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Chapter 3: Changes and Waiting

It felt like I was swimming through molasses and just as I was getting used to the feeling I landed in front of the tree of souls. After climbing to my feet I looked around. Looking at the tree I noticed it was exactly like the picture Mother Eywa sent to me. I was in a clearing with large stone arches curving above me and the trees. I noticed that the forest surrounds the trees clearing.

As I stood there looking around at everything it was getting harder for me to breathe. It felt like poison was making its way through my veins. Then I remembered how Mother Eywa told me her atmosphere is poisonous to those not born to her. I stumbled over to the base of one of the trees and collapsed. Before I passed out I heard the Mother's voice ringing though my head.

'Not to worry child you will be fine.' She said.

Five Hours Later

I awoke hours later to see the sun go down and took a deep breath of the fresh air I could now breath. I could feel my new mother's satisfaction at my change ringing through our mental bond. The fronds on the tree of souls were swaying with her content. I looked around some more before realizing that my sense of smell, hearing and sight were all enhanced. I reached for my ears and sighed in relief that they were still there. I calmed and called out to Mother Eywa.


'Yes child?' She replied.

'How much have I changed?' I inquired worriedly.

'Take a look child, My Ha'ri! You are beautiful!' After she said this I heard a gurgling and looked down to see a clear blue puddle of water gathering at the roots of the tree souls. I inched closer to the puddle only to gasp in amazement at my new looks. My eyes once an emerald-green were now a soft jade shot through with amber my pupil still slit, they were also more slanted and a bit bigger. My nose once human like was more flat like a cats and smaller. My cheeks were more angular and my lips fuller. My once dark brown hair was now a shiny black almost a blue colour tinted with subtle auburn highlights.

My cat ears and tail remained though they were now coloured ebony with auburn furred tips. My hands which previously held five digits now held four. My skin once a nice tan colour was now a light silvery blue with midnight blue stripes and silver dotted patterns mingling with said strips all over my body which had shot up in height. Where once I was 6'5 I am now around 8'9. I was very tall but never the less beautiful.

I brushed my gratefulness and happiness against Mother Eywa's and my mental bond. She sent back a vague feeling that I needed to pay closer attention to my hair. I looked at my hair stumped only to see weird pink tentacle like nerves running through the strands of ebony and auburn hair.

'What is it Mother?' I inquired, reaching out to brush them with my fingers I felt a shiver of delight run up and down my spine.

'Careful child don't blind yourself.' she said playfully. 'You must learn so that you may understand the new cultures of your home.'

'Will you teach me Mother?' I asked hopefully. She giggled at my childish tone.

'Of course Ha'ri,' She replied contently.'Of course.'

Mother Eywa's mind probed mine and I wrapped myself up tighter in her presence as I received centuries of knowledge on the planet herself and her inhabitants. I received information on the Na'vi their culture, their heroes language, hierarchy, strengths, weakness' and even how they chose mates. I learned of all the different clans and where they live. The Pa'li clan on the plains, the Ikran clan on the cliffs and the forest clan, The Omaticaya, who live in a large spiraling tree in the forest and who are the closest clan to the tree of souls and were the only ones who used to interact with the Mundane's before they slaughtered some of the Na'vi children at the school run by Grace Augustine a Mundane Botanist/Biologist.

I learned that you connect with Eywa through the pink nerves and the Tree of Souls, with the many creatures (Pa'li, Ikran Etc) living on her and with the person you wish to mate with. I learned of some of the native animals like the Nantnag (Viperwolves), the Palulukan (Thanator), Pa'li (Dire Horse), Ikran (Banshee) and the Toruk (Last Shadow).

Eywa showed me how the Mundanes came to her and ripped up her flesh to reach a mineral/metal called Unobtainium valued at $20 million a kilo. She showed me how the Mundanes did not respect her or her children causing unwanted pollution, death, and unrest in the creatures on her surface.

'I will protect you Mother and my new Brothers and Sisters. I will help drive the Mundane's back to where they came from. I won't let them destroy you like they destroyed my old Mother!' I promised.

'Thank you Ha'ri,' Eywa said.'I will send you a someone to guide you to 'The People'.'

I thanked her and found a soft spot beneath her roots where I would be warm for the night. I curled up and drifted off to sleep to wait peacefully for my guide. I woke up before dawn and shorted all my new knowledge out as I waited. After I finished sorting my new knowledge I carefully braided my hair so that my queue would be protected from harm.

Twenty minutes later I heard a rustling by the outskirts of the forest. I stood and took a defensive position waiting for whatever was out there to show itself.

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