In chapter 7, Hatate's attack where she locked onto people with her cell phone and then fired laser beams at them is now named.

Final Chapter
Peaceful Land of the East

After being told about what happened by Ran, Yukari wasted no time in heading over to the Human Village to see how things were. She didn't even bother to eat breakfast. By the time she got there, she saw that all the demons had been subdued by the combined efforts of the police force, Mokou and Keine, the Myouren crew, and the Taoist crew.

As for the poison, it was still contained inside the barriers created by Reimu. The gas had finally stopped trying to spread out, so there was no fear of it breaking through the barrier anymore. All that was left was for the air-freshening machine made by the kappas to purify the poison until the air was safe to breathe again.

Seeing that it was safe to leave the poison and the barriers alone, Reimu and the others quickly rounded up Human Being's men and Medicine, and then she told some kappas to fly over to the top of the cliff with her to help round up Human Being himself and two more of his men. When they got there, they saw that Marisa had bounded the leader using the rope that once bounded her. His men were knocked out in front of him. According to her, they got back up again, but she gave them some good blasting using magic to knock them out again.

Soon, all the villains were brought to the Human Village, where their fate would be decided.

It was finally over…

Human Being and Medicine's plan had finally been put to an end…

Gensokyo was saved…

Reimu was breathing heavily on her bed sheet. Four hours had passed, and as Eirin said, she instantly felt tired. Perhaps tired wasn't the best term to put it, as Reimu felt as if she was going to die any second. She dared not to put a blanket over herself. As light as it was, the blanket almost crushed her when it was placed over her body.

Ruukoto was seated next to her with a cheerful look on her face while tending to her. Despite the look on her face, Ruukoto was actually very worried about her master's wellbeing, but she was programmed to be smiling all the time, so she had very little to no control over her expression. "Are you feeling all right, master?" she asked the suffering shrine maiden.

"Do… Do… I… look like… I'm all right… to you…?" Reimu weakly replied. Even trying to speak was a hard task for her. "I… might… as well… be dead… now… Eirin… wasn't… kidding… when she… said… you would… become very… tired… after… four hours… Ugh… I didn't… expect it… to be… this… bad… Ugh… I'm dying… here…"

Just then, Marisa landed at the yard and came into the shrine. "Reimu, are you all right?" she asked shrine maiden.

"Are you… blind…?" asked Reimu, sounding angry.

"Okay… I'll take that as a no…" the witch said. "Guess Eirin wasn't kidding at all… Boy… You look horrible… I wouldn't want to be in your shoes at all… And to think that you need to be like this for two days… I can't imagine how you're going to live through it…"

"Thanks for… not making… things… any… more… comforting…" Reimu said to her.

"I'm here to fill you in with some news," Marisa told her. "Medicine and the six prisoners that Human Being released from the police station are all put behind bars. As for Human Being and his original subordinates, it was decided that since they came from the outside world, so they should be judged by the authorities there, so Yukari brought them back to the outside world. And guess what that guy had to say?"


As Human Being and his men, all bounded by ropes, sat in front of Yukari and a large gap, the former said, "Just because you managed to save your world doesn't mean you've won. I've managed to prove my point in the end. Life is harsh, cruel, and full of sufferings. Demons are bound to their natures of consuming human flesh and causing trouble, as you can see that I managed to convince them to wreck havoc to the village and also Medicine to go ahead and try to slay the entire population of this place. All it takes is a good convincing to drive people to do what they really want to do.

"Even after I'm gone, things are not going to become any better for both this place and the whole world. Evil and life go together hand in hand. As long as life exists, so will evil. Don't go telling me that incidents will no longer happen here after I'm gone. As long as demons continue to wander around, incidents are bound to happen, and eventually, one of them will find the courage to break the restrictions imposed on him and then act the way he is meant to be.

"Even without demons, you humans are also bound to do something similar. As I always say, humans are evil by nature. Wherever there are people, someone will definitely always try to do something to hurt someone and bring terror to all. No matter how hard you try to keep such things from happening, it's not going to work. The more you try to keep lawlessness from happening, the more you become corrupted, as strong desires for peace and order eventually leads to dictatorship. You impose rules on other people and demand that they do whatever you want them to do for the sake of peace, but in reality, you are bringing burden and hardship on others with your so-called peace enforcement.

"Know this, there is no such thing as true peace. All attempts to create true peace will only lead to corruption, which is one of the evils of human nature!"


"He really showed no fear that time…" Marisa said. "I can't believe that someone like him exists… At least we can be sure he won't be returning to Gensokyo again, I think…"

"He… better… not…" Reimu said.

"I'm more worried about Medicine, though," Marisa told her. "Apparently, she hasn't learned her lesson yet, as she said that if the opportunity rises, she's definitely going to attempt to liberate dolls from everyone again…"

"Like she can… do it… as long as I'm… around…" Reimu said.

