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Chapter 49

Harry woke feeling warm, cuddled in blankets and pillows. He blinked his hazy eyes, but before he could bask in that comfortable feeling, a loud noise from the adjoining room had him sit up. The place next to him was empty, the sheets were cold.

Grabbing his glasses from the bedside table, Harry looked around and frowned when yet again a thumping noise could be heard. Flinging his legs over the bedside, Harry got up and shuffled his feet towards the room they had picked put as the nursery.

"What are you doing?" questioned Harry as he reached the door and saw the blonde.

Lucius turned to Harry with an expression that the teen interpreted as curiosity and a hint of excitement.

Looking around the room, the green-eyed teen noticed what had made the loud bang. The book case that was yet to be moved was just a big pile of splinters.

"I thought it would look better in the opposite wall." Lucius explained.

"And how exactly did it end up as firewood?" asked Harry.

Lucius shrugged and said offhandedly "It was hideous anyway."

Harry stepped into the room and walked around, he said "The murals are beautiful."

One of the walls had the most spectacular landscapes on it. High mountains with snow-caps that reached the bluest of skies. Below was a thick green forest with twisting vines and smaller hills. In the sky, a dragon soared through the air. The mural was animated and the dragon was actually moving, making a smile form on Harry's face.

" It was Draco's idea." Lucius said with a fond smile.

" Of course, the dragon... " Harry said lamely.

Lucius chuckled and said " The connecting wall will have a crystal clear lake with an evergreen forest and a pair of eagles. Your friend Ms Lovegood suggested it, actually she insisted on it."

" Luna is probably the most honest person I know. She doesn't have any qualms about being forwards and speaking her mind. I trust her with almost anything," said the green-eyed teen. " She will definitely have a big part in our future. I thought about asking her to be a godmother to one of our children. Unless you have someone else in mind."

Lucius was quick to answer " No, I have no one else in mind. She is a lovely witch, albeit a bit odd and unusually attentive, but a fine young lady nonetheless. And I presume Hermione will serve as the second godmother?"

" She's one of my best friends and I wouldn't be alive without her. She's bloody brilliant. I think she'd be a wonderful godmother."

The blonde stopped what he was doing and stood from the armchair. Taking Harry's hand, Lucius pulled the teen to sit on the edge of the chair. He said " Luna and Hermione as godmothers is an excellent choice. Am I correct in thinking that Ronald is your choice for godfather?"

" It's hard when you have a dozen candidates." Harry chuckled.

"Severus will be one of the godfathers." Lucius said matter-of-factly.

The green-eyed teen said "I can already imagine his sour expression."

"He will accept all the same," Lucius said, "he is my oldest and dearest friend, practically a brother. He has done much for me and Draco, more than I can ever repay."

Harry smiled "Not to mention his self-sacrificing stunt with the curse Molly cast. He should be a godfather to one of the babies. I bet he secretly loves children."

"I would not be so sure, love. But he is a good man and actually reasonably good with kids. I would trust him with our children." Lucius said.

"How is your name list coming along?" Harry asked.

The blonde rested his head against the teen's shoulder and said "It's rather extensive."

"Mine is quite short, I seem to be horrible at this stuff. I am not as imaginative as I thought," Harry confessed. He caressed the blonde's hair and added, "I got a few good ones from Hermione though. She gave me a book with baby names, it appears that she agrees with you. She too likes the more fancier names."

Lucius chuckled and said "I thought about a few names you might like."

Before Harry could reply, Draco's voice demanded " You better not be naked. I'm coming in."

After a passing moment, the younger blonde appeared in the doorway and asked "What are you doing in here?"

"Were you expecting to find us in bed?" Harry asked, "I assure you that we do leave the bed every now and then."

Lucius addressed his son "What is it, Draco?"

"Oh right... the morning paper came and I think you two will love the headline." Draco said and handed Harry the morning edition of the Daily Prophet.

Harry snorted "It's rather ironic, don't you think? Rita Skeeter on the front page of the very same paper she used to write for."

Lucius read the headline "'Azkaban welcomes its newest resident Rita Skeeter'. I dare say it's their best story yet."

"Apparently, she wasn't very cooperative and they had to restrain her multiple times during the hearing. And get this, more than seven different people came forward and had her charged with additional charges. She used her Animagus form to spy on all of those people." Draco said.

Lucius asked "How long will she keep the Dementors company?"

"Four years for the violation of the Animagi law and another year for slandering the good citizens of the wizarding world. When she gets out, there is no chance that she will ever work as a journalist again. Cleaning Diagon Alley is a more likely scenario." the younger blonde said smugly.

Harry smirked and said with contentment "We are finally rid of her."

"Unfortunately there will be others like Skeeter. The Wizarding Post is quite popular these days and the good citizens still like to read gossip and make-believe stories." Lucius told the two teens.

With a sigh, Harry agreed "You're right, but I do think that it will be easier without Skeeter around. She had a personal vendetta against us both."

Lucius nudged the teen to get up and at said "I have an appointment with the Minister, I have to go and get ready."

"You mean you have to sort through your wardrobe for the next two hours."

Draco piped up "A Malfoy always looks good, no matter the occasion."

Lucius gave the green-eyed teen a kiss on the cheek and said " I'll be back soon."

The younger blonde watched his father go and told Harry "He's looking rather big."

"He is a little over five months pregnant, Draco. He is supposed to look big. During the night, I can feel one or two of them kick me in the side. Imagine what it might be like for your father who is actually carrying them." Harry told the blonde teen.

Draco asked " How come no one knows? I mean, you would have to be either blind or absolutely stupid to not realise that he's about to pop."

"It's the newest maternity fashion from Paris. Robes that have an extension charm on the inside. Looks more or less flat on the outside."

"It's quite ingenious." Draco hummed.

Harry smirked "Freaked me out the first time I saw it."

"The nursery is coming along nicely," Draco said, taking a look around the room. "Especially the murals, that yours truly helped create. Of course, it was bound to be magnificent."

