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"When it all comes down to it,

What is important is family matters."



"Captain's log, Stardate 111030.2, we're on our way out of this area of space, which means we have to pass through the Bak'u system. As such, we're making a stop by Deep Space 12, to get an overhaul of the ship's systems, and Doctor M'koi has called me to sick bay to go over the results of my physical, probably not a good sign if he didn't want to discuss it over the commlink."

"Doctor M'koi?" Rogue asks, coming into Sick Bay. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Captain Rogue, its good to see you well," M'koi says, coming up to her carrying a PADD. "Well, I was going over your physical, and I found something interesting."

"Oh, and what's that?" Rogue asks.

"This," M'koi says, inputting a command, and a DNA strand appears on a screen, M'koi points towards several parts of the strand on the screen. "This is your DNA, at first glance it appears to be the DNA of a Mutant Human, but these..."

He inputs another command, and several parts of the DNA is highlighted.

"These nucleotide sequences are part of Bajoran DNA," M'koi says.

"Bajoran, how's that possible, I'm human," Rogue asks.

"I'm not sure, the DNA is paternal apparently, maybe for some reason your Bajoran traits where suppressed," M'koi says. "It seems, illogical to me that someone would do something like this."

"I agree," Rogue says, rubbing her chin.

"You never knew your biological parents, right?" M'koi asks.

"Yeah, from my earliest memories I was raised by Irene," Rogue says, looking worried. "And when I tried to ask her about my real parents, she always changed the subject. How exactly did this never come up before that I'm really half Bajoran?"

"I'm not sure, all your medical records do say that you're human," M'koi says. "I'm guessing someone interfered with the results, but whoever was there to change the reports or whatever isn't aboard, so we got the correct results."

"I, don't know what to say about this really," Rogue says. "I think I need to go clear my head a little."

"All right then, Captain I prescribe a trip to the Metreon Cloud," M'koi says, and Rogue shrugs and heads out of sick bay. M'koi takes a seat at his desk and sends a subspace communication to Admiral Xavier. "Admiral, did you receive the information I sent you?"

"Yes Doctor, and I find this troubling," Xavier says. "If those are her biological parents, then we might have a situation on her hands. We cannot tell her this, not yet."

"I'm not sure that is logical, she might react negatively if we don't," M'koi says.

"I know, M'koi, but if we're not careful, we might push her into the enemy's camp," Xavier says, folding his hands. "I'm sending the Blackbird to rendezvous with you, Captain Summers might be able to help more."

"Understood," M'koi says with a nod.


The Metreon Cloud was one of the more popular destinations on Deep Space 12, several members of the Darwin crew was there relaxing. Rogue takes a seat at the bar, making sure that her gloves where secure as she glances around.

"Mind if we join you?" Risty asks, coming up to Rogue with Jess in tow.

"Sure, go ahead," Rogue says, motioning to the two empty seats. "You'll have to forgive me, I've got a lot of thinking I have to do."

"Really, about what?" Jess asks.

"You ever live your life thinking you're something you're not?" Rogue asks, shaking her head.

"Yes, but I'd rather not, discuss it," Risty says reluctantly.

"Its weird enough being a mutant, that I can handle," Rogue says. "Found out today that apparently, I'm half-Bajoran, which of course is fine, I like Bajorans, nice people, but would have been nice for someone to have told me."

"I see," Jess says, and exchanges glances with Risty, who looks uncomfortable. "Marie, I don't know what to say to that to be honest, what matters is that you're still you."

"Yeah, I guess," Rogue says, playing with a strand of white hair. "I'm just getting tired of finding out things now instead of years ago when Irene could have told me, what's next, I'm really the result of a genetic experiment created by terrorists bent on galactic domination?"

"I hope not," Jess says with a shrug. There's a sudden commotion which draws the attention of the three officers, not to mention everyone else, a little girl with brown hair, wearing a simple dress runs in followed by three security officers, the little girl ducks behind Rogue's chair because she's the closest to her, shivering with fright.

"What's goin' on?" Rogue asks, getting out of her chair to defend the girl, the three officers snap to attention.