"I think you shouldn't be talking now…" Marisa told her. "You're suffering a lot just trying to say something… Rest for now, okay? Everything is over now, so you deserve a well-earned rest-ze!"

Suddenly, a gap appeared next to Reimu, and Yukari came out of it. "Hello there, Reimu!" she said to the shrine maiden. "How are you feeling?" The shrine maiden glared at her in response. "Okay, I'll take that as not feeling well… Sorry if I'm bothering you…"

"When did you ever not bother people with your sudden and uninformed appearances?" Marisa asked her. "And also, you sure know how to pick times to go into 'hibernation', you know that? While that guy is wrecking havoc in our homeland and even came close to destroying it, you were taking your beauty sleep and dreaming of wonderful things! So much for being one of the protectors of Gensokyo…"

"At least I sent him and his men to a police station in the outside world in the end, and that's doing a lot" Yukari told her. "Besides, I didn't expect to feel sleepy all of a sudden. Now that I think of it, I started feeling sleepy after something stung me in the back while I was on my way back to Mayohiga. I found a tiny pin stuck to my back… That must've been what caused me to go into a deep sleep…"

"A pin hit you in the back?" Marisa curiously said. "Who would target you and why would he do that? Wait a minute… Why do I have the feeling that it's that guy's doing…?"

"Judging from what I heard about him always being prepared for everything, I dare say it's his doing," Yukari said with a nod. "He knew that I would be the most troublesome to deal with, so he put me out of commission using a powerful tranquilizer. I have to give it to him for succeeding in doing this… Bested by a human in a sneaky manner… My… How the mighty has fallen…"

"That guy really sure caused a ruckus here, but I'm glad that he's finally out of here…" Marisa said.

"I made sure that the police took him in before I left, so you can be sure that he will never terrorize us or anyone in the outside world again, assuming that he doesn't escape, that is…" Yukari said.

"Please… Don't make us scared…" Marisa said.

"If… the both of you… are done… talking… then please… leave me… alone… I want to… sleep… but can't… with you… talking…" Reimu weakly said.

"Oh, sorry about that," Yukari said to her. "Well, I'll be taking my leave. Again, I'm sorry for barely doing anything at all. I really do feel bad for all the things you've been through while that guy was here, so you really do deserve this rest. Hope you get better soon!" With that, Yukari stepped back inside the gap she created, and then it closed and disappeared.

"Well, I'll be taking my leave too," Marisa said to Reimu. "Get well soon-ze!" The witch then left on her broom, and Ruukoto waved good-bye to her.

"Finally… some silence…" Reimu said before closing her eyes, and she fell asleep a few seconds later.

BGM: Endless Dream (vocal remix of Dream Battle, arranged by EastNewSound)

Within the sickroom of Eientei, Eirin was looking at the results she got from checking up on Kogasa, who was lying on a sickbed. "Your condition is better than I thought!" Eirin said to her. "Guess not being a living thing to begin with really does give you more immunity to poison!"

"I'm glad to hear that!" Kogasa happily said.

"Still, Medicine's poison is not something to be underestimated," the doctor told her. "I managed to collect quite a few samples of some of the poisons she produced, and I have to admit that she is very good at creating poisons I have never seen before. I'm actually afraid that she can create more poison than I can create the cures for… Anyway, your condition isn't dangerous, so the antidote I gave you will heal you in about a day. Just take a rest here for a day, and then you can be on your tomorrow."

"Thanks a lot, doctor!" the karakasa said.

"You did a good job trying to help save Gensokyo too! You deserve a rest for this! Okay, I won't disturb you anymore. I have to tend to Nitori and Hatate too," Eirin said before leaving the room.

Kogasa looked up at the ceiling with a smile and said in her head, "I'm glad that I managed to do something great and noteworthy! All right! After I've fully recovered, I will continue to spread the news that old and worn out objects still have uses! With faith and determination, I can surely let everyone realize this! I've got to try my best in this! Hopefully, this will prevent tsukumogami like Medicine from appearing again!"

In her house, Aya was lying on her bed, looking very tired and almost as if she was dying. Kara was seated next to her with a worried look on her face. "You really shouldn't have taken that pill…" she said to Aya. "It's not like you're in a hurry to return to top condition… The shrine maiden has a reason, but what reason do you have? It's not like Bunbummaru is in danger of not having you…"

"Somehow… I feel as if… Eirin… purposely gave me… that pill… in order to make me… like this…" Aya weakly said. "What was she… thinking… exactly…?"

Kara said in her mind, "If this was to stop her from spreading lies and exaggerated information in her newspaper for at least two days or keep her from prying her nose into other people's business… Then yeah… I can understand why the doctor suddenly decided to give her those pills… I always thought the sudden change of heart was a bit too… skeptical…"

Byakuren and her followers were on their way back to the Myouren Temple from the Human Village. "It's great to have my pagoda back in a good condition!" Shou happy said while looking at the miniature pagoda in her hand.

