The Cursed Human

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"Demon Talking/Attacks"



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Chapter 7: Home Invasion; part 3

"Dark Force!" A beam of dark energy flew from Freed's fist and made contact with the side of the Air Lullaby causing it to screech in pain. Evergreen and Bixlow flew to both sides of the demon firing their own attacks, but the demon suddenly took a swan dive before barrel rolling to the side and pulling out of the dive narrowly avoiding a shot from Bisca. Down in the buildings below Bisca growled in frustration cocking her rifle and letting loose a barrage of green energy bullets at the Air Lullaby who once continued to dodge them.

Freed cursed as the demon flew back to face them its sinister smile mocking their efforts, before flying off again to avoid the shots. "This thing is really starting to get on my nerves" Evergreen yelled panting in exhaustion from all the aerial acrobatics she had done. "At the rate this is going, it will finish us before we can finish it."

Freed surveyed the Air Lullaby for a few moments before looking down to the ground, "There is a new technique that I have been meaning to try and this demon would provide an excellent test run."

"So what are you waiting for transform already?" Bixlow urged with his dolls right behind him, "Transform! Transform! Transform!"

"Unfortunately the technique I want to use is only useful for combat on the ground. Up here in the sky, where that monstrosity clearly has the advantage… it would be completely useless. Unless we could get it to the ground, where it won't have as much maneuverability, then I am afraid we are back to our original problem."

The demon screeched as it charged them its wooden talons open to capture them, forcing them to dodge. They narrowly evaded the attack as the sharp claws slammed shut shredding parts of their clothing, unfortunately Evergreen focused too much on the talons to notice the movement of the Air Lullaby's tail. The flight speed of the demon coupled with its movement caused the tail to lash out at Evergreen striking her directly in the head. The blow to the head was enough to make her lose her focus on her Aera magic causing her to enter into a free fall.

"Ever!" Freed cried as he flew down to catch her while Bixlow provided them with some cover fire and tried to help Bisca. Freed tucked in his wings, increasing his speed as he sped towards Evergreen catching her just in time to pull out of the suicide dive and fly back up into the sky.

"Thank you Freed." She said slightly dazed. She looked up at the Air Lullaby as it came in too close for Bixlow's comfort when it tried to eat him again. "Damn that things tail is such a pain. I would like nothing more than cut its ego down to size and rip it off." Freed quickly retrained Evergreen and did his best to make sure she did not go and attack on her own, "Calm down Ever." he tried to reason with the infuriated female. "Let me go Freed!" she yelled. Freed tried to reason with her, but stopped as he realized something.

"Evergreen what did you just say?" he asked causing her to stop her little tantrum giving him a curious look, "You mean 'Let go of me'?"

Freed shook his head, "No before that when you mentioned its ego and its tail..." Freed's train of thought was interrupted as a screaming Bixlow collided with them sending them spinning through the air before coming to a halt.

"I hope you two have had better luck then I did finding a way to beat this thing."

"Actually yes, I have an idea, but first things first!"

'Bisca!' he shouted through Warren's telepathic link. 'I hear you Freed. I am doing my best to shoot it down, but the damn thing won't stay still long enough for me to blast him.'

'Actually that is exactly why I wanted to talk to you about. You see I want you to stop providing us cover fire." He said surprising Bisca and the other Raijinshuu members.

'Are you nuts?! Now isn't the time to prove you can beat this without help Freed! Of all the times to let your ego get to you now would be the worst!' She shouted mentally.

'Bisca would you listen for a minute. That isn't why I want you to stop. I actually have another very important task that I need you to do.'

Bisca was silent for a few minutes before she picked up again, 'I am listening.'

As Freed explained his plan to Bisca and the others, the Air Lullaby noticed that it was no longer being attacked. After a bit of searching, it fond the three mages floating in its line of sight. The Air Lullaby rushed towards them swallowing large amounts of air releasing gusts of wind through the gills on its neck. The Air Lullaby then began to spin along with the winds creating a tornado, heading straight at the Raijinshuu. They dodged the strike, but with its superior speed the demon turned around and with an impressive display of agility the demon shifted its body, returning to strike at each of the Raijinshuu by twisting and coiling around in the air.

"Eat this!" Evergreen shouted unleashing a river of dust at the incoming demon. "Fairy Bomb: Gremlin!" The tornado entered the cloud of dust and began absorbing it. Once it finished absorbing the dust, a large explosion occurred swallowing the Air Lullaby in a blazing ball of fire.

However the smoke from the explosion bulged and from it the Air Lullaby emerged, covered in light scorch marks. Extending its wings, it brought them down with tremendous force unleashing hundreds of leaves towards Evergreen. Bixlow quickly intervened and sent his dolls flying in front of her stacking one on top of the other. "Line Formation", the eyes of his dolls began to glow with a green light soon merging together and firing a vertical line of green energy acting as a shield which blasted the leaves before they could hit Evergreen. The leaves pushed against the beam and were close to piercing the dolls along with them, but Bixlow increased the output of energy and matched the strength of the deadly barrage allowing the leaves to pass harmlessly around them.

While Bixlow was busy protecting Evergreen, Freed took advantage of the distraction to attack the demon. Freed flew at his top speed and rammed into the demon, sending both of them barrel rolling through the air. Neither side relenting in their grudge match as both demons clawed at one another with the intent to kill. Finally, the Air Lullaby separated from Freed by shoving its clawed foot directly in Freed's face, sending him tumbling back to Evergreen and Bixlow.

"That abomination is really starting to get on my nerves." Freed growled. The Air Lullaby changed course and flew towards them taking in a large gulp of air. "It's going to transform into a tornado again!"

The Air Lullaby suddenly caught them off guard them off guard as it abruptly pulled up its wings halting its current trajectory and at the same time it opened its mouth releasing a cloud of green mist towards the raijinshu. "What the hell is that?" Bixlow stared at the cloud that was rapidly approaching them. His question was answered as two birds unknowingly flew into said cloud and a few moments later dropped out of the cloud like stones. Freed's eyes went wide with realisation, "POISON GAS, EVERYONE MOVE NOW!"

