Summary: With death comes the birth of a new beginning.







She sat outside the Hyuga Complex on an old rocking chair, feet crossed beneath her billowy robes. In her arms she clutched a babe of one month, his eyes staring up at her with intelligent curiosity. A clump of dark strands surrounded the babe's head like seaweed on miso, but a fleck of light that peeked through a gap in the wooden beams hinted that his hair would not follow that of the Hyugas', but of the lighter browns that favoured his mother's predecessors.

Tenten smiled down at her son, her gaze softening as she looked him in the eyes. Like his father's, his irises reminded her of opals; containing a myriad of colours from milky purples to blueish green hues. But unlike his father, Shinsei's eyes were a slight duskier.

Shinsei. Shinsei Hyuga.

A new birth. A rebirth.

Her eyes prickled, her lids swiftly filling up with salty liquid. She tried to blink them back but they fell down nevertheless.

A drop fell onto Shinsei's nose, followed by another two.

He chortled at the sensation, his legs kicking in amusement and arms flailing towards the general direction of his mother's face.

Tenten cupped a flailing hand in hers and gently pressed it against her face, closing her eyes while doing so. Her face became damp all too quickly.

They just won't stop.

She opened her eyes to look at her child - and saw him. She could see Neji in him so vividly. Apart from the child's happier disposition and lighter hair - traits received from his mother - the keenness of his senses and unquestioned intellect all screamed Hyuga Neji.

'Oh Neji. If you could only see him now.'

And as if he heard her, a small butterfly fluttered down seemingly from the heavens to land gently on Shinsei's garb. The creature flitted soon after around the child's head before landing on his brow. With a soft caress of its gentle wings, a gesture not unlike a kiss, it flew off towards the cloudless skies.

And as if he knew his father was watching, Shinsei smiled.

A/N: The Japanese view butterflies as souls of the living and the dead. They are considered symbols of joy, longevity and new life.