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Rating: M ;D

Theme: Off the Maps

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Shots of purple and screams of agony pierced the air one more time before everything went silent. The giant sword clattered to the ground as the body fell down into the abyss.

It was over.

The Earl was gone, the Akuma scattered and defeated.

Allen was free.

Smoke surrounded each Exorcist as their Innocence retreated into its dormant form. As the mist cleared, they all looked at one another, tears in every pair of eyes. So many were dead, so many had been lost to this war. So much innocence had been taken, both from the warriors themselves and the souls of the Akuma they fought.

Yellow eyes looked around the clearing in shock, unable to grasp what was happening as they watched the Earl's body fall down into the dark canyon, never to be seen or heard of again. Tyki gazed into nothing, knowing it was over. Suddenly a large sword was at his throat.

"Drop it," a stern voice commanded. The knife he had been holding clattered to the stone ground noisily, and was joined by other sounds of metal hitting earth as the other Noah dropped whatever weapon they carried.

The gray-skinned men and women were herded up and put into Innocence handcuffs, blocking their Noah powers. They were significantly weaker now, since the Earl was dead and that was the side they had chosen in this war. They shuffled along down a path surrounded by guards and Exorcists, to never be seen again. A fate they deserved, in Allen's opinion. The fourteenth was finally quiet inside him; a relief.

"Oi! Moyashi!" a voice called from across the grassy clearing. Allen didn't have to look up to know that it was Kanda. For once, he didn't mind the hated nickname the swordsman had given him.

"What BaKanda?" he looked up, expecting a smug smirk to be on the samurai's face, but instead was greeted with a look of worry and concern. "What?" he asked again.

"Allen!" Lavi and Lenalee shrieked just as he followed Kanda's eyes down to his side. Blood was gushing out a sword wound he hadn't even realized he had gotten.

"Crap…" he muttered before collapsing into Kanda's arms.

"Pass the bread please," Lavi asked around a mouthful of steak. Everybody looked at him in disdain before Lena stoically gave him the basket. He took two more buns and started slathering them in butter, despite the disgusted stares he was getting, even from Allen. At least Allen had manners when he ate.

"You have terrible manners," Kanda grumbled before picking up his bowl and sipping at the broth from his soup.

It had been four months since they had been allowed to leave the Black Order. The war was over, and the roaming Akuma were taken care of; if there were any left, they had stopped killing because they knew they wouldn't level up and would be destroyed if they became conspicuous.

Lavi, Lenalee, Allen and Kanda all had chosen to travel together. Lavi decided to leave the Bookman order of business; he had gotten too close to the other Exorcists, and was sick of having to relocate and erase part of himself every few months. And he and Lenalee had been having a secret relationship at the Order, so he wanted to stay with her.

Lenalee had convinced her brother to let her go, and let her explore the world. None of them knew how she did it, but they enjoyed her company so they weren't about to ask—she was the heart of the group and brought everyone together. Her and Lavi were going steady, and she was the happiest anybody had ever seen her; she wrote to her brother every few days as well.

Then there was Kanda and Allen. Neither had family to go back to and neither knew what else to do with their lives now that their Innocence was no longer required on a daily basis. They had both spent a fair share of their lives—at least the important parts of their lives—being Exorcists, and now that it was gone, they decided to stay with their only friends.

Over the months, their relationship had gotten better. They still fought every day about stupid stuff and still used each other's nicknames, but overall things had turned out. There were actual conversations about civilized subjects, and they endured the other's presence for a decent amount of time every day. In fact, Allen was actually starting to view Kanda as a friend, as opposed to before when he just considered him a comrade.

Then, nearly a year after they had been freed from the burden of being an Exorcist, the group decided to travel. The debt the world owed them was never to be repaid in full, so all expenses were paid for. They weren't living like Kings or royalty, but life was comfortable.

They visited Rome, London, Paris, Berlin; all the places they had been to on jobs now became places of wonder and fun. Bad memories of killing Akuma or losing an innocent were replaced with newer, better versions. These trips brought everybody together, and soon, they couldn't think of their lives without each other.

So it came as no surprise when Lavi proposed to Lenalee a year later.

There was a party, and for once Komui was actually happy that Lena was involved with another man; that was one thing nobody was ready for. Cake, homemade streamers, presents and food were all crammed onto a few tables at their favorite restaurant in London, the place they had deemed their home.