They quickly flew out of reach of the cloud only to look overhead as the Air Lullaby looked down on them, an evil smirk plastered on its face. Before the raijinshuu could do anything the Air Lullaby unleashed a very powerful roar generating a giant blast of wind sending them crashing down to the earth below. Freed grunted in pain as his body released its demon form and returning to his human form, his fancy red coat completely ruined. He ignored the pain overtaking his body to look at his comrades and saw that they were both alive, but both had suffered injuries as a result of the earlier blast.

Freed started to get back on his feet when he was almost knocked over by a large tremor, he glanced behind him to see the Air Lullaby land and slowly making its way towards them, its giant reptilian feet leaving impressions with every step it took. Freed clutched his rapier preparing to draw some runes, but the Air Lullaby didn't give him the opportunity and quickly pinned him down to the ground with its clawed foot, causing him to cough up blood due to the force of the blow.

"FREED!" Bixlow and Evergreen cried with fear as the demon started crushing Freed underfoot. Its jaws were open wide and preparing to take a bite out of Freed's head. Its teeth inches away from closing shut around his neck and…


Freed gasped in relief when he felt the demon's foot lift away. He watched as the Air Lullaby stumbled back in agony as the left side of the front part of its jaw had been blown away. Freed's head darted to the right as a familiar figure coming towards him in the distance, "Don't you think that was cutting it it close?" he asked getting back onto his feet. Bisca walked forward with her shotgun, the tip of the weapon smoking from her recent shot. She cocked the pump of the barrel, reloading for another shot. "Sorry, but considering I can't fly, it takes a little while for me to get around."

The Air Lullaby shook its head furiously recovering from its daze, moving the burning and damaged area that was once the left side of its lower jaw. Bisca saw this and loaded her barrel again, "I'll keep him busy you just make sure to follow the rest of your plan."




With every step she took Bisca fired another round right at the Air Lullaby's body eliciting loud shrills of rage from the demon. However Bisca's strikes only made seemed to make it angrier and angrier. With a loud roar the Lullaby twisted its body sending its tail on a collision course with Bisca. 'Bixlow do it now!" Freed yelled.

"Gotcha!" he yelled stretching out his arm behind him, "Let's do this Babies!" he shouted grabbing his dolls which started to merge forming into a cross shaped emblem. Bixlow reared his arm back and with all his strength he threw his dolls towards Bisca. The dolls were enveloped in a green glow changing shape and becoming a large green disk making a direct course towards the Air Lullaby and Bisca.

"Saw Formation!" he yelled as the green disk sailed right past Bisca, who gave a slightly surprised scream when she felt Evergreen grab the back of her dress and pulled her into the air. The saw kept on going towards the Air Lullaby who watched in horror as the energy disk sliced through its tail severing it from its body.

The Air lullaby shrilled in agony at having its tail removed, quickly recovering it jumped over Freed and made a direct beeline to reclaim the severed appendage. "Oh no you don't" Evergreen shouted waving her arm creating thousands of large pin shaped needles each about the length and width of a person's arm. "Fairy Machine Gun: Leprechaun" the needles descended on the tail and bombarded it with deadly force and precision. The Air Lullaby stopped just out of the range of fire and watched as Evergreen reduced its tail to twigs.

The Air Lullaby growled dangerously and extended its giant wings, with a sudden burst of speed it took off into a full run and with a mighty leap jumped into the air after the two female mages. Its maw opened wide with wind already swirling in its maw preparing to fire at them, but as it was flying in the air it suddenly changed direction missing both Bisca and Evergreen by a couple of feet. The Air Lullaby frantically began to flap its wings to stay in the air, but eventually it could not stay airborne and crashed. It quickly got back on it two legs and shook the stupor out of its body. It looked up at the flying pair then redirected its deadly gaze towards Freed who was waiting patiently frown on his face.

The Demon growled at Freed, "…What did you do to me you worm?" it asked in the eerie and distorted demonic voice that all Lullaby possessed but with a high shriek note to it.

"Is it not obvious? I have used your own strengths against you. For any creature capable of flight they must have the essential characteristics. The first are the wings which allow for omni-directional movement in the air allowing for evasive action and to increase in speed. Then there is the tail which acts as a stabilizer allowing someone or something to maintain control while in the air."

"During my younger years as Laxus' apprentice, we went on a mission to hunt a pack wyvern. I was unable to keep up with their speed in the air so Laxus showed me that the quickest way to incapacitate a wyvern was to cut off its tail. That way they would not be able to stay airborne so they could not escape. I could not help but notice that your flying habits are exactly the same, so I hypothesized that if I cut off your tail, then I'd be able to turn the tide of the battle to my advantage."

"Then you are wrong human." With a burst of speed the demon slammed its leg on the ground making Freed jump into the air. The demon followed him by jumping after him and delivered a devastating kick to Freed's midsection, but his quick reflexes allowed him to avoid the damage by invoking a rune, "Dark Ecriture: Shield" the giant leg smashed into the rune barrier destroying it and sending Freed cartwheeling through the air. The demon raised its wings sending more of its sharp and deadly leaves at him. Freed drew his rapier, "Dark Écriture: Destruction" a giant wave of purple energy cut through the leaves and he landed on the ground facing the Air Lullaby.

'Looks like even though he has no means of flight for now, he still poses a threat on the ground as well" I believe that it is time for to use my new technique.'

"Just give up you damn human!" Freed dodged a blast of air from the Air Lullaby. "I am afraid I cannot do that. Surrendering to something as weak and pitiful as you would bring shame to not only us, but to Laxus as well. That is something that I will not tolerate."

