This is something that I came up with, just a little idea based on a thought I had about how the Federation might respond to Mutants like the X-Men. So think of this sort of like Marvel 1602, only in the future with Star Trek, and some of the details are adapted from X-Men Evolution and of course Red Witch's crazy fanfics, but awesome fanfics, you rock Red!

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek, X-Men, GI Joe, or the Misfits characters made by Red Witch.





"First Officer's personal log, Stardate 108820.9, the crew of the USS Potemkin is on leave on board the station Deep Space 20. Its been awhile since I was able to get some time to myself, the Potemkin has been out on the frontier for the past year ever since I was made the First Officer. The Watchtower was the closest Starbase to our next mission, and we've been given time to relax and enjoy ourselves for a little while."

The doors to the bar on Deep Space 20 open up, and a woman wearing a Starfleet Commander's uniform, she has auburn hair that falls to her shoulders with a streak of white in the bangs. She takes a seat at the bar, looking around as she motions for the bartender to come over.

"What can I get for you?" The bartender, a female Trill with short red hair asks.

"I'll take a scotch," the woman says with a southern accent.

"Coming up," the bartender says, and picks up a glass and pours the drink, setting it on the bar. "Haven't seen you around here before, new officer, or just passing through?"

"Commander Anne-Marie Adler, but everyone just calls me Marie," Marie answers.

"Ah, so you're the infamous Commander Adler," the bartender says with a chuckle. "Well, welcome to the Watchtower then, I'm Karin Salmor."

"Thank you, and nice to met you," Marie says, taking a drink as she does, glancing around while the bartender goes to talk with another customer. A young man with short blonde hair moves up to the seat next to her, wearing a more casual outfit, probably not a Starfleet Officer. "And you are?"

"I'm, uh, Cody," Cody says, clearly he was nervous talking to Marie.

"Marie Adler," Marie says. "You come here often?"

"Yeah, I run cargo to New Romulus," Cody says, noticing Marie's gloved hands. "Not exactly standard Starfleet issue."

"Huh? Oh, I have a skin condition," Marie says, it kind of embarassed her, but she had worn gloves since she was a little girl. "Its nothing to worry about."

"Okay then," Cody says, and nervously places his hand on Marie's gloved hand, Marie looks at him with a reassuring smile.

"Nothing to be nervous about," Marie says reassuringly. "I don't bite."

"Sorry, I've never been that good at talking to women," Cody says embarassed.

"Here, maybe this'll help you feel better," Marie says, and leans forward, kissing Cody on the lips. Cody is surprised at this, but kisses back, lingering for a few seconds. Then suddenly he starts to gasp, Marie backs off, she could feel something draining from Cody, like his life. Her mind flashes with parts of memory, blinking she gets up and rushes out of the bar.

"What was that?" Karin demands, leaning over to check Cody who is unconscious. "What just happened..."


"Marie's personal log, Stardate 110989.3, two years later and I'm still not sure exactly what happened to me while I was on the Watchtower. Since then I've left the Potemkin and taken a solitary job on a research station, I can't put anyone else at risk, so I am here alone. As such, some people have given me a nickname, they call me Rogue. Computer, end personal log."

Marie leans back in her chair on the Iroquois Research Station, it had been built to study the unusual radiation coming from a star in the Dessan System. Marie was its only inhabitant since it didn't require more than one person, but it still had all the comforts of a normal station. Right now Marie was enjoying one such comfort, the station's fully functional holosuite, where she could interact with people and not worry about hurting them.

"Computer, activate program Adler one," Marie says, as an image of a home appears around her, she smiles a little, picking up a holopicture of her when she was younger, she's with an older woman that has short brown hair and is wearing a visor. She smiles a little, Irene was not her birth mother, but had raised her from a very young age. Looking back, she thought about things that she had always found strange, it was Irene who had told her to keep covered up, she had always kept from direct skin contact with Marie, and when Marie had wanted to join Starfleet, Irene had objected. Did Irene know about this before and she was trying to protect her? "Computer, download latest message from Irene Adler and play with holographic representation."

The image of the woman in the pictures appears, and Marie takes a seat at the table.

"Marie, I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to your last message,things have been busy here on Earth," the hologram of Irene says, Irene worked as a consultant to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. "I know that things are probably getting hard for you out in the Dessan system, I'm trying to get it worked out where I can come visit you as soon as I can. Marie, I know its not much to give you in terms of help, but things will get better for you soon, I can promise you that. I love you Marie, never forget that."

The hologram shuts off, and Marie brushes a tear from her eye.


A few hours later, Marie is in the main science lab, finishing up the latest scans of the star, it was another routine day so far, she as about done when an alarm goes off.

"Unscheduled ship arrival, unscheduled ship arrival..." The computer's voice echoes over the speakers while Marie heads over to a screen, bringing up the image of a small craft approaching the station.

