Skye Blue

Chapter 1

The phone rang at two in the morning, I awoke and so did Mummy.

"Don't worry Skye I will answer it" Mummy rushed down the stairs.

After Mummy spoke for ages on the phone she came up to talk to me.

"Skye, I have had some news from North Korea where Daddy currently is. Oh I don't know how I will tell you this but he has been executed" Mummy wept.

My eyes filled with tears and Mummy immediately put her arms round me cuddling me tighter than ever.

My father was a spy for MI6, he often went abroad but this time he went to the most dangerous country in the world North Korea a country with a terrible dictator.

I was never to tell anyone that my father was a spy but when I was younger I used to think of him as James Bond but in reality he went through a lot more pain than 007.

In Libya a few years ago he was shot however he survived that but now he is dead.

Because he was a spy he could legally be executed. I once read in Mummy's newspaper about a man in North Korea who was gassed in a gas chamber. I couldn't bear to think of my father being gassed. I'd remembered learning about the Holocaust in History Class a while ago and remembered being told that it took twenty minutes for victims to be gassed. I couldn't bear to think of Daddy choking for such a long time and then dying.

After the incident in Libya I started to worry about him more and more, I would get so upset that at school I would start taking it out on other people.

This one girl Beauty Cookson I was so horrible to her but now I think I should have made a better effort to be nice to her.

At Daddy's funeral all I thought about was the memories we had together, I didn't see him often so when I did it was always special.