Ever been playing a board game and suddenly something happens that causes all the pieces to fly everywhere? You have two options at this point. Either start over or try to place all the pieces back where they were before. But what about the game of Wonderland? The territories fighting for control over the land is like chess. What if the pieces were scattered and had to be placed back where they belong? Sometimes it can be hard to remember exactly where they go, but… what if someone put the pieces back wrong on purpose?


The dream realm once more. How quaint a place, the realm of Nightmare Gottschalk. Alice waited for the incubus to show his face, and yet he didn't. After some time Alice was slightly worried. Normally Nightmare was there waiting for her.

"Perhaps Gray found some work for him to do…" She muttered to herself, trying to keep her calm. Normally if Nightmare couldn't make it to these dream meetings she would go straight into a dream. Now she was standing alone in the realm, dark clouds moving in the distance. A slight shiver ran up her spine. She never knew how creepy the place could be without the jovial Nightmare. Or perhaps the clouds were slightly darker than normal.

"Hello Alice," said an unknown voice. "It's very nice to meet you for the first time."

"W-who is there?!" Alice called out, looking around to find the unknown intruder of her dreams. It wasn't Nightmare, that's for sure.

"Come now, Alice. That is no way to treat a guest in your dreams." The voice chuckled. A man stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself to the frightened girl. He had a toothy grin on his face. His black hair only made him seem more gaunt and frightening as it was brushed forward into his face. His eyes were not hollow like that of a faceless but seemed as if they were due to the darkness in his eyes. "I have been watching you."

"Watching me?" the blond asked, nearly frightened.

"Oh yes. You have provided quite a show for me. You can be quite…. Entertaining to say the least. Unfortunately I have grown bored of your daily schedule so I have… Decided to change some things around." He laughed slightly before looking back at Alice again.

"Who are you?" she squeaked out. The dark man grinned widely before speaking.

"I am Wonderland's nightmare. I am the demon of evil, the prince of darkness. I. Am. The Jabberwock."