"Receiving authorization codes... computer shut down alarm and prepare the shuttle bay for arrival, looks like we're gonna have guests," Marie says, getting up and heading out of the lab to go to the shuttle bay.


Marie straightens out her uniform while the door to the shuttle bay opens up, a bald Admiral in a hoverchair comes out (Marie noted that he beared a striking resemblance to Jean-luc Picard), pushed by a woman with long red hair.

"Admiral, I'm sorry, if I had known you where coming..." Marie starts to say, snapping to attention.

"Its all right, Commander Adler at ease, I'm Admiral Charles Xavier," Xavier says. "This is my aide, Jean Grey."

"Nice to meet you, Commander," Jean says, offering a handshake, which Marie nervously takes.

"Likewise," Marie says, then crosses her arms. "So, what is this about?"

"Two years ago, on Deep Space 20 you had an incident with a local cargo captain where you, drained part of his life force," Xavier says.

"That wasn't my fault, I didn't know that would happen!" Marie says, cutting off Xavier. "I wouldn't knowingly hurt anyone!"

"I know, Marie, it was an accident, and you opted for exile to keep others safe," Xavier says. "You are different from other humans, the fact is that this, phenomenon has become more and more common, you're what we call a Mutant."

"All right, so what's Starfleet's interest in me then?" Marie asks.

"We don't exactly represent all of Starfleet," Jean says. "We are one of two branches of Starfleet that have been assigned to work with Mutants. We've been putting together a crew, and we need a Captain, someone experienced in command."

"You want to give me a promotion?" Marie asks shocked. "You're joking right?"

"No Marie, we've gone over all the options for the command, and you are the most ideal candidate," Xavier says, handing Marie a PADD. "Everything is in order, but its not like we're about to force you into taking the job."

Marie pauses a moment, it had been awhile since it felt like anyone actually had been genuinely out for her best interests. "All right Admiral, you have yourself a Captain."















"Mutation, it is the key to our evolution,

And every few thousand years,

Evolution jumps forward."



"Captain's log, Stardate 111002.9... I can't believe I'm actually saying that, it almost seems like the past few days have been a dream. But here I am back at Earth for the first time in years, and before I board my new ship the Admiral has approved some personal time for me to visit home."

Marie beams down in front of a home in Caldecott Mississippi, she pauses in front of the door, not sure whether or not to ring the bell yet. She hadn't been home in 5 years, mostly because her job kept her away, she nervously adjusts the 4 pips on her uniform and starts to press the button when the door opens up, and Irene is waiting there with a smile.

"Marie, its good to see you again!" Irene says, carefully embracing Marie, Marie is surprised for a moment but returns the embrace.

"Its good to see you too, Irene," Marie says with a sigh. "I'm sorry about coming here unexpectedly, I got a new assignment and I had to come to Earth, so I wanted to pay you a visit while I was here."

"Well I'm glad you did," Irene says. "How does it feel to be home again?"

"Its good," Marie says. "Irene, I've got a question, even when I was growing up you never made contact with my skin, did you know that this was going to happen?"

Irene remains silent. "Irene, talk to me, what's going on?"

"You already know some of it, Marie," Irene says. "You know about Mutants from the Admiral, but the truth is that I am a Mutant as well. I can see into the future, paths and probabilities, I could see what your power was, but not when they would manifest. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before, but you have to understand that there are always people out there who will abuse your powers."

"I'm tired of being lied to," Marie says. "What, you where afraid I couldn't handle it? Maybe when I was younger, but I'm in Starfleet, I've handled worse than that since I left home. You should have told me, at least tell me that you knew!"

"Marie, wait!" Irene says as Marie storms off, tapping her combadge and beaming away. Irene walks back into her home and opens a communication to someone, and sends a message out. "Raven, we might have a situation, we need to talk soon."


Marie leans back in the co-pilot's chair of a shuttle craft that took off from the Earth Space Dock, she glances over at the pilot. The pilot is a man a few years younger than her, with blue fur and a tail curling around the chair.

"Ensign Wagner, what's our ETA?" Marie asks.

"About, 10 minutes," Kurt Wagner, who was assigned as her helm officer answers in a thick German accent. "We'll be coming up on the Darwin soon."

"The Darwin, and who says Admirals don't have a sense of humor," Marie says with a laugh. "What do you know about her?"

"Saw her once, she's one of those Tesla class ships that came out a couple of years ago," Kurt says. "Good ship class, you served on the Potemkin before, right?"

"Yeah, but she was one of those old Destiny class ships, I've heard the Tesla class is quite the ship," Marie says. "Speaking of which."

Marie leans out to look through the viewport, the ship ahead of them has a narrow saucer attached to a hull with a rear section that juts out from the bottom, and two nacelles on the top. "That's her, the USS Darwin," Kurt says.

