shrine maiden responsible for keeping Gensokyo safe, I'll have to look into this more, as much as I find it tiring…"

"You can always give that task to us if you get tired of it," Kanako told her. "We'll gladly look after Gensokyo for you!"

"And let you take all the attention from me? Yeah right…" Reimu said.

"It's not like your shrine attracts any attention or donation in the first place," Aya reminded her, and the shrine maiden responded with a frustrated glare, though she knew the tengu was correct about that.

Marisa Kirisame, the Ordinary Black Magician, was strolling down the streets of the Human Village, the safest place for ordinary humans of Gensokyo to live in, minding her own business while humming her theme song, Love-Colored Master Spark, to pass time.

As she walked down the streets, she overheard passersby talking about the incident that happened at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She was surprised to hear such a thing, but then she remembered that the news report was done by Aya, so chances were likely things weren't as bad as she made them to be. After all, the residents of the mansion were no pushovers, so how bad could things possibly be?

Since she visited the mansion's library often to "borrow" books, she thought it would be better if she paid the librarian there, Patchouli Knowledge, a visit and ask if everything was all right. She then noticed a particular shop selling magic-related merchandises down the street, and thinking that it would be rude to pay one a visit after such an incident without buying any gifts, she decided to stop by there to see if there was anything worth spending a few bucks on.

When she walked into the shop, she noticed was a woman with red hair that was tied into a ponytail dressed in a purple kimono, a few men dressed in "feudal policemen outfits", a long-haired blond girl dressed in red and white, and a white cat sitting on the counter. The girl was in tears, while the red-haired woman and the men with her were asking her questions.

"Um… I'm sorry if I'm disturbing the lot of you…" Marisa asked. "What happened here?"

Everyone turned to look at her, and the red-haired woman—Kotohime—said to her, "Well, it's the thieving witch. You here to borrow stuff for a lifetime?"

"Calling people a thief is sooooo fun, right?" said Marisa, sounding offended. "I told you that I will definitely return the things I borrowed! You just have to be patient! Plus, I never borrow anything from here. This is a legitimate store, so I'd definitely pay before taking anything from here! You can ask Ellen to clarify this!"

The blond storeowner, Ellen, nodded, still with tears in the corner of her eyes. "Yes… She never stole anything from me… She would always pay… after bargaining with me for lower prices…"

"See? Told ya!" Marisa said to Kotohime.

"That better be the case, because I have every right to arrest you if you take things from here without paying," Kotohime told her. "Anyway, there's been a robbery here, and please tell me that you have absolutely nothing to do with this."

"You still doubt me, don't you?" Marisa asked. "Geez! What kind of a cop are you? Cops are supposed to protect innocent people and believe what they say!"

"True, but it's hard to believe someone who has records of 'borrowing' books and other stuff for a lifetime," Kotohime said. "Anyway, like I said earlier, there's been a robbery here. Ellen woke up and found several of her merchandises missing from the shelves, so she quickly notified us."

"That's bad to hear," Marisa said. "So you managed to find out anything?"

Kotohime shook her head. "Ellen had no idea who came in and took them, so we can only conclude that this happened during the night. The things that were stolen mainly consisted of anti-magic materials."

"Anti-magic materials?" Marisa curiously said.

"They are objects that are capable of nullifying magic for a limited amount of time," Ellen explained. "This makes them useful for facing those with magical powers, as it renders them unable to use their abilities. They can also be used to cancel magical properties of objects and erase barriers, assuming they aren't too powerful, like the Great Hakurei Barrier."

"Never knew you sold those kinds of things…" Marisa said. "I was thinking… I heard people talking about how the Scarlet Devil Mansion got robbed. Do you think it's possible that the people who stole from this place are the same as the ones who robbed that place?"

"That's a possibility I was thinking of too," Kotohime said. "The robbery at the mansion happened around three in the morning, and since the distance from here to there shouldn't take more than an hour, it's highly possible that they robbed two places in the same night. Still, we need evidence on this first."

"Well, since you're busy with work, I guess I'll take my leave…" Marisa said before leaving the store. "Guess it's not really a time for shopping… Maybe I'll just return the books I took from Patchouli… Yeah, that should be a good compensation for having stuff stolen… Better than spending money on… I don't even know what to buy…"

The witch then got onto her broom and took off into the air, heading in the direction of the Forest of Magic, where her house was located.

For the rest of the day, the inhabitants of Gensokyo spent their daily lives normally. Nothing unusual happened at all for the rest of the day, but little did they know that what might be the worst incident that Gensokyo would be facing was going to happen soon…


Much like how I have a Super Smash Bros. story series, I am going to start a brand new Touhou series. Please note that this story does not exist in the same timeline as the rest of my Touhou stories and does not exist in the same universe as my SSB series as well. It takes place in its own continuity. All my Touhou stories from now on will take place in this continuity, unless stated otherwise or if they exist in the same universe as my SSB series.

As you can see, PC-98 characters will be featured heavily. It is as if they have always existed alongside the Windows characters.

I plan to portray the characters as closely as possible to their canon portrayals, but I will also throw in a bit of my own fanon portrayals. While this fan fiction has no pictures, I like to imagine that some of the characters are designed a bit differently from their official appearances, be it clothing or hairstyle. I will describe such characters with more detail than usual.

And if you want to imagine how the voice of the robbers' leader sounds like, just imagine the Joker's voice from the movie The Dark Knight. Yeah, something like that…