The green-eyed teen rolled up the Daily Prophet and whacked the young blonde on the head. Harry said "Luna pitched in too."

"Alright, Lovegood had some good ideas as well. But it's mostly on me," said the blonde. "Anyway, I have to get a few thing done before I leave; I have a date with Bill later."

Harry asked "You and Bill still go on dates?"

"Of course we do, Bill wants to keep it fresh and he insists that it's romantic. Who am I to argue if it leads to hot sex. You mean, you and Father haven't done anything romantic since you knocked him you?" Draco questioned.

The sheepish look on the teen's face had Draco snort. With a supporting pat on the shoulder, the blonde wizard said "I suggest you fluff up your life. He might be the great and powerful Lucius Malfoy, but even my father wants to be romanced a bit. Get a move on, Potter, or you'll have your hands full with a highly strung Malfoy."

"Any ideas?" Harry asked.

Draco smirked a true Malfoy smirk and said " I might, but it will cost you."

"I think I can handle it on my own if you start making demands."

The blonde said "I don't know, my father is a very picky individual. Only the best for a Malfoy and by the best I mean it will leave a sizeable dent in your vault."

"I'll just offer mind-blowing sex." Harry stated with a grin.

"It's been rather quiet for the past two weeks. Considering your usual lack of silencing charms, I'd say that the Boy Who Lived hasn't been shagged for a while."

Green eyes narrowed playfully and Harry said "Been listening have you?"

Draco laughed "The whole Manor can hear you two. Or rather you screaming like a banshee."

Another smack landed on the blonde's head and Harry said "Should I tell you all the sinful noises your father can make. I never thought I'd see a wanton Malfoy."

"Nice chat, Potty. Things to do, people to see." said the blonde teen and strode out of the room with Harry's snickering following him out.


The Atrium in the Ministry was like a beehive, both witches and wizards going in and out, from left to right. Arthur had just arrived when he caught sight of the familiar blonde hair of a Malfoy. Lucius stood by the fountain, his expression showing contempt and a great deal of boredom. The redhead gripped his brown leather suitcase and stepped closer, hoping that the blonde would be less sneering up close. The expression didn't change but the man's pale eyes melted into a less harsh shade.

"Lord Malfoy." Arthur acknowledged the man with a smile.

Lucius inclined his head in greeting and said "Lord Weasley."

"I'm still not used to this lord business. I much more prefer Arthur."

The blonde smirked with no small amount of haughtiness "I still prefer Lord Malfoy."

"I heard a different story from Remus, as a matter of fact I believe it is not just a story but a true fact. It will be Potter-Malfoy soon." Arthur said with a teasing note to his voice.

"True." Lucius mused.

The redhead cast a quick Tempus and told the blonde "Well, I have a meeting with the Junior Assistant. Another report to hand in."

"What is it that you do exactly?" Lucius asked. "Still tinkering with your Muggle gadgets?"

Arthur said "Strictly at home. I am the Head of the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects. Our main concern is the elimination of all counterfeit spells and objects that are falsely labelled protective. We also work very closely with the Auror Office, they help us in the capturing of those who make, sell or distribute those items.

Lucius asked with amusement "Is the pay check bigger than the previous one?"

"As the Head of Office, I get a decent sum. Just last week, I bought a toaster from London. A very useful Muggle appliance. I have yet to figure out how it works but Hermione promised to show me once they get back from their honeymoon. It's quite fascinating," Arthur stated proudly, ignoring the blonde's raised brow. He then added "Anyhow, I have to stop by Percy's office before we can go up in my office. Are you heading up?"

"As it happens I am on my way to see the Minister." Lucius said.

"I heard that Kingsley is neck deep in paperwork with the new laws he is trying to enforce." Arthur commented.

As they walked towards the desired location, the blonde wizard spoke "It seems that one hears quite a bit in the Ministry."

"Kingsley himself said that he is not a diplomat, much less a political leader. The man is an Auror through and through. He has the knack for it, but guidance is needed. It is no secret that during Fudge's time in power, hardly anything got done and everybody seemed to have endless pockets for gold. You should know what I am talking about, Lucius."

The blonde chuckled and said "Fudge was a particularly greedy individual."

"However, half the Ministry knew who pulled the strings instead of Fudge." the redhead said knowingly.

"I would be a dreadful Minister, all that power might ruin me completely."

With a huff of a laugh, Arthur mused "I do believe we have a day-care here in the Ministry, in case you are interested in the job."


Parting ways with the redhead who met with his son, Lucius found himself before the secretary's desk. The witch was scribbling something down on a piece of parchment when the blonde cleared his throat. The woman, no more than twenty in years, smiled nervously and almost dropped her Quill.

"I have an appointment with Minister Shacklebolt."

The girl rummaged through a pile of paperwork on her desk and said as she found what she had been looking for "Yes, of course. Minister Shacklebolt will be here shortly, he is in a meeting for another few minutes. Can I get you anything while you wait?"

"No, I'm quite alright." the blonde wizard said.

The secretary tried to busy herself with something other than staring, but every now and then she glanced up at the imposing wizard. Her keen eyes caught something rather sparkly, an exceptional piece of jewellery that was gracing Lord Malfoy's hand. Seemingly organising her desk, the girl gazed at the blonde again and flushed red when she saw the blonde stare back with a raised brow. She quickly looked away and coughed awkwardly.

Lucius closed the distance and leaned over the witch's desk. The girl froze and slowly lifted her eyes.

"Is there something you would like to say to me, dear?"

The girl was blushing and stammered "No, I just.. no, nothing, Sir."

Lucius chuckled at the girl spluttering self and saw the witch stuff the newest copy of Witch Weekly into the desk drawer. The girl said with a jittery giggle "I was just wondering whether the rumours were true."

"What rumours are we addressing this time?"

The girl bit her lip and said "The ones about Harry Potter. I mean, he is the Saviour, he saved us all. And he's really cute, you know. All the girls think so. Witch Weekly says he's the heartthrob of the year, especially among teenage girls and surprisingly, even middle-aged witches."