Freed drew his middle and index fingers and dragged them across his chest writing down some runes. "Dark Écriture: Absolute Shadow" Freed's body was shrouded in a violet light and after a couple of seconds the dark light began to mold around him taking on distinctive shapes. The darkness melted away revealing Freed covered in a set of dark knight armor with shoulder pads and a menacing mask giving him a demonic appearance, his long green hair swaying in the wind behind him.

Freed lifted his armored hand clenching and flexing his fist and rotating his arm around in its socket, testing out his new combat form. The demon lacking patience charged Freed, its jaws opened wide preparing to take a big chunk of his upper body right off. Its jaws came crashing down with a mighty clap right on top of Freed.

The Air Lullaby enjoyed the feeling of his opponent's blood running through its mouth, the sensation of grinding his flesh and and crushing bones to nothing but a mangled mess… or at least that was what it initially expected, but instead it felt something completely different. Instead of satisfaction of chomping into human flesh, all it felt was the feeling of Freed's cold dark armored hands which were gripping both his upper and lower jaws. While it struggled to crush Freed, he was not even breaking a sweat holding them back. Freed twisted his body and flipped the demon onto its side and lifted him in the air and started spinning the demon around him. Finally, he twisted his arms and let go of the demon sending it spiraling through the air where it tried to spread its wings in the hopes of lessening catch itself in mid air but at the speed it was going the Air Lullaby was unable to spread its wings and crashed into the ground.

The demon struggled back up with its head twisted more than one hundred and eighty degrees from its normal position. The demon gave an annoyed grunt as it forcefully pushed its head back to its normal position. It opened its eyes and was net with the sight of an armored Freed. Before it could react Freed's fist crashed right between its eyes, sending bits of wood and splinters flying and throwing the demon back on its stomach. Freed jumped above it and brought his leg down in an axe kick, further shattering its wooden skull. He then grabbed its wings and started to pull, the Air Lullaby shrilled in agony and started to thrash around in an attempt to get Freed to let go. The demon bucked, thrashed and even rolled on its back to get Freed to release it, but this only served to tighten his grip.

Finally Freed started to hear splintering and with one last tug he ripped off the Air Lullaby's wings and jumped off the rampaging beast. It gave Freed the look of vengeance from hell and started gathering all the oxygen in the surrounding area. Giant streams of wind flew into the demons maw causing its jaw line to expand to support the mass of air. When it was finally done the demon's mouth and part of its neck were over inflated struggling to contain the large mass of pressurized air as large gusts of wind blew out from the holes on its neck like steam from a kettle and with a giant roar it released the force of a literal hurricane upon Freed.


Freed pulled back both of his arms violet colored electricity pulsating around them and throbbing with power begging to be released. As the typhoon came closer, Freed unleashed his power.

"DARK MAELSTROM!" Freed slammed his hand right into the typhoon's center, unleashing a giant blast of electrical energy. The blast of energy battled against the hurrican sending discharges of electrical energy through the air. However Freed held strong and with one last push the mass of dark energy broke through the the hurricane causing it to dissipate.

The Air Lullaby was speechless as it saw its trump card fail. Its eyes went even wider as it felt Freed's arm pierce its the area where its neck connected to its chest.

"Shadow Blade" A giant stream of dark energy flew forth from Freed's fist and the giant beam shot straight through the demon's body, removing its head from its body. Freed turned his back from the creature as the demon's head and body fell to the ground.

The armor around Freed's body began to disintegrate as small sparks of dark light scattered into the winds, returning Freed to his human form. Freed gave a huge sigh in relief, "I'm sure glad that's over."

"…Think… again…" a menacing voice spoke from behind him. Freed quickly turned his head, but relaxed a little and frownied when he saw the decapitated head of the Air Lullaby still alive.

"W... we are only… a small sample… of what is to come! What happens next… will result in your guild… no your entire town to be… burned… to the… ground." It gave out one last shudder, before the AIr Lullaby's head fell silent, the light draining from its eyes as its life force left it.

Freed stared at the head in worry, before collapsing on one knee taking in large gulps of air. "Freed" he looked out of the corner of his eye to see Evergreen, Bixlow and Bisca making their way towards him. "Are you alright?" a worried Bisca asked. Freed looked at them then back to the quiet demon head. "I am alright. I appreciate the concern Bisca."

"Damn that thing was annoying as hell." Bixlow grunted cracking his neck to ease any stiff joints. He turned to look at Magnolia in the distance, giant clouds of smoke rising into the sky and he could make out the forms of the other two Lullaby demons.

"Well whatever the case we better not stand idly by. We should really help the others." Evergreen said earning her nods of approval from Bixlow and Bisca. As they began to make their way to the city Freed stopped them.

"No stay here and rest."

The others looked at him shock. "Freed what are you…?" he raised a hand to silence Evergreen. "This demon told m that something much worse than them is going to show up soon. If that is the case then I recommend that we stay here and let the others handle their respective demons. We need to recover as much of our strength as we can." His gaze landed upon the demon's head its sinister smirk still etched on its face.

'Because if that thing was telling the truth… then we haven't even begun to fight the real battle.'

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

"Evil Spark" Mira shouted raking her claws against the demons chest releasing bolts of lightning coursing through its body, setting its body aflame. The demon drew on the power of the water dousing the flames and healing its injuries. The Water Lullaby unleashed a furious assault with its claws forcing Mirajane on the defensive and navigating through the air to avoid the strikes. Mira spun to the right avoiding the giant root like tentacles as the Water Lullaby shot its tentacles around with incredible accuracy. The tentacles weaved through the air each one darting forward trying to strike their target, Mira countered with several blasts of dark energy that destroyed the tentacles, but quickly regenerated as more came and joined them. As Mira cursed the demon's ability to regenerate, she was caught of guard as a tentacle came up from the water behind her, forcing her to manoeuver around it, which unfortunately was exactly what her opponent was hoping for. The tentacles crisscrossed with one another forming a makeshift net trapping Mira in place. Mira looked up as one of the tentacles came right for her, she reacted by slamming her fist into the roots releasing a pulse of magic that allowed her to free her self, unfortunately she was a second too slow and the demon scored a hit. Mira clenched her teeth in pain as one of the tentacles struck her wing, tearing apart the membrane and making her unable to support herself in the air as she began to fall uncontrollably heading for a collision course with the earth. Mira was surprised when she landed in something much softer than earth, looking up Mira saw that she had been saved by a large had made entirely of pink smoke.

