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Those Words

"I love you."

The words roll off his tongue with unexpected ease. He, of all people, knows how short a human life is, knows that every single second matters and should be treasured. He does not have the time to stall, unlike his Time Lord counterpart.

He pulls back from her, watching her face for any signs of emotion. For a moment, he is scared. Why would she choose him? He is almost as human as she is, albeit with a Time Lord brain. He does not have the TARDIS, nor all of time and space to offer. Why choose that, when she could have all of time and space on a plate?

His thoughts are quickly silenced as she grabs the lapels of his jacket and kisses him thoroughly. His eyes flutter shut as he starts to kiss her back, savouring the moment. A moment he hopes will repeat itself soon because kissing Rose Tyler is mind blowing, amazing and absolutely fantastic... or at least those are the closets words he can find in this inadequate language.

Suddenly, the sound of the TARDIS interrupts the little bubble they have managed to create. Rose abruptly breaks the kiss and runs forward, only to see the blue police box fade away for the last time. He can practically feel the emotions raging inside her. Knows how much she must be hurting at being left here again, without a chance at saying goodbye to the man she loves.

He takes a few steps forward and grabs her hand, trying to offer her some comfort, just as she had always done when he needed it. She turns to look at him, and for a second they are both staring at each other, both trying to wrap their heads around this new and scary, yet beautiful scenario.

Then the tears start to fall. He pulls her into a tight hug and he feels a wave of relief when she does not pull away from his embrace, but clings to him, sobbing into his jacket. He lets her cry, knowing she needs to grieve her loss. He strokes her back, whispering words of comfort into her ear, the Donna part of his mind helping him. He tells her repeatedly that he is there for her, that he will never leave her. Finally, he repeats the words, still amazed at how easily they escape his lips.

"I love you."

She stills in his arms, pulling back to look at him. Her eyes are red, her mascara is running, but she is still so very, very beautiful. More beautiful than the stars in the night sky.

"You're really him?" She says, cupping his cheek, gazing into his eyes.

"Oh yes," he replies. "I'm still the same man, who took your hand and told you to run such a long time ago."

She smiles at him and seconds later, his is grinning back at her as she says the words too.

"I love you."

This is merely a beginning of a brand new life. There will be carpets and doors, maybe even a mortgage in their future. Not to mention an awful lot of running.