Our Family

Baby Evania was now an hour old and everyone was still in this other world. They were trying to think of what they should do when they got back home. Cyrene was finally filled in on why the gods wanted the baby to die.

"There's nothing we can do. I say we just go back and let the guardians protect us like they said they would. They said when a situation seems impossible to get out of the impossible will happen. We can't stay here forever." Xena said.

"Are you sure you're strong enough to go now? We can wait awhile." Hercules asked, stroking her hair. Xena and Hercules' interactions sickened Ares. He couldn't hear them but just watching them was enough. He rolled his eyes in irritation.

"I'm fine, really. I just want to go home and get whatever is going to happen over with so that we can move on with our lives until this whole twilightthing takes place."

"If that's what you think we should do then let's go home." Hercules said trying to have as much faith as Xena.

"Ares, Aphrodite, thanks for your help. You didn't have to do this but you did. We really appreciate it." Xena said before Ares and Aphrodite took them all back to Hercules' house.

"Whoever would have thought that Ares, Aphrodite and especially Hera would help you at all with anything especially this situation." Gabrielle said.

"Something tells me they had a little push in the right direction."Hercules said then checked the windows and around the house to make sure the gods weren't waiting for them."

"How long do you think it will be before it hits the fan?" Joxer asked.

"Not long." Xena said. Joxer pulled Gabrielle aside.

"Gabby, this may be the worst time to say it but I just want to say it and get it off my chest, no strings attached." Joxer said.

"Ok." Gabrielle replied.

"I love you, I'm in love with you." Joxer said. It instantly became awkward.

"... Joxer... I love you too but... as a friend, as a brother even... but not as a lover." Gabrielle said. She could see the hurt in Joxer's eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I understand... I just wanted you to know how I felt about you... at least nothing is left unsaid." Joxer said then walked away.

Hercules went to the room Xena and Solan had been sleeping in to get a new blanket for Evania when Athena appeared.

"Hercules." Athena said.

"Athena, what?" Hercules responded to her presence.

"I understand that you're angry but you should understand why this has to happen." Athena said.

"She's an innocent child." Hercules said.

"A child that will bring about the twilight. This effects you too." Athena said.

"No it doesn't. I'm mortal and I don't rule on Olympus but even if it did effect me I wouldn't condone this." Hercules said.

"You and Xena are being selfish. You can't put the whole world in chaos just to save one child even if it's yours." Athena said.

"Selfish? You want to talk to me about selfishness? I know that there was a time that the gods did not exist. You all were given the powers to defeat the Titans and became so taken over by the power that you all proclaimed yourselves as gods and forced humanity to worship you." Hercules said.

"How did you find that out?" Athena asked.

"It doesn't matter. It's the truth. The only reason you all want to hurt my beautiful, innocent daughter is because you all are too selfish to step off the thrown you were never supposed to have." Hercules said.

"Don't forget you have Zeus' blood running through your veins." Athena said.

"Yeah and I use my power to help humanity and I don't force them to worship me." Hercules said.

"The child must die!" Athena exclaimed.

"You won't win." Hercules said. Athena disappeared then Hercules ran back into the room with everyone else with the blanket in hand. "I think we have trouble coming this way." Xena wrapped Evania in the new blanket. "Everyone stay close. Something is about to happen." Zeus, Dionysus and Athena appeared.

"Last chance, Xena. Hand over the baby." Athena said.

"No. Tell me, would you hand over your child to be slaughtered?" Xena asked knowing the answer was no.

"I'm sorry we have to do this." Athena said as she, Zeus and Dionysus prepared to use their powers to kill Evania. As soon as they raised their hands they went flying against the wall.

"That child!" Dionysus exclaimed.

"She's an hour old, how could she possibly do that?" Xena asked to make them think. They're afraid of an infant. Think about it. "She can't hurt you any time soon so why don't you leave her alone?"

"We can't take that chance." Zeus said then threw a lighting bolt but the lightning bolt was reflected back at him and he was killed. Everyone was in shock.

"She killed him." Dionysus said.

"She did not! Zeus killed himself." Xena said knowing the guardians reflected the power some kind of way but she wasn't going to explain that to them. "You can't win. Now if either of you try to attack my daughter it'll just backfire and you'll die instead just as it just happened with Zeus. So are you going to give up or do you want to die anyway?" Athena and Dionysus were angry that they couldn't do anything without the risk of dying so they just left. "Looks like we just won the war... for now anyway."

"How did Zeus...kill himself?" Cyrene asked, confused.

"Aside from what Evania is meant to do in the future, they can only kill themselves or each other unless someone finds the couple of special things in the world that can do it as well. We can't hurt them but the guardians are going to extreme measures to protect Evania so they reflected Zeus' own power on him when he used it. I don't think they will be bothering us for a while." Xena said then there was a knock on the door. Hercules answered, it was Iolaus.

"Is everything alright?" Iolaus asked as he entered.

"Everything is fine." Hercules replied.

"Oh, Xena you had the baby. She's adorable." Iolaus said.

"Her name is Evania." Xena said.

"Congratulations." Iolaus said.

"Thanks." Hercules said as he walked over to Xena. "Now we can really take it all in now that the gods are going to back off for a while but they're probably already plotting a new plan. We all know they won't win.. I spent a lot of time worrying that something would go wrong, that Hera or one of the others would take another family away from me. I'm glad I don't have to continue to look over my shoulders. Xena and I have lost a lot in our lives but we've gained a lot recently. Good things come when we come together."

"I agree." Xena smiled and they kissed.

"Whoa. What was that?" Gabrielle asked, surprised.

"Hercules and I are together, officially." Xena said.

"Well you've been sneaking around for months." Joxer said. Xena and Hercules were shocked. "I caught you two kissing a few times but I figured you'd tell us when you were ready so I kept your secret.

"Solan, are you ok with all this?" Xena asked.

"Sure!" Solan said happily.

"Evania, you're a lucky baby. You have all these people who love you and are here to welcome you into the world." Xena said, happy that she was able to bring Evania into the world in better way than she was able to do for Solan.

Xena took Solan aside so that they could have a moment alone.

"I love you. Nothing can ever change that. I know everything seems to be changing fast but if it ever seems like it's becoming too much you can talk to me. You can always tell me anything." Xena reminded him.

"I know mother. I love you too... I'm really ok with all this, honest!" Solan said and Xena kissed him on the forehead.

That night, Xena walked into Hercules' room. This was the first night she was sleeping there since it was now out in the open that she and Hercules were a couple. Plus, it was where Evania's bassinet was located and she was sleeping like a little angel.

"She's sleeping like an angel." Hercules said.

"She is an angel and so is Solan, Gabrielle and you. You're all my angels... aside from the ones that apparently protect us all the time." Xena said.

"I don't think I've ever seen you so happy." Hercules said.

"I've never been this happy since y