"Thank you Wakaba" she said while Wakaba gave her a two finger salute returning to their guilds assault on the Water Lullaby. Mira glanced at her wings as they retracted into her back. "It's going to take some time, before my wings can recover. Beating this thing won't be as easy until they recover, but it seems like I have no choice but to fight like this for now." She brought up her gauntlets surrounding them with arcs of blue lightning.

The demon simply smiled at the many spells continuously damaging its body only for the surrounding water to flow through its body allowing the branches to grow and repair its body. It raised its clawed arm swiping and twisting it across the water's surface generating a giant water cyclone. Waving its arms around as if it were conducting an orchestra, the cyclone made its way to land sending Fairy Tail mages flying in all directions making its way towards the Fairy Tail guild hall. Before the massive funnel could destroy the guild house, Juvia materialized in front of it, unleashing a cyclone of her own. The cyclones collided, both struggling to overpower the other. Juvia frowned at the demon and with her guild at stake she poured every thing she had to hold the attack at bay.

The demon noticed this and raised three tentacles and slammed them on the water's surface, pulling the tentacles up the water followed taking on the form of multiple cyclones. The demon flicked its appendages through the air and merging them with the one Juvia was struggling with, increasing its size and forcing Juvia back as the force of the cyclone intensified. Under normal circumstances she would just fuse with an attack such as this and redirect it at her opponent, but with her opponent possessing a power over water that rivaled if not exceeded her own, that was not really an option. Any mage still standing threw everything they had at the water Lullaby, but the attacks barely registered and were quickly healed. Juvia struggled against the vortex which was starting to become too much for her to handle. Blood was dripping down her nose from the amount of pressure she was holding back. Juvia was sweating by now and was already on her knees as the blast of water was about to engulf the place she called home.

Suddenly a loud shout filled the air but she was in so much pain that it barely registered, however she did notice cool sensation overcoming her, one she recognized instantly. A figure came flying overhead and slammed his hands into the vortex. A flash of blue light appeared as a giant burst of freezing air permeated the air. The blue light encompassed half of the vortex and freezing it and creating makeshift barrier disrupting the flow of the water. The sudden change from liquid to solid state caused the demon to lose its focus forcing the water to disperse. Juvia looked up at her savior with wide eyes, because standing before her was none other than Gray Fullbuster.

"You all right Juvia?" he asked turning to face her holding out his hand to her. Two things registered in Juvia's mind at that moment: One Gray had just saved her and the guild from being destroyed and two he just expressed concern over her well-being. This caused Juvia's eyes to turn into hearts and her body wiggled with joy. 'Gray-sama is worried for Juvia!'

Gray couldn't help but sweatdrop at Juvia's reaction, "I guess that answers my question". He faced the Water Lullaby slamming his fist over his open palm aiming at the demon. "Ice Make: Lance" hundreds of ice spears flew out of the magic circle and flew straight towards the Water Lullaby. The demon snarled batting the ice lances aside and shattering them. He redirected his focus back to Gray but was shocked to see that he had vanished.

"Ice make: …" the Lullaby looked to its right and saw Gray holding on to one of its tentacles. He jumped off the tentacle creating two blades, one around his fist and the other on his elbow. Lullaby reacted quickly and struck with two of its tentacles at Gray, but he spun his body around and after five strikes he successfully cut through the limbs. Gray jumped off the sliced pieces of the Lullaby and with one last somersault he brought down both ice blades for two last strikes on the demon's head."... Seven Slice Dance!" two slash marks soon erupted in a flash of blue light as water burst from the wounds quickly freezing over. The demon screeched in a pain and clutched its face in agony allowing for the guild members of Fairy Tail to catch their breath and move to a much safer distance.

Gray landed on the ground and made his way to Juvia and soon joined by a frantic Mira. "Juvia are you alright?" she asked worriedly. "Do not worry Mira, Juvia is fine." Mira sighed in relief before turning her attention to Gray. Gray couldn't help but feel a twinge of fear when Mira stared at him with her unsettling gaze. That look just reminded him of the pain she used to inflict on him back when they were kids and when she used to be known as "the Demon".

"W-why are you looking at me like that?" he asked nervously. Her answer was to walk up to him and flick his forehead sending him stumbling back a few feet and to clutch his head while muttering a string of curses.

"What the hell was that for?" he shouted with an angry look in his eyes. He calmed down as Mira glared at him and pointed to his bandaged abdomen, now sporting a red color. "That was for risking your life while you are still seriously injured. You still have not recovered from your fight with Kyuubi."

"Sure Miss 'I can handle everything myself', I can see that you were doing so well without me." He shot back which made Mira suddenly took an interest in her nails. "Besides I can't just sit back and let everyone hog all the fun… Especially since Natsu's got a head start on me and there is no way that I am going to lose to that pyro."

Gray gazed up at the Water Lullaby who had finished recovering from its injuries. Gray slammed his fist into his palm generating a cloud of frost. "Mira, Juvia I have an idea on how we can beat this guy, but I am going to need both of your help on this one."

"What did you have in mind?" Mira asked with sadistic glee. Gray smirked back, "Think you can buy me and Juvia a few minutes?"

"A few minutes?" she asked already making her way towards the Water Lullaby, her hands sparking with bursts of violet electricity, "Consider it done!" she said her voice laced with deadly rage. Mira dashed across the landscape gathering energy in the palm of her hands, prompting the remaining mages to do the same.

"Common Juvia, I'll need your help for what comes next." Juvia had a twinkle in her eyes as Gray said this, but this went unnoticed as both jumped into the water.