"He is, isn't he?" Lucius smirked, making the girl smile clumsily. "I must admit, I am not a reader of Witch Weekly."

The secretary shuffled in her seat and said "Well, this week they wrote an article about Mr Potter and the possible candidate for the future Mrs Potter. Girls are lining up behind his door, everybody wants to be Mrs Potter."

"Wanting and actually becoming are quite different."

Someone's voice interrupted the girl who was about to say something, "It seems that they let just about anyone walk around the Ministry."

Lucius recognized Parkinson's taunting tone and forced himself to stay calm.

"It's no wonder this place is going to the dogs."

The blonde turned to see his former associate and said with fake-politeness "Lord Parkinson, what a lovely surprise."

"Lord Malfoy, still enjoying your freedom I see," the other wizard asked. "I guess sharing a bed with the Saviour does have its perks. One could assume that spreading your legs for Harry Potter can keep a Death Eater out of Azkaban."

Lucius was used to the taunts but it never failed to irritate him, especially if Harry was mentioned.

"You seem rather interested in who I spread my legs for. Is there any particular reason for that." Lucius questioned.

Parkinson's jaw clenched and he spat "One day you will get everything that is coming, Malfoy. The great Saviour will eventually tire of you. Someone younger and better will come along and where will you be then?"

The secretary cowered, afraid of what might happen between the two wizards who glared daggers at each other. Thankfully, two more people arrived, one of them asking "Is there a problem, gentlemen?"

Nymphadora Tonks and the Minister himself had arrived, the latter walking to the secretary's desk.

"I apologise for keeping you waiting, the meeting was a bit longer than I expected."

Lucius gave a nod and said "It was no trouble, your charming secretary kept me company."

Throwing one last acidic look towards the other man, Lucius followed Kingsley to his office and as the door clicked shut, Tonks eyed Parkinson and asked "Was there anything else you needed?"

"I no longer have any business with the Minister, seeing what kind of people he associates with."

Tonks crossed her arms and said "Lord Malfoy is a law-abiding citizen, much like yourself. Any personal quarrel you have with him is no concerns of the Ministry."

"I never thought I would see an Auror defend a Death Eater." Parkinson chuckled.

"An ex-Death Eater. He also happens to be my uncle and I know him better than you, Sir." Tonks said, her tone mocking and the look in her eyes telling the man exactly what she thought about him. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have things to do. Have a good day."

The wizard gritted his teeth. The witch had walked away, leaving the man alone with only the secretary, who looked at him with a smirk she was trying to hide.

Inside the Minister's office, Kingsley adjusted his robes before taking a seat. There was a knock on the door and the young secretary came in with a tray. Having placed a tray with tea on the table, the girl asked "Is there anything else you need, Sir?"

"We're fine, thank you," Kingsley said and then added as an afterthought "On second thought, cancel my next appointment. And send Mr Thorn a note saying that I will regrettably have to call off our lunch."

The girl gave a nod and a shy smile to the blonde before leaving.

"I'm grateful for your help. Honestly, it is a lot harder than I thought." Kingsley said.

Lucius stirred his tea and chuckled "Being the Minister for Magic is rather demanding, but it commands respect and you have quite a lot of power because of it."

"I much preferred the job I had before."

The blonde asked "Chasing dark wizards?"

"Being an Auror was more exciting and chasing dark wizards was a calling of mine. I still get the urge to go up to the Auror division and exchange these fancy robes for my Auror ones."

"If you hate it as much as you seem to then why not resign," Lucius questioned, "I'm sure there are more than enough candidates for the position."

Kingsley quirked his brow and said " And am I to understand that you are offering to lessen my burden?"

"Heavens no, I can hardly manage my own dealings. Adding the rest of the wizarding world to the mix will give me grey hairs."

"Was there an altercation between you and Lord Parkinson?"

Lucius placed his tea cup on the table and sighed "Unfortunately, the relations between myself and Lord Parkinson are not of the good kind. We ended our business dealings some time ago. Being who I am, there will always be those who believe that my rightful place is in Azkaban."

"I will be honest with you, I too was one of those people who wanted to see you pay for the crimes we both know you committed. I was quite surprised when Harry came forward and expressed his wish to take part in your trial. As I understand it, both you and your son were unwilling participants and I trust Harry more than I distrust you. It is that simple. You, Lord Malfoy, are no angel but I can admit that I might have judged you based on prejudice and my Auror instincts that usually flare in the presence of a notorious and skilled wizard. And right now I find myself asking your help in running this place." Kingsley told the man.

Lucius hummed, "Help which I will happily provide since I haven't felt useful for a while."

"How is everything with the future generation of Malfoys, if you don't mind me asking?"

"They have a strong kick," Lucius said with a smile that was rather rare. It usually appeared when he talked about the babies. "Harry thinks that they are going to be Beaters. "

Shacklebolt laughed and leaned back in his chair, "That's good to know. The Gryffindor Quidditch team will surely appreciate it."

"No Malfoy has ever been in Gryffindor."

Kingsley said with a chuckle "Being Harry Potter's children might just be enough to land them in Gryffindor."


The terrace doors to the garden were opened wide and the slowly warming spring wind ruffled the curtains. Harry had moved into the sunroom from the study, his homework firmly in hand. Over the week, the teen had read one advanced Charm textbook, written more than three essays for his D.A.D.A class and for Herbology and on top of that he had potions lessons with Andy. It was all getting to him; Harry had never been this tired and drained. Settling on the sofa, the green-eyed wizard tucked his legs close and opened the book he had gotten from Andy. He had only managed a few chapters when a noise caught his attention. It was a shrill sound that resembled a baby's cry or perhaps a cat who was stuck on a tree, but it was more high-pitched and sounded angrier.

When it happened again, Harry closed his book and looked around the room, only to freeze up. In the doorway that led to the vast Malfoy gardens stood a huge white bird, majestic and looking curiously around the room. The bird made another noise and stalked inside. That had Harry scrambling away from the sofa. The teen had never seen the beast before. Granted, the bird was no beast and definitely not threatening enough to scare Harry, but the wizard remembered a nasty run-in with a mental turkey Arthur had bought from the market.