"Ma'am, the child was, involved in an incident a few minutes in her quarters on the station," one of the officers says, while the little girl pokes her head out from behind Rogue. "They where found in a coma, she admitted that it happened after she touched them, and then she just, you know, bolted."

"No wonder the poor kid's terrified, stand down you three, I'll take care of this," Rogue says, and the three officers reluctantly leave. Rogue bends down, and gently takes the girl's hand in her's, the girl cringes a little, looking up at Rogue worried. "Hey, don't worry about it, you're safe now, my name's Marie, what's yours?"

"S-Sierra, Sierra Joyce," Sierra says nervously. "What's wrong with me?"

"Sierra, nothing's wrong with you, you're a mutant," Rogue says, trying her hardest to explain this, she was still having a hard time understanding the whole thing herself. "It means you where born differently from everyone else."

"Are you a Mutant too, Marie?" Sierra asks, looking up at Rogue with wonder in her blue eyes, she recognized that there was something different about this woman.

"That's right Sierra, why don't we go back to my ship, we'll have the doctor check you out," Rogue says, and Sierra nods silently, taking her hand. "Jess, Lieutenant Wilde, I'm going back to the Darwin, you two can stay if you want."

"All right, Marie," Jess says as Rogue and Sierra head out. "I gotta say, I didn't expect that, she seems to be bonding with the kid."

"Yeah, that's good, seems like the kid needs some help," Risty says. "If you'll excuse me Ensign, I have to finish up a letter to my folks back in Manchester."

"All right," Jess says as Risty walks off, she glances around, wondering why everyone was suddenly leaving.


"Well hey there kiddo," a female doctor with sandy brown hair tied into a ponytail says as Sierra sits up on the biobed, she had calmed down considerably, and was looking around in wonder, she hadn't seen the inside of a Tesla class ship before.

Rogue pulls the doctor aside. "Listen, Doctor Ducaine, just be careful, I think she has the same powers as me," she says, looking at Sierra worriedly, Melissa nods, and puts on a pair of gloves just in case.

"Okay Sierra," Melissa says, moving forward and taking out a medical tricorder and scanning Sierra. "Interesting."

"What?" Sierra asks, tilting her head curiously. "Is everything okay?"

"Well, I'm not really sure about these readings, but it seems that the Captain is right, you two do share a common mutation," Melissa says. "What should we do, Captain?"

"To be honest Doctor, I have no idea," Rogue says, rubbing her temples. "Thank goodness the Admiral's coming, maybe he'll be able to help."


"Another mutant with her abilities you say, interesting," Magneato says, Mystique was doing another check in from her mysterious location.

"Yes, I must say that another Rogue caught me off guard," Mystique says, then glares at Magneato. "Magneato, you didn't..."

"You assume too much, Mystique, such mutations can be natural," Magneato says. "This child may yet be of use to us, if she bonds with the Rogue then it will be easier to turn them both to our side. And what of Destiny, have you heard from her?"

"Not since leaving Earth," Mystique says, Irene had dropped off the grid after Mystique left, completely vanished along with her possessions. "I don't like this, if she reaches Xavier, then everything could be exposed."

"Yes, which is why we have to make the necessary precautions," Magneato says. "Xavier will be arriving at Deep Space 12 soon on board his personal ship, it would be better if there was an accident."

"It will be done, Magneato," Mystique answers.

"Its nothing personal to Charles, its just business," Magneato says, and cuts the communication.

Mystique turns off the screen, and picks up a picture on the dresser, it had been taken years ago but she still kept it. The picture was of a teenaged Rogue along with a young woman with short black hair, as she activates it the two are smiling and laughing. Mystique sighs and sets it back down, a tear falls from her eye.


"Admiral, thank you for coming," Rogue says, shaking Xavier's hand as he comes into the Galley, which was the ship's lounge area, he's accompanied by a taller man with short brown hair, wearing a pair of ruby red sunglasses, also wearing a Captain's uniform.

"Captain Rogue, this is Captain Scott Summers, he commands the Blackbird," Xavier says, motioning to his companion.

