Down sized: Christmas Plans

By Kushie

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Continuing the adventures of the Down sized Agent Granger.

First Chapter is deliberately short.

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Chapter one:

Something important drew close. Christmas loomed large on the horizon. Colby

wondered what would happen to him. The FBI would be closed over the holiday period.

A skeleton squad would be on standby But that was all. Nervously he began to make his

own plans. In the few hours, when he wasn't monitored. He managed to sneak out and

buy himself food. Mostly cans and packets. He stored them unseen, in one of his cupboards

Under a pile of clothes. But upstairs the Directors were discussing the problem.

Summoned to the same meeting were Don, David and Ian. Wright chaired the discussion.

The Topic being What were they to do with Colby over the festive period.

"He can't be left on his own," Fornell said. "His new age precludes that. Besides! God

alone knows! What mischief he'd get up to? Five days unmonitored it makes me shudder,

just to think about it."

"Agreed!" Wright gave a chuckle. "He'd probably end up half way to the North Pole or

France or even Disneyland." Don sighed

"To be honest Although my dad has offered. I really don't want to have to take him. Not

because of Colby. But!.

"Because of your brother," Tanner finished. Don gave a nod.

"And of course We're Jewish!" All their eyes turned to David.

"I'm more than happy to take him."

"NO!" Ian suddenly objected.

"What?" David looked at him. "I'm his Ex-Partner and Primary Carer. Of course I'm

taking him."

"Joint Primary Carer!" Ian growled "And I say You can't have him."

"Why not?"

"You're going to New York aren't you?"


"New York?" Fornell queried.

"It's a tradition. My whole family gather together for a huge get together. Grandma Sinclair

hosts. But everyone goes. Sons, Daughters Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Grand kids. All of us."

"Don't you think that Granger's going to feel a bit awkward?" Ian said. "After all you,

like the rest of your family are going to be pretty busy. Not to mention; How are relatives going

to respond, when you turn up with some stranger child?"

David grimaced. He hadn't exactly thought about how his family would react?

Okay! They'd probably welcome him. But yeah! Colby was going to feel awkward.

Ian spoke

"Which is why he'd be better off with me. I don't have any kids."

"Aren't you a bit of nomad?" Wright frowned.

"I actually own a cabin up in the hills. It's fully furnished and a comfortable size. Colby

will have his own room.." Someone else approved

Doctor Pearson had so far maintained his own counsel. But now he came out in favor

of Colby being fostered by Ian.

"Because Lady and Gentlemen," he leaned forward. "I am not totally convinced Cadet Granger

is completely stable. I would prefer to know he is close by. Should he suddenly get sick."

Tanner nodded her assent to it. David sighed But deep down he knew Ian had made a valid point.

It wouldn't be fair to take Colby with him to New York and force him to stay with strangers.

So it was decided. Colby would spend Christmas with Edgerton.

Ian smiled. It had taken him over a week. But he'd enjoyed himself. David had helped him prepare.

They'd shopped endlessly. Ian reckoned Colby was going to have the biggest Santa sack ever.

A tree had been purchased and now stood potted ready . A large box of decorations were also waiting.

Ian felt Coolly would enjoy plastering them all over the tree and his house. Especially as he'd noticed

Liz, refuse to let the kid, help with the office decorations. Secretly Ian thought her efforts gross.

For crying out loud. Christmas trees were supposed to be evergreens, Not purple plastic. Okay the

artificial was tree shaped. but there the similarity ended. The thing the VCU girls had erected was, was...

Ian decided to dismiss it from his mind. It just didn't look right. Pink and Yellow on Purple? Yurgh!

He shuddered as he strode across the floor of the Violent Crimes Unit. It was lunch time on the Twenty First

of December. Everywhere people were; Wishing each other Happy Holidays and departing homeward.

Ian walked into Colby's suite He smiled at the small holdall of clothing. Then held up a bag of presents.

"Someone's a spoiled little fellow." Colby stared at the glittering silver carrier with an excited eye.

Ian didn't say that, two members of the VCU hadn't passed a gift across. Liz and Charlie.

"So are you all packed and ready?" Ian then asked. Colby inhaled and nodded.

He hefted his duffel bag onto his left shoulder. Marli's head and one arm protruded from the top of it.

Ian pointed to a big gaily wrapped parcel sitting on the table. David had left it for him The night before.

He'd already flown to New York For a big Sinclair Family Christmas.

He'd told Colby about the decision made upstairs.

"It's okay! I'd feel out of place anyway." he told David honestly. "You have Nephews and Nieces.

It wouldn't be fair of me To intrude. They deserve to have you to themselves."

"Well! You won't be alone. Good Old Ian has stepped up to the plate. He owns a cabin up above

Silver Lake and as he doesn't have any family ties. He's the perfect person to spoil you over Christmas.

Although you will have to accompany him To his Tribal Gathering on Boxing Day!" But Colby didn't

mind this so much As it was an Open Festival and many outsiders attended it

Ian rather suspected Colby would enjoy it more than he imagined As it was traditional for

every child to be spoiled. Be they of the tribe or just visiting.

Now he led Colby down to his SUV. Colby's personal bedding was stuffed in the trunk. Ian unlike

David had a special child's booster seat for him. Colby pulled a face as Ian lifted him up into it.

Chuckling at Colby's complaints.

"It's Christmas. You could at least let me sit in the front once a year."

"What and have you fiddle with my finely tuned radio. Not a chance." Colby gave in and laughed.

He was actually looking forward to the week long holiday. Ian hefted a big box into the seat beside him

Colby blushed. It was full of the food he'd been secretly hoarding.

Ian tapped his nose.

"I'm not going to ask, how you managed to acquire this lot? Because I'm going to be eating

half of them." Colby blushed and grinned ruefully. Don came down to the garage to see them off.

"Merry Christmas!" he said and then waved as Ian gunned the engine and pulled away.