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Chapter 1 - Under my Skin

You got my heart on a string
You want me back again and you know I'll do anything
Just when I thought I was free, Knock, knock, the door is locked
But you still got a key
All too familiar, the moment it shows up
Now everything I know seems to fly

My oh my
You're getting under my skin
Don't know why I'm always letting you in
Just when I got my life together again,
Here you are standing there
Tell me why I should try,
My oh my

You got me under a spell
You look like heaven, oh, but you put me through hell
God knows there's nothing to gain
Well who am I to deny, we're both playing the same game
All too familiar, the moment it blows up
Now everything I know seems to fly

My oh my
You're getting under my skin
Don't know why I'm always letting you in
Just when I got my life together again,
Here you are standing there
Tell me why I should try,
My oh my

And I know that you're no good for me
And it makes no sense at all
Still I keep coming back for more
'Cause I'm addicted to your call

I know you ain't no good for me
And all the lies and the lines you fed to me
The way you kept coming back for me
Like the last breath left of the air I need

My oh my
You're getting under my skin
Don't know why I'm always letting you in
Just when I got my life together again,
Here you are standing there
Tell me why I should try,
My oh my

"My oh My" by Tristan Prettyman


I groaned as I rolled over to grab my phone.

The melody of Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" startled me awake. It was him. I knew it before I answered the phone. Not just because of the ringtone, the one he'd set to play when he called me. He thought it was appropriate since he'd always said I was his brown-eyed girl. But I also knew it because he had told me earlier today that he was going out with Jasper to the club. He and Jessica had had another fight and, this time, he'd thought it was really over.

Maybe this time it was.

Denial is the land I live in…

And, as always, when they've had a particularly bad fight, one in which he thinks will bring the relationship to its end, he goes to the club and I get "The Call".

The drunken "I Need You" call.

I'm pathetic, I know I am. But I can't find it in me to deny him.

To deny myself.

So, of course, I answer the phone.

"Edward, its' two-thirty in the fucking morning, why are you calling me?" I feigned irritation. I knew why he was calling, but I played stupid. Secretly, I had been hoping one day he would say something else, something more…

"'Cause I need you, need to bury myself in you, Bells. Can I come over?"

… Yup… something more than that.

Damn it to fucking hell.

Sighing, I replied, "Yes. The porch light is on. But keep it down, Rose and Emmett are sleeping."

Emmett had been working the night and weekend shifts. He's an EMT. Rose is a PA at a pediatrician's office, so she has normal working hours. They've been like two ships passing. This was Em's first weekend off in forever. They'd gone out to dinner followed by loud - and what I assumed was passionate - sex downstairs, until they fell quiet about a half hour ago.

They own a two-story home in Seattle, and I rent the upstairs floor. I have my own staircase on the outside of the house so I don't have to use the one that runs down into the middle of their home. It gives us all privacy. I use the smaller of the two rooms as a bedroom, the queen-sized mattress and simple headboard fit inside with about two feet of space between the sides and the wall.

The large common space where the rarely-used staircase to the main floor is located is big enough for a wingback chair, a small desk, and a book shelf. There is a larger room that I use as a living and dining room combo. It works for me. They charge me only four hundred a month, including utilities - plus I get to use their wireless internet. It was a sweet deal for me.

Have I mentioned that Emmett is Edward's older brother? Yeah. He is. And he didn't know I've sneaked his brother upstairs for booty calls on occasion. Life was messy.

I padded out of my small bedroom and into the bathroom. He would smell of beer and wouldn't care a thing about my sleep breath, but I couldn't bring myself to kiss anyone without having first brushed my teeth after waking. Even though I had half-expected this call from him, I had fallen asleep at midnight. It was a fitful sleep, thanks to my dear friends downstairs, but it was still long enough to have that shitty taste in my mouth.

I was really considering asking Em about soundproofing between his ceiling and my floor. Or maybe I would get him and Edward to help me put down a thick rug underneath my bed. It would help for when Rose and Em got together after a few weeks apart. They didn't have to worry about hearing anything from me, as I hadn't dated anyone seriously in months; even then, I never slept with them, effectively ending the relationship before it ever really got started. The only one I was having sex with was Edward, and he was usually not that loud, so his brother and wife hadn't yet picked up on our indiscretion.

I made my way into my small kitchen and over to the door, as I heard him ascending the stairs outside. He was singing some song that he must have picked up from the club. I still couldn't believe that Jasper dropped him off here, no questions asked. Certainly he had to know something was up, right?

As his heavy steps grew closer, my heart rate escalated from excitement. I was so screwed. I turned the knob and pulled the door open at the very same time he was turning the knob to step in. So when I pulled, he lost his balance, falling forward into me.