"Nice to meet you Captain, the Admiral has told me a lot about you," Scott says, shaking Rogue's hand.

"Likewise, Captain," Rogue says. "Look, Admiral, we kind of have a situation..."

Xavier listens intently as Rogue explains the situation with Sierra, when she finishes, Xavier sighs a little. "Yes, I received a message from the Station Commander about a mutant child, I was hoping that the child's parents would be more accepting, but apparently they are..." Xavier trails off.

"She's got no one, doesn't she?" Rogue asks, looking behind her where Sierra is looking out the window, Sierra had covered up for the most part. "Admiral, what should we do?"

"She's going to need a role model Rogue, someone to help her through this transition," Xavier says. "Commanders Monroe and Grey are talking with the girl's parents to get custody transferred, I don't think there will be much of a problem, but there is still the matter of who will take care of her."

"Well, I'm sure whoever it is will take good care of her," Rogue says with a sigh, as Xavier and Scott look at her expectantly. "What are you two looking at me for?"

"Rogue, the kid's bonded with you," Scott says. "Listen, you and her have the same powers, you're both pretty new to the whole thing, think about it, you could learn together."

"Scott's right Rogue, you are the role model she needs," Xavier adds.

"All right, I'll do it," Rogue says, and heads off to talk to Sierra.

"Are you sure about this, Admiral? I mean I read her record, the Rogue isn't exactly the most stable of mutants," Scott asks, turning to Xavier. "I still think you should have left me in command of the Darwin."

"Scott, Rogue needs a chance to prove herself," Xavier says. "As for her record, I'll admit she's not the most stable of individuals, but you should give her a chance."

"I dunno professor, I just get the feeling that there's a lot more to that girl than we know," Scott says, leaning on the wall. "And that worries me."


Meanwhile back in the Metreon Cloud, Jess is talking with a young woman with brown hair and slightly tanned skin, Amanda Sefton was in the science division with her, and they had become friends.

"So how are things between you and Kurt?" Jess asks, Amanda and Kurt where together, not married yet, but there where rumors flying around, especially in the Science division where Jess was notorious for being a gossip.

"Oh, you know, we're taking it slow," Amanda says with a shrug. "Kurt's cute and all, and he's a really good kisser."

"Yeah, well I'm happy for you Amanda," Jess says with a smile.

"Still no luck on the dating circuit for you?" Amanda asks, Jess' love life or lack there of was no secret on the ship.

"Don't remind me," Jess grumbles. "I'm starting to get desperate here, I'd almost settle for Pitero at this point."

As if on cue, the doors to the Metreon Cloud open up and a gust of wind blows past, and then stops by Jess and Amanda's table, standing there is a Bajoran man with short white hair, with an annoying grin on his face.

"You called?" He says with a cackle.

"Oh great, I didn't really mean that Pitero, get lost!" Jess says, forming a ball of darkness and tossing it at Pitero, who dodges it.

"Ooh, too slow!" Pitero laughs, then gulps as he gets thrown into the wall by an unseen force, a Bajoran woman with short black hair, wearing a red coat over her security uniform steps in, she doesn't look very happy with Pitero right now. "Ow, Wani was that really necessary?"

"Yes, totally necessary," Wani says, shaking her head. "I can't leave you alone for five seconds, can I?"

"Aw, you always have to ruin my fun," Pitero pouts.

"Of course I do, I'm your sister, its my job," Wani counters with a snicker.

"Do you ever get the feeling that we're not really needed in this conversation?" Jess asks Amanda, getting a shrug from the other woman as the Bajoran twins argue. "Another fun day in the Mutant Starfleet."

"These two causing you trouble?" A voice says, and then a figure that at first glance looks like they might be a Caitan, but is clearly more of a cross between an Earth tiger and a humanoid pops up, having snuck up on the two mutants, she wasn't wearing a typical Starfleet uniform, instead it more resembles more of a bikini with the colors of a science officer and lieutenant pips.

"Alice, don't sneak up on us like that!" Jess says, getting a giggle out of the cat-like mutant. "What's got you so happy?"

"You'll never guess who just arrived on the station," Alice says.