The white feathered fowl cocked its head to the side and stared straight at Harry, taking a few experimental steps towards him.

The teen squeaked like a petrified witch and called out "Draco!"

That only made the bird more curious and it advanced Harry with vigour, its white veil of tail feathers sweeping the floor.

"Draco Malfoy, get you arse down here. Now!" the teen yelled.

Snapping its beak at Harry, the bird screeched again.

"What the bloody hell are shrieking about?" came the blonde's voice from the connecting parlour.

Stepping inside the sunroom had Draco burst out in cackles. Harry was on top of the sofa, backed up as far as possible, the regal-looking peacock keeping the teen in place.

"Really, Potty? You called me all the way here for this." Draco said with amusement as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Shut your gob. It pranced inside and now the sodding bird won't leave. What the hell is it doing here?"

Draco said "It's one of Father's peacocks, they live in the gardens."

"How come I've never seen them around? I've been here for months." Harry questioned, still wary of the peacock who decided to strut around the room, showing off his impressive tail feathers.

The blonde shrugged "It was too cold for them to be outside. You haven't exactly been in the gardens lately, have you. The house elves keep them fed and groomed during the winter months."

"Out of all the possible pets to have, Lucius chose peacocks. Why am I not surprised." Harry said in a chocked out laugh.

"I think they're lovely. You've just met Hades, he is rather spirited."

Harry raised a brow "He's named after the Greek god of the underworld?"

"Couldn't name him Bob, though I really wanted to call him Bob. I was seven at the time. The other two are called Circe and Hecate, the ladies of Hades, " Draco explained. "I came up with that."

"The Malfoys have a lot in common with peacocks by the looks of it," Harry muttered and waved his hand at the bird's direction "Can you please get rid of it?"

The blonde rolled his eyes and said "He was just curious, you know. And he only bites when you threaten him. Father has spoiled them rotten though."

Draco walked to the opened terrace doors and snapped his fingers, telling the bird "Out with you, Hades. You're scaring princess Harry with your terrifying presence and deadly glare."

The peacock ruffled the impressive feathers covering his tail and made a thrilling sound before stalking towards the blonde teen. When the last of his white veil disappeared around the corner, Harry came down from the settee and asked "Are there any more bizarre pets I should know about?"

"Aside from you, I think Father doesn't have any more weird things he keeps around." Draco drawled.

"Hilarious." deadpanned Harry. "Just as funny as you wetting your knickers at the sight of dress robes."

Draco didn't take the bait and said "I happen to appreciate fine garments, unlike you, Wonder Boy."

"What's wrong with what I wear?"

The blonde crunched his nose and said "You could put those Galleons you have to good use. Invest in decent wizarding clothes and a pair of trousers wouldn't hurt."

"I have decent things, but I feel more comfortable in what I have on now. I am in the safety of my home and I honestly do not give a toss about what people think."

Draco stuck his hands into the pockets of his tailored trousers and said "It's obvious you won't take any fashion advice from me, so I'm not going to waste my time on you. Though, I do think you should get rid of the specks you have. The ghastly thing you call glasses are hideous and they make you look like you're twelve."

"Hermione suggested a Muggle procedure to get my eyes fixed. Madam Pomfrey said that I could try potions to get them fixed but I hate potions and the Muggle way is quicker." Harry explained.

"How blind are you really?"

Harry snorted "Not completely blind, it's just blurry and I can't make out finer details."

Draco pointed out "So all it would have taken was a Summoning Charm during the battle..."

"More or less. Luckily for me, Voldemort never thought about that." Harry said.


Checking the time, Bill rummage through his jacket's inner pocket and pulled out a packet of Muggle cigarettes. Taking a deep draw of his smoke, the redhead looked around the street. He was standing in front of the restaurant he and Draco had their first proper date, La Papillon. The blonde was late, a good thirty minutes, which was unusual for the Malfoy heir who was always on time and hated when others were tardy.

As Bill crushed the cigarette butt with the heel of his booth, he saw a flash of blonde hair. The young Malfoy reached him and pulled Bill in for a kiss.

"I told you not to smoke." Draco hummed as he pulled away from the kiss with a disgusted expression.

The redhead looked apologetic when he told the blonde "Sorry, I couldn't resist. You weren't here on time."

"I couldn't find my jeans."

Bill said "You have more than one pair of jeans."

The blonde said in a complete Malfoy expression "But I wanted the pair I am wearing right now. They go well with the shirt and you will definitely appreciate the jeans because they make my arse look exceptionally good.

"I think I will enjoy peeling them off later," Bill said with a smirk, his hands smoothly sliding to rest of the teen's backside. "But first, I want to dine with you and then we'll see about that arse of yours."

Someone's sneer interrupted the couple and Draco turned to see who it was. A middle-aged woman walked past them, muttering about abominations.

The blonde felt his anger spike and he said haughtily "Who does she think she is?"

"Muggles are not as open-minded about same-sex relationships as we are."

Draco huffed and said a bit louder, making sure the woman could hear them "Well, I don't care about some hag spewing hatred. Who is she to comment on what we do?"

"Forget about her, Dragon. Let's go inside, the quicker we have dinner, the quicker we can go to Shell Cottage and I can ravish you all night long."

The restaurant was dimly lit and the atmosphere was romantic, much like the first time the couple had been there. Bill helped Draco into his seat like a proper gentleman.

"It's not that hard to understand why we dislike Muggles so much. They are narrow-minded, rude and hate everything that is considered abnormal. In the wizarding world, a person's sexuality is their own business and it is never frowned upon. Wizards can get knocked up for Merlin's sake, it's completely normal. Look at Muggles, they have their heads up their arses."

Bill chuckled and said "You seem to forget my mum who was as biased as the Muggle folk. She called me an abomination as well."

"Yes, but the general wizarding kind is tolerant. Did you know that practically half of our kind is either gay or swing both ways. Since having children is not a problem, it is considered as normal as a witch and a wizard together." Draco said.