"Demon Blast" with a loud cry Mira unleashed a large dark purple beam at her opponent followed by a variety of attacks from the other mages. The demon raised its claws swiped away at the attacks deflecting them away in different directions. The claw soon aimed itself at the mages below as a giant sphere of water began to form. "Triton's Fury" from the sphere hundreds of water bullets the size of a human being began to rain down on them. They flew through the air at such intense speeds that they cut through both spells, and the earth itself. Any mage unfortunate enough to fully dodge the strikes were either knocked unconscious or heavily injured from the assault. Mira did her best to dodge the blasts and even started to punching and kicking her way through them, luckily her Satan Soul form protected her from most of the damage earning her a few scrapes and bruises on her body.

The relentless onslaught was so intense that she nearly missed the follow-up strike from the Water Lullaby. As the last water bullet evaporated Mira barely had time to react as the demons claw came straight for her. Unable to doge the blow she braced herself for the impact. The claw struck and the earth surrounding the area caved inwards from the force of the blow. The demon raised its tentacles coating them with water, surrounding the tips and making them spin at intense speeds like drills. The demon unleashed the tentacles upon the Mira and the remaining mages further destroying the entire shoreline in the process.

The Water Lullaby withdrew its tentacles and dissipated the water drills, its black hollow eyes eyeing to the spot where it had attacked Mira. From the smoke and debris, a clawed hand broke through the earth and from its confines emerged Mirajane Strauss. Needless to say Mirajane Strauss had seen better days, her entire body was covered with cuts and bruises, the outfit she usually wore in her Satan Soul form was ripped in different areas, she had lost her headband sending her hair all over the place, but the worst part of her injuries was that her arm hung limply next to her body, dislocated from her shoulder after the thrashing she took.

"You pathetic miserable worm. Did you really think that you or any of your comrades would be able to stand against me ?"

Mira leveled a glare at the demon, "Alone… no I don't think that we could have beaten you. Well I probably could have, but I would only go to those extreme measures unless necessary. Which is why we've bought time for those who actually can."

The demon laughed at Mira's threat, "Defeat me? I've knocked out a large percentage of your guilds forces, my comrades are keeping your allies at bay if not utterly destroying them. You yourself have lost at least an arm in your fight against me. What could these two you speak of possibly do to …?" The water Lullaby was interrupted as a flash of bright light erupted beneath it. Before it could understand what was happening a giant fist rose out of the water quickly turning to ice and colliding against the side of its face knocking it back several yards.

"What is it now?" it shouted as a giant figure soon rose out of the water. At first it resembled a giant blob, but it soon began taking on a new shape. Arms grew out from its sides, the frame began to slim out and at the top of its head a long flowing ponytail made of rushing water materialized behind it. The demon blinked noticing two distinct forms in the water giant, Within the water constructs chest were Juvia and Gray, Juvia' s arms and legs had turned to water and seemed to control the limbs of the water monster while Gray had his hands ready in the ice-make position.

Juvia thrust her arms forward the giant water being mimicking her movements and lunged at the water Lullaby. Gray activated his ice-make magic encasing the giants' arms and creating a type of brass knuckles with large icicles on the front. The incoming attack forced the demon to counter by raising both its claws and snapping them shut on the fists. Both giants struggled for dominance, but the demon gave large roar crushing the ice fists and pushing Gray and Juvia back. Juvia took advantage of the momentum of the push entering a full spin while Gray froze the elbow and slamming it against the demons cheek and sending it falling on its backside.

Gray grinned, "That thing may be immune to water, but it can't do jack shit with it when its frozen."

The demon slowly got back up on its tentacles, "You maggots! This is why you jumped into the water earlier?"

Juvia smiled ,"Juvia needed some time to gather her strength back. Alone Juvia could not defeat you, but now that Gray-sama is with me. Juvia can stop holding back." The water Lullaby roared whipping its tentacles forward and stabbing into the water construct. "Big fucking deal! I'll simply absorb your water and make myself stronger." It's gloating stopped and soon turned to horror as its tentacles started freezing over. Panicking it pulled on them and they shattered into ice dust.

"You don't seem to get it.,Juvia is not fighting alone any more. Now that I'm here, you won't get the chance to get your power back. Even though you may have new powers you're no different from the last Lullaby I fought."

The demon howled in rage at the two mages swinging its claws at them with unbelievable strength forcing Gray to use his maker abilities to their full level to keep up with their speed and direct it through the water being by passing it through his link with Juvia. Ice shards and branches went flying with each strike, as both colossal fighters clashed and slammed their blows against one another with the people below watching the fight in both and fear. Dodging a swipe to the chest Juvia twisted her upper region, the giant copied her movements twist its body and send its ponytail straight towards the Water Lullaby circling around the demon. Gray quickly froze the region trapping the demon temporarily in an icy embrace. "Do it now Juvia" he shouted and with a united battle cry Gray and Juvia charged forward aiming their entwined fists directly at the Lullaby.

"Union Raid: Sub-Zero Bomb" they yelled as the arm of their construct glowed with a radiant blue light, before releasing said light as a giant sphere of blue energy into the Lullaby's gut sending it flying far away from the shore line and after a few seconds the sphere unleashed all its power engulfing the Water Lullaby. The Water Lullaby gaped in shock as the blast swallowed it and then it felt itself rise up into the air witnessing hundreds of ice spires piece its body including a very large one that shot through its chest.

"MIRA DO IT NOW!" Gray yelled prompting the Water Lullaby to look at the shoreline noticing that Mirajane was no longer there, but instead flying straight at it. Her arm popped back into her shoulder and her wings repaired, in her hands was dark purple sphere containing a crazy amount of compressed energy. She flew straight towards the demon and with one chop of her hand sliced through the spire in it chest and thrusting the sphere into its wooden chest just as the ice finished freezing over its body. The Water Lullaby watched as Mira's fierce gaze bore into its eyes, "Payback is a bitch, isn't it?" she smiled evilly sticking her tongue out at the demon.