"I dunno, maybe Admiral Xavier?" Jess asks, rolling her eyes a little as if that was obvious.

"No, the USS Persephone just docked," Alice says, the Persephone under the command of Captain Drash Elia, who was one of the more pro-mutant Starfleet Captains, and was a close friend of the Misfits.

"Captain Drash is here?" Jess asks surprised. "I thought the Persephone was on the other side of the Quadrant."

"Apparently they're crossing through here on their way to continue more negotiations with the Shaarot Confederacy," Wani says, overhearing the conversation. "Admiral Hawk briefed us, there's concern about the Shaarot rebels making a move against the Captain after the encounter with her two years ago."

"Of course," Jess says. "I should get back to the Darwin, I need to... finish checking the astrometrics scans of the Briar Patch remnant."

They watch Jess head off. "She totally digs me," Pitero says, and the girls roll their eyes.

"More like she's off to get in good with a certain striped Captain," Amanda chuckles, getting a look from the twins. "What, they're old friends."


"I don't see why you want her really," Sierra's father, George says, Rogue, Xavier, Sierra, Scott, and Jean are on the USS Blackbird in the Admiral's office, talking to Sierra's parents. Sierra shrinks down into her chair, not making eye contact with her parents, while Rogue reassuringly squeezes her hand. "She's... different, Admiral you can't be serious."

"I am quite serious," Xavier says. "Just because Sierra is different doesn't mean that she should be abandoned."

"Mr. Joyce, I know this period is difficult for you, but you have to think about what is best for Sierra," Jean says.

"She hurt us," Janet, Sierra's mother says.

"I didn't mean to," Sierra says meekly. "I didn't know that would happen."

"That's no excuse," George says, clearly he was angry.

"Mr. Joyce, your daughter will be well taken care of on board the USS Darwin, Captain Rogue is one of our finest officers," Scott says. "Like you said, she is different, we all are."

"George, maybe we should," Janet says. "These people could help Sierra, there's not much we can do for her, maybe we should give them custody."

George looks reluctant for a moment. "What do you think Captain," he says, looking at Rogue. "There's one person here who's life this will impact just as much as Sierra's, what do you want Captain?"

"Well..." Rogue says reluctantly, looking at Sierra and the others. "While I'm not sure that I'm the most qualified to raise a child, me and Sierra share a common bond," she says, smiling a little. "I will understand if you say no, she is your daughter after all."

"Captain Rogue and Sierra share the same mutation," Xavier explains. "Its extremely rare for a mutation like Rogue's, but it means that she is in a unique position to help Sierra. Because they share the same mutation, they can work together on being able to overcome its limitations."

"Fine, take her," George says, and Jean hands them a PADD and they sign it over without further argument. Janet bends down, and carefully places her hand on Sierra's hand.

"Sierra, you be a good girl for Captain Rogue," Janet says.

"Will I ever see you again?" Sierra asks.

"I don't know, we'll see," Janet says.

Sierra hugs Janet, tears streaming down her face. "I'm so sorry mommy, I didn't mean to hurt you," Sierra says.

Janet pauses and carefully wraps her arms around Sierra. "Its okay, it'll be okay," she says.


"Captain's log supplemental, its official now that I have adopted Sierra Joyce, I didn't expect to become a mother, even if the child is just adopted. I'm not really sure if I'll be able to cut it as a mother, but I am going to try my best, and I'll have help, Jess at least will be able to help me. I want to do my best, to help out Sierra."

"And here's our home," Rogue says, carrying Sierra into her quarters that they now shared, she had a bed set up for Sierra. "What do you think of the Darwin, Sierra?"

"Its amazing," Sierra says, she had been in awe of the large ship ever since she had arrived on board, Rogue had to smile, she sometimes wished she could see the world through the eyes of a child again. "I can't believe that I'm living here now."

"Yeah, I was overwhelmed by this ship when I first came aboard too," Rogue says. "I must say I didn't expect to get a ship like this already, thanks to Admiral Xavier I guess."

"Marie, I... I'm not sure what to say, I mean I'm grateful that you adopted me, but its all very overwhelming to, you know, be a mutant," Sierra says.