"I agree. Now, can we just have a nice night out? I would really love nothing more than to have a romantic date with you." Bill said.

Draco smiled deviously and said "I expect to be thoroughly romanced."


Closing his book, Harry stretched his stiff muscles and yawned. It was already time for supper and the teen had spent hours with his reading material. He hadn't heard Lucius come home and that made him frown. The blonde was supposed to be home hours ago.

Right on cue, Harry heard someone in the foyer. He stood and went to see if it was the elder blonde. Lucius had just reached the stairs when Harry came to stand in the parlour and said " I thought you said you wouldn't be long?"

Lucius was looking irritated and Harry saw a glimpse of the old Lucius Malfoy he remembered from the past. The teen instantly started worrying and followed the blonde wizard upstairs as he wordlessly stalked into the bedroom.

"Lucius, are you alright?"

The blonde shrugged off his robe and threw it on the bed, he said "Marvellous."

"Did something happen in the Ministry?" Harry asked. The wizard was definitely upset.

Lucius stopped fussing and sighed as he lowered himself on the bed. He said "My feet are killing me and my back aches, your progeny have been moving around nonstop ever since I stepped inside Kingsley's office. I'm tired and I want cherry fudge with cucumbers. I was actually in a quite good mood until that total arsewipe Parkinson showed up and dared to insult me."

Harry crawled onto the bed and soothed the man's stomach with his hand "What did Parkinson want?"

Lucius said in a humourless laugh "He wanted to remind me that I should be in Azkaban and one day soon you will replace me with someone younger."

"You know that's not going to happen, Lucius." Harry said seriously.

The blonde kept ranting "As if I couldn't get out of Azkaban any other way than whoring myself out to the great Saviour."

Green-eyes looked hurt as Harry pulled away and stared at the man. The blonde immediately realised his mistake and said "Harry, I did not quite mean it like that."

"How did you mean it then? Because it did sound exactly like that."

Lucius didn't say anything, instead reached for the teen's hand. The teen went without protest when the blonde pulled the younger male next to him. Nestling his head to Harry's chest, the blonde spoke " I'm sorry, I'm on edge right now. I love whoring myself out to you."

Harry couldn't help the smirk and said " I know you do."

"He said that by spreading my legs to Harry Potter I've kept myself out from my rightful place in Azkaban. I won't delude myself, you are the reason I am not currently entertaining Dementors in Azkaban, but it's all thanks to your good heart and stupid Gryffindor mentality. Most of the public thinks that I am only good for bribing or sleeping my way back to everyone's good graces. I had one witch spit at me when I was in Diagon Alley after the trial. It was before you and I discovered how brilliantly we match."

The teen slid his fingers into the blonde mane and placed a sweet kiss on the man's temple. Harry said "I wouldn't have helped you if I hadn't been sure that you could change. And I was right, you've changed so much. I see it every day."

"It doesn't hurt me as much, I can take insults being thrown at me. I don't want our children to be shunned because of my name, because who I was and still am," Lucius said, his voice muffled by Harry's shirt. "I don't want them to be discriminated because one of their parents was a Death Eater."

"No one will look down on them, we won't let anyone look down on our kids. No one has the right to show prejudice, if they do, they have to deal with the defeater of Voldemort and one very skilled ex-Death Eater. We are who we are and our kids will know that neither one of us is perfect. They will know what a good man and a great father you are. They will love you unconditionally."

Lucius tilted his head up and met Harry's eyes. The green orbs were full of love and devotion, but most importantly truth. Honesty that Lucius had rarely found, yet Harry had never given him anything but sincere sentiment. The teen's voice held promise and it was easy to believe him.

"I wanted to ask you to be my husband, you know. I thought about proposing on your birthday." Lucius said.

Harry smiled "Guess I was just faster. I know it's important for us to be married before the babies are born. Truthfully, I just wanted to make you mine and have you claim me as yours."

"No Malfoy had ever been born out of wedlock, neither has any member of the Black family. The future Lady or Lord Black can't be born out of wedlock, it's a clause that can't be ignored if you want one of them to take over the Black lordship one day."

Harry sighed and trailed his free hand to where their son and daughter were comfortably resting. The teen said "Whoever comes out first will be the Potter heir and the other will be the Black heir."

"Your voice seems to calm them."

The teen said smugly "Really?"

"They settled down as soon as you got closer. They are familiar with your voice, they already know who you are." Lucius explained.

Continuing with the rubbing motion, Harry said with an awed voice "One of them pressed against my hand."

"They know their father." Lucius said.

Harry hummed in response "Hermione gave me a book that said that babies recognise their mother's voice and they know their mother's scent within days of birth. So when they make their big entrance, you will the their favourite person."

"Andy is coming for another check up tomorrow. She wants to see if everything is as it should. I am a three short months away from delivering them."

"Three short months to put together a wedding." Harry added.

"We could have a big and lavish wedding party in the winter, I always liked the thought of a winter wedding."

Harry questioned "You wouldn't mind having a small ceremony?"

"Just us and our witnesses."

The teen said "Well, the Weasleys will have to attend and Remus, Neville, Luna and Andy. Then there are Tonks and McGonagall, she has to be in our wedding. Also, some of my professors and Poppy Pomfrey. Then Tamsin, our flower girl and León, who will surely insist on making the food and leaving the poor elves hysterical again. I can think of a few more people."

"Maybe not so small then," Lucius sighed. "Hopefully, I will fit into my wedding robes. I refuse to attend my own wedding in pyjamas, they are the only clothes that make me comfortable these days."

"You should walk around in your pyjamas all the time then."

Lucius snorted "I hardly think that's dignified."

Cuddling the blonde closer, Harry let out a happy sigh and said "I love being like this; just holding you."

"Why do you wear shirts with problematic access?" Lucius asked, his fingers raking down Harry's chest. The dark green polo shirt had two small buttons in front, making the blonde annoyed that he couldn't get closer to the teen's skin.

Harry said " You bought that shirt."

"And I'm regretting it now. Take it off."