"Impressive," Marie says with a smile, it was nice to see her ship for the first time. "Take us into the shuttle bay, Mr. Wagner."

"Aye Captain," Kurt says as the shuttle moves into the shuttle bay.


Marie enters the Captain's ready room, looking around for a moment before taking a seat at her new desk. The ready room was still pretty ordinary, she would have to decorate it more later, when the door chimes.

"Enter," Marie says, nervously wondering who would visit her right now. The door opens, and Xavier and Jean enter the ready room, Jean is now wearing a science/medical uniform. "Admiral Xavier, I didn't expect you to visit already."

"We wanted to check up on you before the Darwin left," Jean says. "Also, I will be accompanying you as the ship's Counselor."

"I thought you where the Admiral's Aide," Marie says, leaning forward a little.

"She is, but she's also one of the best counselors in Starfleet," Xavier says. "I know its unusual Captain Adler, but..."

"Not Captain Adler, I left behind that name on Earth," Marie says, shaking her head. "Now its just Rogue."

"Fine, Captain Rogue, Commander Grey will be your Counselor," Xavier says. "The transfer is all in order."

"Fine," Rogue says, offering a handshake to Jean. "Welcome aboard the Darwin, Commander."

"Thank you, Captain," Jean says.

"Your orders, Captain," Xavier says, handing a PADD to Rogue. "You are to meet up with the USS Independence, its the ship belonging to our counterpart group run by Admiral Hawk. The Independence is looking into an abandoned Shaarot Corma-class ringworld in orbit of Vantu III."

"One of the Shaarot Halos, huh?" Rogue mutters, looking over the data. "So then, I'll go tell Ensign Wagner to set a course for the Vantu system."

"Probably should also take the time to meet your Senior Staff," Jean says. "Its always good to get familiar with the others before we have to put our lives on the line with them."

"All right, I'm going," Rogue says, and heads out.

"Something's up with her," Jean says, crossing her arms. "She wasn't on Earth long, what happened to her down there..."

"I'm not sure..." Xavier says.


"I told you it was a bad idea to allow her to join Starfleet!" A blue skinned woman with red hair, wearing a black two piece outfit. "Now Charles Xavier has his hooks in her!"

"I tried Raven, but she is too strong-willed," Irene protests. "Even if I had refused to let her go, she'd have snuck out and enrolled on her own."

"The boss is going to love this," Raven mutters, this was not going well. "Does she or Xavier know?"

"No, and it'll probably stay that way," Irene answers.

"He was mad enough when he lost the twins to Hawk, this might send him over the edge," Raven says. "Two more days, and we could have gotten her!"

"What are you going to do, Raven, I mean she is..." Irene starts to say before she gets cut off by Raven.

"I will take care of that, don't worry about it," Raven says. "She will come to our side, one way or another."


Rogue steps through the door into the engine room, looking around she notices a Bajoran woman with brown hair tied into a ponytail, wearing a gold engineer's uniform. "Excuse me, are you the Chief Engineer?"

"Huh?" The woman says, looking up at Rogue, she had been working on a console. "Yeah, Lt. Commander Prine Katrin, you must be Captain Adler."

"I prefer Rogue," Rogue says. "How close are we to being able to leave?"

"Almost ready actually," Katrin says. "Just give us a few more minutes and we'll be able to leave."

"Good, I think Ensign Wagner is getting bored," Rogue says. "Do you know anything about the crew of the Independence?"

Katrin shifts uncomfortably. "Me and the Independence's First Officer, we where, involved, back before they became the crew of the Independence, and sort of, on and off since then," Katrin says.

"I see," Rogue says. "What should I expect then?"

"Commander Alvers is a bit, unstable, they don't call him Avalanche because he enjoys old trucks," Katrin says. "He's kind of a bad boy, then he got recruited in, he's started to clean up a little, but, well, the Misfits as they're called aren't exactly stable."

"I'm in isolation for two years, and Starfleet seems to change," Rogue chuckles. "Do you all have nicknames then?"

"Code names technically," Katrin says. "I'm called Shadowcat, I can phase through solid matter, I'd demonstrate, but it also shorts out technology, so..."

"Okay, I'll wait for the demonstration later then," Rogue says. "Was nice meeting you Commander Prine, send me a message when we're ready to leave."

"Yes ma'am," Katrin says as Rogue heads out.

As Rogue is preparing to leave engineering, she nearly runs into a young woman with long white hair, wearing a blue sciences uniform.

"Oh wow, Jess, Jessica Roland?" Rogue asks surprised, Jess had been a friend of her's back in Mississippi.

"Oh wow, Marie Adler, never thought I'd see you here," Jess says with a smile.

"Its Rogue now," Rogue says. "What are you doing on the Darwin?"

"I'm part of your science department, Ensign Jessica Roland, code name Ruin," Jess says. "I'm your expert in astrophysics."