"I know, it is pretty overwhelming," Rogue says. "But that's why we're here, to help learn more about our powers and how to help the Federation."

"Yeah..." Sierra says. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead," Rogue says.

"You're name is Marie right, why do they call you Rogue?" Sierra asks.

"Its, just a name I have," Rogue says, she didn't want to tell Sierra the whole story yet. "Kind of a nickname you know."

"Yeah, okay," Sierra says, as the door chime rings. "Who's that?"

"Probably Jess, she said she probably will be stopping by, come in," Rogue says and the doors open and Irene walks in, Rogue cringes. "Irene, what are you doing here?"

"I came to check up on you," Irene says. "I know that things aren't the best between us Marie, but I still care about you."

"All right, well, come in, take a seat," Rogue says, motioning towards some chairs, and takes a seat with Sierra, while Irene sits across from her.

"Well hey there," Irene says giving Sierra a smile. "I'm Irene Adler, I'm Marie's adopted mother, what's your name?"

"Sierra Joyce," Sierra says, smiling weakly. "Its nice to meet you, Irene, I guess, then you're my new grandmother."

"I adopted Sierra today," Rogue explains, wrapping an arm around Sierra. "She'll be living with me aboard the Darwin."

"Well, welcome to the family then, Sierra," Irene smiles.

"Sierra, can you go into the other room, I need to talk to Irene about something," Rogue asks, and Sierra nods and heads into the other room.

"She has her mutation, doesn't she?" Irene asks.

"Is it that obvious?" Rogue asks. "She accidentally hurt her parents, and I agreed to take her in."

"I see," Irene says. "It'll be good for her to be able to learn with another mutant with the same powers, for both of you."

"That was the idea," Rogue says. "Irene, about what happened before... I overreacted, you raised me, and I didn't want to sound ungrateful."

"You where right, Rogue," Irene says, finally using Rogue's codename. "I should have told you the truth, but there are things you have to understand. The nature of your mutation means that people will want to use you, even hurt you so that they can get what they want."

"Irene, I could have taken it, I would have been more careful," Rogue says sighing. "And with Mystique and who knows who else after me now. I guess I should have seen this coming, Starfleet isn't exactly the most sane of organizations."

"No argument here, remember when we went to Aegis Station for a few months while I consulted on the station's construction?" Irene asks.

"I try to forget," Rogue groans, they had lived on Athena for awhile, and it was very, bizarre. "Well, still Starfleet has been good to me."

"Yeah, I can see that," Irene says. "Are you sure that you can take care of Sierra?"

"I'll have a lot of help," Rogue says. "Do you remember Jessica Roland? She works down in engineering, she's offered to help whenever she can."

As if on cue, the door chimes. "And that's probably her now, come in," Rogue says as Jess comes in.

"Oh, Ms. Adler, its good to see you again," Jess says, surprised to see Irene there. "I just came here to check up on Sierra, is she here?"

"She's in the bedroom," Rogue says, motioning towards the bedroom door. "You can go see her if you want, just be careful, she's still got a lot goin' on."

"Of course, I understand," Jess says, looking at the door, and walks into the bedroom.

"Do you think Sierra's going to be okay?" Rogue wonders out loud, looking at Irene.

"Rogue, you don't have to be a precog to recognize that you're going to be a good mom to that little girl," Irene says.

"Thanks Irene," Rogue says.


Meanwhile on the Blackbird, Scott and Jean are walking through the halls of the ship, the two had grown close when they had served together on the Darwin prior to being transferred to the Blackbird following the mission involving Magneato the year before.

"Are we absolutely sure about this? Why would the Admiral put someone like the Rogue in charge of the Darwin," Scott says.

"Well, it was the Admiral's decision," Jean says. "She seems like a capable officer, even if she is a little... eccentric."

"A little eccentric? The woman does her own thing with no regard for the chain of command, she's broken every rule on the books, and not to mention her powers," Scott says. "I dunno, she just seems likes he might be more of a problem than an ally."

"That's a bit harsh," Jean says. "Sure, Mystique is after her, but she's still one of us, and she's been through a lot lately."