God, he smelled divine, even with the stench of beer on him. He smelled of woods and spice and … Edward. My stomach, and parts a little lower, fluttered at his touch. I hadn't been with him in many weeks, so being this close to him sent me reeling. I guess things had been good between him and Jessica lately, so he hadn't needed me beyond our normal best friend relationship. And I wasn't with anyone else either, pretty much, because no one else could compare to the man who was now chuckling in my arms. God, I was so messed up.

"Bells, you smell good, minty. Did you brush your teeth for me?" He looked up at me with those green eyes. Sure, they were red-rimmed, but were still beautiful. The crooked grin I've loved since I was a teenage girl was spread across his face, as he stood up and kicked the door behind him closed. "And is this how you always answer your door? In a skimpy tank top and panties?"


Actually, that was a lie. But since I was sure he would be here tonight, I had showered, shaved, and picked out my most sultry undergarments. I was in a white t-back tank top and a pair of white hipster panties. I had known he would love them.

"Hmmmmmm… I like it. I like you. You're my bestest friend, Bella. You're my brown -yed girl."

He had his hands on my hips as he whispered this into my right ear, nuzzling my hair. He had backed me into the fridge, and with nowhere for me to go, he ground his hips against me so I could feel how hard he was already.

His lips skimmed my neck and moved to my shoulder, nipping and licking his way there. I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips as I threaded my fingers into his hair. He needed a haircut, it had gotten long. Longer than Jessica liked him to wear it, maybe that was a good sign? It meant he was defying her, right?

… And I was lying to myself thinking that they were over. But at that moment, I didn't care.

His right hand was on my shoulder as he attacked my neck, while his left hand crept down my back, around my hip, and between my legs. I parted them out of reflex. I wanted him so very, very badly.

"Bells, you're already so wet," he said into my ear. My body was reacting to his touch, giving away my desire for him. My mind knew this was wrong. But my heart - and my body - wanted him. I needed him and I would take any attention I could get from him, no matter how fucked up the situation was. He was here now, and that was all that mattered.

"For you, Eddie, I'm this way for you," I sighed, using my pet name for him, as he slipped his finger under the fabric and skimmed my sex. God, his fingers were magical. "Bells, I need you," he growled at me, his lips crashing into mine. His tongue thrust into my mouth, his right hand descending to massage my breast, as his finger snaked its way into me, gently moving in and out.

I grabbed his shirt, lifting it over his head. God, I loved his chest. Just enough muscle, he was toned and lean. I ran my fingers down from his shoulders to his chest and then to his abdomen. As I did so, he shuddered and leaned his head back, closing his eyes. I loved that I made him feel this way. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, lowering the zipper and slipping a hand in to feel his hardness. He moaned and I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face. He was right where I wanted him - well, almost. I wanted him inside me. He kicked off his shoes as I slid his jeans down his legs.

The kitchen was small; with a single step backward, he'd put his hands against the counter behind him. He leaned back while I slid his jeans and socks off in one motion, running my hands back up his thighs to his hips and grabbing the waistband of his navy blue boxer briefs. Jessica hated them; she liked him to wear only boxers. I'd told him that I liked how he looked in these years ago, that with his tight ass and firm thighs filling them out, he'd looked like an underwear model. He'd known that I liked them; he'd worn them for me, which meant he had planned to see me tonight. The realization of that made my stomach flutter some more.

I was, normally, a very rational person. I liked order; I was careful, calculating, and a planner. In fact, I tended to over-plan and I've always had my guard up. I wasn't a sex goddess or an easy lay, and most certainly wasn't a home-wrecking slut. But, for the man in front of me, I would be whatever he needed me to be. Best friend, confidante, sex toy. This was our safe place. We could be whatever we wanted to be here, together. We weren't "control freak" Bella or "controlled-by-the-rich-bitch-girlfriend" Edward.

We were just Bells and Eddie. Yes, I was pathetic.

I was still on the floor, kneeling in front of him, when I looked back up to his face, his eyes meeting mine.

Damn. Just that one look from him and my whole body felt as if it were on fire. A quiet voice inside me wondered if he ever looked at her that way, but I pushed that thought to the back of my mind.

His eyes were hooded and full of lust, and he was panting as if he'd been running a marathon. A low moan escaped his lips as I slid his underwear past his hips, freeing him. He was gorgeous, both in clothes and, especially, out of them. I considered myself lucky to just be in the presence of this Adonis in front of me. I had him naked, his erection at eye-level, and I wanted nothing more than to take him into my mouth.

Before I could, he stopped me, pulling me up by the arm. "You appear to be grossly over-dressed, Bells," he said, his husky voice causing goose bumps to break out over my body.

I looked at him with what I hoped was desire, since I wasn't really practiced at the whole sex kitten thing. "Well, Eddie, then I suggest you do something about that."