"Better keep your eye on it and not let it get stolen again," Nazrin told her.

Ichirin looked at Byakuren and said, "Are you feeling all right, Mistress Hijiri?"

Byakuren looked at her with a smile and said, "I'm all right! Why'd you ask?"

"Just wanted to know how you feel after fighting a horde of demons, and fighting is something you don't enjoy very much," Ichirin replied. "Furthermore, you witnessed Miko and her followers killing some of the demons… When you talked to her about that… Did you see her attitude when she expressed her opinion to you about killing demons? Who does she think she is?! Just because she used to be a royalty in the past doesn't mean she can speak to you in such a proud manner like that!"

"Don't worry; I'm not in a bad mood because of that," Byakuren said as she turned to look at the front. "However, it's true that I do not accept her way of doing things and also her view toward demons. Even so, it's understandable why she would have those kinds of views toward them. We may not be able to convince them to change their way of thinking so easily, but we will not let them change our way of thinking either. We believe in peace and unity between humans and demons, so no matter what happens, even if it's something like what happened today, we will continue to spread the message that both species can indeed live together in peace!"

"That's the spirit, Mistress Hijiri!" Minamitsu happily said. "We'll give you our best support!"

Alice, Yuki, and Mai were walking through the Forest of Magic, talking with each other about what happened recently. "So those criminals are apprehended and then sent back to the outside world," Alice said. "Looks like Gensokyo can have peace once again!"

"That guy got what he deserved!" Yuki said. "Let this be a lesson to him for trying to mess with us!"

"They should've executed him on spot," Mai said.

Alice turned to her and asked, "Are you always talking about horrifying things like death and killing…? Think of more cheerful things, can you?!"

"So… now that the situation here is better, I think we'll return to Makai tomorrow afternoon or so," said Yuki, changing the subject. "You want to come back with us?"

"It's all right," Alice told her. "Just say hi to Mistress Shinki for me. I'll go back there myself when I feel like it."

"Well, if that's what you want," Yuki said with a shrug.

"Also, be sure to tell her about Mai's sick and atrocious behavior," Alice added. "Tell her that I am NOT pleased with her actions!"

"It's not like she doesn't know anything about this nor does she not do anything about it…" Yuki said.

Kotohime walked down the prison lane and looked at each of the prisoners, one of which was Medicine, whose body was put back together. She said to two of her colleagues, who were standing behind her, without turning around, "Good work today! While lives were lost and damages were done, we still managed to save most of the village from those criminals and the demons!"

"We were only doing our job as the protectors and law enforcers of the Human Village, commissioner," one of the policemen said.

"You still deserve a reward for your actions!" Kotohime said as she turned around to face her colleagues. "I'm not the chief officer here, so obviously, it's not in my place to give you a raise or promote you. However, in the very least, I'll treat you all to dinner after the cleaning up of the village is finished!"

"It is pleasure to be treated to dinner by you," the same policeman said. "However, like I said just now, we were simply doing our job, so such a reward is not necessary."

"Your job or not, you still deserve a reward, like I said just now!" Kotohime said to him. "Anyway, it's been decided! Once things have gotten better here in the village, I'll treat you all to dinner!"

"Thank you very much, commissioner!" the other police officer, a woman, said to her.

Reimu was still in her slumber, and this time, she was sleeping in peace. Ruukoto was sweeping leaves in the yard, and then Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire came and greeted her. The three fairies were carrying with them baskets containing chestnuts, which they wanted to give to Reimu as gifts. The robotic maid greeted back and told her not to disturb her mistress, but they can go in and make themselves comfortable if they want to.

The three fairies nodded and then went into the shrine to look at the shrine maiden sleeping. After putting down the basket of chestnuts next to her, the three fairies quietly wished her a peaceful sleep before leaving the shrine.

Shortly after they left, a smile appeared on Reimu's face.

BGM Ends

The weather in Gensokyo was great that day…










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Day 40

I think I have stayed here long enough. Two of my friends have lost their lives in this dangerous and savage land. It is time that the last of us find our way out of this world…

I still remember very clearly what was in the last page before we found ourselves here… It looks like the top of a temple, and I have every reason to believe that it is the very same temple that can be seen from this tree house. We believe that our way out of here is on top of that temple.

We have to act fast. The dangers here are way too much for anyone with common sense to want to stay behind.

I leave behind this notebook and my compass, in case anyone ever stumbled upon this dreadful place…

This will without doubt be my last entry. Whether or not we can leave this place and return to our own world is unknown. Even if we die trying, we will at least leave behind hints and the path to the exit with our last breaths…

If you are reading this notebook, then I wish you a good luck in making your way home…