"Yeah, but what about what the Admiral told us, she could be a threat to the X-Men," Scott says. "The last thing we need is another dangerous enemy that would pose a threat to us, and she's..."

"Don't judge someone based on their blood, she can't choose her family any more than you can," Jean says, getting a grumble from Scott. "Come on, lets go and get something to drink."

"Fine," Scott says, and walks off, the two don't notice that a black haired woman is watching them. Once she's certain that no one else is around, she shifts into Mystique.

"Fools, the galaxy will be better off without the lot of you," Mystique says, grasping a locket, she opens it to look at two pictures. "Time to finish my job."

She turns back into her black haired form, taking out a PADD she heads out.


"Hey there, you must be Sierra," Jess says, taking a seat on the chair, Sierra looks up from a picture she's drawing. "I'm Jess, I'm a friend of Marie's."

"Nice to meet you I guess," Sierra says, going back to drawing, Jess leans over, the picture is crude, but she recognizes that one of the figures as Rogue.

"That's a very nice picture, Sierra," Jess says. "Do you like living with Marie?"

"She's nice," Sierra says. "Nicer than my parents where, they act nice for everyone else, but they never really cared about me."

"Don't say that Sierra, deep down they probably did," Jess says. "Parents are just complicated, they sometimes don't show their love as well as they should."

"I guess..." Sierra says.

"But you couldn't ask for a better guardian than Marie," Jess says. "We grew up together, and she's a good woman, she'll take good care of you."

"Yeah," Sierra says as Jess scoots over next to her.

"Hey kid, do you like magic?" Jess asks, Sierra looks up curiously. "Okay, nothing up my sleeves," she says, rolling up her sleeves, then reaches over, and pulls a strip of latinum out of Sierra's hair.

"Wow, that was cool!" Sierra says in awe.

"Oh, I'm not done yet," Jess says, and reaches into her pockets and takes out a coin, she grabs a salt shaker off the table and a napkin, she sets the coin down and the salt shaker on it, finishing up with covering them both with the napkin. "I learned this trick from the Criss Angel Magic holonovels, can you tap it three times for me sugah?"

Sierra nods and taps the top three times. "Feels pretty sturdy," she says.

"That's what you think, now watch," Sierra says, moving the saltshaker back, the coin is still there. "Hey, what's goin' on here..."

"I don't get it," Sierra says, looking at the coin confused.

"I don't get it, something should have happened," Jess says, moving the saltshaker back over it, and then pushes her hand down, and it collapses, she pulls her hand up with a smile, holding the saltshaker in it, and Sierra claps.

"How'd you do that?" Sierra asks.

"Nuh-uh, a magician never reveals her tricks," Jess giggles. "And this," she says, picking up the coin and running it over her fingers. "Is a magic coin, that's all you need to know."

Sierra pouts a bit, as the door opens and Rogue comes in. "Jess, we need to get to the Blackbird, Mystique is gonna try and kill the Admiral," Rogue says.


The doors to the Blackbird's engineering section opens, Rogue followed by Katrin and a guy with short red hair enters.

"Irene said that its in the main console," Rogue says as the two engineering officers head for the main console.

"Mystique is a clever programmer, from what I've read," the male engineer says, Webber Torque was the Independence's chief Engineer, and preferred to be called Arcade. "There's something inside the console, so she could be trying anything."

"Probably trying to create a warp core breach," Katrin adds. "Like I said, she's good, could be anywhere by now."

"Yeah, we've got Logan and Spirit working on tracking her down," Rogue says. "She won't be on the Blackbird anymore, but we've stopped all outgoing and incoming ship traffic, she won't be able to hide for very long."

"She might be hiding on the Darwin," Katrin suggests. "I mean we first encountered here on Vantu Corma, she could have beamed down with one of the away teams."

"Already thought of that, they searched both the Darwin and the Independence, first," Arcade says. "Probably going to make it look like an accident, destroying the ship is a forensic countermeasure probably."

"We're assuming that Mystique isn't still aboard," Rogue says, checking the internal scanners. "I'm going to go search for her myself, you two keep working."

