"No more questions Bruce?" She raises an eyebrow over the elongated pause. He works to patch up her injury as uncomfortable silence fills the space.

His pulse doubles over her calling his name. Natasha isn't one for sentiment and yet the perfect tone in her voice says otherwise. He can't always pin point her next move...or her intentions.

Dr. Banner knows he's a threat, or at least that how he sees himself. Natasha is a force to reckoned with in her own way...perhaps that is why they clash and have argued over certain methods being used in more recent battles...

He stutters upon realizing she awaits an answer;

"No-. I mean- This looks like an old wound."

He has nothin else to say. She's a stubborn patient. No matter her threat level, the wounds and injuries remind him of her humanity. Natasha allows the doctor and only he to see her in a less then perfect bubble.

He carefully patches her wound to stop it from bleeding;

"Don't remove this too soon- like you did the last one."

She rolls her eyes over the reminder. He lifts the edge Of the bandage and carefully places it against her ribcage. He scoffs brazenly;

"You have got to be the worst patient I've ever had."

She smirks trying not to pull away;

"You do realize your hands are freezing."

His glance upward, over his glasses sets her into self-care mode. Natasha shares his glance before taking the patch into her own hands.

He smirks. For as stubborn as she is her independence is alluring;

"Is that all Miss, Romanoff?"

She nods abruptly. With a break in her focus she forces herself upright and from off his table;

"Thank you Doctor."

He takes her gratitude with a pinch of salt and a nod. Her tone seems almost muddled by a hint of sarcasm. His guard is up.

Bruce moves to the opposite end of the room and begins to sort through his papers.

Natasha stands on the sidelines, replacing her jacket;

"I don't see a bill left out on the table. Is it safe to assume that I have permission to leave?"

He has questions. He pushes them away and offers her a nod 'yes'. There's probably no point in asking...

The floors of his tiny living space creak as she heads for the door. She lingers, almost as if she expects a question or remark.

What was she here for? There were plenty of other more professional Dr.'s used by SHIELD. Just to spy on him? Possibly...

He closes his eyes with curiosity taking the wheel. Bruce gently tosses his files onto the table, "Natasha?"

She turns her head around in the doorway, hearing that soft-spoken voice. He holds the door open between them. She shares a subtle sideways grin with her hazel green eyes looking up at his.

"I'd really appreciate an honest explanation for these...visits-"

She tilts her head playfully, "Sorry Dr. Banner, I'd love to chat, but I've got to run. I'm not really the conversational type..."

His eyes narrow, "I didn't open the door because you bat your eye lashes at me you were bleeding- I just want to know- why me? You have trained medics who can tend to you-"

"I'm not here to flirt if that's what you're asking..."

His reddened cheeks betray him, "No, no. I'm not-"

"Look, you fix me up nicely. Barton's waiting for me, I've got to run."

She turns to leave. He kicks himself. Tugging at his curls he shuts the door behind her. With a twist in his jaw he reaches to remove the glasses from his face. He nods, talking to himself;

"Smooth Banner, now your coworker thinks you're into her...great."

He scoffs over the thought he's quick to dismiss. She's a teammate. That is all...