"Damn, woman." And his lips were back on mine, breaking away only to pull my shirt over my head, before putting his tongue back into my mouth. He tasted of beer and cigarettes and Edward.

My Eddie.

He had both his hands on my hips and under my panties. He pushed them down past my thighs so I was now naked in front of him. He broke the kiss, looking at me, and said, "God, you are beautiful, Bells. Men should be worshiping at your feet. And you shaved…. bare, huh?" He ran his thumb across the top of my pelvic area, leaving goose bumps in his wake.

"Well, you know, I like to keep it up," I said with a shrug. I didn't really want to admit to him that the extra time I took grooming my lady parts tonight was in the hope that he would be the one to see it.

"I like it. She never does that, says it's a pain to keep up."

Damn it, did he really have to mention Jessica now?

"Eddie," I moaned, needing to get him back on track because we were too far along for him to stop now.

"I want you…" I moved closer so our chests were almost touching. I ran my hand down his hip to his now very hard cock, which was poking me in the belly, stroking it.

"I need you inside me."

He closed his eyes and moaned and I knew he was back in the moment with me. No more talk of Jessica, not now anyway.

His lips were back on mine, but with more aggression. He pushed me backwards, lifting me onto the kitchen counter. It looked like it would be kitchen sex tonight.

I made a mental note to clean the counters down tomorrow with bleach.

He had better access to my now-dripping sex with me up on the counter. He took my nipple into his mouth and began to suck and bite as he slipped two fingers inside me. I involuntarily thrusted my hips up at him; I loved it when his fingers were in me like this, as he knew my body about as well as I did. He pumped them in and out as I groaned, pulling on his hair, which made him bite my nipple a little harder. I let out a yelp and he laughed against my breast. Damn it, he knew what I liked. I was putty in his beautiful hands, and he knew it.

"Now, Eddie, I need you inside me now!"

We could play more later, if he was so inclined, but right now, I just needed him to fuck me. It had been too long.

He looked up at me, "You're impatient tonight… this morning… what time is it, anyway?" I looked over his shoulder at the clock on the stove, "Three-thirty."

I reached up to the penguin cookie jar on top of the fridge next to me, it wasn't a big stretch from my perch on the counter and, removing its head, I grabbed a condom. Condom begins with a 'C' and I stored them in the cookie jar, along with a few other places around the house. I believed in being prepared.

I ripped open the package, unrolling the rubber down over the head of his dick. I had learned years ago that he liked it when the woman took charge and did it. I would prefer not using condoms, since I had been on the pill for years. But, it was an unspoken rule between us, another way to keep a barrier between our secret life and the real world.

He ran the head of his cock around my entrance, gathering moisture to ease his way inside. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he grabbed my hips and, looking directly into my eyes - not moving them from mine - he pushed inside to the hilt.

God, he filled me beautifully. He pulled out almost all the way and then slammed back into me again. This is how it was going to be tonight, rough, and I loved it. My head fell back as I grabbed his shoulders, digging my nails into his skin, sickly hoping I would leave marks. He leaned in, taking my nipple back into his mouth, sucking harder than before, causing me to gasp and scream.

He slammed into me over and over, keeping up a solid pace that I knew would bring me to climax quickly. I slid my butt forward a little so he could go deeper and I felt the muscles in my abdomen tighten, I was so close.

"Bells, ahhhh, so good," he moaned. His eyes were closed and he was holding me closely as we both hit our orgasms at the same time.

While I knew it was the epitome of cheesy to say that the earth moved at that moment, it did. It moved and shifted and sucked me in, and I begged for it never end. Edward Anthony Cullen pulsed inside of me, embracing me, his body curled around mine, as if I were the only one for him.

Our breathing slowed and he kissed my forehead, pulling out and discarding the rubber in the kitchen trash. I remained in my spot on the counter, sweaty and spent, as he turned to me.

"Let's go to bed," he said, hoisting me over his shoulder with my butt in the air, as I laughed and squealed, smacking his fine ass.

As I was lying in my bed looking out the window, I heard him breathing, slow and deep breaths, and the occasional snore. He was wrapped around me and I wondered if Jessica ever let him wrap around her like this. Somehow I doubted it. She would probably complain that she was too hot or that he had morning breath.

I loved it, though.

I loved having his arms wrapped around me, we fit so well together.

I loved feeling his warm breath on my neck, like the gentlest of caresses.

I loved listening to his snores and mumblings, they were the sweetest sounds on earth.

Yeah, I loved him, with all my heart and soul.

Damn it.

I was lying there in the dark, exposed physically and emotionally, the tears welling up in my eyes, when it hit me hard…

I was so very, very screwed.

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