"Yes Captain," Katrin and Arcade says, continuing their work while Rogue heads out.


Rogue places her hand on her phaser as she moves down the hallway, the hallways where mostly clear of personnel, she looks over each person as she passed them. She wasn't as good as a tracker as some people, but she still knew a few tricks. As she goes past one officer who has her back turned to Rogue, she stops, there seemed something familiar about her, she narrows her eyes and places her hand on the woman's shoulder.

"Turn around slowly with your hands up," Rogue says, placing her hand on her phaser, the woman slowly turns around, she has short black hair and wearing a security uniform. "Raven Darkholme, I should have known."

"So glad you remember me, Rogue," Raven grins, shifting into Mystique. "After all, a face you haven't seen in 15 years."

"Well, lets just say I have a good memory," Rogue says, watching Mystique closely. "Why are you still here if you wanted to destroy the ship?"

"Because I knew you couldn't resist getting involved," Mystique says. "You're always meddling in our affairs, that makes you a threat to those that I represent."

"So what then, you want me to get killed too?" Rogue snaps, she couldn't stand Mystique showing up like this, trying to get under her skin. "What the hell is your game Mystique?"

"We want you, Rogue," Mystique says with a wicked grin. "Xavier is going to waste your talents here, the people I represent could use your talents to their full potential, both you and Sierra."

"Don't you lay a finger on Sierra!" Rogue snaps. "You touch her, and you'll never touch anyone again!"

"I hit a sensitive spot, huh?" Mystique smirks as Rogue's combadge chirps, she taps it.

"Rogue here," she answers.

"Captain, we just found the file that Mystique entered, but its heavily encrypted, and only Mystique can stop it," Katrin answers.

"All right Mystique, you have two choices, you can either come back with me to Main Engineering and shut off your program, or we'll do this the hard way," Rogue says, removing the glove on her right hand.

"You know that I can't tell you that, Rogue," Mystique sneers. "Go ahead, touch me, I dare you!"

Rogue hesitates for a moment, and then presses her bare hand against Mystique's face, the two scream as Rogue absorbs her, staying in contact long enough for Mystique to fall unconcious.

"Captain, is everything okay?" Katrin asks.

"Everything's fine, I got what we needed to save the ship," Rogue says, running back towards main engineering, leaving Mystique leaning against the wall.


"I don't know how you plan to do this without Mystique," Arcade says as Rogue accesses the files. "Its voice encrypted, only Mystique can access it even if we knew the code."

"Don't worry about it, I have both," Rogue says, pressing the final commands.

"30 seconds to warp core breach," the computer reports as they access it.

"Computer, override program Raven Omega, code Zeta-121331441-Gamma," Rogue says, using Mystique's powers in order to change her voice so that she sounds like Mystique.

"Warp core returning to normal levels," the computer says, and Rogue leans back in relief.

"Neat trick, remind me to never tick you off," Arcade says.

"Now we just need to report to the Admiral that its all clear," Rogue says with a sigh of relief. "I'll contact him."


In Mystique's location, she groans as she takes a seat by the computer console, opening up a line of communication with Magneato.

"Mystique, I doubt you are sending me this message to give me good news," Magneato says calmly.

"I got jumped by Rogue," Mystique says. "Thought she was bluffing, but she touched me and got the code."

"You fool, you should have been more careful!" Magneato shouts, looking angry. "Did she find out anything else?"

"I don't think so, sir," Mystique says. "I managed to keep the secrets from her by suppressing them in my mind, but her abilities are very, unpredictable."

"Then, its possible that she got more memories than we realize," Magneato says. "Now it is more imperative than ever that we turn Rogue against Xavier, if she rejects us, we may have to kill her if we have no other choice."

"Magneato, are you sure that is wise?" Mystique asks. "If we hurt her, then it could be detrimental to our plans."

"We will have no choice, Rogue may be powerful, but if she knows enough about our operation, then she is a threat to it, and threats must be eliminating, no matter who they are," Magneato says. "No one isn't expendable Mystique, even you."

"I'll report in when I have something," Mystique says, shutting off the communication. "We'll see who's expendable."