"To Lavi and Lenalee, the perfect couple. Everybody knew this day was coming; you two deserve each other. I could not think of two people more evenly matched than you. May your years together be wonderful!" Allen sang as everybody raised their glass.

"And fruitful," Lavi purred. He was then elbowed by his fiancé and chased around by his future brother-in-law, a sight everybody found amusing.

But despite all the cheer and happiness, an emptiness was inside Allen. So he set down his glass and stepped outside, relishing the cool night air.

He walked over and sat on a rock by the side of the stream behind the restaurant. It was late, and everybody was either asleep and at home, or in another building. He was alone, like he always was.

The water trickled by, flowing over rocks and brushing leaves out of its never-ending path. The surface shined underneath the moonlight and stars. It was a beautiful sight, but did nothing to raise Allen's sullen mood. If anything, the darkness made him even more somber. It was constantly around him, no matter where he went. He could only imagine how Kanda felt; having to carry around the memories of a past life and a horrible life of tests, betrayal and imprisonment, only to come back willingly because it was the right thing to do.

Suddenly said man was standing right next to him, staring down at him with cobalt eyes. Allen simply held his gaze, saying nothing, hoping the older man would look away. But he didn't, so neither did the younger. It wasn't until Allen saw the sadness in Kanda's eyes did he understand. They were both alone; both solitary and isolated from the rest of the group for their own reasons. They had more in common than they thought, and they had taken it for granted.

"What are you doing?" Kanda finally whispered. His quietness surprised Allen; usually he was loud, and his presence demanded attention.

"Just…sitting here I guess…" he replied simply. There really wasn't anything to it but that. In response, Kanda shoved him off his perch and took his spot, the familiar smirk returning. But Allen just laughed and leaned against the side of the rock; he noticed how Kanda didn't seem to mind his thigh being used as a cushion.

"They really are perfect together aren't they?" Allen asked after a while. Various shouts and yells of joy and excitement were coming from the restaurant, so everybody must be having fun. It didn't escape his attention that nobody had come to find them yet.

"Yes. They are." They sat there in companionable silence before Allen's stomach growled. They both sighed. "You're a monster," Kanda teased dryly before heading back inside with Allen following behind. The buffet was full again, courtesy of the Order funds, so Allen was satisfied within minutes. He looked around and saw Kanda sitting at the bar alone, drinking some kind of dark ale. There was no drinking age in London at this time, everybody was free to drink as much as they pleased.

"You don't seem like the kind of person who drinks away his sorrows," Allen said as he came up behind him. The Japanese didn't even blink, just kept on sipping his beer. "I'll have one of those." He hailed the bartender while Kanda pounded his chest with his fist, coughing and choking on the dark liquid in surprise.

"You're going to drink!? You're a beansprout, you'll be under the table in a minute!"

"Is that a challenge?" he had never drank before, and didn't like the idea of getting completely sloshed, but what the hell; he was depressed, lonely and the only company he had was a grouchy samurai. Things couldn't get much worse.

"Yes. It is." The dark haired man smirked before sliding the boy's drink down the table. Shots were orders, beers were drunk, and soon they were both swaying on their seats. Lavi bounced up to them and didn't realize they were drunk until Allen leaned on him and wouldn't get off.

"Wait…are you guys drunk?!" they both nodded mutely. "Holy crap! Oh, I gotta get a picture of this!" He yanked out his giant camera, but before he could do anything, Kanda reached over, grabbed it, and smashed in onto the bar top. Lavi just stared him, wide eyed and mouth agape before he shrugged and mumbled something about 'at least it wasn't the new one…'.

Allen and Kanda stared after him, then at each other, before bursting out into drunken laughter. A few minutes later, the bar keep announced that the restaurant would be closing in twenty minutes, so they had to clear out. It was obvious from the look in both Lavi and Lena's eyes that they were up to some mischievous things, so Kanda and Allen decided not to stick around. They wandered around, wobbling through the streets until they got to the room Kanda had rented separately from the rest of the group.

They stumbled into the quiet apartment and took off their jackets, laughing loudly.

"Did you see Lena's face when she saw us? She's going to be pissed in the morning!"

"Tell me about it. Did you see Komui? He was practically strangling Lavi the whole time!" Kanda grabbed his arm and shook it as he laughed. Suddenly Allen was light-headed and started falling to the side.