"Funny, we where always staring up at the stars weren't we," Rogue says, remembering back to the old days in Caldecott. "We always said we'd make Captain by 30."

"Looks like you made it," Jess says. "I'm still working on it, your mutation emerging in the middle of a party and causing your CO to fly into a wall on accident."

"Yikes, I kissed a guy and drained his life force by accident," Rogue says.

"Well, maybe things will improve," Jess says. "I'm just glad to work with you again."

"Yeah, its good to see you again, Jess," Rogue says. "I still have to meet your department head."

"Oh yeah, Lieutenant Wilde, one of the few humans on board the Darwin," Jess says reluctantly. "She's just getting back from a trip to, England I think it was, sent me to make sure that science lab got enough power."

"All right, carry on, I'll go meet with her," Rogue says, and heads out of engineering.


"Lieutenant Wilde?" Rogue asks, walking into the main science lab on deck 4 of the Darwin, looking around when finally a woman with short purple and black hair comes over.

"You must be Captain Adler, or is it Rogue now, Lieutenant Risty Wilde," Risty says in a British accent. "I must say, I didn't expect to be called up to the Darwin, its a fine ship, very plush."

"You're human?" Rogue asks.

"Guilty as charged," Risty says. "Most humans aren't interested in a posting on one of the Mutant ships, but it doesn't bother me or any of the other humans aboard."

"I'm still getting used to it honestly," Rogue says. "Been two years since my mutation emerged, and I'm not used to being around other mutants yet."

"Well, I may not be a mutant, but if there's any way I can help out, you're always free to ask," Risty says. "Well, with you now in Xavier's little X-Men, that's what they call the best of the best when it comes to the Darwin's crew, you'll certainly get used to it."

"Something tells me that I'm going to miss Iroquois station and its isolation," Rogue mutters as her combadge beeps, she taps it. "Rogue here."

"Captain, the warp engines are all set to go," Katrin answers.

"All right, I'm heading for the bridge," Rogue says, and heads out, Risty watching her for a moment before turning back to her experiment. Rouge enters the turbolift. "Deck 1, bridge."


Rogue steps off of the turbolift onto the bridge, walking forward towards her chair and takes a seat. "Ensign Wagner, set course for the Vantu system, Warp 8," she says, leaning forward a little.

"Setting course, 189 point 2, going to warp 8," Kurt says, inputting commands as the Darwin jumps to warp.

"Commander Logan, what's our weapons status?" Rogue asks, turning towards the tactical officer, a gruff looking man with black hair.

"Weapons are online," Logan answers. "Phasers and photon torpedoes are ready on your command, Captain."

"All right, Commander LeBeau, do all departments report ready?" Rogue says, turning to her First Officer, a man with short brown hair and black and red eyes.

"All departments report ready, Captain," Remy LeBeau reports.

"All right Ensign Wagner, continue on course for the Vantu system," Rogue says. "I'm going to sick bay, still need to check in on the doctor. Commander LeBeau, you have the bridge."

"Yes ma'am," Remy says, as Rogue gets up and heads for the turbolift.

"Deck 5," Rogue says, and the turbolift goes down.


Rogue walks into the sick bay, at least nothing crazy was happening yet, so far it had been a pretty normal mission. Of course, anyone in Starfleet knew that if a mission started out easy, that probably meant that something bad was going to happen later.

"Hello? I'm looking for the doctor," Rogue says, looking around the sick bay.

"Captain Rogue?" A calm voice says and a man comes up, from a glance at his ears suggests he's Vulcan, but he's also blue and furry similar to Kurt, but much different, almost ape-like. "I am Doctor M'koi, I received your file from Admiral Xavier."

"I see," Rogue says.

"Actually, I find your mutation interesting," M'koi says, picking up a PADD. "Mutations with your level of power always seem to have a downside."

"Would you try not to be so fascinated by the fact that I can't touch anyone?" Rogue snaps. "Its not like its all that fascinating to me yah know."

"My apologies Captain," M'koi says, walking back into the office area with Rogue behind him. "If it means anything, I may be able to relate, before my mutation emerged I didn't look like this."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Rogue says embarassed. "I shouldn't be complaining to you about this."

"Captain, it is all right, I am not offended," M'koi says. "I'm not exactly an expert on psychology, but perhaps you should talk to Counselor Grey."

"I'm not in the mood to be psychoanalyzed by anyone," Rogue says with a sigh.

"I could make it an order, even here, you still have to defer to the Chief Medical Officer," M'koi says.

"All right, I'll go, as long as nothing else comes up," Rogue grumbles.

"And don't forget, you still need to do a physical," M'koi says.

"Yeah, yeah," Rogue says, and heads out.

"Captains, mutant or not, they always are stubborn when it comes to their own health," M'koi says, watching Rogue walk out.