Rogue leans over the bar in the Metreon Cloud, the Darwin was undergoing its final upgrades, Rogue takes her glass and just stares at it for a moment as the door opens. She barely looks up as Scott walks up next to her.

"Scotch," he says, and the bartender nods, pouring the drink, he turns to look at Rogue. "Captain Rogue, listen, I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with since you arrived."

"Its all right Captain, I'm not exactly the easiest person to work with either," Rogue says. "You'll have to forgive me, I just went through a 3 hour debriefing on what I managed to get from Mystique's mind, a shame I couldn't tell them much."

"That bad huh?" Scott asks.

"Mystique's mind is a jumbled mess, I got a few images of some sort of base, so that's where we're being sent next," Rogue says with a sigh. "The Darwin is almost ready, so I guess I'll be leaving soon."

"Rogue, if there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask," Scott says. "We're a team, the Admiral always says that mutants need to stand united, and I let my petty feelings get in the way of that."

"That's, pretty big of you," Rogue says.

"Welcome to the X-Men, Rogue," Scott says, offering a handshake, and Rogue takes it.

"Thanks Captain Summers," Rogue smiles.


"Captain's log supplemental, I'm still sorting through all the memories that I got from Mystique, and a lot of them are a jumble that I'll probably never figure out. However, there is one thing that has appeared prominently, and its something that I want to take are of personally."

Rogue walks down a hall on deck 4 of the Darwin she stops in front of one of the crew quarters rooms, and presses the button for the door chime.

"Come in," is the answer, and Rogue walks in, Kurt is inside working on something. "Oh, Captain Rogue!" He says, getting up at attention.

"At ease Ensign, I ain't here as your Captain," Rogue says. "Mind if I sit down?"

"Uh, go ahead," Kurt says, motioning to a chair, and Rogue takes a seat. "Sorry, I was working on a letter to my parents back on Earth. Well, my adopted parents."

"Kurt, I have a, kind of personal question I need to ask you," Rogue says, getting a nod from Kurt. "Its kinda funny really, I was adopted too yah know, never knew my birth parents either... do you ever wonder who yours where?"

"Yeah, of course, a few times, my parents didn't know," Kurt says.

"Kurt, with the Admiral's help I was able to sort through my memories I absorbed from Mystique," Rogue says. "Which wasn't easy, the woman's mind is a mess, I only got bits and pieces of concrete memories, but I think I got a good idea of at least one thing. I looked at your file, your parents adopted you while they where living on Bajor, right?"

"Yeah, that's right, they where there after the whole thing with the Dominion taking over Deep Space Nine again," Kurt says.

"Kurt, I got what I think was a memory from Mystique, she was on Bajor at the same time," Rogue says. "Seems that she was workin' for Magneato back then, and she had a kid. Magneato did experiments on the baby, playing with his genetics in order to increase his mutant abilities."

"I see, but what does this have to do with me?" Kurt asks, but he was afraid of what the answer was going to be.

"Kurt, based on the memories that we managed to get together, Mystique is your biological mother," Rogue says, and Kurt proceeds to faint.


"Captain's log, stardate 111032.9, we are finally ready to go, following the memories left in my mind by Mystique, the Darwin is going to the Quarren system. As far as we can tell, it is a target of Magneato's Acolytes, the only thing is that the Quarren system is uninhabited, and unclaimed... something is up here."

"Ensign Guthrie, are we ready to go?" Rogue asks, talking to a blonde haired ensign who was sitting at the helm while Kurt recovered.

"Just got final authorization from station ops," Sam Guthrie reports. "What's our course?"

"Set course 119 mark 1, course for the Quarren system," Remy says.

"Setting course," Sam reports.

"Engage," Rogue says as the Darwin jumps to warp.


Well that's chapter two, hope you all enjoyed.

Next chapter, the Darwin goes out to the Quarren system to investigate the memory that Rogue picked up from Mystique. However what they find there is not exactly what they had expected, as another enemy from the Misfitverse appears, but this one isn't exactly one that the X-Men fight on a regular basis.

Find out next time in, "Riding the Snake."