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Prologue: The beginning

Tori Vega arrived home later than she had planned. This past week she had spent most of her afternoons alone trying to comprehend what her mother told her.

Tori yawned, she felt extremely exhausted. She still remember how her mother just decided to tell so easily something that would change her life.

One afternoon after she just came from school her mother came up to her and said "Hey honey guess what well we're not actually your real parents we got you from a church in San Francisco the nun said that you were found outside their doorstep." and after saying that they tell her that their going on another trip and taking Trina with them. Yes, tell your daughter she's not really your daughter and then leave her all alone in the house.

She opened the door and entered the house she double-check that she had locked it. She headed up the stairs that lead to her room she wanted nothing more than to fall into her bed and just forget everything.

But she knew that she couldn't once she fell asleep the nightmares would come worse than the day before. Without notice she collapse to her bed and close her eyes. She wanted nothing more than to forget, she hoped that it was just all a really bad joke.

When did her life become so complicated? that was her last thought as she fell asleep.

"What's your name whitelighter?" a man with red eyes asked as he approached Tori. Tori tried to run but she could not move, she tried to scream but her voice came out as nothing more than a choking sound.

She looked around trying to see if there was anybody that could help her, trying to see if she could finally move her legs. There was a weird symbol on the floor, there were torches around the room, but it was not a room, no it was more like a cave she could hear the faint sound of dripping water, she was afraid, afraid of who this man was.

"You can't get away whitelighter this is my realm now tell me what's your name?" as the man came closer Tori realized that he was not a man but a monster. That's the only way she could explain the scales, the piercing red eyes, and the horrid state the "man" was in.

Tori tried to speak but nothing came out she was truly terrified. "Are you really that scare whitelighter? I will not hurt you I'm nothing but curious as how you came here." The "man" was now standing a few feet away from Tori and even when his voice was calm she still could see the murderous look in his eyes.

She looked as the man raised his hand and out of nowhere a ball of fire appeared on his hand. he smirk and said " I just wanted to know the name of the pretty little whitelighter who orbed into the underworld."

Without waiting for a response from Tori he threw the ball of fire and Tori closed her eyes. She was about to die, she was about to draw her last breath and nobody would know. She didn't pay attention to the man's words she just closed her eyes and pictured her home, her family, her friends, and Jade. Would Jade miss her? Would Jade notice her disappearance? That were her last thoughts as she waited for the ball of fire to collide with her.

But the hit never came she opened her eyes and-

How did she end up here? What happen to the "man"? Was she not dreaming? Tori had so many questions without answers.

Tori was standing in the corner of a dark room, the room was not that unfamiliar she had been here once before for a school project. The walls painted in black with a mixture of red paint that looked like blood.

In the other side of the room was a window illuminating the queen size bed which set on the middle of the room. In the bed was a figure sleeping she couldn't help but walk up to the figure but before she could get close to the bed. The girls eyes opened up blue-green eyes met brown ones. They looked at each other both girls confused for different reasons.

Until there was a scowl on the other girls face "VEGA what the hell are you doing here? And how the hell did you enter my house let alone my room?"