"Well, Captain, I didn't expect to see you so soon," Jean says, looking at Rogue, they where seated in Jean's office, and Rogue did not look like she wanted to be there.

"Didn't want to be here, but the Doctor insisted," Rogue says, crossing her arms. "Lets just get this over with."

"All right, Marie, what is bothering you?" Jean asks.

"I told you, its Rogue," Rogue says.

"All right then, Rogue," Jean says reluctantly. "I know that things haven't been that easy for you, its not easy when your mutation emerges, no matter what it is. When my mutation emerged, my parents freaked, I mean your daughter being able to read minds and levitate objects, without some sort of Betazoid DNA."

"Yeah, well its not that simple for me," Rogue says. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Its about Irene, isn't it?" Jean asks.

"What, did you read my mind?" Rogue snaps, the last thing she needed right now was a telepath telling her about her problems.

"No, I read your file," Jean says. "You where raised by your adopted mother Irene Adler, even after joining Starfleet and after your mutation surfaced you kept in contact with her. Then you come back to Earth and you visit Caldecott Mississippi, where you spend less than 10 minutes before calling for a beam out. Something happened down on the planet between you and Irene, I'm not going to force you to tell me, but you can talk to me."

"I found out Irene was a mutant too," Rogue says, not looking at Jean. "One with precognition, she told me that she knew what my mutant abilities were, and, well, I guess I kinda freaked because, yah know, I felt betrayed."

"I see," Jean says. "Rogue, I know this must not be easy for you, but even if she didn't tell you the truth, she still raised you, and she cares about you."

"I dunno..." Rogue says reluctantly. "I mean I guess you're right, but still, she could have at least told me once I joined Starfleet. I mean, I could have taken it!"

"Rogue, calm down," Jean says. "I know you feel betrayed, but I'm sure she had a good reason for not telling you. Parents, they're complicated, but ultimately they have our best interests at heart."

"I guess so," Rogue says. "Irene is the closest thing I have to a mother, I... I don't know what to do, I've got to clear my head, thanks for listening to me."

"Any time, Captain," Jean says as Rogue walks out of the room.


"Captain's log, stardate 111008.3, we've arrived at the Vantu system as per our orders to meet up with the Independence. I've been trying to look into the crew of the other ship, beyond what Commander Prine has told me I haven't been able to find out much. What I do know is that they are associated with a special branch of Starfleet under the Command of Admiral Hawk, a less than well known Admiral who works in special ops. The Independence is actually registered under his command, but the records are sealed, other than a mention of the Captain's name, Althea Delgado."

"Ensign Wagner, take us out of warp," Rogue says.

"Taking us out of warp," Kurt says, as the ship drops out of warp in orbit of a Class Y planet, leaning forward Rogue can see the image of a ring structure in orbit.

"Ensign N'alae, where is the Independence?" Rogue asks.

"Coming up now, ma'am," an Athenan woman with dark skin and reddish hair reports, her fingers moving along the ops console.

"On screen," Rogue says, as the image of a sleak vessel with a saucer section attached to a neck with long nacelles appears. "Verne class, go figure. Hail the Independence, Ensign."

"They're responding, putting it on screen now," N'alae says, and the image of a woman with long black hair and blue streaks appears.

"Captain Delgado, this is Captain Rogue of the USS Darwin," Rogue says, trying to at least be polite.

"Ah, Captain Rogue, welcome to the party Darwin," Althea says. "Welcome to Vantu Corma, our preliminary scans say that its been abandoned about 300 years."

"Remy wonders why they left," Remy says, looking curious. "Probably some sort of disaster, are we sure that we should be checking this out, things like this are normally not abandoned unless there's a good reason."

"I guess you have a point," Althea says, shaking her head. "Regardless, we still have our orders."

"All right, Commander LeBeau, prepare a schedule for away teams down to the ring," Rogue says. "What's the scans telling you about the composition of the ring itself."

"My sisters have already run scans of the ringworld," Althea answers. "Standard for the Corma-class rings, M class atmosphere, flora and fauna, the ring is primarily ocean though, with the exception of small islands that dot the ring. Its strange really, I didn't think the Shaarot would build a structure that would be covered with water."

"Well, whatever reason they have, I'm sure we can figure it out once we get down there," Kurt says.

Rogue gets up out of her chair. "All right, coordinate with the Independence, lets find out everything we can about this ring."

"All right Captain, see you ringside, Independence out," Althea says, and cuts the communication.


Half an hour later, Rogue taps the door chime button to Katrin's quarters, a minute later the Bajoran Chief Engineer answers the door. "Oh, Captain, I wasn't expecting you to visit," Katrin says, a little surprised to see Rogue there.

"Commander Prine, I'm sorry for dropping in on you like this," Rogue says. "Can I come in?"