"SOUL EXTINCTION" bright lights pierced the ice shell until they could no longer contain the energy inside and everyone witnessed the gigantic explosion as a large dome of dark energy swept across the sky, temporarily blocking out the sun. Juvia and Gray,caught in the backlash of the aftermath, sent them flying out of the water construct, causing it to dissipate. Fortunately for them Mira swooped down and caught them, "Brace yourselves!" she yelled as the winds made her spin out of control forcing her to make an improvised landing on what remained of the shore. The moment they touched the ground they immediately went into a roll as they skipped across the surface before finally coming to a stop.

Everyone watched as the explosion began to die down. "INCOMING!" some pointed to the sky and hastily ran for their lives as a large block of ice crashed on the ground. The dust cleared and Gray, Mira and Juvia could not help but take a few steps back at the sight of what remained of the lullaby demon. Trapped within the ice was half of the Lullaby demons head that had miraculously remained intact. It's remaining eye once filled with a nefarious glow was now black and empty.

Mirajane sighed as she went to her knees powering down from her Satan Soul. "I am getting rusty ,I really should start training again." She said with a bright smile on her face. "You guys should rest up as well" she said to everyone present, but laughed at the two mages in front of her.

"Juvia and Gray-sama worked so well when they are together. Never again will she leave your side." Juvia proclaimed as she kept Gray trapped in a vicegrip much to his pain and horror earning a chorus of giggles from Mira who could not help but laugh at their antics. However the moment was interrupted when she felt two large energy signatures disappear and in the distance saw a giant pillar of fire rise into the air.

"That's two down and leaves one to go." She glanced at the direction where the rest of her comrades were.

'Please be safe everyone.' She thought holding her hands together over her heart.

"HAUL ASS" Gajeel yelled as the giant stone fist came down on him and Elfman sending them tumbling forward from the aftershock. Elfman growled menacingly in his giant beast king form and jumped on the arm, using his claws and great strength to scale along the arms. All the while using his enhanced senses and agility, Elfman climbed and avoided the spires that grew out from the demons arm and many times narrowly avoided getting impaled. Just when Elfman finally reached the Earth Lullaby's shoulder, he suddenly fell forward as he felt something grab hold of his leg. Looking down he saw that a stone arm had grabbed his leg and he could already see more limbs growing from the demon's stone armour.

Elfman felt the arm tense and saw the other arms were starting to smack their fists into their palms. "Oh crap!" he mumbled knowing exactly what was going to happen next. The arm holding his leg suddenly spun him around and Elfman felt several stone fists slam into his face and gut sending him flying back down to the earth below. Elfman groaned in pain, as he felt himself collide with another form of solid mass. Elfman groaned as he slowly got out from the crater he formed, "What the hell hit me?" He paused as he heard some angry muffling underneath his giant frame and with a painful grunt he managed to get back on his feet and glanced down behind him producing one giant nervous gulp.

Embedded with the earth was none other than Gajeel himself, his scales now gone and with an incredibly pissed off expression on his face that Elfman could not help but feel nervous staring at. "I think the question you should be asking, is who you hit. You giant furry two ton son of a…" Gajeel paused mid-sentence, his mouth hanging open and his eyes bulging out of his skull. Elfman blinked in confusion at Gajeel's sudden change in demeanor and turned his gaze to see what Gajeel saw gasping as a giant boulder come flying at them.

The giant boulder crashed down and produced a small-scale earthquake that generated an even larger crater. The Earth Lullaby chuckled and flexed its armor less hand. The earth around his wrist came alive and the earth began rising over its appendage once again encasing it in stone armor. The direct hit caused Elfman to revert back to his human form and knocked both him and Gajeel unconscious. The demon began to laugh at their current condition, "Annoying little flies, did they really think they could stop me." The demon blinked raising its arm out of instinct and blocked several dozen arrows aiming to pierce its eye sockets. "Speaking of flies…" the demon sighed in annoyance, directing its attention towards its next opponent.

Its gaze fell upon Lucy who stood side by side with Levy and an oddly dressed man wearing a horse costume. Levy took out her magic pen and quickly wrote the words lightning bolt in the air. "Saggitarius fire!" she yelled to which he responded by unleashing another volley of arrows.

The demon watched with mild surprise at how the arrows passed through the word absorbing its affinity causing the arrows speed to drastically increase. The demon raised its right arm managing to block a large number of arrows, but was unable to stop a few that managed to get by its defense. Upon making contact the arrows produced small electrical explosion that littered its arm with craters and the ones it was not able to block soared through the air and blasted holes in certain areas of its face and parts of its shoulder.

The demon growled and slammed its fists into the ground causing the ground to come alive and swirl up the appendages as if they were water. Lucy and Levy watched as the demon's absorbed the earth repairing the damage to its face and arm. When it was finished the Earth Lullaby removed its arms from the earth revealing them to have transformed them into cannons.

Saggitarius notched his arrows and poured whatever strength he had into them. When he felt he reached his max Saggitarius let loose a volley of arrows bathed in a strong silver aura, straight towards the demons chest.

"Silver Storm!"

The air around the demons arms began to swirl in clockwise formation being drawn into the cannons. The demon roared unleashing a giant sandstorm towards the incoming arrows. The sandstorm wasn't even reduced in power as it effortlessly plowed through the arrows and sent them flying in all directions. Saggitarius watched in horror as the stones effortlessly shattered his arrows. "Virgo get them out of here know!" he shouted and Lucy could hear the urgency in his voice. "Saggitarius what are you..?" Lucy never finished her question as she and Levy felt the ground beneath them give way and they both yelped in surprise as they fell something pull them underground. Lucy watched as Saggitarius gave a proud salute before the ground closed up.