"Is this how it's going to go down? You want me naked." Harry quirked his brow.

Lucius hummed "Is there a reason why you oppose the idea of being naked in bed with me? You insisted on cuddling and I think it would be much better without clothes."

Rolling to his side, the green-eyed wizard drew the blonde closer and captured his lips with his own, the slide of Harry's tongue against Lucius' lips coaxed the man to open up for Harry. The young wizard smiled into the kiss as the blonde slid his hand to his fly and opened his jeans with one single move.

"What are you doing?"

Lucius licked his lips and said "What does it feel like? I do believe I am about to stick my hand down your pants."

"I thought we were just going to cuddle?" Harry asked, tracing his lips down the man's jaw.

"Who says we can't cuddle with my hand around your cock?" Lucius inquired, making his point by wrapping his fingers around the teen's half-aroused member.

Harry moaned "That kind of fun will make us miss supper and I'm hungry. You can have me as dessert."

Lucius purred, "But that is the best kind of fun. We haven't had fun for some time, Harry. You promised to take care of my every need and I do have needs, my love. Needs that only you can take care of."

"You're a manipulative bastard."

Lucius chuckled "Quite possibly but you love me all the same."

"You're my greatest virtue and the sweetest vice. You make me feel accepted and I can be myself, you are someone who treasures me and loves me as I am. I've hardly had that in my life. I feel safe when I'm with you; safe because no one has ever loved me like you do."

"I regret many things. Being too weak to stand up against my father, letting him bind me to Narcissa and letting him teach me questionable values that lead me towards a path that almost consumed me. I regret my days as a Death Eater and everything I did to hurt Draco. I have led a life I did not intend to have as a young man, but I can't change my past," Lucius told the teen. "Remember how you stood in this very same bedroom, defiance in your eyes as you so willingly offered yourself to me? How you wouldn't let me send you away but stood your ground and demanded that I see what was right in front of me, do you remember what you said?"

Harry took a minute to think and said "I said a lot of things, but I think the most important part was when I told you that I wanted you. I wanted to be with you, not for the night but for as long as possible. I felt attracted to you, I could not stop thinking about touching you or being close to you. You have this magnetism about you, it drew me in and wouldn't let me go. I see so much good in you, even if you don't believe that. I have enough faith for the both of us."

The teen got on his knees and ran both of his hands over the curve of the blonde's stomach. Leaning close, Harry placed a kiss to the shirt-clad abdomen and said "Three short months and they'll be here."

"Hopefully, I will stop craving carrot sticks dipped in vanilla sundae."

Harry said "French toast covered in syrup, mayonnaise and pearl onions; I really hope you won't be eating that any time soon"

"I actually detest mayonnaise."

The teen chuckled and bent closer to the bump, speaking softly "Stop making your mummy eat funny things."

"You are quite determined to have your way." Lucius said.

"Well yes, yes I am," Harry smiled cheekily. Stroking the baby bump, the teen added, "I think it's sweet. You are the one giving birth to them, the one who nurtures them and protects them. A mother is someone who gives birth to a child, raises said child and loves the child completely. You've developed a maternal bond with them and it will only strengthen after they're born. I'm not downplaying my part in this, but I do think that even though your definitely not a woman, you are their mum."

Lucius started laughing which made Harry frown.

"I'm sorry, love. I'm not laughing at you or what you said. One of them just kicked me rather hard. I think our son or daughter agrees with you."

Harry relaxed and said "Of course they agree with their dad. I am right, you know. I'm the sensible one in this relationship."

"What am I then? What's my part?"

"You're definitely the gorgeous one. And the smart one, clever and cunning. Undoubtedly the randy one," Harry said with a smirk. "I'm not nearly as horny as you. You were to one who turned me into a raving sex maniac."

The blonde grinned and said "You were sexually subdued, I happened to be the one to wake you up."

"And I am very grateful for your assistance."

Lucius asked "Do you ever think what it would be like for you had you not approached me? If you and I weren't together the way we are now."

"Honestly... I've never thought about it. I don't know what it could be like, maybe I'd be as happy as I am now. But I'm glad I chose to follow my heart. For once in my life, I did something for me. I was selfish. I wanted to be with you, to be yours and I took the chance because all my life, I have been the perfect puppet, someone who did what he was told without much questioning. Being with you is the one thing I chose for myself, the one thing in my life that I am completely happy with. So I can't really picture myself with anyone else, having a family with someone who isn't you."

"Are we ready for this?"

Harry snuggled back to the blonde's side and rested his head on Lucius's shoulder. Wrapping an arm around him, Harry told the blonde " I think we are. It happened sooner than both of us would have liked, we had only discussed having children a few times and one of those talks ended in argument. But I couldn't be happier. I plan to grow old beside you and that's not going to change. I won't ever change my mind about us."

"Have you any idea how difficult it is for me to stay unemotional, especially if you say the thing you do? Over the course of this pregnancy, I've turned into an overly sentimental, sensitive and susceptible witch. Yesterday, I reduced one of the elves into a crying mess because I didn't like the sheets she had put down. Lucius Malfoy made an house elf cry because he didn't like the bed sheets."

Howling with laughter, the teen buried his face into the blonde's neck. Lucius petulantly stated "I fail to see the humour."

"I bet the elf will think twice before changing the sheets again."

"My wand is out of reach, so consider yourself lucky."

Harry settled down and nuzzled closer with a sigh "Everything will go back to normal after you've had them. You can go back to being Mr Cool, Calm and Collected. You know, I sort of like you when you're not being a grade-A arse. "

"You adore my arse."

"You've caught me, love," Harry said in a feigned voice. "I only want you for your body, not to mention your mountains of gold in Gringotts."

Lucius questioned "Do you find me desirable, Harry."

"Someone is fishing for compliments." Harry snorted.

"I have a hard time getting out from the bathtub. I can understand if you no longer find me attractive."