"I guess, I normally don't have visitors, so sorry if its kind of a mess," Katrin says, motioning Rogue in, there are a few clothes strewn around the quarters. "Give me a moment, and watch out for Lockheed."

"Lockheed, who's..." Rogue says, turning around to look at Katrin's bed, and practically jumps out of her skin when she see's a small purple dragon laying on the bed, he looks up, blinking at Rogue. "What the hell?"

"Sorry, he was a gift from a friend on a trip to Berengaria VII," Katrin says embarassed as she comes back in from the bathroom. "He's getting kind of cooped up in here, do you think maybe he could get some air down on the Ringworld?"

"Well, I dunno..." Rogue says, looking at Lockheed. "All right, but as long as you don't let it get in the way of your job. You'll be accompanying me and Lieutenant Wilde down to the structure to help us investigate the Shaarot facilities."

"All right, I'll join you down there," Katrin says, glancing at the bathroom.

"Commander, is everything all right?" Rogue asks, glancing at the bathroom, when a man with shaggy brown hair, wearing an unzipped uniform jacket steps out.

"Katrin, can I come out..." he says, and realizes that Rogue is standing there, he blushes embarassed, zipping up his jacket. "Captain, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you where there."

"Its all right, Commander," Rogue says, raising an eyebrow.

"Captain Rogue, this is Commander Lance Alvers, the Independence's First Officer," Katrin says.

"Nice to meet you, Captain," Lance says, offering a handshake, and Rogue nervously takes it.

"Sorry Captain, if I had known you where coming to visit..." Katrin says.

"Don't worry about it Commander, what you do on your own time is your business," Rogue says, shaking her head. "We probably should get to the transporter room, and you Commander Alvers should get back to the Independence."

"Yes ma'am," Lance says, and heads out, followed by Rogue and Katrin.


On Vantu Corma on an island in the ocean with an old building that looks like its mostly made of metal with some rock, Rogue covers her eyes from the glare from the sun that was in the distance. "What do you make of it, Lieutenant Wilde?" She asks, looking at Risty.

"Definitely Shaarot in origin," Risty says, running scans of the building. "Materials conform to known Shaarot buildings reported by the Constance and the Nautilus, building looks a bit older than known Shaarot buildings, definitely older than them."

"Interesting," Rogue says, shaking her head a little. "What about um, the triplets, have they figured anything out yet?"

"They think they've found a console, Commander Prine is working on accessing the files now," Risty says. "Could give us some answers if it is anything."

"Do you have any theories as to why they left?" Rogue asks.

"Not sure yet to be honest," Risty says. "Could be anything, might be solar radiation, might have been weather, who knows, maybe the Shaarot just felt like leaving."

"Interesting," Rogue says, as they start to walk up into the building. "All one big mystery here, I guess at least there won't ever be a dull day here on the Darwin."

"That's certainly true," Althea says, coming up to them. "Things are certainly never dull on the Independence."

"Captain Delgado," Rogue says with a nod.

"Captain Rogue, quite the view isn't it?" Althea says, motioning out towards the ocean, mostly miles and miles of water all around, with a few dots of islands in the distance. "Its hard to believe that its all artificial, it looks so real."

"The Shaarot do impressive work, if its them who built them," Rogue says. "I recall reading a report from Captain Telsi Dax about the ringworld in the Timu system showing evidence of a pre-Shaarot civilization. Its possible that someone else built the Ring structures."

"Maybe, for all we know it could have been Cobra," Althea grumbles as they enter the building, there's not much to see, just a console, Katrin is working with three women that look identical, other than their hairstyles. "Daria, Quinn, Brittany, this is Captain Rogue from the Darwin, Captain, my sisters and the Chief Science Officers on the Independence, Daria, Quinn, and Brittany."

"Chief Science Officers?" Rogue asks, she hadn't ever heard of three people holding the same position before.

"We have a special exception thanks to Admiral Hawk," Daria says.

"Yep, we work best together, so we share the responsibility," Quinn adds.

"Nice to meet you Captain Rogue," Brittany says.

"Uh, nice to meet you three," Rogue says. "So, how's it going on the console?"

"We should be done soon, ma'am," Katrin reports. "Thanks to Trinity's help we'll be done with this soon enough."

"Yeah, but there's something strange about this," Daria says. "Most structures the Shaarot use on these structures are much larger than this, this is basically this room, and one or two upstairs."

"The Shaarot are unpredictable I suppose," Rogue says. "I mean we don't know very much about them at all."

"Tell me about it, I remember when my father went off to fight the Shaarot," Althea says. "He's told me a few stories."

"Hey, I think we've got it," Katrin says, and inters the final series of commands into the console and suddenly the floor starts moving down. "What the heck?"


"Commander LeBeau, I'm picking up a sudden power surge in the Shaarot structure!" N'alae says suddenly, as Remy gets up.

