The characters all belong to the lovely J.K. Rowling, but I have taken the liberty to play with them. If I owned them, believe me, things would be a whole lot different. To make things easier, here are some notes...

1) Severus is alive and well, but Harry did see the Pensieve with his memories.

2)Harry will be entering his Eight Year, so basically Voldie pants was defeated in the middle of Seventh Year

3)Narcissa was actually a bitch and was killed by Voldemort, so I left her out completely.

4) I have taken liberty to replace Narcissa's input and made it so that it was Lucius, who lied to Voldie in the forest. (So yeah I totally changed some things.)

5)Draco is NOT a brat, well maybe a little...

6) Both twins are alive and pranking away

7) Remus did not marry Tonks

So warnings... Character bashing, slash, a lot of hot man love and boy/girl love. Also cursing and the usual angsty, oh-so-romantic-love and etc. etc. etc...

If you don't like the pairings or your eyes are sensitive to slash or any kind of love... Turn back now and you will not suffer from a brain hemorrage.


The pairings is this fic...

Harry Potter / Lucius Malfoy ( Come on, who doesn't think they're hot together? )

Draco Malfoy / Bill Weasley ( I know it's a weird pairing. But so what? Can you not see the hotness? Also imagine Bill with shorter and shaggier hair)

Ron Weasley / Neville Longbottom ( I'm thinking the new and improved hot Neville and a matured Ron? )

Fred Weasley / Hermione Granger ( Always wanted to put Mione together with one of the twins )

Ginny Weasley / Dean Thomas

Charlie Weasley / Luna Lovegood ( Never seen this pairing before, so I am bringing them to life )

Arthur Weasley / Molly Weasley ( Not too long though, *evil smirk*)

Severus / ? ( Should I give the mean old dungeon bat some "feelings" )

Any more suggestions? I'm happy to listen and maybe even consider. Though, I'm a Slytherin, so don't expect to much :)