"Mayday, mayday!" he yelled before he was caught in Kanda's arms. His mind flashed back to the end of the final battle, where this exact thing had happened. It felt nice and…warm to be in his embrace again. His cheeks flushed at the thought and he tried to straighten himself up, but ended up knocking noses with the man holding him. Red engulfed his skin as he stared up into Kanda's shocked blue eyes. Was he thinking the same things? From the cherry dusting on his normally pale cheeks, the answer was yes.


"Yeah…" there was a brief silence consisting of them looking at anywhere but each other. Slowly, their eyes met again, and this time filled with new longing. Kanda's face inched toward Allen's until their lips were a millimeter apart. He stopped there as if he weren't sure, but when Allen sucked in a shaky breath, the samurai smiled before completing the movement.

Allen had never been kissed in a romantic way before, especially not by another man. Yet this kiss was more deep, connecting and passionate than he could ever imagine a woman's kiss to be. It felt right, and neither could stop themselves as their hands tangled in each other's hair. Kanda's arm wrapped fully around Allen's tiny waist as he lifted him up and set him gently on the bed.

Neither knew where this was going until all their clothes were discarded on the ground and the most sensitive area of their anatomies touched. Gasps were shared between breathless kisses as their hips moved together. Kanda fished out the apartment's complementary lotion bottle, which he hadn't touched, of the bedside drawer.

Allen moaned as they connected in the most intimate way possible before they were moving together again. This time there was a slight pain easily replaced by pleasure. Both of the men hadn't dreamed they would lose their virginity to a man, but they couldn't think of a better partner than the one they were with.

The next morning, Allen woke to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking. He smiled at that; everybody knew that eggs were the 'morning after' food of choice. He picked up Kanda's shirt and put it on (his had been ripped in their haste) and walked into the kitchen. Kanda turned around and gave him the tiniest of smiles, eliciting a huge one from the white-haired boy. With a roll of his eyes, the man returned to cooking breakfast.

That day, they met up with Lavi and Lenalee, even though their heads were pounding from their hangovers. The couple announced that they were going to be looking for a place to live together—since Komui hadn't allowed them to stay in the same house until now—so Allen and Kanda were virtually stuck together.

This worried Allen. Of course he understood the couple's wishes, but now that he and the Japanese had slept together, there was no telling where their relationship might go. He wasn't sure if Kanda wanted a relationship, a friends-with-benefits thing, or if he didn't want anything else to do with him. Lenalee was the glue in their bunch, and with her gone, there really was no reason for him to stay.

But the small smile and loving look Kanda briefly shot at him—even though Allen was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to see it—told him that Kanda planned on staying.

"So…what does this mean?" he asked as they walked down one of the crowded London streets.

"Well…I guess we'll just have to go off on our own. I doubt they'll want us hanging around after they're married, no matter what Lenalee says."

Allen nodded mutely before going back to his own thoughts. But he was interrupted not minutes later.

"Have you ever been to Japan?" Kanda asked suddenly.

"Uh…not really. Only on a few missions but I've never really seen Japan. Why?"

"Well…now that we're going to be alone," he said that in a suggestive tone that made Allen giggle, "we could travel and see the world. More so than we've already done."

"That…sounds fun."

And it was. After the wedding, the two couples parted ways, only keeping in touch with each other through post cards. Lavi didn't catch on to the new way Allen and Kanda looked at each other, but Lena did and squealed when she saw them share a quick kiss.

Finally they arrived in Tokyo, Japan. Kanda immediately started showing him all the sights; the sakura blossoms were beautiful this time of year, and there was one right outside the window of their shared apartment.

One day, Kanda took Allen to a small bridge with a stream running under it. There was no one around, so they snuck underneath and kissed under the bridge, sitting on the lush river bank grass. Soon, their lusty hormones got the better of them and they were forced to go back the apartment if they didn't want to get arrested for public indecency.

Immediately, Allen was pushed up against the closed door and their hands were tearing frantically at each other's clothes. They collapsed on the bed and melded together easily, like they had so many times before. It was natural to them, being together. Like two puzzle pieces that fit. They were isolated away from the world with only each other for company and they were perfectly fine with that.

They didn't stop their love-making, even when they saw the sun peeking through the blinds.

I hope I wasn't too obscure with the theme of this one; they were supposed to be 'off the maps' with their travels together.