Resting on his elbow, the green-eyed teen said "Of course I desire you. Being pregnant doesn't make you less attractive to me, quite the opposite really. I love seeing you glowing with good health and I can hardly keep my hands away from you. I know you Malfoys pride yourself in being immaculate and perfect, but that hasn't changed. Is this because of Parkinson's slur, about what he said about me replacing you with someone younger?"

"I'm twenty-six years older you, Harry."

Placing a kiss on the blonde's lips, the teen said, his tone so resolute that it left no room for arguing "You could be a hundred years older than me, but I'd still want you. Never think that you aren't enough, because you are. I only ever want to be loved by you, cherished by you and only you."

Taking the blonde's hand, Harry touched the ring he had given the man. Tracing his thumb over the eye-catching stone in the middle, he said "This ring is my promise to you. With this beautiful ring, I promised to love you forever. I intend to keep my promise. To you believe me?"

"Yes," Lucius told the teen, his voice wavering a bit. "I mean to love in return. As long as I have life left in me."

Pulling the wizard upright for a smouldering kiss, Harry draped his arms around the man's neck and smiled into the kiss. They stayed like this for a few minutes, until the need for air broke them apart.

The teen asked "Do you want me to hunt down that sod Parkinson and bring you his head on a spike? Or I can feed his bollocks to that bloodthirsty peacock I met earlier today."

"I see you've met Hades. He is rather feisty," Lucius chuckled. "I'll deal with Parkinson myself, in three months time. Right now, I want something else."

Harry hummed "Do tell."

"I still want cherry fudge with cucumbers." said Lucius.

"Your wish is my command which I will gladly pass on to the house elves because I have no idea how to make cherry fudge."

The blonde offered Harry a smile and said "The things you do for me."

" Only for you."


The long table in the dining room was unfilled, only Severus sat behind the table with a few scrolls of parchment in front of him.

Remus' voice made Snape look up "It's just the two of us this evening. Harry and Lucius are eating in their room."

"Those two will drown us all in fluff." mushy

Remus pulled out a chair to the man's right and said "Now would that be so bad?"

"What of Draco and William?" Severus asked, ignoring the man's previous inquiry.

"On a date, so they too will be eating elsewhere. It will truly just be us." Remus said, pouring himself wine.

Severus gathered his scrolls as the elf appeared and bowed "Wills Misters Severus Snape Sir and Remus Lupin Sir be needing anything else?"

"No, we're fine." the werewolf said.

The elf gave a nod " Dip be going then, Masters be wanting funny foods again."

When the elf disappeared with a pop, Remus said with a small smile "I remember Lily wanting to put honey on everything and I do mean everything. Honey and kippers were the worst, made us all nauseous."

Severus looked down and the werewolf immediately apologised "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to

Snape, however, cut him off and told the man "It's fine. We can talk about Lily."

"I just assumed...anyway, she had some disgusting cravings. And the mood swings were worse than Lucius', she had deadly aim too. Sirius got hexed more than James."

Severus snorted "Black always had trouble keeping his mouth shut."

"This one time, Lily and I went to an art gallery in London. James and Sirius were having some sort of guys night and stayed home. When we got back, Sirius was drunk on his arse, wearing one of Lily's summer dresses. She spelled the dress to stay on for three days, no chance of getting off. She said that if he was so interested in wearing a dress, he can test it out for the next few days."

Severus smiled fondly and said "I taught her that charm."

"She spoke of you sometimes. She did care for you a lot, even when you were no longer speaking with one another. Lily always considered you to be one of her dearest friends. She was disappointed in the path you chose, but she did forgive you in the end." Remus told the man.

"She'll never know how much I truly loved her." Snape said. "Lily will always be in my heart."

The werewolf covered Snape's hand with his and said "I believe that she knew. Lily was exceptionally kind-hearted and loyal, much like Harry is now. She made peace with you and even though she didn't have the chance to tell you this herself, Lily wanted you to forgive yourself."

"She was also quite stubborn and she had her principles. I tried to apologise more than once but she never gave me a chance. My childhood made it hard for me to communicate with others, I preferred to be on my own and when I started leaning towards the Dark Arts, Lily felt that I had let her and myself down by associating with such things. She didn't commend my choice to befriend those who she called 'would-be Death Eaters'. We grew apart but I never wanted to lose her. I was angry and lashed out, that cost me her friendship and support. One of the things I regret in this life."

Remus said "We can go to Godric's Hollow, there should always be flowers where she's resting."


The graveyard in Godric's Hollow was quiet, a few lanterns on the side of the little street casting light into the dark of the night-time hours. Rows of headstones made up a maze, but both men knew where to go. Severus carried a bouquet of light pink and white lilies, while Remus opted for roses and cream-coloured gladioli.

Placing his flowers down, Snape ran his hand over Lily's engraved name. The werewolf's comforting hand came to rest on Severus' shoulder, offering the man strength and tenderness.

"I'm sorry, Lily," Snape said in a whisper, "sorry for everything."

"She would be proud of you, Severus. You protected Harry, her little boy."

Snape accepted the other's arm around his waist, accepted that Remus was standing by him. Wrapping his fingers around Snape's wrist, the werewolf slid his hand into the other's, hoping that Severus would not pull away.

"Do you think she approves, us being together?"

Remus chuckled lightly and said "I think she does. She was the sister I never had and she always supported me, even if I couldn't see anything good in myself, she told me that there was beauty in everything and everyone. She saw something good in both of us, so I do believe that she happy for us right now."

The werewolf knelt to place his bouquet on the ground and said in a low voice "I hope you're happy for us. I know you are, Lils. If James is being his usual charming self about this, whack him upside the head for me. And tell that mangy mutt to get over himself and be happy for an old friend as well. We'll take care of Harry for you."


"Slow down, Dragon." Bill said as Draco attached his lips to the redhead's neck. "I want to be on a bed when I take you."

The couple's night had had a good start with the romantic date in the restaurant and after a little walk down the street, they had enjoyed a stroll by the banks of Thames. Draco had only seen the river once and Bill was only too happy to show it again, making his blonde lover smile a genuine smile. They had Apparated to Shell Cottage and Bill had taken pleasure in chasing his lover on the beach after a slightly tipsy Draco had insisted on taking a dip in the water that was still chillingly cold.

