This probably isn't the best because I really don't know what people do on dates, so I just made it up as I went along.

By Friday, Stiles and Isaac had decided to go see the last Twilight movie. Not because they liked it but because they wanted something to laugh at and make fun of. Sure it came out like three months before, but Beacon Hills always played movies that are popular for a long time. The last Harry Potter movie stayed in the Beacon Hills theatre until almost April.

"Why did we come see this again?" Isaac asked. "Its terrible."

"Because it would've been a waste to come see something good because its not like we're really paying attention to the movie anyway," Stiles answered with a suggestive look on his face. "I mean, better to see a bad movie than see something like The Hobbit. I'd be too into that and I might neglect you."

"That makes sense because I guess I would too."

"You have to admit," Stiles whispered a while later as they watched the movie, "Kristen Stewart's acting is a little better. Still sucks though."

"Yeah the keywords are 'a little,' Emma Watson is still one hundred times better."

"Very true. If my plan with Lydia fell through, I always told myself I'd marry Emma Watson," Stiles admitted.

"Now you can marry me," Isaac joked.

"Maybe one day," Stiles laughed. He laid his head on Isaac's shoulder and continued to watch some boring dialogue driven scene. "We're a bit young, don't want to be a married teen like Bella, ugh."

They burst into a fit of laughter during a scene that wasn't even funny. Some obsessive fangirls in front of them shushed them which made them laugh even harder.

"Like you haven't already seen it fifty times," Isaac sneered. Stiles was dying of laughter. "The movie's been out for over three months already."

They ended up getting kicked out near the end, but they didn't care. It was too fun.

"So far this is the best date ever," Stiles admitted.

"It's the only one you've ever been on," Isaac pointed out. "Its my first too."

"Yeah, well, its fun as hell. Let's get some food and try to make it just as fun as going to the movies."

They settled on a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away.

At the Mexican restaurant, the waitress seated them near a family celebrating a birthday. Both of them had to keep their heads turned away from them because the family was talking pictures. The flash would've caused their eyes to change which someone might've seen.

"I'm still surprised this even happened," Isaac said randomly. "I mean, wasn't there a point where we couldn't even stand one another?"

"Like when I threatened you if you killed Lydia?" Stiles laughed. "Well, I think a lot of great relationships start out like that. I mean look at Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold! I bet if that show had kept going, they would've ended up together when they got older and they never got along. Sure Helga loved Arnold, but she never showed any sign of it to him."

"Are you seriously making a crappy comparison of our new relationship to a ten year old cartoon?"

"Yes?" Stiles said nervously. "But it was a good cartoon!"

"I guess you have a point. I guess we should thank that creep that put that wolfsbane in your drink."

"You're right. Sure it was pretty embarrassing, but at least something good came out of it."

"We should toast to it," Isaac said.

Stiles raised his glass and Isaac followed his lead. "To creepy guys and rare wolfsbane induced illnesses."

"Amen," Isaac responded.

"Amen? We weren't praying!" Stiles snorted.

"I know, I just didn't know what to say and it was the first thing I thought of."

They both laughed so hard they were earning stares from other people.

"So how did you realise you liked me?" Stiles asked when they calmed down. "No offense, but I always figured you liked Scott. I mean I wasn't sure if you liked guys or not, but it seemed like you looked at him like you liked him."

"Scott? Nah, he was always too hung up on Allison anyway. He's like my best friend I guess. After the whole kanima thing when I started hanging with Scott a lot that meant you were there too. Eventually I started to like you as a friend even though you were a little annoying sometimes."

"Makes sense. Its like a brother type thing going on with Scott."

"Exactly. I didn't realise that I really liked you until Jackson's party last summer after lacrosse tryouts. You said you'd kiss Danny and I was kind of jealous. I think Scott noticed though."

"I wouldn't put it past Scott to have planned the whole wolfsbane incident," Stiles said. "I know people think he's s moron, but he's smarter than people give him credit for. I know it wasn't him because he wouldn't have been so surprised at the whole thing."

"Yeah, Scott is pretty smart when he needs to be. I kind of enjoyed it when you jumped me at the Hale house."

"You said you were uncomfortable."

"I was at first, but mostly because everyone was looking. Once you were off of me, I realised I kinda liked having your attention. Then I enjoyed every time you hugged me or did whatever else and I was jealous when you did it to others. Then when you attempted to take my pants off in front of everyone, I guess I made it obvious."

"I do. Even though I couldn't really control what I was doing, there was always a part of my mind going 'eww' when I kissed someone like Scott or Jackson or Allison. Sure, I enjoyed doing whatever to Lydia without Jackson killing me, but that part of my mind always enjoyed it most when it was you."

"I guess that makes sense. So what are you most embarrassed about out of everything you did?" Stiles grimaced. "Go on, might as well get it off your chest."

"Um, kissing Scott multiple times, humping Danny's leg, touching Mrs. McCall's ass, licking Jackson's abs and telling my dad how soft Scott's lips were. I also remember driving my dad to drinking almost a whole bottle of Jack by having a roaring debate by myself about who had the best abs, Scott, Jackson or Derek. Derek won."

"You told your dad that?" Isaac gaped.

"Unfortunately, yeah. Embarrassing. I mean, sure Scott's attractive, but I'm not going to call him hot because he's like my brother. His abs are nice, but I don't find them attractive because, like I said, he's like my brother. His lips were soft though, but I still wish I never knew that. And of course Jackson and Derek are hot, but don't tell anyone I said that. Especially Jackson."

Isaac laughed at him.

On the way to the jeep after dinner, Stiles thought of something.

"Do you, you know, want to stay in my room tonight?" Stiles asked. "My dad's working, remember."

"Sure," Isaac agreed. "And if he comes home early, I can just climb out the window and over the house and into my window."

When they went home, they went in, locked the door, dead bolted it, checked every window and the back door before going to Stiles' room. They checked both windows and closed the blinds.

"So what are we going to do?" Isaac asked.

"I figured we could just talk. We haven't really done that yet. I know we talked at dinner, but I mean just talk in general. But not right now."

"Why not?" Stiles gave him a look. "Ah, right. Someone might listen in on us."

"Exactly. In the meantime, we'll just get comfortable and watch a movie or something on Netflix. If anyone is out there, we'll just bore them into leaving."

"Sounds good to me," Isaac said.

After watching an episode of Doctor Who on Netflix, they heard rustling leaves outside. They just looked at one another and knew who it was. Erica.

"So, want to watch another episode?" Stiles asked out loud.

"Sure, make it one with Captain Jack. I really like him!"

"He is awesome isn't he?"

Half way into the second episode, they heard a voice whisper, "Damn geeks." And then it was quiet.

"Well it worked!" Isaac muttered.

"Finally. I thought we'd have to watch another one just to get rid of her."

"Well that wouldn't be a problem because I could watch this all night to be honest. I love it."

"Me too," Stiles agreed.

The two of them just laid back and talked for who knew how long. Sometime in the early hours of the morning though, while they were talking about comic books, they heard noises again. Luckily they kept their voices down while talking.

Erica? Stiles mouthed.

Isaac nodded.

In the long silent wait for Erica to leave them alone and go back home, they managed to fall asleep.

That's how the sheriff found them next morning. He opened the door and found them wrapped around each other. He rolled his eyes and went to cook breakfast before he went to bed himself. He hoped he'd be able to get away with frying up some bacon before Stiles woke up and stopped him.

In case you're wondering, Stiles smells the bacon, goes downstairs and reprimands his dad for eating it :)

The next one in the series will involve Scott's dad. That's all I'll say for now.