Down sized: Christmas with Ian

By Kushie

Continuing the adventures of the Down sized Agent Granger.

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Chapter Sixteen

David sat silent and listened, as Ian related the events of the past week. A few times he raised a

disbelieving eyebrow But for didn't interrupt. When at last Ian finished David took a long, slow,

draught of beer then looked to Colby.

"All this happened to you?" The boy nodded.

"So just to clarify! You were given a charm to protect you?"


"That you deliberately left behind, effectively losing it?"


"Then after this when Ian sat you in a safe place and told you not to move. You disregarded

his instructions?"

"Yeah! I guess so," Colby was puzzled by David's focus. Considering the nature of

all that had happened. His ex-partner rose and indicated Colby should to.

"Stand up!" Puzzled Colby obeyed. Then wished he hadn't. As David took him by the arm, spun

him round, and landed a sound whallop to his seat.

"Ow! What was that for?" Colby leapt back and rubbed at the sudden sting.

"That was for disobeying Ian and putting yourself in danger." Ian coughed in surprise.

"So you believe us then?" David relaxed and hugged Colby to his side.

"Ian, I've been around, this little delinquent, long enough. To never be surprised By anything

happens to him. Besides The proof is pretty much before my eyes. He now closely

examined the mark on Colby's hand.

"Does it hurt?"

"No! It burned When Tezlaipo gave it to me. But only for a few minutes."

David reseated himself, then changed the subject.

"Firstly I'm going to accept your offer of room and board. The day I had to fly to New York

I got a note stuck through the door of my apartment. Saying the block had been sold to a developer

and I had to vacate by the Fifth of January." Ian gasped

"But that's next week."

"Yeah! Luckily, like most agents, I live light. The furniture isn't even mine. It's part of the fixtures

and fittings. All I've got his my clothes, a plasma and.." He looked awkward. "Jessie!"


"He inherited his Aunt's cat last year!" Colby enlightened Ian!

"She's equally welcome!" the, kindly, Amerind assured David. He looked relieved then walked over

to the window. She's going to find this place an eye opener. She used be a show cat! My Aunt

never let her out and obviously I live in the centre of LA. The traffic meant she had to be kept in."

"Then yeah! She's about to get an eyeful of the big wide world."

"Where is she at the moment?" Colby suddenly asked.

"Cattery!" David blushed. Ian went white.

"What? Where? We're bringing her home right now!"

"But we've got to sort out Colby." David protested.

"The Directors are all on holiday until Wednesday. So we can't talk to them yet and right now;

I'm having the Connies just thinking about that poor creature. Locked in a stinking cage with strangers."

"Connies?" David like Colby had never heard the phrase before. He translated

"Conniptions! It's Ian's favourite word. For freaking out!"

It took them an hour to go retrieve poor Jessie. She looked extremely pleased to see David.

Ian peered at the grey ball of fluff.

"I'm guessing she's not common knowledge at the FBI?" then he sniggered as Colby added

"Big Bad David Sinclair's got a little Fluffy Wuffy!"

"Cut it out scamp!" David tickled his chin. Ian paused at a mall on the way back to his cabin. David was

astonished as he led the way straight into the big Pet Emporium.

"Jessie's half my cat now!" was all he said as he proceeded to fill a shopping cart with a dozen boxes of the

most expensive food, toys and even a smart looking quilted bed.

"Blimey! That cat's going to be more spoiled than me!" Colby voiced.

They grabbed an oven bake pizza and frozen chips In the supermarket, across from the Pet Store. As it was

by now late afternoon.

David noted the, still evident, snow as they drove up the hill and noted. That for the first time ever.

Silver Lake was frozen. A group of teenagers were skating on it.

"I guess the freak weather is the responsibility of your God friend Colby?" He nodded.

Jessie adapted to he new home within a few minutes. She clearly approved of the decent food Especially after

a week eating the cheap rubbish The Cattery provided. David had wanted to leave her own food.

But hadn't been allowed to. So now she was much appreciative of Ian's thoughtfulness. Her new bowl was

emptied in seconds. David lifted her onto his lap. He wasn't going to admit it. But! He'd missed her as much as

Colby. He stroked his left hand over her soft fur.

"God! When were you last brushed!" David was horrified to discover his elegant Persian was dirty, her fur was

matted and worst of all. "Good Heavens! What is that?" He cried out in alarm As he spotted some huge

slimy creature clinging to her chest. Ian looked closer parting the hair.

"It's tick!" he lit a match and burned the evil thing away. Taking care to ensure the insect's predatory jaw was

also destroyed. He knew that any part remaining could cause an infection.

"Good job, we bought this!" Colby said. Jessie objected to the flea collar. She hissed and spat and tried to scratch

it off. But it was a necessary evil. David thought it might actually be the collar itself.

"She's never worn one before. Show cats don't Collars ruin their look."

"Please tell me you don't take part in that rubbish David?" Ian begged.

"No! Like you I've never approved of it. But when she was in my flat There was no need for her to have a collar.

After all she's ID chipped." Now that had changed. Colby suspected Jessie was going to enjoy her new life.

He looked around for her.

"Where did she go!" Ian grinned and beckoned him and David over. He pointed down

Jessie had discovered a small gap between the wall and his Raeburn. It was warm and once David forced her new

quilty into it. She snuggled down purring contentedly She'd already adapted to the collar she was wearing.

Ian quickly cooked their meal and as soon it was consumed. Ordered Colby downstairs to get ready for bed.

As he disappeared David turned the conversation back to the problem of the FBI.

"I don't think the Directors will put up much opposition. As it will relieve them of the responsibility of the kid."

Ian said. But David knew someone who would.

"Pearson will kick up." Ian shrugged

"Colby will still have to come with us to work. So there's no problem there." David saw his point

Pearson would still be able to monitor Colby's condition. He raised one further worry

"The only kink in our plan. Is what will happen to Colby, when were out in the field?" Ian grinned.

"I'm going to put a feeler out to Greg in IT. I'm pretty sure he won't object to baby sitting!"

"Not Flanighan!" Colby had reappeared.

"He's a right hard ar.." David raised a warning finger. "Why can't I go down to Agent Wethers?"

"He's a bit too old!" David replied

"But Flanighan's a right toughie." Ian chuckled

"Then you'd better behave yourself!"

They approached Greg the next day. He too, was still on vacation, but said. He was more than happy to be

their relief carer. Which basically covered any objections. All that remained was to get the Directors to agree.

They capitulated almost at once.

Wright quietly confided to Fornell. That he had expected the situation to be resolved, in such a manner.

When he'd seen Ian and David squabbling over Granger before Christmas.


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