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It was already dark by the time that we stopped walking that day. It had been a little more than two weeks since we had departed from Bag End towards our destiny, and while we had advanced a lot, it still wasn't nearly enough. That was easy to see for even someone like me who had never strayed too far from The Shire. As I laid down on the floor, trying to get some sleep on the cold earth, from which I was barely shielded by the piece of cloth that I was laying on, my thoughts wondered to the other dwarves, to my companions. They all had such ability that it was admiring, shocking and saddening for someone like me, who had none of such kind of abilities. I knew how to go unnoticed, but that was hardly comparable to know how to use a weapon expertly.

It was a thought that had haunted me ever since we had departed and started the adventure. I was just a hobbit, no real smuggler and of no real use to the company or to Thorin. They, however, were the complete opposite. What would the company be without them? Thorin, however, was definitely the best out of them. During the short time in which I had been here I had had no problem sin recognising just how great of a leader he was, his bravery and loyalty to his men, his determination to get his homeland back… I had ended up admiring him, despite the harsh looks that he directed at me due to my lack of ability.

I looked around me, suddenly breaking my thoughts. Everybody was asleep, and no sound could be heard. This time it was Gandalf who had decided to be on the watch for any enemies, and I could barely manage to see him with the dim light produced by the fire that we had made. He seemed to be deep in thought, staring directly at the flames of the fire as if he was seeing something in them. I rolled around and focused on trying to sleep, remembering the last harsh look that Thorin had directed me. I was divided, hurt on one side because of those harsh looks and the undeniable harsh words that had or would accompany them and almost determined to change that notion that he had of me despite my lack of ability on another.

"I will do my best to change it" I thought as I closed my eyes, which suddenly felt heavy.

The looks hurt, and I knew that the words would hurt even more, but I would change them. I would make sure to change his opinion of me through doing my best. Unconsciousness then took me, and I finally fell asleep.

I suddenly woke up an unknown amount of times later. The fire was burning brighter than ever, strangely enough, and I had no sight of Gandalf around me. I sat up and looked around, but it was all darkness except for the fire. I was about to get up and look for Gandalf and the others when I felt a tug on my shoulder that made me stop dead on my tracks.

"Where are you going, Halfling?" I heard the one that could only be Thorin say.

I gulped. "Gandalf isn't here, m-maybe we should better look for him" I said, nervousness taking over me.

He chuckled "Of course he isn't here, none of the others aren't here. They are sleeping at another place" He said, as he suddenly pushed me onto my back, pinning me against the floor.

"T-thorin, what are you doing? What will the others think?" I asked to the man directly above me.

His face lowered until it was resting on my neck, and he took a deep breath in. "The others aren't here" He said with that beautiful and deep baritone voice of his.

I gulped, his voice affecting me in ways in which I was not prepared to admit. For a moment I could almost hear him as he had been singing back in my house all of those days ago, and I couldn't help but to wish to hear him do so again. His voice was full of a richness that I hadn't ever heard before meeting him, and I was unable to let go of it. I drew a sudden and sharp breath as soon as I felt his lips on the skin of my neck, gentle, caressing and so unlike him.

"Thorin?" I asked as I tried to look at him, but only managing to see his thick and dark hair.

"Don't speak Halfling, this is all your fault after all" He just said as he kissed me again in that same spot.

I took a sharp breath again, feeling my blood rushing and my heart beating fast. I felt dizzy, as if this was unreal. Why was he doing this? What did he mean by this being my fault? I was about to speak again when he suddenly crashed his lips against mine in an angry and demanding kiss. His were softer than what they seemed like and I had ever imagined, and I could only respond, following the demands of the blood rushing through my veins and the strange desire that had been born in my brain and that I could feel throughout all of my body. I closed my eyes, knowing that he had done the same thing. I felt my arms snaking upwards and around him, pulling him closer to me and deepening the kiss. As the kiss broke he moved away from me a bit before resuming it as his hands moved with easy, touching clothing and expertly pulling it again. I opened my eyes and stared into his, drowning in the depths of their cold blue ones, which now were filled with strange and foreign lights and emotions. I pulled him closely to myself again, now both of our shirts off, feeling his burning skin brush against mine. I kissed him eagerly, my heart beating wildly and my blood rushing, and-

I abruptly sat up and looked around me, seeing the sleeping figures of all of my companions, including Thorin, being illuminated by the once again dim fire. I looked around me, feeling out of place. What had happened? Why was everything suddenly different again? My eyes found their way to Thorin's sleeping figure again, and I couldn't help but to look away with a blush, suddenly knowing exactly what had happened. It had been a dream; it had all been a dream. A strange and vaguely attracting dream that I knew which I knew that wouldn't leave my mind for weeks to come. It would be a miracle if I managed to look at Thorin's eyes without blushing and looking away, a miracle.

I took a deep breath in, trying to calm myself, and the proceeded to sigh while looking at the floor. Why had I even dreamed this? What had been the purpose of this dream? What did it mean? I then looked up, feeling someone's eyes on me. Soon enough I was staring at Gandalf, and I gulped loudly. The way in which he was looking at me… he definitely knew. He definitely knew what I had dreamed. I looked away, suddenly feeling ashamed. I shouldn't have dreamt something like this, such a thing after all wasn't right. It… just…

I sighed and laid down again on the spot in which I had been sleeping bare moments ago. I knew that Gandalf wouldn't say anything; he was someone to be trusted after all. I closed my eyes as I continued wondering the meaning of all of this and was assaulted once again with the memory of the dream and of Thorin's lips on mine. I then knew that faking that nothing had happened; that this dream hadn't existed would be harder than what I could possibly imagined.


Author's note: Yes, it was all a dream (sadly?). One that, if I continued this story and made it a chaptered one would plague Bilbo's mind for days and days to come (yay?). I hope that you enjoyed this fic as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please review :D