The cottage was dark and cold inside. Bill had just taken care of the lighting problem when the blonde teen wrapped himself around the redhead like a twisting vine.

"I still need to warm this place up."

Draco smirked deviously "How about we warm ourselves up with a little foreplay? That is the perfect way to heat things up."

"How many glasses of wine did you have?" Bill asked, his amusement evident.

"I think I stopped after the second glass. But one glass is enough to get me drunk, never was one for heavy drinking," Draco said, clinging to Bill who was already casting warming charms on the room. "Why are you still wearing clothes?"

The redhead tucked his wand back into his sleeve and lifted the blonde into his arms, Draco instantly wrapping his legs around Bill's waist. Instead of taking the teen upstairs, Bill walked to the living room that was connected to the kitchen and plonked the blonde on the sofa with a soft thump.

The blonde pouted, prompting Bill to say "Patience is a virtue."

"I'm not a very virtuous person."

Getting the fire started in the fireplace, Bill went to sit next to the blonde and pulled Draco into his lap. He said "What happened to 'Malfoys do not pout'."

"They pout when they are deprived, especially when they are deprived of sex," Draco said.

"So sex keeps you Malfoys happy and smiling?"

The blonde straddled Bill and slid his hands under the man's shirt. The scrape of Draco's nails, made Bill smirk. One of the teen's hands glided downwards, the nimble fingers dipping below the waistband of Bill's boxers.

"Patience is never a virtue when your cock is involved." Draco said, whispering the words into Bill's ear and licking his neck as he pulled back. "Now, are we heading upstairs or do you want me to get down on all fours on the floor."

Bill raised his eyebrow and asked "Would that be so bad? You on the floor, your legs spread wide just for me."

"I have to agree with your earlier statement; I prefer a bed under me, last time I got a very unpleasant rug burn on my arse."

"Then go and get ready, I'll be there after I secure the fireplace."

Draco got up and grinned. The redhead watched as the blonde climbed the stairs and winked at him before he disappeared out of sight.

The bedroom was empty when Bill stepped inside. The door to the adjoining bathroom was closed and the redhead heard running water. Sitting down on the bed, Bill tugged off his boots and chucked them into the corner. His belt, shirt and socks followed suit, landing on the floor next to the bed.

When the bathroom door opened, Bill caught sight of the blonde. Draco was stripped down to his dark green boxers.

"I see someone is eager." Draco commented on Bill's state of nakedness. The redhead was only wearing his jeans.

Bill said "The seriousness of the situation was implied."

Walking to the bed, the blonde's knee wedged itself between Bill's thighs and Draco pushed the man on his back.

"These jeans need to go." Draco stated as he unzipped them.

The redhead's hands came to rest on Draco's backside, the silky material of his boxers feeling soft under Bill's palms. He heard the blonde say "They are a gift from your lovely sister."

Bill asked "Why would Ginny get you a pair of silk boxers?"

Draco stood in front of the man and turned, displaying his silk-clad arse. Bill snorted out a laugh when he read the words printed on the backside of the boxers.

"This piece of arse is the property of Bill Weasley." Bill read out loud.

The blonde turned back around and said "Your new sister-in-law had it done in a Muggle establishment, apparently they do that sort of stuff in the Muggle world. Turns out your sister is real riot of laughs."

"I think it's fitting. You are mine, Draco Malfoy, and so is your delectable arse."

"Perhaps you would like to take them off?" Draco asked, licking his lips.

Bill smirked "What an interesting proposal, Mr Malfoy."

"You should definitely look into it, Mr Weasley."

Grabbing Draco by the waist, Bill pulled the teen on the bed and flipped them over, the redhead looming over the blonde's body. Brushing away Draco's soft hair and palming his face, Bill leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on the blonde's lips, drawing out the moment of intimacy. Grey eyes met blue, the shared moment of closeness that only came with time making both wizards smile. Nipping at the blonde's jaw and moving down to his throat, the redhead traced his fingers down the pale chest that still had faint scarring from the Sectumsempra curse and caressed the blonde's side. His hand settled on Draco's hip. When Bill kissed one of the faded scars, Draco said "Andy has been helping me brew a balm to get rid of the scars completely."

"You can hardly see them anymore. Besides, you're beautiful."

"Do you know how many times Harry has apologised to me?" Draco asked, though didn't expect an answer. "If he does it again, I might just hurt him. It was war and I was a right prat. I'm not saying I deserved to be cut open like that, but I wasn't exactly good. I was trying to kill Dumbledore, you know. Harry reacted and he didn't intend to mutilate me. Granted, the idiot had no idea what the hex would do and he still used it. But I don't blame him anymore; I did for a while and it didn't make me feel better about it."

Bill placed another kiss on the teen's chest and said "We all have scars. Some have more than others, and some scars will always be there to remind us of the past. I've seen your scars and they don't make me love you any less. Do you love me any less because I have scars?"


"Do you think Harry loves your father less because he has a faded reminder of a Dark Mark on his arm?"

Draco sighed and replied "We are talking about Saint Potter."

"So you see, my beautiful and brazen Dragon, it doesn't matter. Not to me and it shouldn't matter to you either. I love you as you are. I love your eyes that lit up when your excited and I definitely love your eyes when you're angry, they're like a sea during a storm. I love every part of your body, I like the feeling of your soft hair between my fingers when I run my hand through them. I love the way you pout or how you laugh and smile when you want something. I even love your temperament and the way you demand things because you are a Malfoy. During our time together, I've learned so much about you. I love how your body reacts to my touches, how it feels when we're making love. I know you, Draco Malfoy and I love you because of it."

The blonde took Bill's hand and pulled the man against his body, having the redhead spoon up against him. Wrapping Bill's arm around himself, the blonde wizard said "And I love you, Bill Weasley. Even though you're a sappy, imbecilic Gryffindor. Thank you for making an effort to know me, not who I sometimes pretend to be."