Éponine anxiously watched the clock tick away the last remaining minutes of her Sophomore year, all classrooms in the school were silent, it was the last day so all the teachers had given up on teaching and simply bid goodbye to their students and telling them to enjoy the summer. Éponine continued to watch the clock as she bit her lower lip, "five, four, three, two, one..."

The final bell of the school year rang and the classroom was filled with noise as was the hallway with students pouring into the halls to depart for the summer.

"We did it!" Éponine ran up to Cosette as she jumped up and down, "we survived Sophomore year, we are officially upperclassmen!" Cosette giggled and her best friends hyperactive mood.

"Survived? That's what you want to call it?" Marius raised and eyebrow.

"What, do you mean to tell me you came into this year knowing we would come out of it alive?" Éponine crossed her hands over her chest in mock defense.

Marius sighed, "well..."

"Hey 'Ponine, Marius, Cosette!" Alex was calling to them from down the hall as he calmly walked towards them his bag on his shoulders.

Before Éponine had the chance to speak with her boyfriend Courfeyrac came running down the hall behind Alex, Éponine's eyes widened in fear as to what he was going to do.

"WE'RE SENIORS!" Courfeyrac shouted as he ran down the hall and jumped onto Alex's back, it was poorly timed and caught Alex off guard which threw him off balance and the crashed into the lockers with Courfeyrac behind him.

"Ge'offme!" Courfeyrac grumbled.

Alex did so gladly, "What the hell was that?"

"Don't you understand?" Courfeyrac said between gasps, "we are Seniors! We rule the school! The head honchos, big men on campus-"

"Courf, shut up before I am forced to duct your mouth," Éponine warned, "besides the year just ended, who really wants to think about next year? Can't we just enjoy our summer in peace?"

"Wait did 'Ponine just use 'enjoy' and 'summer' in the same sentence?" Marius asked with a smile.

Éponine smiled back at him, "I did."

"Does it have anything to do with this bad boy right here?" Courfeyrac clapped his hand on Alex's back, the couple immediately became embarrassed.

"I think it is more of the fact that 'Ponine doesn't have to work this summer," Cosette interjected on behalf of her friend.

Éponine smiled gratefully to her friend as she collected her things from her now empty locker, gone were the pictures she had pasted during the year of her friends and Alex, of little scribbles she had done and her favorite celebrity crushes. Now it was an empty metal locker just like the many other that lined Hugo High's walls. "We should go find 'Zelma," she spoke as she was zipping up her bag, "maybe Toussaint will take us for ice cream in celebration for finishing the year?"

"Wait, if ice cream is involved I want to be there," Courfeyrac smiled.

"You just have to invite yourself into everything," Éponine rolled her eyes.

"'Ponine be nice," Cosette smiled, "as long as you drive yourself I'm sure it won't be a problem, a sort of end of the year party!"

The group looked around at everyone before Courfeyrac spoke up, "great I'll call the guys, see you soon," he glanced at Alex, "you're coming too, and if not for me, for her," he nodded his head towards Éponine and winked.

Alex sighed, "I guess I will see you at the ice cream parlor?" he shrugged slightly.

"Oh..." Éponine began, "you don't have to go if you don't want to, it was just a thought," she shrugged.

Alex smiled slightly, "Don't worry I'll be there, you should go find your sister."

Éponine smiled, "Well see ya then," she then turned to Cosette, "let's find 'Zelma." They turned with their bags and departed in search for Éponine's younger sister.

Azelma was very busy saying goodbye to Owen Thompson, she was so busy that in fact she was in the middle of kissing him when her sister found her.

"Azelma Christine!" Éponine exclaimed with a laugh that caused the couple to separate.

Azelma blushed a violent shade of red, as did Owen.

"Well isn't this an adorable sight to behold?" Éponine's brown eyes sparkled.

"'Ponine be nice," Cosette cut in.

"And let her get away with all the times she's made fun of me and Alex? Hell no!" Éponine exclaimed, "anyway you two really do make a nice couple, I've been telling Azelma that all along."

"I..." Owen began but was to embarrassed to speak.

"Say nothing," Éponine smiled, "but I'm afraid I must steal my sister from you, after all you do have all summer."

The three girls then left the school to find Toussaint waiting for them, Azelma's blush had only faded to a shade of light pink now.

Éponine paused and turned around to look at the now darkened school building, "You know I think I might actually miss this place this summer."

"Are you serious?" Azelma interjected, "please tell me you aren't serious."

Éponine shrugged, "I had a pretty good time this year."

Cosette through her arm over her shoulder, "And you will have an even better time this summer!"

Éponine giggled, "I guess you are right..." she then spotted Toussaints car in the distance and took off running, "last one to the car pays for ice cream!" she shouted as she ran laughing the whole way.

Azelma and Cosette took off after her, summer had begun and who would know what lies ahead? So taking their chance they were going to live out each wild and crazy summer day and night.

A/N: Please keep an eye out for my Summer Series of one shots as well as Éponine's Junior year at Hugo High School!