I'm going to apologise in advance for some of the stuff Stiles does in this fic while he's not himself. He says and does some really freaky things.

Warning, somethings in this might not make sense if you haven't read the other fics in this series. This is the order they go in: The Red Moon, A Very Wolfy Christmas, then this one.

Nothing had happened in Beacon Hills in several months. It was mid February. No enemy werewolf packs, hunters, freakish creatures. Nothing had invaded their territory. It was completely quite. So quiet it was slightly disconcerting. They were all on edge because it hadn't been that quiet in a long time.

It was Friday and the sheriff's first day off in several days. His first opportunity to have dinner with Stiles. Neither felt like cooking so they went to a local diner to eat. Isaac, who was still staying with them, was hanging with Scott in order to give them father-son time.

"So, how's training?" his dad asked casually after the waitress took their food and drink orders.

"Good. I finally managed to land an attack on Scott. He's normally a brick wall, but I found a way around his defenses."

"I'd pay to see that. You should let me come watch sometime. It sounds kind of exciting."

"I'll ask Derek. Scott's mom came and watched once. Derek threw Scott into a tree and she jumped up screaming before Allison reminded her he'd be fine."

"Sounds like Melissa," the sheriff said, nodding.

The waitress came back with their drinks. Stiles had a Coke and the sheriff had an unsweetened ice tea. He wanted sweetened, but Stiles put his foot down.

"Ugh, that's revolting. Too sweet," Stiles complained.

"At least you get something sweet," his dad huffed.

"Stop your bitching dad, don't you want to live longer?"

"Tell me to stop bitching one more time and I'll be living longer than you," he threatened.

The rest of their dinner passed with normal conversation. No other mentions of werewolf stuff.

The following day, Scott came over for a videogame marathon before their pack meeting and training session in the evening. Stiles was in his room looking up something on the internet when Scott got there. Isaac wasn't there, he had to go feed the animals at the clinic for Deaton.

"Hey, man," Scott greeted.

"Hey," Stiles said. "Just pick a game from the shelf, I'll join you when I finish reading this." He was reading some document on pack dynamics he 'stole' from Peter's laptop that he left behind. He didn't take his eyes off the screen the whole time.

After he was finished reading, he turned in his computer chair to face Scott, who was standing there holding a game. He noticed Stiles' eyes become unfocused before Stiles jumped to his feet. He looked Scott up and down, almost as though he was checking Scott out. It made Scott a little uncomfortable.

"Is there something on my clothes?" he asked.

"Nah, I was just noticing how hot you are. You know that right?"

"Thanks man. That means a lot?" Scott said uncertainly. He didn't really know how to respond to that.

"You are so damn hot," Stiles whispered. It was very creepy.

Next thing he knew, Stiles was right in front of him looking at him as though he'd never seen Scott before. He tilted his head to the side kind of like a confused puppy and continued to look at Scott. Suddenly, Stiles placed his hands on either side of Scott's face and gently pressed their lips together.

Scott was shocked. Stiles felt his body tense up but he didn't move because he was so surprised. Scott's heart was pounding too, but not in a 'this is exciting' way, more like 'I've never been more terrified in my life' way. Then he felt Stiles' tongue slithering between his lips. That's when Scott jolted out of his shock and jerked back.

"What's wrong, Scotty?" Stiles pouted.

"Scotty? What the hell? Stiles what was that?"

"It was a kiss. Honestly you can be so cute when you're dumb."

"Stiles are you feeling okay?"

"I'm perfect," Stiles said smiling. "Especially now that you're here." Stiles went to kiss him again but he jumped back and caught his hip on the dresser behind him. A few things fell to the floor.

"Dude, seriously, what's up? You know bros don't kiss each other right?"

"Of course, silly me. We'll take it slow. Now, how about that videogame?"

"Sure?" Scott said warily.

After a few hours of kicking ass on the tv screen, the whole incident was pushed to the back of Scott's mind. Stiles didn't try again either. At six o'clock, they went out and got in the jeep and drove to the burnt out Hale house in the woods. Derek was waiting until March to start rebuilding.

Everyone was already there. Scott was out of the jeep first.

"Where's Danny?" he asked Jackson.

"Its his uncle's birthday or something," Jackson told him. "He went away for the weekend with his parents. They'll be back tomorrow sometime." He and Scott walked off into the woods.

Stiles got out and made his way toward the house just as Derek was coming out of the door. Derek walked down the stairs and stopped. Stiles took one look at him and no one noticed the look in his eyes that Scott had noticed earlier.

Stiles jumped Derek and wrapped his legs around his waist. He grabbed hand-fulls of Derek's hair and smashed their lips together. He was being a lot rougher with Derek.

Derek roughly shoved him away, but his grip on Derek with his legs was strong. "Stiles!" Derek barked. "What the hell was that?"