"Hail the away team," Remy orders, as the commlink turns on. "Darwin to the Away Team, is everything all right down there?"

"Well, we apparently triggered a lift of some sort, and we're moving down through the island itself," Rogue answers.

"Well, that solves the mystery of why the structure looks so small," Daria comments. "And now Brittany and Quinn owe me 5 strips of latinum each."

"Don't remind us!" The other two say at the same time, Remy and N'alae exchange glances.

"So, anything to report down there?" Remy asks, trying to get the attention back to the structure.

"Not really sure... wait, we're coming out from under the island," Rogue reports.


"Whoa..." Althea says as the lift goes down, outside of the tube is a large expanse of a city that seems to be made up of Shaarot buildings. Its mostly protected by a large shield dome that covers mostly the city center that they are descending into.

"I had no idea that it was this extensive," Risty says shocked. "The power source must be self contained, the Shaarot are clever."

"Yeah, but why didn't our scans pick it up in the first place?" Althea asks.

"Well, I'll have to coordinate with my counterpart on the Independence, but I'll bet if we adjusted our scanners, we'd find a scattering field built into that shield dome," Katrin says.

"Captain, we're starting to lose the transporter lock on you," Remy reports over the commlink. "Starting.. to... break..."

"Commander LeBeau?" Rogue asks, tapping her combadge, it beeps, but gets no answer. "Great..."

"We must be entering the scattering field," Daria says. "I don't think we'll be able to contact the Darwin or the Independence until we leave it."

"Is there any way to turn this lift around?" Rogue asks, and the officers shake their heads. "Of course not, that would be too easy wouldn't it?"


"Ensign Roland?" Remy asks, walking into the astrometrics lab, which is in darkness other than the screen. "Computer, bring lighting up to normal levels."

The lighting in the room returns to normal, getting a scream out of the other inhabitant of the lab, Jess turns around, covering her eyes. "Oh, ensign, sorry, Remy didn't mean to.." Remy says.

"Its all right, give me a minute," Jess says, moving her hand a little, irises eyes going from black to white. "I work better in the dark, part of my mutation includes improved eyesight in the dark, unfortunately when I suddenly go from light to dark, I'm temporary blinded."

"Remy understands, Remy's sorry for not warning you," Remy says.

"What can I help you with, Commander?" Jess asks.

"Remy remembers from your file that you grew up next door to the Captain," Remy says. "I was wondering, what was she like?"

"Yeah, we where friends growing up, I was a brunette back then," Jess chuckles, continuing to run her scans of the ring. "She and Irene where living next door when we moved in, Rogue, Marie was about my age so my parents insisted that we get to know each other. She was always the quiet one you know, its weird looking back, she was home schooled by her adopted mother, never knew her real parents."

"I see," Remy says. "Anything else you can tell me?"

"Not much else, we where friends sure, but it was a pretty uneventful childhood growing up next to her," Jess says. "I remember we used to lie in the backyard, looking up at the stars trying to recognize the star systems we learned about in school. We always dreamed of traveling to the stars, which is why we joined Starfleet."

"Ah, of course, Remy joined Starfleet for much the same reason," Remy says.

"So, why are you so curious about Rogue?" Jess says, and Remy shifts a little, getting a giggle out of Jess. "You've got a crush on her don't you?"

"Well, I don't, I... Hey, something just came up on the scans!" Remy says, pointing at the screen, and Jess turns around, bringing up the data.

"Good call, lets see what we've got," Jess says, inputting commands and bringing up an image on the screen. "That's not possible."


Down beneath the ocean inside the structure, the away team has split up, Rogue and Risty are investigating a series of tunnels that makes up a road system throughout one area of the buildings. Rogue moves ahead a little, then turns around and doesn't see Risty walking with her anymore.

"Lieutenant Wilde?" Rogue asks, calling out, tapping he commbadge. "Captain Rogue to Lieutenant Wilde, where are you?"

She hears a cawing suddenly, and she looks up to see a black bird descending on her, and suddenly it shifts into the blue skinned woman, landing gracefully on the ground, and giving Rogue a smile while Rogue draws her phaser.

"Who are you and what have you done with Lieutenant Wilde?" Rogue demands.

"I am Mystique, I am here representing a power greater than your little X-Men," Mystique says, stepping forward, and Rogue instinctively moves backward. "Admiral Xavier is a fool, he thinks that just because Starfleet's letting him play his little games, that things will be like that forever. They won't need Mutants forever, and one day you will be cast aside like trash!"

"That's not true," Rogue says, this was hard for her to take, why was this woman telling her this? "Why do you care what side I'm on Mystique?"

"That doesn't matter," Mystique says. "You will come to understand, if you want to come, then come to the Asteroid."

"What do you..." Rogue says, and Mystique runs off, and Rogue follows close behind. Mystique goes around a corner, and nearly runs into Risty as she comes around.

