New Home : A Harry Potter Avatar Crossover I do not own Harry Potter or Avatar. They belong to J K Rowling and James Cameron Respectively.

Contains: Harry/Tsu'tey, Creature Harry, Insane Earth, no horcruxes, male/male relationships, violence and crude language. NC-17 in later chapters.

Prologue: Running ( HJP POV)

My breathing was heavy as I ran from my pursuers, jumping over fallen logs and bushes as I tried to escape. My new ears and tail twitched as I listened to the mundane murderers crash and tramp behind me as they chased me through the forest.

As I ran I thought back to the letter I received from my mother four weeks ago on my 19th birthday. In it she stated that when she was 18 (girls mature faster than guys, she explained) she discovered that she was from the pure blood wizard line of Mortimer who had mated with a magical humanoid creƤture called the Nekomata, or Cat Demons many times throughout the centuries past. Her parents were the last magical people of the Mortimer line. When they died a squib branch that adopted the name Evans took her in. This was his grandmother Daisy's sisters family, her aunt Rose who was the mother of Petunia.

She talked about how on her 18th birthday she came into her inheritance as a pure-blooded Nekomata, Neko for short, the first in 50 years. She stated how she obtained sharp retractable claws, slit emerald cat eyes, large fluffy red cat ears and a long cat tail.

She explained that our species was very connected to Mother Gaea, had a heightened sensitivity to magic and have predestined mates. After reading er letter I fell unconscious as the first wave of pain from my inheritance had started.

The morning of my 19th birthday I awoke from the pain of my inheritance all I heard was total silence. That is it was total silence before I was hit with a wave of insane thought from Mother Gaea. She was far gone into the Abyss. The mundane murderers had polluted and pillaged her of her resources and of her children.

I dashed through the trees faster and as I ran I willed what little magic I could feel around me and in me to make me invisible. I felt the magic comply as I spotted a clearing up ahead. I hoped with all my might it would mean my freedom.

author's Note:

This is my first ever published story. I really love both these stories so I thought I'd write about how I think it would go in my universe if I could give writing a shot. Please give polite but constructive criticism no rude comments on pairing please and let me know what you think.