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Rating: M

Theme: Sinner and Saint

WARNING: There's some pretty hardcore graphic yaoi this chapter, so if you like all the fluffy-bunny-unicorn Yullen, I suggest skipping this one.

The white-haired demon trudged through the snow, his orange eyes shining in the dim winter's night. Master would not be happy. No, he would not be very happy at all…

The boy looked the physical age of fifteen or sixteen, but had lost count of the decades he had really been alive. Master was much older; looking like he was twenty or so, but centuries old. Which made him stronger.

This isn't going to be pleasant…

The demon stood in the middle of an empty field and held out his hands, muttering a few words in some ancient language before a little ball of shining light hovering in front of him. It grew bigger and bigger before it was about six feet in diameter, big enough for him to step through. Sucking in a not-so-reassuring breath, he stepped through and prepared to meet his Master's punishment.

The leaves and gravel crunched under his feet as he made his way up the castle bridge. This was a separate dimension from the human world; good thing to. Humans were disgusting creatures; always lusty for money, power, always being greedy and selfish. They had no boundaries, unlike demons. That's why Allen liked to stay by his Master's side, instead of going out on errands like this. Humans instinctually kept their distance, but no amount of space was enough.

Lightening flashed in the classical horror-movie way above the castle. That was one thing Allen 'Nightwalker' would give to the humans; they had decent taste in film production. Most of the time.

He strode through the halls, ignoring the whispers of the other servants. They saw him empty-handed, and knew what it meant. He would be punished, and it would not be very pleasant.

"Master," he greeted and got down on one knee, bowing. He looked up to see Kanda, the demon Prince, sitting lazily on his throne of stone, both arms draped over the arm rests, his legs crossed. Red eyes stared him down.

"I see you returned empty-handed."

"I'm sorry. There weren't enough-"

"It does not matter the excuse. You failed. You know what happens now." A small smile crept over Allen's face, but he hid it quickly. Yes, he knew what would come now, but his Master could not know he enjoyed it like he did.

Trying to look shaky and fearful, Allen stood up and turned, following the Prince to his chambers. People watched, this time not daring to utter a word about the boy's failure.

"Strip," the Prince commanded. Allen obeyed the order and soon stood naked in front of his Master. "Now lay down." Once again doing what he was told, the demon soon found himself chained to the large, comfortable bed. Adrenaline coursed through his veins and he tried not to let it go straight between his legs. That would be a dead giveaway, something he couldn't afford in this vulnerable state.

Kanda tilted his head to the side and stared at the sight before him; the creamy pale skin, orange eyes staring at him intensely, the silver hair gleaming in the moonlight. He noticed the slightly hardened member the boy was trying to suppress, and smirked.

Running a finger up his servant's leg and across his chest, the boy hissed at the cold temperature of the man's skin. Silently, Kanda stripped himself down to his pants and straddled the boy's hips. Running a long nail across the white flesh, he pressed down harder, enough to draw blood. He brought the finger to his lips and licked the red liquid off, showing his dominance. He could feel something pressing against his own hardening crotch and smirked again.

"Do you like that?" he purred.

"No," the boy gasped.

"Liar," he charged before leaning down and running his tongue up the body beneath his, then biting his neck harshly. This time, Allen's cry was of genuine pain; the skin had been broken his reddish-black demon blood was trickling out.

Not wasting anytime, Kanda twisted a pink nipple harshly, before biting the neck again, gentler this time. Bruises of varying sizes and darkness started to form as he claimed what was his.

"You will not disobey me again," he growled, before shimmying lower and gripping the hardened member below him. The younger gasped, hardening even more. "Understand?" Kanda asked while running a thumb over the weeping slit. The boy said nothing, so he yanked on the organ harshly, eliciting a hurried nod from his servant.

"Yes! Yes, I understand!"

"Good," he replied before leaning down and raking his teeth up the length, dragging his tongue along the underside. Allen arched off the bed, bound by the shackles around his wrists, and moaned. The sultry sound went straight south for both of them, heating the air between the two demons.

The tongue swirled around the head before dipping in the dripping slit, wiggling around on the most sensitive area. One finger gently moved up and down on the base, teasing the writhing teen. His hands grasped the chains, trying the break free, but his strength was weakened by the mouth engulfing his swollen arousal. His eyes rolled back into his head and Kanda chuckled around him while bobbing up and down, using his teeth and hands, tongue and suction.

Suddenly Kanda pulled back and gripped the base, hard. Allen let out a small whimper of pain before his Master quickly licked the dripping semen from the tip. Allen gasped and arched, pushing his arousal in front of his Master's face, trying to get it the attention he wanted.

Chuckling, Kanda licked it again, enjoying his game of cat and mouse. The tip was a sensitive area for his little Moyashi, and he knew it. So he continued this; sucking on the head, licking the tip and gently brushing one finger up and down the base. It was drawn out torture for the boy. This punishment was not painful; no, it was far worse. It was sinfully pleasurable. Long, drawn out pleasure that took hours to complete, if he was lucky.

Right when his little mouse was about to come and create a mess, the samurai gripped the base and sucked harder, twirled his tongue faster. He knew from experience that a refused orgasm, while still being pleasured, was painfully hot, arousing and torturous.

An hour later and Allen still hadn't been allowed to come. His throat was hoarse from moaning and screaming his Master's name. He had been denied orgasm a dozen times, and his aching member was swollen to the point of bursting. He arched, moaned and writhed as Kanda took him completely into his mouth and swallowed him. Allen's eyes rolled back into his head as the throat constricted and moved around him in an oh-so-sweetly-torturous way.

"Tired already?" Kanda teased. Allen growled in response. "Kinky today are we? Fine." Kanda let go of his grip on the member's base and moved his mouth in over-drive; sucking the head, licking the tip, raking the entire length with his teeth. He paid special attention to the tip, weeping white fluid, full to the point of bursting.

Allen screamed out his name as he came, covering them both in his creamy fluid.

"Better?" Allen nodded mutely, limp was orgasmic pleasure. The Prince unzipped his leather pants and started stroking himself, noticing how Allen stared and started to harden again. "You like this?" Allen just continued to watch, his wide eyes trailing Kanda's hand running across his own length. Kanda gasped as he thumbed his tip, digging his nail in ever-so-slightly. He bucked once, before calming down and staring at his Moyashi with pure lust in his eyes.

Then, without warning, he thrust himself into the boy beneath him. Allen cried out, in pain, as Kanda drummed him into the mattress several times before stopping and letting the boy adjust. After his pained whimpers and pants became moans of pleasure, Kanda pulled out and slammed back in, hitting that spot at just the right angle to make his servant scream.

"You like that, don't you my little slut?" Allen shook his head, but the Prince wasn't fooled. "I know you like it when I chain you up and take you. You like it rough, and only with me. Because you're mine."

"I'm yours!" Allen gasped. "Don't stop!"

The bed shook as their pace quickened and intensified. Biting, licking, groping, pounding. Kanda did everything he could to the boy beneath him. They came together and collapsed on the bed, covered in Allen's mess.

Kanda reached up and undid the chains around his servant's wrists. Allen pouted; it was over already. With a smirk, his Master grabbed Allen, shoved back into him and started thrusting into him against the wall, one hand holding the boy up while the other was pumping his reddened erection. Stone crumbled beneath their powerful, utterly blissful fucking.

Nobody said anything as the castle walls continued to shake and Allen's screams continued to rattle through the halls.

All night long.

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