The attack reached its mark and eradicated everything in front of the blast radius, About a hundred or so yards away from the impact zone the ground burst open as Levy and Lucy flew out and landed on the ground. Lucy coughed a few times to catch her breath at the sudden travel and looked up in horror at where her friend once stood. "Saggitarius" she cried. Lucy looked back at the demon and gripped her celestial spirit keys, glaring at the demon with newfound determination. "Levy get ready" she whispered Levy nodded and began to run her magic pen through the air writing the words for twister several times as they all manifested in the air. They merged together before flying straight towards the Earth Lullaby. The attack made contact, but due to its large frame suffered no damage or strain. Suddenly a bright light filled its vision as it noticed something rushing through the twister towards it. Before it could fully process what was happening, it felt a flash of red-hot pain between its eyes and stumbled back a few yards howling in pain.

The demon looked up, the spot between its eyes now having a deep impression with the surface black and smoking. He looked at the two girls and noticed a newcomer among them, a young man wearing a flashy tuxedo with a red tie, wearing sunglasses and had bright orange hair styled like a lion's mane. His fists were glowing with a radiant golden light and it did not take a genius to figure out what had happened.

"You little … you had him hide within the twister didn't you? Which one of you was responsible?" The demons eyes wandered over to Lucy and noticed the new key in her hand.

"I'll kill you! You little bitch!" It roared lumbering towards Lucy making the earth quake and causing her to scream in fear at the incoming demon. Loke stepped forward and put Lucy behind him, his fists bathed in a glowing light. "Hasn't anyone ever told you?" Loke took off and run at the larger demon using his superior speed to keep up with the demons long strides.

The demon shot its fist toward Loke, "What are you blabbing on about?" it asked clearly annoyed. Loke sighed as he avoided the blow by jumping to the left of the strike. Loke reared his fist back and bright light filled the air, "It is rude to badmouth a woman, especially one as beautiful as Lucy." The light in Loke's hand roared with power as he released it.

"REGULUS IMPACT!" the light burst from Loke's fist taking the form of a giant lion's head with extremely sharp fangs. The lion's head direct hit by chomping on the point where the demons arm connected with its shoulder and to the shock of the mages below, the lion managed to pierce through the joint connecting the arm to the shoulder and effectively severed it from its host body.

While the demon screamed in pain, clutching smoking mass of burnt branches that was now its stump, Lucy was watching the twitching severed arm. 'I know Loke's attack was strong but to completely sever the Lullaby demons arm like that…' Lucy glanced at the demons other arm and noticed that there was a trace where the arm connected to the shoulder.

Her eyes began to dart across the diverse parts of the earth demons body and could not help but notice that several of the demons joints had similar traces where different parts of the body connected to the main one.

Lucy's eyes widened in realization, 'Could be just like that?' her mouth changed from a frown to a smile, 'This might just work to our favour.'

'Everyone I have an idea that I think may work. There are joints located around the connecting limbs of the demon's armor, aim your attacks at those joints."

"If you think it will work then will give it our best shot." Levy said tightening her bandanna.

"Jet" Levy shouted, but the God's Leg user was well ahead of her and put her on his back before zooming straight towards the demon.

Lucy noticed of the severed arm twitching more violently now attempting to turn itself over. "Droy secure the Lullaby demons arm!" Lucy warned, forcing Droy to throw seeds around the severed arm as giant vines burst forth and began to wrap around the severed arm holding it in place.

The Earth Lullaby took notice of this and attempted to liberate its limb, but Jet and Levy quickly intervened. Racing around the demon Levy drew the words for fire at a continuous pace, which combined with Jets speed soon formed large fire tornado that kept the Earth Lullaby in place. 'This little diversion of yours will not going to work!' The demon roared generating another sandstorm from within its maw dissipating the fiery vortex and sending both Levy and Jet skimming across the ground.

The Earth Lullaby growled and noticed something approaching out of the corner of its eye. It raised its arm catching surprised Loke. The demon brought its gaze to meet the celestial spirit's. "You pathetic little man did you really think that I would fall for such an obvious ploy? You may have caught me off guard with your last surprise attack, but I assure you that will not happen again." Its grip soon began to tighten making Loke tcry out in pain and start to struggle against the crushing force of the demons grip.

"Loke!" Lucy cried out in horror. ""Pipe down girl! Just sit back and watch as I crush your friend into oblivion!"

The demon yelled increasing the force of its grip, causing Loke to cry out in pain. "STOP IT!" Lucy shouted with plea, but it laughed in a sadistic manner.

"Iron Dragon's Sword" The demon eyes widened in shock when it suddenly felt something slash through its leg and sever it from the main body. The demon watched in surprise as Gajeeel soared right past him with his left arm now a giant saw blade, while the other one flipped him the bird. Loke felt the demon's hand to go slack allowing him to escape the demon's crushing grip. As Loke fell to the ground, Gajeel 's trajectory allowed him to intercept him and did a quick barrel roll to soften the landing. Both managed to emerge with only minor scratches and torn clothing.

"How you holding up Lion Boy?" Gajeel looked towards the celestial spirit. "I've been in tougher situations, but I appreciate the help nonetheless. But how the hell did you managed to fly up there so fast?"

"That would be thanks to a man's work." Elfman's voice resounded through the heads of both mages. "We woke up in time for Lucy's idea and Gajeel overheard Lucy explaining to hit the joints in the demon's stone armor. Gajeel's hearing makes him a real man!"

"Thank you for saving Loke, Elfman. Nice shot by the way." Lucy complimented.

"WHAT THE SHIT?" Gajeel yelled out. "I helped too dammit!" Before Gajeel could complain any further, a loud roar echoed through the areas causing them to clutch their ears to try and shield their eardrums from the powerful sound.

Everyone looked up in shock to see that the Earth Lullaby was, incredibly enough, despite losing its limbs, still able to maintain its balance. The Earth Lullaby began to ingest large quantities of air , "Haul ass again!" Gajeel roared at Loke as both ran as fast as they could. The demon released the air it had built up and from its maw a large sphere of sand flew towards their location resulting in a powerful explosion. Despite avoiding the demon's strike, the force behind the attack generated a strong enough shockwave that sent both fighters flying through the air landing just a few ways away from Lucy and the others.