"Captain, is everything okay?" Risty asks.

"I don't know, lets get everyone else, we're leaving," Rogue says, and taps her commbadge to contact the rest of the away team.


"Captain's log, supplemental, we have returned to the Darwin and the Independence, after the encounter with Mystique, I need to talk to Admiral Xavier, but first it seems that Ensign Roland has found something on the ring's surface."

"That's, strange," Rogue says looking at the data on the main viewscreen. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, there's nothing else it can be," Jess says.

"I see, then that's..." Rogue starts to say.

"Captain, I'm picking up a massive object leaving the ring!" Logan says shocked.

"Put it on screen," Rogue says, as the image of the ring appears on the screen, and a massive ship that appears similar to a huge metallic arrowhead with what appears to be a city on the top of it. "That's, a V'tok'ir..."

"A Telsoth City Ship, how did that get here..." Remy says, shocked at the sight of the massive ship, they had only seen pictures of the V'tok'ir, which had been encountered by the USS Helen in the Triangulum Galaxy before. The City Ships had never been seen in the Milky Way before, now the question was how did it get there.

"We're being hailed by that, thing," N'alae says.

"On screen," Rogue says, and the image of a man wearing red armor and a helmet, with a purple cape, his face obscured appears. "I am Captain Rogue of the Federation Starship Darwin, what exactly is going on here?"

"Who I am is not important, my message is," the man says. "The crews of your ships are Mutants who are disillusioned to believe that the Federation has their best interests at heart. I offer you sanctuary on my grand ship, no need to fear what these humanoids will do to us."

"Great, a megalomaniac..." Rogue mutters, but most of the people on the bridge look worried.

"Among you are traitors, mutants who chose to betray me because of misconceptions," the man continues. "This is their last chance to rejoin us. Our war with the humanoids has begun, and it will not end until mutants are dominant!"

"Okay, I've had enough, cut the transmission," Rogue says, as the man vanishes. "Anyone wanna tell me exactly who that was?"

"That was, Magneato," Remy says slowly. "Myself and some others used to work for him, he's supposed to be dead."

"Well, apparently he isn't," Rogue says.


"Magneato is back? This is, troubling," Xavier says, Rogue had contacted him over subspace and was talking to him in her quarters.

"Admiral, is there anything you're not telling me about this?" Rogue says, rubbing her forehead.

"Rogue, I believed that he was dead, just like everyone else," Xavier says, shaking his head. "A year ago the crew of the Darwin encountered him on an abandoned space station, the station was destroyed, and there was no evidence he escaped."

"Apparently he did," Rogue says. "And then there's something else, a woman calling herself Mystique came up to me on Vantu Corma. She might have been working for Magneato."

"Mystique, that is troubling," Xavier says. "Yes, she was involved with Magneato before, but I wonder why she came after you..."

"Yet another unanswered question I guess," Rogue says, pausing a moment. "Though, there was something familiar about her."

"Be careful Rogue, Mystique is a Shapeshifter, that makes her very dangerous," Xavier says. "She might even be on board the Darwin."

"I will, Admiral," Rogue says. "Darwin out."

The door chimes. "Come in," Rogue says, as Jess comes in. "Jess, good to see you again, how are things going down in Astrometrics?"

"Pretty ordinary actually," Jess says. "Look, Rogue, we're going to get through this, I'm here for you."

"Jess, I really don't know what to do," Rogue says. "You're my oldest friend Jess, I missed having talks when we where separated by Starfleet."

"Well, we're back together," Jess says with a nod. "You know, I think you've got a secret admirer on board."

"Oh yes, wonderful, can't touch anyone, but someone's interested in me," Rogue grumbles.

"Is that so hard to believe, I mean you are a very, beautiful woman," Jess says. "Whenever you need someone to talk to who isn't Counselor Grey, I'm here for you."

"Of course," Rogue says, giving Jess a weak smile. "And Jess, if you want, you can call me Marie."

"All right, Marie," Jess smiles.


"Does she suspect you, Mystique?" Magneato asks over an encrypted communication to Mystique in a room that's pretty ordinary for Starfleet Quarters.

"Not yet," Mystique answers. "And it should stay that way, she might be smart, but she won't be able to unmask me as easily as she might hope. And we've already sewn the seeds of doubt in her mind, she'll be one of us even if she doesn't know it."

"Excellent, this is only the beginning," Magneato says.


And so ends chapter one of Star Trek: Darwin, if you know about the Misfits, you're probably wondering where the rest of them are, but don't worry, they'll appear at some point.

Next chapter, the crew of the Darwin heads out of Shaarot territory and makes a stop at Deep Space 12 and Bak'u. But when the Misfits come for a visit and the Darwin gets an unexpected new crew member, come back next time in, "Family Matters."

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