"It was a kiss, Der," he giggled. "It can't have been that long since you've had one."

Derek's eyes turned red. "Get off of me now, Stiles, before I hurt you."

"But I don't wanna," he pouted.

Derek somehow managed to untangle Stiles from himself and toss him to the ground. He landed a few feet away. Allison and Lydia were walking around the side of the house just as he looked up.

"Hey Stiles!" Allison said brightly.

"Are you okay?" Lydia asked. "You have a strange dazed look in your eyes."

"I'm fantastic," Stiles breathed. "Especially since I have beautiful girls like you two in my life."

The girls exchanged a confused look before Stiles latched himself on to Allison, who was closest. Derek launched forward and attempted to pry Stiles off of her. Lydia backed away in shock. Stiles had just put his lips on Allison's when Scott and Jackson walked back into the open.

"What!?" Scott exploded before running toward the scene. "Stiles, how could you?" Scott and Allison weren't 'officially' back together yet, but everyone just assumed they were. They sure behaved as though they were.

Scott grabbed Allison from behind and pulled on her. Derek continued to pull on Stiles. Finally he released his grip. Derek let go, but Stiles' eyes were glued on Lydia. With lightning speed, he practically flew at her before grabbing her just like he grabbed Allison. Lydia was too surprised to move.

"Stilinski!" Jackson growled, stalking forward. "I'm going to kill you!"

Stiles broke away from Lydia to shield her from the threat directed at him. Before Jackson could do anything, Stiles was on him and wrapping himself around him.

"Oh my God, Jacks, you know how sexy you are right?" Stiles practically purred.

"One, get off of me and two, do not call me 'Jacks.' Only Lydia gets to call me that in bed."

"Mmm, maybe I can join you two sometimes," Stiles said pleasantly.

Everyone looked horrified at that. Jackson headbutted Stiles causing him to let go and fall to the ground. He scrambled to his feet just as Isaac was coming up the driveway on his bike.

"Isaac, run-" Scott started to say before Stiles was tackling Isaac. The bike flew one way and Stiles and Isaac flew the other. They landed on the ground and Stiles was straddling Isaac.

"Um, Stiles, what are you doing?" Isaac asked. "I'm kind of uncomfortable with this position."

"Isaac, has anyone ever told you about utterly adorable you are. Seriously, you're so cute it should be illegal. You almost look to innocent, but I still want you."

"Still want me to what?" he asked. He was really dumbstruck.

"Well, I'd like you in my bed, but I guess I could settle for here," Stiles told him. "Here, I'll help you get your clothes off." Stiles moved off of Isaac and Derek grabbed him from behind.

"Alright, Stiles, what the hell is going on?" Derek growled.

Stiles just leaned in to his touch and remained silent. It was unnerving.

"Um, he was acting like that earlier. He kissed me, on the lips. I pulled away and he tried again."

"He jumped on me and started kissing me when I came out of the house," Derek told them. "Then I threw him off and he attacked Allison."

"Where are Erica and Boyd?" Scott asked. He had just noticed their absence.

"They had to skip out on the meeting today. Which is lucky because of Stiles' strange behaviour," Isaac said.

"Maybe someone's done something to him," Allison suggested.

"Well there's a possibly it was wolfsbane, I know some types can cause arousal," Derek said. He said 'arousal' as though the very word was poison.

"I'll do some research," Lydia said.

"I think we should just skip out on training and everything today," Jackson said. "Until we fix this. Plus its kind of stupid if three members aren't here."

"I'm with Jackson," Isaac said.

"What exactly happened with you, Scott?" Derek asked.

"He pressed his lips to mine, he didn't smash them together. When I told him bros don't kiss he promised to take it slow."

"Maybe that's a good thing," Allison said. "It could be because you're his best friend and you've known him the longest."

"Probably," Scott said.

"Did he try to take anyone else's clothes off?" Isaac asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Why me?" he muttered. Scott realised something, but stayed quiet.

"Alright, Scott, you take Stiles and go. Take him to his dad and make sure he doesn't try to get freaky with him. That would be even weirder and disturbing. If its safe, ask his dad what happened in the last twenty-four hours that could've affected him," Derek ordered.

"Will do. Come on, Stiles, time to see your dad," Scott said grabbing Stiles by the arm and pulling him to the jeep.

"Bye everyone!" Stiles called to the others. "I love you!"

Scott shoved him into the passengers seat and got in the driver's side. He turned the key that was already in the ignition and turned around heading back through the woods and toward the road.

I considered having Stiles fall in love with only one person, but I decided against it. The person that likes Stiles would've gotten jealous, but it wouldn't have come out. He would've kept it to himself. By having Stiles love everyone, Isaac gets what he wants and he gets to be jealous too.