Lucy and Levy quickly rushed to their sides to help them up. "No worries ladies will be alright." Loke reassured them with his famous smile. "Not if we don't hightail it out of here like right now!" Gajeel suddenly growled out getting up as fast as he could. But they were not fast enough and they watched as the Earth Lullaby jumped through the smoke cloud it had created earlier, its claws noticeably sharper and more jagged than before and preparing to strike. Suddenly from out of nowhere Lucy and the others watched in shock as something came flying at incredible speed and slammed into the demons face, cracking it and leaving a large indent as its face caved in.

"Is that who I think it is?" Jet asked with hope in his voice. "Natsu!" Lucy yelled with joy. Up in the demon's face, Natsu was really pissed off and he took some delight as he collided and heavily damaged the Earth Lullaby's face. "Fire Dragon's Sword Horn! " Suddenly a large stream of powerful flames shot out from Natsu's body generating enough force to not only halt the Earth Lullaby's current trajectory, but also send it flying back over a hundred yards away.

The demon fell to the ground in total shock disoriented from Natsu's strike. As the dragon slayer of fire made his way back to the ground, he turned towards Gajeel, "Oi Gajeel! Hold this guy down so I can end this!"

Gajeel took off with a grunt and quickly made his way towards the Earth Lullaby. "Just cause you knocked him down, doesn't mean you can get so full off yourself. I could have finished him off with or without your help!" Gajeel kicked off the ground and made his way towards the demons body, his arms glowing and reeled back, "Iron Dragon's Heavy Restraints". Gajeel brought his hands forward creating a giant grey green magic seal which produced dozens of giant iron restraints with spikes. The restraints shot through the demons arm with tremendous force, though it did not destroy them, they were more than enough to keep the demon from moving due to its present condition.

"Natsu, Gajeel, aim for the center of the Earth Lullaby's chest! That's where Kyuubi is hiding!" Lucy shouted.

"Is that so huh? Happy get me close to Gajeel!"

"Aye sir!" Happy put in an extra burst of speed and Natsu managed to grab Gajeel by the arm. Happy grunted puling both dragon slayers up, before changing directions and flying back down. Natsu and Gajeel both took deep breaths, ready to end it all with one last strike.

"Iron Dragon's/ Fire Dragon's"… when they felt they were close enough both of them let loose their attacks. "ROAR!"

Both roar attacks sailed through the air, merging into a single powerful blast. The Lullaby watched as the attack neared it and just before collision it seemed as if time had stood still.

Suddenly the Lullaby demons expression changed from fear to surprise, then bliss and at the same time both Natsu and Gajeeel tensed as their animal instincts kicked in. Before anybody knew what was happening, a massive pulse of red energy shot out from the Earth Lullaby's body, blocking and nullifying the joint dragons roar combo. Natsu and Gajeel quickly flew over towards the town boundaries where the rest of the group were waiting for them.

"Natsu, are you guys are all right?" Lucy asked with worry.

"We're fine, but what was that?"

The group watched the form of the Earth Lullaby, who had suddenly gone into a seizure like fit. The demon's trapped arm freed itself of its bindings and reattached to the demon's body, soon followed by its leg. Its limbs restored, the Earth Lullaby dug its limbs into the earth and started arching backwards to the point where the group thought that it would snap itself in half. The center of the Earth Lullaby's sternum began to crack and bulge as something started to make its way out. Finally from its chest, a large vine shot out and began to grow upwards. At the top of the vine, the group stared at the once bright red sphere, now an extremely dark shade of red that looked almost completely black.

The sphere shuddered producing hairline fractures all across the surface and from the cracks an ominous red light emerged. The sphere shuddered and quaked, generating more and more large cracks overflowing with red light. However it was only at that moment when the Earth Lullaby uttered its last words did all hell broke loose.

"Our task…. Is over!"

The words were barely a whisper, but what happened next was devastating. Natsu and the others were forced to shield their eyes for at that moment the sphere cracked open, a large pillar of light engulfed the vine and most of the Earth Lullaby's body, destroying anything that was in close proximity. The group watched with horror and fascination at the energy emitted from the pillar, when Levy blinked in surprise, "LOOK OVER THERE!" she yelled in an attempt to be heard over the strong winds generated from the large surge of energy. Within the confines of the energy pillar the group could very well make out a form slowly emerging from the pillar. From within the pillar, the group could see a giant figure easily as tall as Elfman when he first attempted his beast soul takeover. Pure demonic white eyes suddenly opened within the vortex and even with the incredible distance between them, it felt as though the eys were peering into the very depths of their souls.

Lucy gripped Natsu's hands and stared fearfully at the figure, she turned to Natsu but was speechless when she saw something she never would have thought possible with Natsu. His whole body was shaking, he was sweating lightly and the look in his eyes was unmistakable.

Natsu Dragneel, the boy she had come to know as confident and fearless... was afraid.


Miles away from Magnolia, the mysterious enigma known as Jiraya rushed through the forest at inhuman speeds to get to his destination. He suddenly came to a halt as he sensed something nefarious in the air. Deciding to get a bird's eye view of what was going on, he jumped through the foliage and landed on top of a tall tree, staring off into the distance. Jiraya frowned and clenched his fists as he watched a giant pillar of red light appear in the distance and reach up to the heavens. A gust of wind blew past him, his white hair flowed through the wind as he observed the situation with a serious expression.

"This isn't good; the demonic energy I sensed earlier just suddenly skyrocketed. I have to get there before he finishes transforming." Jiraya jumped from the tree and resumed running adding a bit more speed than before.

"The way he is now, even a wizard saint would have trouble beating him. I just pray to god I get there before he assumes his full form or else…"

The man known as Jiraya gulped nervously as he made his way to the town of Magnolia.

"Or else God help us all!"

Chapter End!

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